Sarah’s Birthday


This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way!

This story may not be reproduced in any way, shape or form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2007 J.A.Zulu. All rights reserved.



Hello my name is John. I have always believed myself to be your typical guy, not very out of the ordinary. The guy you would see at the grocery store with his kids or at church with his family, a nondescript family. But as you will see, all of that changed, and now, even if I wanted to go back, I can’t and really, I don’t want to.

I am married to beautiful women, Lauren. She is 44, with long legs, a tight stomach, cute breast and golden blonde hair. She works out everyday and many men envy me. Lauren also likes to dress fashionably but with a bit of sensual edge so she generally is in a demi-bra with a matching thong, thigh-highs and three to four inch stiletto heels. She may be wearing a business suit or just a skirt and blouse but she loves the feeling of being sexy underneath it all. Lauren also likes sex and although she is not very adventuresome, she will suck my cock as foreplay and then fuck me two or three times a week. So all-in-all it would appear that I should be happy.

I should, but then there is Sarah. Sarah is our daughter. She was lucky enough to inherit most of her mother’s features. As I write this Sarah is an 18 year old, 5’8″ tall, bundle of beauty and sexuality. She has long, somewhat curly golden blonde hair, striking blue eyes and a tiny little nose, dotted with little faint freckles and full, luscious, pouty pink lips. Her long slim legs lead up to the tightest little ass imaginable and her firm breasts yet not overly large breasts are in perfect proportion. Each topped with a pale pink nipple about the size of a small jelly bean pointing skyward. Her taut tummy has the cutest little concave to it with a tiny dent of a belly button which leads down to a pussy so sweet and beautiful, that you wonder why god hid it, and it’s topped with small wisps of strawberry blonde fuzz that have been neatly trimmed and barely visible.

How would I know such intimate details about my daughter, the person I should be protecting and loving free of any feeling of lust or longing? Well let me explain.

Sarah and I have always been close. Although I have a great job, Lauren has always had the better job and has been the primary breadwinner. As Lauren advanced in the company, she was required to travel more and put in longer hours, such is the trade off, with the greater salary came greater responsibility. I took on more and more of the everyday responsibilities of running the household and raising Sarah, tasks I didn’t mind and that I knew Lauren appreciated. I would pick Sarah up after school, sometimes we would head to soccer practice, sometimes a quick bite out somewhere or many times, just a trip home to do homework and get ready for the next day. Nothing special, just life in suburbia.

I always thought Sarah asyalı porno was a doll, but then all dads think their kid is the cutest, but I always knew Sarah was special. But as time went on, instead of viewing Sarah as just the smiling little girl full of questions and mischief, something changed. When it was, I am not exactly sure, but one day when Sarah was about 15 I started to notice that Sarah was changing and that the little girl I knew and loved was turning into a beautiful women, a feeling confirmed by the stares of her male classmates when she hopped down the stairs of the school to greet me.

I put off these feelings, I knew they weren’t how a dad was suppose to feel about his daughter, and so life went on; Sarah grew more beautiful it seemed, daily. Lauren continued her successes, and I tried to remain in control. But it was the accidental things that would happen, innocent I was sure, but still disturbing. Like Sarah scooting out of the bathroom with a towel loosely draped around her and the back popping open were I had just a glance of her tight ass. Or her running into the house and kicking off her school uniform to change into her soccer outfit, never seeming to notice that as she revealed her slim, muscled body clad only in her bra and panties, that I was surveying her with less then fatherly eyes. Or the time I came home and switched on the lights and found Sarah and her current hunky boyfriend on the couch their legs intertwined, in a hot and heavy make-out session. Sarah’s bra was pushed down exposing her firm nipple and her skirt was hiked up around her waist and her tiny blue thong was pushed to the side and her pussy lips were visible all puffy and swollen and slick with her juices. They both hopped to their feet, Sarah immediately crying and running to her room, the boyfriend scrambling to button his shirt and head for the door. When I went in to talk to Sarah she apologized and asking me to not tell her mom. I held her and assured her I wouldn’t but I was hoping she wouldn’t notice my swelling cock.

I knew that the problem was greater then I thought when I started touching Sarah more when I tucked her in at night or when we hugged hello or goodbye, her firm breasts burning into me. I also started fantasizing about Sarah as I fucked her mother. Many nights as I felt Lauren’s lips slide up and down my cock, I thought of Sarah’s sweet lips and her tiny tongue wrapped around me. And those nights when I slid my cock into Lauren from behind and then pinched her rubbery nipples, it was Sarah I was fucking, her pussy I was violating and filling with my cream to overflowing.

Then it happened. It was Sarah’s eighteenth birthday. Sarah and I and Lauren had planned it all out. Sarah had always wanted to go on a cruise. So we booked a luxurious suite on a top of the line ship. We would be gone for ten wonderful days visiting the Bahamas, basking in the sun and relaxing. We had a great time planning and an even better time shopping. As part of her birthday present, Lauren took her out and they bought bikinis and wraps and sexy island wear. Both Lauren and Sarah looked like models out of the swimsuit issue of a magazine. Both tall and tan, both with blonde hair and blue eyes, both with sculptured bodies of firm flesh. As each tried on another outfit, my cock became more and more engorged. Then when Sarah came out in a tiny castajans porno thong bikini with a small gold embroidery that said sexy, I thought I would loose it. “I thought this was a family vacation” I said. Sarah jumped in “Mom told me to get it; she said if she had my body and was 18 again, she’d wear it!” Lauren appeared “What John, you know she’s a hot, let her have some fun on the beach, anyway, we won’t be far behind.”

“Okay” I said “but I’m not going to spend the whole vacation chasing guys away, you’ll wear it at your own risk.” Sarah giggled. “Do you really think it will cause a fuss? Where we’re going there will be so many women, probably in less then this, no one will even notice.” “Oh, you mean like this?” said Lauren, unsnapping her top and letting her breasts fall from out of the cups. “I might just decide to wander the beach topless and if I do, Sarah’s going with me.” Sarah blushed. Lauren looked at her and said “Come on, you know you have a great body. John, tell Sarah that she’ll be as hot as any women there!” Sarah immediately looked at me; her eyes seemed to be searching within me, burning into my soul. She was still flushed and it seemed like her breathing was more rapid. “Sarah, let’s compare tits” Lauren said, and she stepped behind Sarah and undid her top. Before Sarah even realized it, her breasts were exposed and her nipples instantly hardened and began to peak. Sarah was still looking at me and I thought that I saw her eyes wander to my crouch to where it was now evident that my cock was straining against my jeans. I was just hoping that the pre-cum that I could feel starting to ooze from my cock, wouldn’t soak through my pants.

Sarah instinctively started to cover her breasts, but Lauren gently held her arm and said “It’s okay, it’s just your dad and I, you don’t need to worry about us.” Lauren stood next to Sarah and looked at me “See, we will make quite a duo on the beach, I just wish my breasts were still that perky!” Sarah didn’t say anything, but she looked at me and smiled. Her nipples were now little pebbles and her stomach was flushed. Lauren grabbed her top and headed for the bathroom “I have to go, I promised to finish writing the procedures manual before I leave.”

Now it was just Sarah and I in the room. She was still standing there, looking at me, I was lying on the bed and feeling very uncomfortable. Sarah then, without taking her eyes from mine, slid her hand down across her nipple, stopping only slightly to squeeze it between her fingers. Then her hand traveled downward, over her chest and her tummy stopping at the top of her bikini bottom. Then without a word, her fingers inched into her pants and I could see their outline as they snuck below, covering her pussy and then, bending her knees slightly, she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath of air as her fingers curled into her slit. Then, just as suddenly, as if she woke from a dream, she grabbed her top and spun around closing her bedroom door behind her.

I was in the state of shock. What should I do, should I talk to her, should I say I’m sorry? But sorry for what, what had I done, I hadn’t asked her to touch herself. I looked down, I had soaked through and the growing wet spot only accentuated my enraged cock. I was afraid to touch it for fear that I would immediately cum in my pants. What was happening, this wasn’t bangbros porno high school, this wasn’t some whore, this was my daughter. Lauren appeared and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said she’d see me in three or four hours. I got up and headed to the shower, a cold shower would help me sort things out.

I stripped down, my cock fading at last but I was still woozy from what had just happened. “Get a grip man!” I said to myself, I’ll take a shower then talk to Sarah, she’s probably really embarrassed. The room was filing with steam; I pulled back the curtain and stepped in. The hot water felt good and I draped my head so that the stream ran over it and down my back. I was trying to figure out what to say when suddenly I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. I snapped up and spun around. There was Sarah, she was beautiful, and her skin seemed to glow as flecks of water fell on it and formed little rivulets down her body. She looked into my eyes again, this time though it was a questioning look like when she use to ask me if she could buy some candy or if she could go to the mall. A thousands thoughts raced through my mind, everything told me to turn away, maybe kiss her gently on the forehead and tell her she has to go, but…

She took just the tiniest of steps forward but it might as well been a leap into my arms. I reached out and pulled her to me, her eyes closed and I lips met. The warm water was dancing off of my back but the warmth of Sarah’s flesh against my own engulfed my whole body in a fire of passion and lust. Our lips parted and I felt the incredible warmth of Sarah’s tongue. My hand slide down her back and I held her ass in a firm grip. Sarah made a small gruntle sound as I massaged her cheeks. Her own hands moved until she too grabbed me pulling me closer to her. She tasted like spring and sassafras and early morning sunshine.

My cock started to fill and began to rise, resting gently between Sarah’s legs. She moved a bit and I felt my cock brushing against her pussy, the pussy I had dreamed about, any thoughts of turning back were long forgotten now. There was incredible warmth radiating from her slit and as we kissed, she gently moved back and forth across my cock. I could feel the slickness of her pussy and my own pre-cum dripping and coating us. My hand went to her breast and she bit down slightly on my lip and I held it in my hand and opened my fingers capturing the harden nub on top. Her breathing was deep and shallow and her hips were now moving in little swirls. She held onto my neck and suddenly wrapped her legs around me. My cock slid up against my stomach, caught there by Sarah’s pussy. She continued to dig her heels into my back and I held her as she rubbed her wet slit up and down my cock, her breathing coming faster and faster and her urgency more deliberate. I wanted to scoot down, to let my cock slip into her, but her grip was too strong. Suddenly, she bit into my shoulder and then thrust so quickly that before I knew it my own screams were mixed with hers. My cock pumped out huge gobs of cream as she withered against me, enveloped in her own climax. Her legs loosened and she slid down my body, ending up on her knees. She looked up and gently kissed my cock, allowing her tongue to dart out and catch the last little droplet of my cum. Our eyes met again and she smiled, then she said “It’s okay dad.” That was it. It’s okay dad.

She then stood up and kissed me again full on the lips, pressing against me. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, wrapping herself up; she closed the curtain and said “This is the best birthday present ever. I can’t wait until the cruise!” And she was gone.

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