Satisfied (x3) at the Strip Club


I had long wondered what a trip to a strip club might be like. My husband was eager to take me and suggested we act on that fantasy during a recent trip to Vegas. I had read a few reviews of various clubs and suggestions on what it would be like before our visit, but nothing I read could have prepared me for how much FUN it was! I was a little nervous and anxious but since I really wanted to have the experience I decided to let go of my inhibitions and just relax. I’m so glad I did!

When we arrived, it was still very early and only a handful of other people were inside. Of course, it was dark with lights around the stage that included two metal poles. There were seats all around with a small counter for drinks where you could sit up close to the dancers. We sat at a small round table that was just behind the seats ringing the stage. Other than the waitresses and dancers, I was the only woman present.

Speaking of the dancers – these girls are some incredible athletes. I loved watching what most of them could do on the poles. And they had incredible bodies! I’m a heterosexual woman but I enjoy nudity, and it was quite a turn-on to see so many bostancı escort beautiful female bodies moving in such sensual ways. It was interesting in that some of the ladies were very engaged with the audience, smiling and catching my eye and even chatting from the stage, while some looked like they were trapped in a boring lecture.

Madison, one of the more animated performers, came over and introduced herself – very engaging and nice. We chatted for a few minutes and then she asked if we were interested in a lap dance. I wasn’t quite loosened up enough for that yet so she said she’d check back later.

We watched a few more dances and tipped and had a couple of drinks. At that point I was feeling pretty good when Julie came over to our table and introduced herself. We made small talk for a bit. Then, when she heard it was my first visit to a strip club, she made the bold move to grab my boobs through my shirt and said we needed to get those out! Something inside me just let go when she did that.

She was next up on stage, and when I realized she was dancing my husband encouraged me to go to the front row and tip. That was ümraniye escort bayan crazy – Julie danced in front of me and grabbed my boobs again! The club was much fuller now with a dozen men seated at the stage’s rail and here she was making me part of the show!

She came back to chat after her time on stage was up, and I decided I was ready to get a lap dance. We moved to the back in a little more private area. Julie began her dance and it was very sexy. She was moving all over me and encouraging me to touch her. I’d never touched another woman in a sexual way so I slowly stroked her hip and side of her leg. I was brave enough to stroke my fingers over her nipple. Wow. I liked that. Near the end of the dance Julie told me about going upstairs to an even more private area and what we could do there. She said pretty much anything could happen and we could go as far as we wanted with nudity and touching. In fact, as long as my husband stayed covered, she said I could get as naked as I wanted to!

After taking care of a little business, we were escorted to a round booth with high sides. Julie pulled a blackout curtain across the kartal escort entrance and showed us where to put our things. She sat us down in the booth and got naked right away. My husband reminded her that this was for me so she focused most of her attention on getting me aroused. It worked!

In just a minute or two, my shirt was completely open in the front and my breasts exposed. Julie rubbed her tits across mine again and again. My husband was sliding his hands in and next thing I knew Julie was sucking one tit and he was sucking the other. That was incredibly hot to see and feel. I wanted Julie to pay some attention to my husband as it’s always been a fantasy of mine to see another woman touching him. I loved watching her pull and tug on his dick through his pants.

It seemed like we were in there for a long time and I did not want it to end. In hindsight, I wish I had taken my clothes off, but for my first experience it was pretty amazing as it was. By the end, my tits were out and my pants were open; I was masturbating while Julie sucked and rubbed my tits. I came three times in quick succession. I’m pretty sure my husband was telling me to quiet down!

I highly recommend a good all-nude strip club to anyone wanting to enjoy a safe and fun sexual experience with their man.

NOTE: If any other couples have had similar experiences in a strip club, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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