Sarah’s Journey Ch. 020


020 There’s good attention, there’s bad attention, neither helped my Corn Hole game.

Russ and I saw each other a few times over the next couple of months, I liked him well enough but still didn’t want to get into a committed relationship, as I liked not being tied down and the flexibility that came with it. He said he was cool with that and it wasn’t a problem. But he also said that he had feelings for me. I told him it was the boobs. He maintained that it wasn’t and that he genuinely liked me a lot. When we were together we did have fun whether it was sexual or not. Surprisingly he wasn’t impatient or pushy about wanting to have sex, as I was still technically married I morally felt it wrong and considered it cheating. Yes I know that I’d played around a lot in the last few months, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to have sex before I was divorced. Brandon and I separated amicably and I respected that, I suppose that inside I was holding off out of respect for him because he wasn’t abusive in any way, he was just absent in our marriage emotionally and sexually.

It was March 2018 and April after the business taxes were done we agreed to sign the divorce papers. I was looking forward to the freedom that would provide for me. I was still going to my surgeons office and getting incremental fills on my expanders and my breasts were absolutely gigantic to me. Then again I started with less than an A cup, and after about 2 years of slow and steady expansion I was now wearing bras that were a 42F. Still being a 34″ band, increasing the band size and crimping on a reducer clip was still Roses way of getting me by as affordably as possible. And at $250 each of the bras were a big expense, especially as I would need a new one about every 4 weeks.

I was still getting stares and looks, but now I noticed people trying to sneak pics. While technically an invasion of privacy I loved it and found it erotic. I still had no idea why I felt that, as it was so very uncommon, but after 2 years I worried less and less about why I liked the attention and just embraced it.

The challenges with my breasts were still present and they had gotten worse but I just adapted to it and learned how to navigate with them. I had to move my seat in my car back a notch as when I turned to look over my shoulder I would press the horn with them. Another change I had to make; happily I might add.

I stopped for gas one afternoon, while filling my car a truck pulled up on the other side of the pump and I didn’t think much of it. I hung up the fill handle and was getting ready to get back in my car when I heard a voice.


I turned around, it was the driver of the truck. He was tall, around 5’9-10″, then again me being 5’6″ almost everyone is tall to me. He looked fairly well muscled and like he had a manual labor job. With his short but well maintained beard, his green eyes, brown hair, and a rugged look about him I was happy he said something.

“Yes?” I said stepping back over toward him.

“I couldn’t help but notice you as you are very pretty.” he said confidently.

“Well thank you. You are pretty handsome yourself.”

“Not to be too forward but would you like to get a drink some time?”

Something put me at ease about this guy, and he was pretty good looking to boot.

“Sure, I think that’d be nice.”

“That’s great, mind if I get your number?” he asked.

Awww that’s cute he thinks I’m going to give him my actual phone number, I thought to my self.

“How about I give you my screen name on Signal?”

“What’s signal?” he asked with a bit of surprise.

I guess that was a first for him.

“It’s a secure messaging app. It’s pretty easy to set up. Hope to hear from you soon.” I said with a wink as I gave him my screen name.

I headed to the gym and went about my day. 2-3 days later I got a message from the guy I met at the gas station. After congratulating him on getting ahold of me, we decided to go on a date. I gave him the 7-11 address a few blocks away and we agreed on Saturday at 0900.

Russ messaged and suggested we go and do something. I was happy to, and we discussed what and when. Russ mentioned Saturday, and I told him that I had a conflicting commitment Saturday. He inquired what it was. I thought this a little forward, but I told him. I guess that’s what happens when you start becoming familiar with someone, I tried not to let it bother me too bad.

I told him I had a date with someone on Saturday. His tone changed and he was obviously agitated. I reminded him that we didn’t have a committed arrangement and that we had discussed my flexibility and autonomy. He responded by telling me that was before he had feelings for me. I reminded him that I mentioned this first thing after we saw each other after the beach day where we met. Still he was aggravated and after a rather unpleasant exchange he hung up the phone in a huff.

Saturday came and I met my date at 7-11 as planned. We were going to a local bostancı escort park to play in a weekly corn hole tournament. I had to admit that this was a first. I asked if I needed to change as I was wearing an off the shoulder sun dress, that incidentally I could pull down to just above my nipples exposing the entire top and sides of my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra and my nipples were obvious through the bright almost neon yellow fabric that I swear you could see from outer space. None of this was a coincidence. He smiled, and laughed a little.

“Oh no, you’re fine the way you are. In fact you’re fantastic!”

“Ok well I didn’t know what we were doing so I wasn’t sure what to wear, so I went casual.”

“That’s casual!?” he choked out.

I just smiled and shrugged.

“Well I personally love your choice. As will everyone else I’m sure. But we are going to be at a park with several of my co-workers. So as long as you don’t mind being leered at all day by a bunch of construction workers, you’re going to be fine.”

“Honestly I love the attention. That goes back to my marriage, way too long of a story to get into though.”

“Well alright then.” he said with a smile and we headed out.

We arrived at the park at 1100; no one else was there, and I mean no one. In the back of my head I was a bit worried if he was planning to rape and kill me. In the back of the truck were half a dozen corn hole boards that I couldn’t see when I got in. This made me fee a bit better. He started unloading them and I asked what I could do to help.

“Nothing I got it.” he said with a smile, as he smiled at my nipples.

“That’s not how this works. I’m not a woman that’s averse to helping with things like this. That shit is rude and pretentious. Now gimme something to carry.”

Smiling with a bit of surprise he replied, “Ok then, here you get the bags with all the other stuff in them and follow me.”

I picked up a bag in each hand, they weren’t heavy, maybe 45lbs each. This is why I make sure I go to the gym religiously. I could see him watching me as I picked each one up. His surprise was evident, even shocked maybe.

“Wow I didn’t think you could lift those with only 1 hand, much less carry 2 of them.” he said with definite surprise, and a pleased smile.

“Hey no problem. I can’t lift as much as you can, but I can hold my own.”

He picked up a corn hole board and started carrying it toward a shady spot under a tree with a few picnic tables around it. I followed with the bags keeping up with him. By the time we got there I have to admit my arms were starting to tire out. We repeated this again, and there were only 4 boards left to carry. As I followed him to the truck I stepped in front of him and grabbed a board.

“Oh no little lady, you’re going to hurt yourself.” he cautioned.

Picking up the board a bit, it was lighter than the damn bags I just carried 4 of.

“I’ll be damned if I’m not going to help if I’m able.” I quipped with playful contempt.

I picked up the board and pulled it out of the truck. It was lighter but awkward, after trying a couple of ways to carry it I decided that over my head was easiest. As I raised my arms over my head I could feel my elastic band at the top of my sun dress slide down and start to expose some cleavage. As I sat the board down I noticed that my guy was still at the truck picking up another board. I took that opportunity to pull the top of my dress down a bit more, not to my nipples but just a bit above.

I started walking back to the truck as he was walking toward me. The look he had was priceless! He was definitely fixated on my cleavage that looked almost like 2 basketballs bulging out of my dress. I pretended not to notice but it was overly obvious. I got to the truck, feeling a bit daring I pulled my top down just to my nipples exposing the top half of my areolas. I hoisted the board above my head and started back to the tree. As I was walking toward him I extended my arms straight above my head and as I had hoped [arranged] my top slipped completely down and slid right off the rounded bottoms of my breasts. He paused a moment in what was obviously stunned amazement. I couldn’t hide the smile I had on my face but I am pretty sure he didn’t even notice it.

“Oh, here let me get that for you.” as he hurried toward me.

“No, I’m good, thanks.” I said as nonchalantly as I could as I smiled and walked right past him.

He turned around and followed me the last few steps to the rest of the equipment. Trying to act like he wasn’t staring at my breasts, and failing miserably with a Cheshire grin on his face. I got there, and bent over to sit the board down making sure that my boobs giggled and bounced as I leaned way over then stood up quickly, for nother bounce effect. I took a breath as I reached for the sides of my sundress that were under my breasts, clearly in no hurry to pull it back up. I did stretch it over my huge exposed breasts that stuck out further from ümraniye escort bayan my chest than I was thick from tummy to spine. Being overly obvious that I was in no hurry.

“I’m glad that didn’t happen in front of your co-workers.”

“If it did I’d have to fight them away from you.” he laughed. Still trying to not stare at my nipples that were now just as obvious as they were naked, except with a tight yellow almost spandex like material covering them.

“Well that’s very chivalrous of you.” I smiled as I patted his arm. I noticed that his arm was solid, and had no give at all like most peoples do. I couldn’t help but wonder if his cock was the same.

“I’ll be right back.” he said as he started back to the truck for the last board. Watching from behind I noticed him adjusting his pants as he walked away.

As he returned I noticed a definite bulge in the crotch of his pants. I smiled.

“Sorry about that I’ll be sure to keep my arms below my head.” I said grinning.

“Oh please don’t apologize, please don’t apologize.” he almost gushed. “Trust me there is no one that would be upset if that happened.”

“The other wives or girlfriends?”

“Well ok maybe. But they don’t seem to be the jealous types as they all seem to get along really well with each other.”

Pretty much all women actually hate each other down inside somewhere. We are always in our own minds competing with all the other women we see because we all want to be prettier and more attractive. I guess that should have been an authors note shouldn’t it have? Oh well I don’t feel like changing it.

“That would be great if they all were as friendly as you say.”

About that time another truck showed up and 2 rather burly guys got out. They were obviously big, well muscled and very strong. It was also obvious they drank a lot of beer. As more people showed up coolers of beer and food started appearing. Everyone brought something. Plates, plastic wear, table clothes with the clips to keep them on in the wind. They even brought two 55 gallon drums with industrial liners for trash.

Having not been approached by any of the 6 or 8 other women there I decided to go over and introduce my self. They had all been staring at me since before they got out of their cars in the parking lot. All but 1 I could tell weren’t necessarily happy about me being there, as all of the men were staring as well, they just aren’t as sneaky as us women are. I started walking over; the flurry of chatter started that women do when a hot guy walks over, or in my case someone that has a super models face. Score 2 gold stars for my surgeon on that one. And obviously my breasts that looked gigantic on my chest for my body size and might as well have just had yellow body paint on them my dress top was stretched so tight. Again, like 5 gold stars for my surgeon!

“Hi, I’m Sarah.” I said as a general statement and not directed at anyone in particular. There was an obvious pause for half a second that was filled with tension you could cut with a knife.

“Hi Sarah.” one of the women finally said as she introduced herself. Slowly the rest followed.

“So it looks like you all have done this once or twice before?” I mused with a smile.

“Oh yes many times.” one of the women answered.

“So why do you all bring your own trash cans? As there are several around.”

“Because they don’t empty them but once a week and the trash will blow everywhere during the week.”

“Wow, that’s really considerate of you all.”

As the small talk continued I felt more and more excluded, as the new girl no one bothered to ask what I did, where I worked, or any of the other standard polite small talk questions. After a few minutes I politely excused myself and headed back over to my guy that was talking and having a beer with his buddies. As I walked away I heard snippets from the women.

“Christ those tits.”

“Talk about low self esteem.”


I knew to expect that type of attention as well, but it still didn’t change the fact that it hurt just the same.

Arriving over where my date was hanging out, I walked over and stood behind him and gently pushed him aside with my right breast so I wasn’t outside the circle. The conversation stopped when I arrived. But the stares didn’t. This made up for the catty bitches. I was introduced and much more warmly welcomed by the guys than the girls. I was offered wine as someone started to walk back to the women and their cooler.

“Oh that’s ok, I appreciate it though. What do you have for beers?” I asked as I looked around at the various brands every one was holding. This caused almost every guy there to freeze slack jawed, not having a clue how to react or what to say.

A cooler was opened and I walked over across the center of the group to see what my options were. Ensuring to step a bit harder on my heels to ensure an obvious giggle. That idea was well received by this crowd. I picked up a beer, turned and walked back kartal escort next to my date. Happily with all eyes on me in stunned silence as I giggled back through the middle of everyone.

After about 45 minutes everyone started pairing off to play corn hole. I didn’t notice at first but I was the only woman that was playing.

“Ummmm, don’t any of the; other women play also?”

“Nah they all covey like quail and yammer about who knows what.”

“What’s the fun in that?” I asked surprised.

With that he smiled and for the first time spent more than a fraction of a second looking at my eyes. Not that being stared at bothers me as everyone knows now.

As the games were about to start, it was obvious that this was not something this crowd took lightly. I got a quick demonstration of how the game worked, the rules, and the scoring. As I tried a practice throw my right arm hit my right breast and rather forcefully shoved it into the left one. That wasn’t even a slight giggle or bounce, I might as well have been jumping on a trampoline. Inside I was jumping for joy as the number of heads that turned, probably hoping that a boob would pop out.

Sliding in behind me my date decided to help me out. Spooning up to my firmly toned ass he put his hand on my left side, with a noticeable pause as he felt my muscle tone. He took my hand with a bag in it and demonstrated slowly how to throw the small sand bag. Making sure to keep a straight line in the throw, conveniently pushing my right breast out of the way with his arm and repeating the same path a bit slower on the down swing. I turned my head and looked at him. With an unsure look on his face he didn’t know whether to apologize or just smile.

“So that’s how it’s done?” I said with an obvious joking tone that I tried to make sexy. I still wasn’t good at that yet.

“Ya sorry about that…” he trailed off.

“Yes they get in the way, it’s just something I’m getting used to and deal with. Don’t be so worried about it, sometimes it’s like there’s just boob everywhere.” I said with, what I hoped, was a seductive smile.

“I thought so, I noticed you got black stuff on your blouse at the gas station because they kept hitting the hose.”

“Is that where that came from?! Well that explains it.”

I was informed that it works best if I put my non throwing arm behind me to keep it out of the way. Looking around I noticed several other guys doing the same. So I put my left hand on my lower back palm facing out.

“Is this good?”

“Yep just fine.” he said as he spooned in behind me again, making sure to leave some space between us.

I took a step back toward him, and backed right up against him. My hand ‘accidentally’ right on his crotch. He paused for a few seconds waiting to see what I was going to do next. I just looked back at him and smiled. As he talked through the proper form he made sure to be very slow and thorough this time. As I let my hand roam I found what I thought was his cock. Not being sure I gave a gentle squeeze or 3, and I felt it growing in my hand. Him having jeans on this wasn’t ideal but after a few seconds I was confident I found his cock because I could feel it swelling.

“Ummmmm, so do you think you have the idea on throwing the sand bag?” he asked a bit nervously.

“I’m not sure yet, can you walk me through it a few more times?” I said as I more forcefully gripped his hardening cock in my hand, holding him in place.

As his cock stiffened in my hand it was pointed sideways and slightly down. He felt about as big as Russ was but I still wasn’t sure. As he went through a few more practice throws, every time a little harder and shoving my right breast into my left, he pressed his cock firmly into my hand.

As someone yelled that the matches were going to start he went to back away from me, and I tightened my grip on his boner. He scoffed nervously, as he reluctantly pulled back away from me. Giving his turgid cock another firm squeeze I let go. While still behind me he quickly adjusted himself and I noticed what looked like his cock head forcing the white cloth from inside his pocket and out of the top of his jeans pocket where you reach in. As he untucked his shirt to cover his obviously hard cock jutting out of his pocket I couldn’t help but think, ‘well that’s convenient’.

Turning around and staring at the opening to his pocket that was hidden by his shirt I could just see the tip of his cock. “All ok?” I asked with a huge smile.

“Ummmm, ya just had to readjust.”

“Ya for us it’s a bit easier to hide our excitement.”

“You all are definitely lucky in that department.”

“Well when you all aren’t excited at least yours deflates for easy storage and transport.” I said, again with a huge smile.

He just smiled looking down at my breasts that the top of the sundress had shifted downward exposing a fair amount of cleavage. I raised up on the balls of my feet and dropped back down causing them to bounce significantly this time. I noticed the guys at the other board were staring and not trying to be sly at all. They probably didn’t have their wives or girlfriends here with them.

“I should probably readjust a bit.” I said reaching up for the elastic band around the top of my dress.

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