Sandy revisited AGAIN


Sandy revisited AGAINI didn’t want this thing with Sandy to become a full blown affair, I was more than happy with my wife. After all I got everything I wanted sexually from Suzy and there was no good reason to spoil that. But I am a guy and when your sack is full and you are shown a little interest from a good looking woman what more can you do than fuck the ass off her!Sandy wasn’t a problem, she was just a bit frustrated with the ordinary sex her and Ted had been doing for years, she had been awakened by the 4some and the fucking I had given her after that. She was excited by sex again for the first time in a long time.The last link up with Sandy was as good as the first. It was a hot summers afternoon and I was in the garden having a few cold beers. Suzy was working and not expected in until after 9pm. Sandy’s car pulled up on their driveway. She immediately came to the fence and proclaimed her wanting for a cold beer to which I offered it up immediately. No Ted? I asked, he was away again on business overnight Sandy explained, “probably fucking some slut for all I know” she exclaimed. They had faught before he went away, nothing unusual about that!Anyway, Sandy sat oposite me and sipped daintily on the beer I gave her. She was dressed for business as usual on her return from work. As I explained earlier in my postings about her, she was real sexy in this clothing. White blouse, canlı bahis tight black skirt and high heals. After a few minutes she kicked off her shoes and streched her toes giving out a mini orgasmic moan with the relief of taking them off. “Hey girl, take those tights off if you want” I said, “no need for shyness here” to which Sandy immediately hitched up her tight skirt revealing her black hold up stockings. I got an immediate boner that was quite apparent in my shorts, hell I was not going to hide it. Luckily our gardens are not overlooked by our immediate neighbours. Sandy stood and peeled of each stocking barely taking her gaze from me watching her perform this extremely horny act. She sat back down and put the stockings in her bag. She was now sat just off to the side of me allowing me a great view of her beautiful legs. She beconed me for a second beer which I had to retreat to the refridgerator to replenish my supplies.On my return she had positioned her chair as such that I could see up her skirt revealing that she had no panties on. Again, the boner was evident immediately. She smirked and asked what was with the hard on…. she knew too well what it was all about.I dropped to my knees and hitched up her skirt and ate her pussy there and then. She pulled at my hair and was making quiet gasping noises. Her pussy was soaking wet tasting of womens juices and sweat, I loved bahis siteleri it. I ate that gorgeous hairy cunt for some 5 minutes or so, she kept pushing my head away to stop herself cumming. I stayed on my knees pulling my shorts down and positioned her on the edge of the seat, this was a perfect hight and I guided my stiff pre-cum wet cock into that juicy wet pussy. I burried it to the hilt and didn’t move, I just let it twitch inside her. She was tightening her inner muscles around my cock, fuck it was heaven. She kissed and licked my mouth which still had her pussy juices on. I gently slid my cock almost out of her pussy, leaving just the very tip inside. Immediately followed by a heavy thrust forward burying it to the back of her cervix. She loved this and was letting out moans with the expectation of my next thrust. It was not long before she covered my cock in more juices as she held on to me tight and moaned and shuddered as the orgasm went through her body. This prompted me to squirt a huge load deep inside her. I stayed hard for some time leaving my cock burried inside her pussy. She was happy to stay in the same position enjoy the after sex glow. I eventually slipped my cock out of her and watched as my seed mixed with her juices started to run out of her pussy. My cock was still almost as hard as when I started.I asked Sandy if she would like to continue inside the house, güvenilir bahis she readily agreed cheekily asking if I could manage more. We slipped indoors.Once inside, I positioned Sandy on her knees and pulled up her skirt that had cum and juices all over it by now. I rubbed my cock over hed puckered asshole making gentle pushes, to this Sandy said yes put it in but be gentle! I slowly pushed at the cum lubricated asshole with my cock and within a moment I has the swollen head of my cock inside her ass.She was asking how on earth I had managed to get her horny enough to go this far, she had never had anal before, nor had she ever really wanted to. Now my cock was inside ass her it was a little painful but very horny. I eased by cock further in until I was in to the hilt. Sandy was gasping “oh fuck, oh fuck” I started fucking away slowly but rhythmically, Sandy was loving it, she had her hand under her pussy touching herself and periodically stroking my balls. Again another big gasp, she had orgasmed once more. She collapsed forward totally out of breath. I was stood there with a raging hard cock, Sandy was done, good and proper. She turned over and sat up, her face right was directly in front of my raging hard cock. “Would you like to cum on my face?” Too fucking right I would. Sandy took a hold of my cock firmly and wanked it almost as good as I could have done it myself. Soon enough I was spurting cum all over her face and mouth and it was running down onto her now deshevelled white blouse making it almost wet look and see through.With that Sandy departed to her house for a well earned shower.

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