Sea Sickness Ch. 02


The first day passed uneventfully for everyone but Ryan. He had no more contact with Simone although he tried cornering her alone at every opportunity. But the little wraith would slide by him, disappearing into some new task. His sister and mother helped none. They never left their bathing suits. Poor Ryan was under a constant barrage of breasts and creeping bikini bottoms. All the skin everywhere was leaving him in quite a distraught state. That first night his mother had made him sleep on the lounge and wait outside while she and his sister had changed. No new shifts in attitude. In the stories he read, the women were always all over the guy after the first night. Why wasn’t this the case now?

Allyson meanwhile was already having the time of her life. Simone was almost constantly at her side, except when she was running errands for the Harpers. Simone was like a porcelain doll for Allyson. She was a fragile precious toy to play with whenever she was needed. Simone was a talented gymnast prior to meeting her sexual mentor and master. Now she put her considerable talents and lithe little body wholeheartedly into Allyson’s service. The first night on the boat the two women had watched the film produced by dozen’s of tiny cameras located throughout the boat. Simone had spent most of the time kneeling between Allyson’s thighs, practicing and refining her oral talents. Ryan had not been allowed to know about the film. It would come into Allyson’s schemes down the line.

There were several theories that had roamed through Allyson’s mind prior to embarking on the trip. The first process had tried to determine who it was that would be most responsive to Ryan’s advances. Her line of thought said that the second would go easier if the first was already a willing participant. She and Simone had been unable to decide which woman to focus their efforts on, so they had flipped a coin. Alexis had one out and the women had decided she would undergo the first of the scheduled trials.

Several days into the trip the party made their first stop on an island that was deserted except for the occasional native fisherman. The yacht was anchored well off shore and the party of five headed inland. It was a beautiful tropical paradise and everyone was enjoying the trip, especially Ryan. He had finally gotten a moment the night before to masturbate and was feeling less tense then the first few days. That release would only go so far, and already following the swaggering bikini covered backsides up the hill was quickly rebuilding his erection. He was intently studying the camel toe his mother had developed as her bottoms rode higher and higher up. He could make out the fact that there was no hair peaking from the side of the thin material and that her pussy lips well formed. He was startled out of his reverie when Simone’s hand shot forward and pulled him back from the trail they had been winding up the hillside on.

A loud, “Stop,” echoed through the jungle from the small woman’s frame. Alexis kept meandering upwards, looking back over her shoulder questioningly. Simone yelled again and Alexis finally stopped. Ryan and his mother were left standing at the edge of a low bushy meadow that the path all but disappeared into. Alexis was already several feet deep in the bushes when Simone told her to walk back out, carefully avoiding contact with the plants. The command was a joke, considering that they were everywhere and she was wearing open toed flip flops. By the time she was clear of the plants, her legs were already beginning to develop a rash. Alexis looked puzzled down at her bare calves as they turned a bright red and small bumps quickly covered the exposed area.

Ryan quickly jumped to obey, a concerned look on his face, as Simone instructed him to help his sister down the hillside. Alexis’ eyes were watering as the burning itch spread over all the reddened skin. Sandra quickly caught up with the five members of the party already heading back down the hillside. “What’s the matter? What’s wrong with her? What were those plants?” The questions rolled off of Ryan’s mother’s tongue in a truly concerned manner. Allyson explained that the plants were a tropical cousin of the poison ivy, but that the rash would spread into the bloodstream and could result in permanent scarring or paralysis if not treated. For everyone’s benefit, she was sure to mention that the yacht carried the proper ointment and the necessary injections to treat it. It was unfortunate, but because the danger was recognized they would be able to cure her with a regular regimen medicine and injections.

Even Ryan was unaware that this was really only another step in Allyson’s little machination. The plants were a tropical cousin to poison ivy. But they would only itch and leave a red rash for a day or two. The injections and ointment Allyson was planning on administering were the real reason for the lie and would have the greatest affect on Alexis. None of that was obvious now and the family hurried towards the boat, hoping dvd full porno to spare Alexis unnecessary pain and injury.

Simone took Alexis back to the family’s quarters and administered the first injection and application of the ointment there. Alexis felt a little uncomfortable at first as Simone had carefully smeared the cold gel-like substance over her legs. She did not argue as the woman’s hands rode higher and higher on her legs until they were cresting her knees and smearing the white stuff over her inner thighs. If not for the utmost professionalism exhibited by Simone, Alexis would have been sure that she was being felt up. By the time the ointment rub was done, Alexis was feeling fairly comfortable around the young woman crouched at her waist. There would be a momentary panic when Simone asked her stand and bend over the bed, with a long needle full of a clear liquid in hand. The throbbing rash managed to reassure her that this was a strictly medical procedure and she did as instructed.

Simone, however, was operating under a completely different course of thought. She knew most of the details of her mistress’ plan for the family and was excited to share in them. She had long been a submissive and bisexual. But her family and life had suppressed that. Allyson had offered her a way out and she had happily taken it. Now she was enjoying it more than ever. Simone had been careful to allow her arousal not to show as she ran her hands over the smooth long legs of Ryan’s sister. She enjoyed the sensation of being the one manipulating, instead of being manipulated. She was careful to touch every available inch of exposed skin without unnerving the young woman who was seated before her. The injections were to be her favorite part of the near future and she was glad when Alexis obligingly obeyed. Once she was bent over the bed, her perfectly toned ass stretching the bikini bottoms across her crotch, Simone slipped one hand beneath the upper rear of the bikini and pulled them down to just between her thighs.

She almost lost sight of her purpose as she studied the delightfully innocent morsel unveiled before her. Alexis had waxed her vaginal region, obviously, before the trip and the naked pussy was making Simone quite hungry. But she knew that too long of a delay risked everything so she carefully pressed the needle into the soft tissue of Alexis’ buttock. She used one hand to steady the tip, and cop a feel, while the other depressed the plunger, sending the mystery medicine into her bloodstream. Her task completed, Simone pulled the bikini back up and over the young woman’s backside and quietly left the room. She rejoined the people who were anxiously waiting on the deck and explained that everything was done, but the process would need to be repeated daily for the next two weeks.

Sandra and Ryan quickly moved to join the other member of the party as she laid face down on the bed in their cabin. Sandra was first and she quickly knelt beside her crying daughter’s head, focused on comforting and reassuring her oldest child. Ryan on the other hand, allowed a brief moment to appreciate his sister’s athletic body and the rounded crest of her ass. He wished that Allyson’s promise was already fulfilled- that he would be behind her right now, burying his dick into her tight virgin pussy, his mother cheering him on. He managed to break away from the fantasy in time to avoid a reproachful and questioning gaze from his mother. He too, moved to Alexis’ side and with one hand midway down her back, he offered what consolation he could. He would remain seated for the next twenty minutes, until he was sure that his easily tripped erection was comfortably wilted within his shorts.

Meanwhile, Simone had hurriedly gone to the bridge of the yacht, her pussy tingling with the hope that she could beg some release from her mistress. Allyson was waiting for her, her eyes focused on the quaint scene coming from the Jones’ cabin. “You really must be careful, Simone. I won’t have you wrecking my carefully laid plans. This little venture is far too exciting and expensive to have my toy waste. Come here.” Simone nervously approached her mistress, sensing that there was a genuine frustration and anger emanating from the normally calm woman. She quickly and quietly approached, forgetting the warmth growing in her stomach. Allyson harshly reached inside her shorts, her pointer finger clawing its way to her twat, and pressed it into her depths. Simone squirmed, her shorts pulled tightly against her lower back as they made room for the intrusive hand. Allyson pulled the finger back out and presented it directly before Simone’s face.

Simone examined the finger, her arousal obvious, from the sheen of the moisture covering the tip and nail of her mistress’ pointer. “Bitch. This is my game, not yours. You are not to enjoy yourself unless I first tell you too. This goes for now and for ever. As long as you are mine, all of your desires will be first ran by me. Now you must be ensest porno punished. Remove your shorts and bend over the steersman’s chair.” Simone was a little surprised by the outburst. In her short time with Allyson, she had never seen anything close to anger and their only system of instruction had been through reward. Punishment did not sound appetizing, but she did as she was told.

With her bottom bared to the cold circulating air of the bridge, Simone leaned over the leather arms of the chair, her breasts hanging into the space occupied by no one. Her hands braced on the farm arm, ready for anything that Allyson could bring to bear. Her first contact with Allyson, would however be a pleasant one. While she waited, she listened to the sounds of her mistress disrobing and removing something from a set of filing cabinets built into the bulkhead. Moments later she would feel the cold plastic head of a large strap on dildo shove into her cunt. She squealed in pleased surprise and was rewarded with an open handed slap that stung her thigh. Allyson harshly shoved the large textured length of the rubber toy farther into her pet. The other end of the dick curved up and into her own twat, and each harsh shove resulted in a thrust into her pussy. It took Allyson a moment to grow accustomed to the artificial appendage, but once she did, she went to work without any regard to the small subdued figure of Simone.

Her strong well formed ass cheeks and thighs clenched and relaxed as Allyson hammered the full length of the ten inch toy. Simone’s whole body rocked across the chair with each forceful thrust. Her pussy was not accustomed to the length or width of the rod ramming into her, and the first dozen thrusts merely served to stretch her cunt wide. Allyson gripped onto the closest arm and used her upper body to drive forward the cock into the bent form. Allyson was extremely wet herself, having become aroused while watching her young protégé enjoy the encounter with Alexis. But she had wanted the opportunity to punish her for something and this was it. The deep grooves over the surface of the cock pulled at the sensitive inner layers of skin of Simone’s pussy and she let out a long deep groan as Allyson pulled back. By now, her juices had well lubricated the surface of the cock and despite its size, Simone was truly enjoying herself. Allyson let loose another strong strike onto Simone’s ass cheeks, leaving a deep red welt. Simone squealed in surprise again and lurched forward, but the chair and the cock had her pinned. Allyson grabbed onto the smaller woman’s shoulders and began to fuck her with all the desire and need of a man.

The opposite end of the artificial penis was stroking in and out of her own pussy as she sought to withdraw portions of the length from Simone’s pink folds. Allyson loved the perversion of watching the little jiggle of Simone’s ass as she rammed home the cock. Her own pussy was leaking heavily and she could feel the fluids already spilling down her thighs. The two women found a rhythm together, and all memories of intended punishment were forgotten. Allyson’s strokes became less forceful, albeit quicker, and allowed Simone to grind her backside onto the cock. The sensation of the cock filling her twat had Simone yearning for more. She could feel her skin pulling and then giving way as the cock tried to withdraw from the tight enclosure. Then just as the pussy’s passageway was about to surrender the delectable length from its grip, it would come sliding back in. Simone had never felt such pleasure from a toy and she eagerly backed onto the dick, aiming its tip’s slide over her hidden pleasure point. Soon the stroke there was regularly hitting the mark and Simone was working to control her breathing and the coming orgasm which threatened to level her.

The thought of self control would abandon her when she heard Allyson let loose a deep low groan as she came for the first time. Just as the first waves of her orgasm would rock over her, she began a fast sharp pounding that increased her already maximized stimulation. It was this rhythm that would send Simone into her “punishing” orgasm. For several minutes the regular progress of the fucking motion would continue as they sought to prolong the sexual release they were experiencing. But once they had enough, they would slide backwards to the floor, Simone straddling the large dick, and Allyson reclining on the wood floor. Simone would toy with her breasts through her top as she gently rode the dick buried within her, until she was sure that they both had their fill. Then she would lift her off its still hard form and would collapse to the floor beside her master. With her head resting on Allyson’s chest, listening to the beating pace of her heart, she would thank her for the punishment and promise to never misbehave again.

Allyson laid there, one hand lazily stroking the lifeless dick as if it were her own. When she was bored of the activity she would rise, commanding Simone to redress fake agents porno and would seek out the family. It was time to ensure that Ryan and Alexis had some time alone. Simone knew the next step and went down to the engine room to give Allyson the necessary time to get the mother off the boat.

Allyson found the family in the room where the cameras had told her they would be. She knocked gently at their door and waited until Sandra came to the door.

“I was going to see if anyone wanted to go back to shore. There is a truly beautiful waterfall that I had intended to show you before the accident and this will be our last opportunity to visit it.” She watched as Sandra’s face brightened then collapsed as she remembered her daughter’s dangerous infection.

“I’m sorry Allyson, but we really can’t leave Alexis alone right now. It’s just not fair to her,” the obviously disappointed mother replied.

Ryan and Alexis both caught the tone of voice in their mother’s voice and replied as one; “No, Mom! Don’t worry. Ryan (I) can stay. It will be fine, really!”

Sandra tried to put on a good show of not wanting to leave the boat, but with both of her children’s support she decided that she and Allyson should make the journey together. Dusk was beginning to settle and according to the captain of their little excursion, sunset would be falling jut as they made it to the waterfall. The two women hurriedly gathered the necessary supplies and made their way to shore, leaving Ryan and Alexis alone in the cabin together.

The two siblings made small talk for the next twenty minutes as they lay side by side on the bed. They talked about college, about the future, about how awesome the trip was. They had just started talking about how Alexis’ legs were feeling when Simone slipped into the room for her scheduled interruption. She had smeared some grease on her hands and forearms and added a decorative smudge to her cheek for effect while she had waited.

“I am doing some maintenance down in the engine room, and forgot about your injection and ointment, Alexis. You’ll want to shower and then have another shot in the next half hour or so. Is your Mom around, I was going to ask her to do it?” Simone knew full well that the senior of the Jones women was already gone to shore and that, conveniently, Ryan would be the only individual on hand to help his sister.

Alexis looked down trodden and pleaded with Simone to do it, but apparently the maintenance was only half finished and was a priority, as was the ointment and treatment. Simone gave Ryan a quick explanation then disappeared without a further word. Reluctantly, Alexis admitted to herself that Ryan was her only option. He was her brother after all, and he didn’t really have to pull her bottoms down farther than Simone had.

Still frustrated, she pushed herself off the bed to take the prerequisite shower. She screamed daintily as her legs folded beneath her and she collapsed to the floor. There was a deep numbing tickle from her muscle tissue and she found herself barely able to support her own weight. Tears came to her eyes as she feared that paralysis was setting in. Her brother quickly jumped to her rescue and scooped her up, his strong forearms crooked beneath her arm pits. Ryan promised her that he would help her shower quickly and then would apply the ointment and injection. He reminded her quite frequently that she would be okay.

Ryan was a bit startled when the object of half of his familial fantasy collapsed to the floor of the cabin. Seeing the pained look on her face he quickly jumped to the rescue, a natural masculine instinct taking over. He was reminded of his desires as he held her body closely to his own and he talked about bathing and then rubbing her down with some ointment. He knew he had better get to her to the shower quickly if he planned on hiding the rapid rising of the free spirited appendage in his swimming trunks. Together they moved to the small shower enclosure and Ryan cradled her with one arm as he pulled the door open and stepped in. It took him a moment to get the shower nozzle adjusted to the proper warmth and direction of spray.

Once the water was properly set, Ryan lowered Alexis to the floor and knelt close to her side. He could feel his blood pressure rise as the hot steamy water covered her body in a glistening coat and caused strands of her hair to stray into her face. She was truly a fantastic beauty and she was his own forbidden love. He softly brushed the hair out of her face before remembering his responsibilities. His strong hands went to work, rubbing heavily over her lower and upper legs, replacing a sponge or loofa with their long strokes. Alexis felt safe with her brother and was feeling a genuine affection for him as she watched him eagerly cleanse her legs of the remnants of the earlier ointment and the poison ivy. There were still some tears in her eyes but they were no longer representative of a fear of a ruined vacation, but of appreciation for her brother. She had not felt so fondly for him since they had been much younger. Ryan staid crouching, knowing that standing would reveal a full fledge tent in his shorts and he could feel his sister’s good feelings for him and he did not want to risk any forward progress.

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