Our First Meeting

I received an email one day while checking my new mail folder. It was from a girl that I didn’t know nor had corresponded with previously.

She told me that she had read some of my work and thought she would like to meet me.

I didn’t know what she had read so I wrote back to her and asked her the subject she enjoyed reading.

Her answer was erotica. Something I enjoyed writing.

We decided to meet and share some quality time exploring the subject. I warned her that I was an older man and didn’t always function fully.

She laughed and said that was ok, she was young enough for both of us.

We set up a date and due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone that date twice. The day finally came and when I parked out front of her beautiful house I couldn’t help but be impressed with the yard and all the decorations.

Obviously she had small children because there were a few toys around but nothing to detract from the overall beauty of the place. If she is half as good looking as this property, she is going to be sensational.

When I reached the door she was standing behind the all glass storm door. Mostly what I saw was this great big smile. Oh, and some giant breasts. She was wearing a halter-top and each one of those beautiful mounds was slung in a cradle and shining back at me.

She opened the door, backed up and beckoned me in. I walked past her and turned back as she closed the front door.

“Hi, I’m Sarah.” She said.

“I’m Bob.” I replied.

“Nice to meet you Bob, won’t you come in and make yourself comfortable.”

“This place is beautiful, you must be so proud.”

“Thank you but my husband can have most of the credit, he loves to fix things and putter around. He is a pretty good decorator too.”

We walked toward the back of the house and the large kitchen. Everything was clean and neat, toys abound but not scattered. Comfy home, I thought to myself.

“Won’t you join me upstairs.” She said.

“Sure.” I replied.

We walked up a short stairway and past a large bathroom into a nice sized bedroom with good furniture and a queen sized bed in the back corner.

I sat down on the bed and faced her. I was eye level with those beautiful boobs and couldn’t take my eyes escort ataşehir off of them. I watched her pull off her halter-top and sports bra; letting them swing free and they were even bigger than I thought.

“Do you like them?” She cooed.

“No, I love them.” I said as I reached out and pulled her to me so I could take a nipple in my mouth.

She stood there and let me massage the breast and suck her nipple for several minutes. She moaned a couple of times and it seemed like she appreciated my method of attacking her breast.

“I’m over dressed.” I said and stood up.

“Get comfortable.” She said as she peeled out of her short shorts and hopped up on the bed.

I turned toward her after removing my shirt and pants and she slid her hands around my waist and pulled me closer while she slipped her palms over my gluts.

“Hmmm, that’s tight.” She whispered just before she took my lips with hers.

She tasted wonderful, sweet with a hint of citrus.

I eased my shorts down and she moved back up onto the bed.

“What would you like to do first?”

I didn’t say anything; I moved up onto the bed beside her and lay on my back watching her.

She reached for my groin and began to fondle my scrotum. Something I love. She didn’t say anything, just looked into my eyes and read my desire.

I reached out to stroke her flanks and she leaned over once again and took my lips by surprise.

After a long soft kiss, she moved down to where her hand was gently rolling my balls around and after lifting my soft cock slipped it into her mouth. Those same lips that felt so great on my lips were now caressing my little head.

I could feel her settle in as she took me deep several times and stroked my thighs and scrotum gently. I was a bit confined because she was sitting on my arm and I couldn’t get where I could stroke her core. I wanted to finger her while she sucked me.

My distress didn’t seem to bother her in the least. She kept up her concentration on my cock and I forgot about stroking her and enjoyed what she was doing.

Soon I had to get some of that pussy in my mouth and I encouraged her to step over me and let me play too.

She did and I got a very close up look at her bald pussy and pink pucker place. kadıköy escort bayan She lowered it down to me and returned to her sucking chores. I lapped the core and pushed my tongue up into her vagina. She wiggled and giggled as I poked and prodded.

Without any fanfare she sat up and exposed her perfect asshole to my taste buds. My tongue shot out onto the rim and she pressed down on me harder. Wow, was that ever good. From her reaction I think it pleased her that I took the bait.

Normally I don’t do much 69 because I find it hard to concentrate on two erotic feelings. I love to get sucked and I love to lick and suck my partner. She was on top so she controlled the action and she kept letting us take turns. She would stop sucking, sit up and I could bury my tongue in her pussy or ass which ever I liked.

Occasionally she would lean forward and push her clitoris to me so I could lick it as well. From a normal 69 it’s difficult to give the clit the attention it deserves.

We kept this up for ten or fifteen minutes, I was in heaven. I could feel what she was doing and then I could do the same for her. Finally she moved off of me and lay on her back still holding my semi hard dick.

“Honey, it doesn’t get any harder than that.” I said.

“That’s fine, I am enjoying it just the way it is.”

“Would you like to fuck?” I asked her.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?”

“I have a prosthetic in my bag.”

“I have never seen such a thing.” She replied.

I opened my bag and took it out along with a fresh condom. Slipping my semi erect cock into the base of the prosthetic I strapped it on and stood where she could see it.

“Wow, that’s something else. It’s so big. Can I take a picture of it?”

“Be my guest.” I said.

She grabbed her phone and took a picture of it. “For my scrapbook.” She said as she put the phone back on the nightstand.

I had her layback so I could taste her once again and she pulled her knees up and bared her wonderful treasure to me.

I dove in and lapped her clit and then down to the already wet vagina.

“I am plenty wet babe, you can slide right in.”

I moved up over her in missionary position, pulled up on my knees and before I could reach for my prosthetic she had escort bostancı it in her hand and positioned at the entry.

“Just push babe.” She whispered.

I thought of my youth when the description of a nice girl was one that put it in for you.

I did just that and she swooned as I sank to the bottom.

“That feels so good. I just love the way you fill me up.”

I pressed in and rocked back and forth some but stayed routed fully in.

After a bit, I leaned over and started nipping at her ear lobe and neck. All the while pulling back and sliding in at a slow even rhythm.

She was rocking her knees back and forth and wiggling her ass under me. I felt her have a large orgasm and I slowed down to let her recover.

“Was that a good one?” I asked her.

“It was huge.” She said as another spasm rolled through her body.”

“That felt good to me.” I said.

“Wow, I am really sensitive.”

I knew what than meant so I eased back and pulled clear.

“That’s only the second time I’ve used this thing and the first time wasn’t even close to as much fun as this was.”

“I enjoyed it too.” She whispered as she panted trying to calm her breathing.

She rolled on her side and showed her back to me and I instantly came up behind and spooned her.

“I love to spoon after sex. It feels so good and the warmth and closeness just relax me to no end.” She whispered.

I pulled in close to her and reached over to palm one of those beautiful breasts. She seemed to appreciate the touch and I gently massaged her.

Time flew by as each of us dreamed new thoughts and what might be in store for us.

“Did you enjoy that?” She said as we recovered.

“More than I can put into words.”

“Good, then you will come back and see me.”

“I promise to come back as often as I can.”

We chatted about life; jobs, places and all the things new friends like to talk about. I mentioned that I liked to write and she asked me what I write. I told her erotic literature and showed her the website where I managed to get published.

She asked if I would write about our meeting and I said I would if she wanted it.

“We love to read erotic stories when we make love. I think words are much more stimulating than videos. Two people reading an erotic story out loud can really spice up a love making session. Especially when one reads a bit and the other one acts things out. We love it.”

She walked me to the door and bid me adieu. I walked much taller leaving than I did coming in.

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