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sashafirst time posting a story…. grammar and spelling might need some work…. Sasha lay bent over end of bed panties at half-mast and hood on so she could not see anything and could barely hear anything eithershe wasn’t sure how long she waited but it was sometime before she felt movement around her. master was careful not to touch, just looking at her from afar, getting his stuff ready for what he planned on doing, while he stood there gazing at her perfectly rounded ass with her panties at half mast, he felt himself stiffen in his pantsHer bent over with her black stockings and suspenders on, he stepped forward and rubbed himself up against herHe took her ass in his hands and squeezed it hard making her flinch but she didn’t dare utter a sound. then came the spanking, then came the spanking, the reason in fact for her being bent over the bed in the first place. the first spank rang out loudly as it made contact with her bum cheek, again tried not to utter a sound but couldn’t help but let out a cry as his hand made contact with her ass, up to this point he hadn’t said one word to her and the only ones he spoke now was to tell her to count the spankings as they came, in total there were 20, 10 on each cheek. her ass getting more and more sore from each spank silent tears were running down her cheeks hidden by the hood, she knew she deserved it and wanted it, she wanted to please her master.Her cheeks were stinging and felt hot from the spanking, before she could breathe and get over the spanking he pushed his cock into her, thrusting hard against her pushing against her already sore ass, again and again until he was almost ready canlı bahis to cum, but he pulled out before he did cum as he had other plans for where his cum would end upHe instructed her to stand up, he first placed pads on her tits and nipples for the tens machine, then he bound Sasha’s tits tight with rope making them look like tight balls and going very blue and cold to touch where the circulation had stopped, next he wrapped them tight with his special wrap, he told her to lay down and pushed toys into her cunt and her ass and taped them in place all that was left accessible was her clit which he flicked a few times nowThe long leg spreader was attached to her ankles then the shorter one was attached to her arms she was now completely vulnerable and un able to move. as she had the hood on she had no idea what was coming next as she couldn’t see a thing, she strained to hear any tell-tale noises in fact she couldn’t hear anything, she was just wondering if he had left the room when she felt pain in her tits, he had turned the tens machines on pulses were being sent to her tits then a tightening feeling which was the bit that hurt, again everything was quiet she couldn’t do anything but lay there and take itShe was laid there for some time with her tits pulsing away and the pulsing was all she could concentrate on, it was taking her to the edge of an orgasm but not quite which was frustrating, she thought she could do it quietly without her master realising, she strained to listen for any noises to say he was in the room but couldn’t hear anything but remembered her dog was downstairs and would surely bark when he walked up the bahis siteleri stairs so she felt sure she would have enough warning to stop before he noticed her doing anything, now remember her arms and legs were bound so she couldn’t actually touch herself, but she had a toy taped in her cunt so she just needed to get some friction going, she began moving her hips thrusting up and down, yes! She could feel the toy moving she managed to manoeuvre slightly so that it was rubbing against her clit mmm utter blissUnbeknownst to Sasha though, her master was still in the room watching sasha trying to get herself off, stroking his stiff cock while smiling to himself thinking she never learns, he stood there for a couple more minutes watching her awkwardly frigging herself, he could see she was building up to her orgasm which of course he would not allow yet if at all and IF he did it would be on his terms and not of his cum sluts, although he enjoyed treating her bad he did love to show her his love for her too but this misdemeanour had been too great to be ignored and she had to be shown that such things would not be tolerated. He lit a candle and let the wax melt a little and just before she could climax, he poured it over her tummy and down to her cunt, she who hadn’t expected it visibly flinched and let out a small murmur of surprise and shrank in to her bindings as if that was going to save her from this tormentShe had been caught, she knew she had and knew that again she would receive punishment for it but just didn’t know when which was even more worrisome, as the was hot wax trickled over her skin it burned where it touched but güvenilir bahis it was a delicious pain, then she felt the wrap being cut away from her tits not that it gave her much relief as the rope was still tied tight hot wax was then dripped on her tits which was a little more painful than on her tummy due to them being bound.Then her legs were lifted up in the air and the toy was removed from her ass, he entered her pushing himself deep in her, thrusting in and out, her ass hole rubbing up and down is shaft, he removed the toy from her cunt and begun pushing his fingers into her dripping puss pushing more and more in forcing his hand deeper, ramming her with his hand until finally her count lips closed round his wrist, again she was on the edge of her orgasmHe moved her round on the bed until her head was hanging off the edge of the bed, she knew what was coming and had her mouth open ready to receive his cock which sure enough came, he pushed it deep in her mouth his balls covering her nose he held it there until he heard her gag and felt her saliva cover him mmmmm Devine, he did it again another two times before thrusting a few times and doing it all over again. As he looked down at her, with her hood on she was just a faceless object he was fucking not worth anything other than something to be used, while she was mindlessly sucking his cock with everything she had, he leant down and got the vibrating wand out and jammed it on her cunt putting the speed to high, she gasped but continued with her sucking while he teased her with the wand until finally he let her have her release, but she couldn’t relax yet she had work to do and he restarted thrusting in her mouth, pushing deep till she gagged spewing gooey saliva over herself and him until he too found his release shooting his cum down her throat so far down that she had no choice to it going down..

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