Second Blossom Ch. 13


The move to Los Angeles had been exhausting; but in a matter of weeks, Jake and Chelsea found their bearings and fell into an erratic yet pleasant routine. Jake had never worked so hard in his life. Scouting locations between meetings with casting directors, costume designers, two screenwriters, and a demanding cast, there was little time for anything else. His hours were long, and he learned more in a week than he had all semester back in college.

No matter how tired he was by the end of the day, it was always a source of pleasure coming home to Chelsea. That smile was something he looked forward to seeing every chance he got, and he couldn’t get enough of it. Jake loved his new job, but coming home to Chelsea was still the best part of his day.

While Jake was getting ready for film production, Chelsea had unpacked most of the boxes and added a woman’s touch to their new home. The two-bedroom condo suited the couple perfectly. The smaller bedroom was used as an office while they made themselves at home in the master. Each was supposed to fill their half of the walk-in closet, but Jake took one look at the number of blouses Chelsea had waiting to be hung and decided to give her more room. After all, finding enough space for her dresses and shoes in the same room was already a daunting task, and he was more than happy to have his minimalist wardrobe picking up the fragrance from hers.

Chelsea knew her son was trying his hardest to make the move easy for her, and she appreciated it more than she ever managed to put into words. It was something special to see him coming home late and tired and still managing to make her feel like the most precious thing in the world. When Chelsea found a job and came home after her first day, she walked in the door to the sight of wine, take-out, and flowers. Jake took her purse and replaced it with a glass of pinot noir. Anxious to hear how the first day had gone, he gave her a massage while she shared her enthusiasm beginning a job that was loads better than the one she had left.

It was a regular occurrence to see the couple taking walks together in the evenings. Chelsea quickly realized that it was the best way for her love to unwind and get work out of his system. Sometimes they walked together before dinner and shared the day’s news. Other times they had already downed a few drinks and were letting their hands roam at will in anticipation of what was to come as soon as they were through the front door.

Completely enamored with each other, they christened every surface of the condo with their juices. Jake had fucked his other half until her legs gave way bent over the kitchen sink. Picking her up and setting her trembling body on the kitchen counter, he tongued her clit until she came.

Chelsea thoroughly enjoyed and made a habit of riding Jake on their back patio. She loved synching up her dress and guiding him inside. Her hand covered his mouth as the heat from her body made him groan. She rocked her hips back and forth effortlessly while whispering seductive phrases into his ear. All the while, Jake could feel her freshly shaved pussy sliding along his pelvis.

“Shhh,” she whispered without losing her rhythm. “I want you to cum for me, baby.” Locking her mouth onto his in a passionate embrace, she stared into her son’s eyes watching his climax rise to the surface. His hands took hold of her hips and forced her own orgasm to follow. Together, they came time and again under the nighttime sky.

Jake felt his cock begin to stir when he checked his phone and saw a photo of Chelsea trying to decide what to wear for dinner that night. The choice was between a short and sexy black dress or tight black jeans, stilettos, and a leather jacket. She held up both outfits standing playfully in her underwear.

“Kathryn’s ready for you,” the assistant called from across her desk that was inscribed with Helix Productions and its logo across the front.

The pants, Jake was able to message back before putting the phone in his pocket. It didn’t matter that jeans were the more difficult option to take off of her. He would still manage to get them on the floor and fuck her like a wild animal before the night was through.

“Jake,” a tall and thin brunette shook his hand warmly inside her office. She shut the door and gestured for him to have a seat on the couch before doing the same. “It’s so nice to finally put a face with the name. I’ve heard nothing but good things about female agent porno you from Patrick. It’s impressive work you’re doing.”

“Thanks,” he said completely unsure where this was going but took the hint that compliments were going to be part of it. “It’s a great opportunity working with him.”

“You know, Patrick’s been making movies with Helix for nearly a decade now. The screenplays come our way, and he knows how to make them into something real.” She adjusted her position, and Jake was very aware that the low-cut opening of her blouse was now in clear eyesight. “I’m curious though. If you were the one in the director’s chair, what would you do different?”

It was an uncomfortable question. While it was true that his and Patrick’s perspectives were somewhat different from behind a camera, voicing too much too quickly might be seen as throwing his mentor under the bus and do more harm than good. But at the same time, Jake needed Helix Productions to know that he was capable of doing more if the opportunity presented itself.

He tried to keep the conversation light while talking about slight differences in lighting. By placing the cameras in different positions, it would give the scenes a more natural feel. Jake watched Kathryn’s calculated smile making sure not to deviate too far away from Patrick’s existing work.

“I was hoping someone would notice that,” Kathryn told him with a glimmer of satisfaction. “Patrick has a flair for the dramatic. He always aims for the dark shadows and makes everything look like Caravaggio paintings. It certainly works, but I do think less shadows and a little more warmth would increase the film’s appeal to a larger audience. And in this business, it’s all about sales.”

They talked together for nearly an hour discussing new ideas to give Helix’s films a greater appeal. Subtle changes here and there were all met with enthusiasm. Kathryn was an important person to know, and Jake was glad to be making a decent first impression.

“To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I took you on board without ever meeting you,” she admitted. “Patrick did the hiring, and I had to trust his judgment which isn’t the easiest way of doing things. But I’m convinced he made the right choice. Your ideas won’t go overlooked here, and I think you can bring a lot to Helix. That’s why I’d like to keep you with us. We’ll keep you as an assistant director for three or four more films. After that, we’ll see if you’re ready to step up and take the big chair. What do you think?”

It was an offer Jake hadn’t expected to hear when he woke up that morning. Being an assistant director was already more than he had ever hoped for. But now, he had caught Kathryn’s eye and was already being groomed for bigger and better things. He happily agreed and watched as she casually put a hand on his thigh while discussing the details. Jake liked what he heard, but the hand that had started above his knee was rising considerably.

“Since we’ll be seeing much more of each other in the future,” she went on. “We should grab dinner tonight. I like getting to know fresh, young talent off the clock.”

“If it wasn’t already for the dinner my girlfriend and I have planned, I would take you up on your offer in a heartbeat.” Jake said smiling apologetically. “So dinner would only be dinner.”

“Everyone makes the move to LA with someone close,” Kathryn said letting her hand slide an inch higher. “But this is Hollywood. Relationships come and go like headlines.”

“Hopefully that won’t be the case with us,” Jake commented casually.

“Alright,” she acquiesced and moved her hand away. “But as soon as it goes south, I expect a phone call.”

Jake was rushing to be home at seven as promised. He had been forced to pull out the film’s storyboard after the screenwriters couldn’t give the lead actress a good reason why she had to get her hair wet for a scene that called for rain. He dropped his bag by the door and found Chelsea sitting on the couch with a glass of wine. Lounging in her panties and robe, she wasn’t ready for their night out which wasn’t like her. His arms reached around her, but she looked distant and didn’t respond.

“Are you okay, hun?” He asked unaccustomed to receiving such a cold greeting.

“I’m thinking the worst,” she finally said trying to keep her composure. “And I need you to explain this to me.”

She swallowed the last gizli cekim porno of her wine and walked across the room to their phone. Calling the answering machine, she watched Jake’s face and turned on the loudspeaker. Kathryn’s voice filled the silence instantly taking him by surprise.

“Hi Jake. It’s Kathryn. It was great meeting with you this afternoon, and I know you’ll go far with us. I’ll send the new contract over to the film site for you to look over and sign. Obviously, you can hand it back over dinner. But if that doesn’t work, we can arrange a time for you to stop by the office. Either way, we’ll be seeing each other again soon.”

“Over dinner?” Chelsea asked experiencing unseen agony at the realization that affairs might run in the family. “How long has this been going on?”

“I want you to look in my eyes and decide for yourself if I’m telling the truth,” he said standing before her and staring at the love of his life in all seriousness. “I’m not sleeping with her. I never have and never will.”

That was the answer Chelsea was hoping to hear, and there wasn’t a single sign of insincerity anywhere on Jake’s face. But at the same time, the woman’s voice had been equally confident that dinner and whatever else was going to happen. Chelsea rubbed her temples unsure what to believe.

“Why would she be so anxious to see you again if there’s nothing going on?”

Jake took a deep breath and decided honesty was the simplest solution. “She wants to have sex with me,” he confessed. “But I already told her that’s not going to happen. I’m not keeping us a secret and made it clear that I wasn’t interested, but she’s still persistent.”

Chelsea looked like she was on the verge of bursting into tears. Her worst suspicions had turned her world upside down, but hearing Jake explain things was enough to realize he wasn’t as secretive as the fictitious character she had created in her imagination. Without coming towards her, he held out his arms and waited for Chelsea to accept. She ran into them and held him tight.

“I’m sorry, honey,” Chelsea said feeling like a fool for ever comparing Jake with his father. She had thought the worst without waiting to hear his side of things. “I’m so sorry.”

“As long as you know I’m not cheating on you, there’s no harm done.”

“I know,” she told him instantly feeling comforted by her own words. The doubt that had swam through her mind only minutes ago had vanished, and in its place was clarity and the certainty that the man she loved wasn’t the sort to discard her so effortlessly.

Jake led the way to the couch and took a seat beside her. “What made you think it was a possibility even for a second?” He asked curiously.

Chelsea closed her eyes for a moment and shook her head. “It’s just been crazy trying to make time for each other and working long hours. I guess I’ve been missing you more than I let on.”

“I know the feeling,” Jake admitted and kissed the top of her head. “That’s why I’ll be keeping my weekends free for us as part of the terms of my new contract. I know most of the other film crew feel the same way, so it should be an easy condition to get in writing.”

“You’d do that?” She asked feeling reminded of the reasons she loved him so much.

“Of course,” he responded as if it was common knowledge. “We finish filming in a month and a half. Once we don’t have to deal with actors anymore and it’s all video and editing, everyone is going to start taking weekends off anyway. All we have to do is get through a couple more weeks of these odd hours and then Friday nights all the way through Sunday will be entirely ours. It’ll be pretty close to how it was back in college, only this time we’ll be completely exhausted and still keep each other company every night during the week.”

“I can certainly live with that,” she smiled.

“So can I. But I do want you to know that even though Kathryn or someone else might come onto me, I’m never going to give you a reason to worry. I have eyes for you, and that doesn’t change.”

Chelsea took a deep breath and nodded in acknowledgement. She knew this was true, but it still didn’t help the fact that her son was surrounded by sexy, young actresses and other women half her age. It was a reality working in the movie business, and it required a level of trust that she certainly would never have given to Peter. But when it came to Jake, she gave it freely and knew glory hole secrets porno that it would never be taken for granted.

“I know we have plans tonight,” she said kissing his neck and flipping open a button. “But I really did make a big mistake and need to show you how much I love you.”

Unfastening his belt, she pulled the top of his pants open revealing the object of her desire. He was already hard. Throbbing and aching for release, it stood at attention as soon as the chance presented itself.

“You should’ve said something,” Chelsea said taking it in her hand and sliding her tongue around the tip. “You’ve only been home for a couple minutes and are already hard as a rock. I need you to tell me when you need a release.”

Jake let out a moan. “In that case, I should say something every hour. I’ve always loved that outfit on you. You know that.”

Chelsea plunged her mouth down on his cock making Jake close his eyes and groan with pleasure. Feeling him in the back of her throat, she stayed there as long as she could letting them both enjoy the feeling. Her mouth released him with a pop. And looking up with a smile, she dipped a hand inside her wet panties and pulled her head back as three fingers disappeared inside her. She pulled them out and made a grip around his cock coating it with her juices.

“It’s gentleman’s choice this evening,” she said while gently stroking his shaft back and forth. “There are lots of different holes to choose from. Which will it be?”

“I’ll take everything.”

She raised her eyebrows and grinned at the thought. “Are you sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew?”

“There’s only one way to find out.”

Jake laid her across the couch and kissed his way up her legs. Pulling her panties to the side, he reached out his tongue and tasted the deliciousness that always kept him coming back for more. His hands squeezed her thighs, and he closed his eyes feeling Chelsea’s body moving from side to side across his mouth. It was exactly what they both needed.

Jake had his way spoiling her with his tongue for a time before Chelsea pushed him off and took his cock back into her mouth. Her eyes remained fixed on his as she swallowed his member time and again. And when neither could take anymore, Jake pulled her lips to his and moaned as her body took a seat on his cock.

Thoroughly covered in wetness, her lace panties slid up and down the side of his shaft. Jake could feel his mother’s pelvis grinding against his as her pussy slide across his skin massaging her clit. He reached out a hand and used a thumb to rub it as she moved. The effect brought Chelsea over the edge, and she came dripping a trail across her lover’s body.

Chelsea’s breathing had become ragged, and she fell on Jake’s body. His shirt was moist with their sweat, and she could feel his muscles burning alive underneath the material. Giving the shirt a hard pull, she tore the buttons open as if still in the heat of the moment. Her lips came together, and she blew a cool wind across Jake’s chest. Between the feel of the scourging furnace between her legs and the ice-cold breeze from her mouth, Jake felt his senses going wild. He closed his eyes and focused on the feel of the muscles tightening and loosening around his cock.

As she pulled his cock out of her, a stream trickled out flowing down Jake’s side. She ran her hand along the mess before rubbing a soaked finger around the rim of her backdoor. Feeling his member being directed into her ass, Jake was consumed with pleasure and let out a moan. Chelsea started to move slowly and took deep breaths as she went. Rubbing her clit and gently lowering herself onto Jake’s body, she took her seat until there was nothing left. She continued rubbing her clit and savored the sensation of being stimulated on both ends.

Jake’s hand returned to her pussy, and he pushed two fingers deep inside. Chelsea let out a gasp as she began rocking back and forth against her lover’s hand with his cock still hidden away. Their speed increased. Jake was about to cum, and Chelsea was right behind him. Unable to hold on any longer, he let loose a stream that coated her insides. Chelsea gasped from sensory overload and came on the spot. Out of breath and unable to move, they kissed and held each other breathing deeply into the other’s mouths.

They still had a dinner reservation but decided to cancel. They could eat anywhere, but being together holding each other was what they wanted most. It had been a long day. They ordered takeout and reluctantly put on clothes long enough to answer the door. Making love once more before bed and waking to the feel of Jake helping himself to a 3AM snack between Chelsea’s enticing legs, the world was set right by morning.

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