Second Date Passion

Female Ejaculation

Last night was my second date with Jason. He’s a bit of a geek, but is smarter than hell and has a wickedly dry sense of humor. My history with men is spotty at best, always falling for the chiseled Adonis type, easy on the eyes but in the end dim witted and often cruel. Jason is a real change of pace for me, not at all the type of guy that I usually find myself attracted to. Our first date was eerily chaste, Jason being the perfect gentleman opening doors for me and never once talking to my chest … he really seemed to be interested in me, which left me with a tingle in my stomach as well as between my thighs after he left me at my front door … no grope, no proposition, just a sweet soft kiss and a wave as he headed back to the waiting cab.

I called him the next day to ask him to dinner the following Friday. He was surprised and actually admitted to me that although he had a great time the previous night had not held out much hope for a second date rationalizing that most women like myself were put off by his geeky looks and shy nature. I guess I should explain that ‘like myself’ refers to a 5’7″ 110 lb frame with small C cups, a flat stomach leading to hips that are just curvy enough to defy being described as narrow, green eyes with deep reddish brown hair above and lips that most men call ‘kissable’. Just to complete the picture, the red hair and green eyes come with fair skin and a few freckles … I am definitely not the heavy lidded red head seductress type but rather the all American girl-next-door. I have a few very close friends, a great paying job, an apartment on the lower West side of NYC and a family that lives just far enough away for me to miss from time to time. I digress, because for the story to make sense you have to know a little bit about my nature and why last night was such a surprise for not just poor Jason, but myself as well.

For our second date I got us into a place in Gramercy that is very hot right now (my job affords me a little influence in the restaurant world). Jason came straight from work, wearing a nice two piece with a very nice tie. He was obviously nervous and dropped the small bouquet of flowers he was carrying as he stepped out of the cab in front of the bar. My stomach did that little flip again as he abandoned it in the grey curbside puddle and quickly ducked across the street to buy another one from a street vendor before coming into the bar. I was sitting at a high table a few feet off the windows facing the street and he did not see me until he came bostancı escort bayan inside. I stood up as he approached, a huge grin splitting his face, I leaned in to greet him with a kiss, I think I surprised him but he quickly recovered and I received the same warm sweet kiss that he had left me with on our last date. As soon as our lips touched I got the same stomach flip and tingle as well. I felt a little off balance as I was for the first time in a long time worried I might screw up on a date. A few drinks and stories of his hellish work week had me laughing and at ease, when our table was ready I found myself wanting to touch Jason as I walked around him to follow the host.

The dining room was cozy and romantic, the tables were spaced enough to afford a feeling of privacy for conversation without being stuffy and artificially hushed. Jason held my chair for me and then sat down, that same grin still plastered on his face. We talked and laughed, he asked me more about my family and job and even got me to ‘fess up to an embarrassing college moment or two. Four splendid courses came and went form our plates and I barely remember a bite. As we sat laughing and talking over the dregs of our second bottle of Syrah something in the back of my mind clicked … I really like this guy. I am still amazed by what happened next … the click in my brain was followed closely by a soft buzz in my loins that I hadn’t felt in a long time. The waiter appeared with a short list of deserts, my eyes scanned without much interest until I saw fresh strawberries with sweet mascarpone at the bottom of the list. I ordered them and excused myself to use the ladies, Jason stood as I did and in that simple act sealed his fate for the rest of the evening.

I had come from work to the restaurant in a dark suit that was really only appropriate because it was Friday. The skirt was a little above my knees and the blouse was nearly sheer with hidden buttons and a clingy but not quite fitted cut to it. I shucked my panties and hovered above the seat … I patted myself with paper to dry myself and sucked in a little gasp as my own touch sent a jolt of pleasure though me. I dropped the paper and ran my finger between my slippery outer lips. I stopped with the tip of my middle finger just resting on my clit … my knees were weak and I could feel a fresh wave of heat and moisture rippling through my pussy. I decided right then that there was no way I was going to bed alone. I stuffed my panties into my bag, took ümraniye escort off my blouse so I could do the same with my bra and put my blouse back on leaving the top three buttons open.

I returned to the table to find desert waiting and Jason quietly appreciating an aperitif. I bent over as I sat down and Jason blinked double and I for the first time caught his eyes below my neck. I gave him my best demure smile and commented that I wish I had thought to bring a change of clothes to work with me that day for our date. His cool was cracking and I felt my cheeks flush as he was obviously struggling a little to not be distracted by my stiff nipples poking at the thin fabric of my blouse. I pushed the bounds a bit more when I slid my suit jacked off my shoulders, my breasts jutting out as I wriggled free and hung it across the back of my chair. I was rolling now and felt almost out of my body as I brazenly reached up and popped the fourth button of my blouse, leaving it open to the very bottom of my breasts. Jason was without a doubt rattled and I was getting hotter by the second watching him squirm. I picked up a berry, dipped it in some cream and fellated it as I stared into his eyes, my lips and tongue openly working the berry like the head of a cock, white cream clinging to my lips. Jason shifted again, looked me square in the eye and said “if you are fucking around with my head I’ll never forgive you”. I didn’t say anything, but dropped the pump off my left foot and ran it up his leg until I was rubbing against his groin and a positively raging hard on. To his credit, he managed at this point to smoothly and quickly pay the bill and get himself standing with my coat draped over his arm to hide his obviously tented pants.

As we walked into the early evening air I grabbed and kissed him passionately, my mons pressed against his hip and his cock against mine. He kissed me back with urgency and quickly pulled me to the curb with him to hail a cab … Friday night in lower Manhattan is no easy place to get a cab, so we started out walking in the direction of my apartment hoping to find a cab somewhere along the way. We stopped periodically to neck like high school kids against a park fence or street lamp, with each interlude growing more urgent. When we reached Sixth Avenue I saw a large department store and decided that I was going to take things into my own hands.

Leading him by the hand I dragged him into the men’s section and onward to the dress clothing. The store was middle up-scale escort kartal and a commissioned sales clerk greeted us as we entered. I quickly told him we needed some off the rack slacks and a shirt for a last minute trip to the Hamptons that night. Jason played along well, he was smart enough to stay in the story without knowing why he was there. Pants and a few shirts in hand we finally made it into a large dressing room for Jason to ‘try the outfit on’ in. There were mirrors on all three sides and a little raised platform in the middle for a fitting to be done on.

As soon as the door clicked I was on Jason, our hands were roaming and my breath was coming in short ragged gasps. I worked the fly on his pants and they slipped to the floor as I bent at the waist tugging his boxers down as I went. His cock stood out at me, glistening with pre-cum the head was purple and obviously over inflated, I flicked my tongue at the tip and then just wrapped my lips around the head. He was just the right size, not big enough to make it hard to suck him but my no means small either … perfect. Jason was working my skirt up over my hips and commented on my lack of panties as his first finger slid into my steaming center. I was ready to explode and out of my head with lust … I looked out of the corner of my eye into the mirrors and was rewarded by a multi angle view of myself sucking cock like a porn star while Jason plunged two fingers in out of my dripping pussy.

Just as I managed to let Jason’s head into my throat his finger dragged slowly across my g-spot causing me to moan deeply into his cock … his hips bucked and he hissed that he was about to loose it just in time for me to get my thumb onto the vein under his cock and squeeze hard enough to halt his eruption. He groaned almost in pain but managed to gather his composure for a second while I dropped to my knees in front of him. Looking up at him from under his shaft I softly told him that the only place I wanted his cum to land was onto my face. I let go of the surging vein and frantically started pumping him with my hand while pointing the tip of his cock at my open mouth … ‘cum on me’ I urged as he grunted and sprayed what seemed like a gallon of hot, thick cum onto my waiting tongue and face. Panting and flushed, he looked down at me and mouthed the word ‘wow’. I winked and told him we needed to move before we were discovered.

I plucked my panties from my bag and used them wipe off as much cum as I could, but the globs in my hair were hopeless so I just left them. We thanked the obviously suspicious salesman and Jason bought the pants and shirt before we left to get to my apartment, we didn’t fall asleep (pass out from exhaustion) until dawn. Our third date is tonight …. I think we’re going to order in.

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