Sarah’s Story Ch. 02


I was a bit of a quivering wreck and had sat between Mum and Dad on the sofa to calm down a bit. I couldn’t help myself from fondling Dad’s soft and sticky penis while Mum, feeling guilty, ran her fingers through my hair.

Mum told me a little of how she and Dad had met partying and had carried it on after they had got married. When they had me things got a little more awkward and they had to scale back their own hosting but carried on in other people’s houses. The others from their man group were very understanding and were more than happy hosting themselves.

Every few sentences she felt the need to apologise to me. I tried to reassure both Mum and Dad that I was fine. I loved them both very much and I wouldn’t become a basket case just because we’d broken a big taboo and had sex. It didn’t stop her though.

I told Mum I needed to have a shower but I’d be back down to discuss what had happened more fully. I needed to find some way of telling them that I had actually got very worked up by having sex with them and I wanted more.

As I stood under the shower washing Daddy’s cum off my tits little visions came back to me. Mums hand as it caressed my full breasts; her tongue on my nipples; the feel of Dad’s full erection in my hands.

My soapy hands ran down over my breasts and I gently squeezed both nipples that were already erect. I soaped down over my tummy and my hand slipped between my legs. Eager fingers sought out my clit and I rubbed it revelling in the little electric shocks as endorphins flooded my brain. My other hand joined in and I started to finger my slippery pussy. The water cascaded down over my head and face and I quickly brought myself off.

More, I wanted more and I had an idea.

I stumbled out of the shower and quickly dried myself and headed to my room. I opened my wardrobe and clothes were flying all over the room as I rummaged for what I was looking for.

Ten minutes later I emerged from my bedroom in the perfect attire and headed down the stairs.

I went into the living room. Mum and Dad were on the sofa with their bath robes on, drink in hand whispering to each other.

“Where’s Dan and Julie?” I asked trying to get their attention.

They looked around and I almost laughed. Dad’s jaw dropped and Mum’s eyes widened like saucers.

A stunned silenced ensued while they took in my ultra short skirt, tight white blouse that you could see my bra through and little white Sunday school shoes. My still wet hair, I’d tied in bunches.

I hadn’t worn these clothes since I was at school and now, at 22, I had filled out a little and there were much tighter and shorter than they were then.

I walked over and stood in front of Dad. From the level he was at he would have clearly been able to see my little white knickers. From the look on his face he could.

“Dan and Julie decided it was best they leave us to sort this out.” Replied Mum looking at Dad’s face.

“Sort what out, Mummy?” I asked innocently, turning around and bending over to pick a glass up from the table. I heard Dad groan quietly.

I turned back around and had a little sip of the wine in the glass.

Looking at Mum I said. “It doesn’t matter. I’m ok with it.” Then I added. “Daddy, are you looking up my skirt?”

Dad reddened and tried his best to look away. He just couldn’t. He mumbled something.

“John, you should answer her. Can you see up her skirt. Can you see her knickers?” Demanded Mum.

“I can’t really see them properly, Elisabeth.” Answer Dad eventually.

“Do you want to see them, John?” Mum asked.

He mumbled again.

“You should answer Mummy.” I scolded. “Do you want me to pull my skirt up and show you my knickers, Daddy?”

He mumbled something again which sounded positive and I looked at Mum. She just nodded.

I stood right in front of Daddy, more over him really and hiked my skirt up to the waist.

I heard Daddy gasp and felt his eyes burning into my crotch. He was getting very aroused.

He wasn’t the only one. I saw Mum squeeze her legs together and I knew I was getting very wet and it wouldn’t be long before it became obvious.

I took another sip of my wine and deliberately let some spill down the bareback studios porno front of my blouse.

“Ooops.” I said as I rubbed at the spillage that was right over my left nipple.

Daddy tore his eyes from my knickers and watched as I softly rubbed my finger tips over my hardening nipple.

“Do you think Daddy wants to see my bottom, Mummy?” I asked trying to keep them on their toes.

Mum was also mesmerised looking at my wandering fingers. She turned to Dad and asked him. “Do you want Sarah to bend over and show you her bum, John?” Her throat was dry and her voice strangely husky.

Dad simply nodded and I smiled.

I turned around and put my glass back on the table bending over to do so. My knickers were already tight and when I bent over I felt them pull between my bum cheeks.

“Do you like my bum, Daddy?” I asked, looking back at him.

Dad was still in a suspended state of shock, I think. He said very little but his face could be read like a book.

“You always were a pretty girl, Sarah.” Added Mum. “Look at his lap; you’ve made him very stiff.”

I looked down and saw his swelling under his robe. He had his hand in his lap trying to keep it covered up.

I looked back at Mum. Her hand had slipped inside her robe and she was touching her breast with one hand. The other was between her legs now. I smiled at her and she smiled shyly back.

“It’s lovely watch you touch, Mum.” I said simply.

She looked at me and opened her legs for me so I could watch her as she stroked herself through her knickers. She looked back at Dad.

“Kiss her bum, John.” She almost breathed it.

He leaned forward and I wriggled back with my bum almost touching his face.

“Can you smell me Daddy?” I asked provocatively.

I could hear him breath in deeply taking in my feminine aroma.

“Touch her, John.” Moaned Mum, her fingers working hard against her pussy.

I felt Dad’s hand follow my thighs up and clasp either side of my bottom. Then he buried his face in my knickers, his nose in the crease and I felt his lips against my bum as he kissed me through the material. My tummy turned over with excitement as he made contact.

One of my legs was between his and I could feel his hardness. As he worked his face against my bum I could feel him start to rub himself against my leg.

I looked back at Mum. She was openly masturbating as she watched. Her robe was open and she had pulled one big floppy breast out and was playing with her nipple as the other hand sawed up and down her pussy.

“Dad’s very hard now, Mum. He’s rubbing his big stiff prick on my leg.” I told her.

I looked down between her legs where she was rubbing herself. He knickers had darkened around her pussy and I could tell she was very wet. Dad’s tongue was pressing into my knickers from behind. Whether he knew it or not he was pressing it around my asshole and it was getting me very aroused. I slipped a hand between my own legs and pressed it against my pussy. I was soaking wet.

“I think you better take my pants down Dad. I’m making these very wet.” I told him.

He stopped licking me for a moment and looked round at Mum.

“It’s ok John. Take them off for her. Take them off so you can see her naked pussy.”

I could feel Dad’s hands shaking as he reached up and grasped the waistband of my knickers. Slowly he pulled them down as if it were a delicate operation he was performing, gradually revealing my bum and pussy to his hungry eyes.

Eventually they reached my ankles and I kicked them off. I bent over with my legs slightly apart so he could clearly see everything. I slipped my hand down between my legs and used my fingers to open my pussy lips.

“Look Daddy. See how wet you’ve made me.” I gave him a second to take it all in then said. “Lick me, Daddy.”

Pushing my bum back in his face he leaned forward again and I felt his tongue worm between my slick lips and start slurping on my dripping juices. I let out a low moan that told him just how much I was enjoying his attentions.

I gathered myself a little and looked back at Mum. She had pushed her hand down inside her knickers, touching herself.

“Take czech amatör porno your knickers off, Mum.” I told her. “I want to watch you finger your naked pussy while Dad licks my cunt.”

I watched as she stood up shakily and slipped off her knickers. It was the first time I remembered seeing her naked. She kept her pussy nicely trimmed and her prominent lips glistened with her juices.

She sat back down on the sofa and raised one foot up on the seat so her legs were spread wide. Her hand immediately went down between her legs and she sunk two fingers up her excited hole.

“Like this, Sarah?” She groaned. “Do you want to watch me finger myself while your Daddy does nasty rude things to you?”

It was so deliciously naughty. I felt Dad’s tongue flick against my bum as I ground back against him.

“Yes, Mum. Just like that.”

I looked back at Dad and down into his lap. His erection was still covered by his robe as he humped it against my leg. Mum saw me looking.

“Shall I make him pull it our for you, Sarah?” She asked.

I giggled a bit and said. “ Can I get it out please, Mum?”

I could see Mum liked me talking like this so I whispered. “I will make him stand up and you can watch me take it out.”

Dad was a bit wobbly so Mum helped him out of the sofa. He looked quite a picture as his face was glistening with my cum. I knelt down in front of him and making sure Mum was watching slowly pulled aside his robe. I looked at the straining erection, the big purple head and the pulsing veins. Then I looked up at him.

“Daddy, I like your prick. It’s a lovely big prick.”

He looked down at me and for the first time his serious, worried look disappeared and he smiled and gave my bunches a little tug.

I took hold of his prick and jiggled it up and down. The top of it was pointed right at my blouse.

I looked over and Mum and gave her an approving smile as I watched her touch herself. She had removed her bra and robe and was completely naked. Everything just seems so right and so naughty.

I knew my dirty talking was driving her on so I continued.

“We’ll have to be careful with your prick throbbing like that, Daddy or you may cum over my blouse.”

Mum groaned and joined in. “Be careful John or you’ll cum all over your little girl’s blouse.”

I looked at Mum and giggled. I was 22 years of age, 5ft 9 inches tall, a rounded but fit figure and adorned with a lovely big pair of breasts. A little girl was a bit rich.

“I am your little girl, Daddy. Do you still love your little girl?”

“Oh yes, you are my lovely little girl.” He gasped in reply.

I looked up at Daddy, smiling. “Lovely Daddy, but Mum is right. You mustn’t spunk over your little girl’s tits.”

I paused for effect and licked some clear cum off the end of his prick which made him jolt.

“No Daddy. I want your spunk inside me this time.”

I heard a little ‘ooh’ from Mum as I said it and I turned to look at her. Her fingers were working hard inside her pussy and I could clearly hear the squidgy, sloppy sounds of her juices. They were also spread all over her inner thighs.

“Oh, god yes, John. I want to watch you fuck our daughter.”

I continued to talk to Mum as I undid my blouse. Dad had become more animated now and knelt down slightly behind me and helped me slip the blouse off my shoulders. Then he unclipped my bra and eased it off too cupping my big firm boobs as he did so.

“Are you sure, you want this Elisabeth?” He asked Mum.

“Oooh yes.” She moaned. “More than anything. I want to watch you fuck Sarah and cum up inside her.”

Mum was close to bringing herself off now.

“So you want to watch Daddy put his big stiff cock up inside my tight little cunt, Mum, and watch as he pushes it in and out?” I teased.

I felt Dad’s hand slip over my bottom and down the crease. He was getting very turned on too. I poked my bum out inviting his fingers to slip between the folds of my ever so wet pussy.

He didn’t disappoint me. His fingers slipped and slid around in my juices enjoying the feeling. Then I felt two fingers press against my hole and he worked them slowly into my open vagina.

“I czech bitch porno think you’re going to cum, Mum.”

“Oooh, ooh, yes darling. I’m very close.”

“Are you thinking about Daddy’s big pole pushing up inside me?”

“Uh huh.” Was all she could manage.

“Daddy’s pushing his fingers into my cunt right now, Mum. It feels very nice but I think his prick will feel much better.”

“Oooh baby, yesss, uh uh, fuck, I’m cumming.” She howled as she brought herself over the edge.

I nearly came myself watching her. Her hips bucked up against her invading fingers and her other hand punished her nipples and fat tits. I pushed back against Dad’s fingers and could feel them slurping around in my wet hole.

It took several minutes as we watched Mum finish and slowly calm down. She looked exhausted.

I crawled over to where she was sitting and brushed the matted hair away from her perspiring forehead. I leaned forward and kissed her, gently at first then slightly opening my mouth I eased my tongue inside hers. We kissed for a couple of minutes and then I backed away.

“I loved watching you cum, Mum. I loved the thought you were cumming thinking about me and Dad fucking.”

“I loved doing it for you, Sarah. It was a lovely cum.” She paused for a second, looked at Dad, then turned back to me.

“Here, lie your head in my lap and let Dad make love to you. I think he’ll explode if he has to wait any longer.”

I laughed and wriggled around until I was on my back on the sofa with my head in her lap. It was easy to reach up and fondle her big wobbly breasts while I spread my legs wide.

I looked up at Dad and simply said. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

Mum’s hands slipped down and she idly played with my big firm breasts as Dad got between my legs. He supported himself on one arm while he guided his stiff cock towards my pussy.

I reached down and took over, leading his big purple cock head and placing it at the entrance of my hole.

“I’m ready Daddy. Push your lovely big prick up my pussy.”

He looked deep into my eyes and pushed forward relishing every sensation. Mum’s hand tightened against my breast as she watched Dad slowly push his cock up me and I gasped out loud at the delicious stretching of my pussy.

Dad grunted as my pussy gripped his solid prick. He was immensely gentle, treating me like a china doll: I wanted, needed more .. beast. He was giving me barely half his length and wanted it all.

When he pulled back I wrapped my legs around his bottom and used them to pull him deep. He was taken aback and I caught him off balance. He pummelled into me with a slap that made me cry out loud with passion.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, darling.” He whimpered.

Mum understood my plight and came to my aid.

“I think she wants to be fucked, John. Fuck our little girl hard.”

“Yes, Daddy. Treat me like your little slut. Fuck your lovely big cock into me and make me scream.” I added.

Dad first looked at Mum, then at me. He saw my need in my eyes and renewed his attack on my desperate pussy. He started slamming into me and making my boobs bounce. His groin mashed into mine with every powerful down-stroke and I started to cry out.

“Oh god, yes, Daddy. Yesss. Fuck me, fuck your little girl’s cunt.”

“Oh fuck, baby. This is so wrong: So fucking good.”

I felt Mum’s leg shift from under my head as she spread her legs. I knew she was touching herself watching Dad power his big thick prick into my squelching hole.

Dad was panting now and gritting his teeth. I knew he was close but I wanted to cum with him. I was almost there.

“Hold on Daddy, I’m almost cumming. I want you to cum with me. Nearly … there .. Daddy …. Nearly … oh my god, oh ,y god, oh my god .. yesssss.” I squealed.

“Oh John. Squirt up her cunt. Spray her insides.” Shouted Mum.

Dad groaned deeply with his prick buried deep inside me. I could feel it pulse and jerk as he spunked off. His grinding against my clit kept me orgasming for what seemed like minutes until our joined bodies slowly stopped spasming.

“Oh Daddy, that was wonderful.” I gushed.

“I love you, Sarah. We both do, so much.” Breathed Dad.

As Dad’s prick softened and slipped out of me Mum reached down and I felt her fingers slip inside my pussy. I looked at her quizzically.

“Mum likes to do that.” Explained Dad. “She likes to feel my cum inside.”

Each to their own, I thought. She can do that as much as she wants as long as Dad keeps putting it there.

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