Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 05


Chapter 05. John. (July 1994.)

This encounter occurred two months after my thirtieth birthday.

Having completed my work nice and early I headed for home intent on taking advantage of the weather for a spot of sunbathing en route. I’d discovered the perfect place whilst taking a break in my journey a month or so earlier and now pulled into the lay-by, happy to find it empty of vehicles.

A spinney abuts the end of the lay-by with a footpath bordering it. Taking the rug from my car I climbed a stile and walked the length of two fields, to a dip in the ground I’d marked down as highly suitable for sunbathing.

(See my Jason story; it’s the same place, though this happened fifteen years earlier.)

I wasn’t the only one to think the secluded alcove suitable for sunbathing because I found a guy had beaten me to it!

Taking advantage of the hot weather a balding guy in his early fifties lay stretched out on a rug, stark naked!

“Sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you.” I told the guy, running my eyes over his body.

“That’s ok,” he replied, unfazed by my appearance. “My names John, why not join me. I see you have a rug.”

The guys cock, surrounded by an incredibly luxuriant growth of black curly hair, looked to be growing by the second and I was tempted, very tempted!

“I don’t know.” I hesitated; no point letting him think I was too easy.

“Come on, strip escort ataşehir off and join me. It’s only fair I get a look at you.” John urged.

“I don’t know it’s not very private.” I temporized.

“No one walks along here.” John told me, but I reminded him that I had.

“That’s true,” he laughed, the laughter perhaps due to seeing me unzip my skirt.

While undressing I scanned the field. It’s bordered for the most part by a tall, substantial looking hedge, the only break being a gate nearly opposite us.

John watched closely while I undressed and slipping my panties off I stood before him naked, legs apart.

“Well, what do you think? You’ve been watching me intently.”

“That I’m going to fuck you!” he exclaimed loudly.

“Very likely.” I smiled, moving my feet further apart to flaunt myself at the guy on the rug below me.

“Very, very nice. You’re beautiful.” John told me, his eyes travelling very slowly over my body.

I was thoroughly enjoying the power my body had over the guy whose cock by this time looked to be fully enlarged and seemed to be twitching of its own accord.

John slid lower down his rug until he was staring directly up between my thighs.

“What an incredible looking cunt!”

“Your cock’s not half bad either.”

I knelt to kiss the tip of it. John laid back, hands behind his head, the smile on his face telling me how much he was kadıköy escort bayan enjoying my tongue licking his cock. I flicked my tongue round and round the rim of the glans John groaning almost continuously by the time I took his cock into my mouth.

Impulsively and perhaps too impatient to feel him inside, I made to lower myself on to his cock.

“No no, not yet. I want to lick you out first!” So saying he rolled me onto my back.

His hand between my thighs, fingers probing my cunt, John licked and sucked my nipples. I revelled in what he was doing, particularly when more and more of his fingers invaded me. Four fingers were thrusting in and out of my cunt and it seemed as if he was trying to get his whole hand inside! I doubled my legs back the better to accommodate him and felt John’s knuckles slipping inside my cunt. His complete hand was inside me!

“Yes!” he shouted. “I thought you’d be up for a fisting.”

It felt phenomenal, certainly more substantial than any cock that had been there, as John’s hand forced its way in and out of my cunt until I erupted in violent orgasm.

Following the removal of his hand John used his tongue instead, licking my clit in a very delightful fashion. Next I felt the tongue worming its way inside my cunt, lapping round and round in there.

Suddenly John moved on top and I yelled my pleasure when his cock drove into me. He started off escort bostancı by fucking me incredibly slowly. Each time he raised his bottom it felt as if his cock must slip from my cunt, but each time he managed to drive it back in again at the last moment. It was incredible!

Then he pulled out altogether and rubbed the tip of his penis up and down the length of my cunt.

“I don’t want to come to quick.”

With the tip of John’s cock prodding my clit it felt as if he was trying to engulf it with his tiny orifice. Whatever he was trying to do the result was an orgasm which washed over me in waves, my ecstatic yells frightening birds from the hedge.

“Now stop teasing and fuck me hard and fast.” I gasped.

Lifting my legs to double them back, John drove his cock into me with a force that brought a wild yell from my lips.

“Is this hard enough for you?” John asked driving his cock in and out of me with incredible speed.

With every thrust of his cock into me I was yelling almost hysterically and clung desperately to the guy, writhing beneath the onslaught.

With sweat dripping down onto my face he came, yelling as his semen erupted into my depths. Well I think we were both yelling!

It was only afterwards that John told me we’d had an audience throughout.

“There was a guy watching from the gate, I think he had binoculars.” John told and looking up I was just in time to see a figure disappearing behind the hedge.

“Probably the farmer, I often see him here. Didn’t want to mention it earlier in case it put you off.”

I assured John that I wasn’t bothered; in fact it turned me on to know our intimacies had been observed.

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