Second Time Around


Second Time AroundSecond time aroundI met my first ever girlfriend , Debbie at a Birmingham City Football match in 1973,we were both 18. She was there with a lad called Jan, the only black lad in the wholeof my school. Debbie attended the girls grammar school on the same campus. When she and Jan finished, I asked for her phone number, and got it, and summoning upmy courage in both hands, I called and asked her out. She said yes, and we went out for a year and a half, until we were both 17. In that time we broke up briefly a couple of times, and in one of those breaks, I fucked someone else, my first time and hers.But I never fucked Debbie. We snogged, I sucked her tits. She never touched my cock,I would go home with the most painful hard on, and tug away at it for relief. On one final occasion, after we had parted, she came to my house and I fingered her pussy.She was as tight as a drum, and dry as a bone. Zilch. No chanc. So, we kept vaguely in touch until 1980 by which time she was going off to marry her Fiance, Paul, and moving somewhere down South. Paul was the guy who had taken her virginity,just after my fingering. She could, rumour had it, now FUCK FOR ENGLAND. So, fast forward again TWENTY YEARS. I was engaged to my now-wife, and a mate of mine saidDebbie appeared on a social network website, concerning your schooldays. You know the one.I got in touch with her, and discovered she was divorced from Paul, and after NUMEROUSextra marital affairs she’d remarried a colleague. I sent her an up to date picture of me,and she liked! She said she was now old and fat and grey. Her mom was, at that age (c 42)so it was possible. She never sent me one of her. A few weeks later she said she was coming up to our old area to visit some friends, onenight only. Not with her husband. It fell on a night I had band rehearsal, and so I arrangedto meet her at a pub in Yardley, where she would be with these friends, who were alsofriends of her husband.I drew up in my big black Ford, and went into the pub to try to spot her (twenty yearssince I’d seen her). I spotted her straight away, she was FUCKING gOoorgeous. Short blonde bob haircut, a sexy trenchcoat, which was open so I could see her titties were bigger thanthey had been, though she was slim. All in all, she had blossomed and was twice as beautifulas she had been at 17, and she was pretty damn nice then.The friends looked at me, curious, I was all black leather and martial arts, her husbandwas in banking or some such. We chatted generally for the 45 odd minutes available, and then she came out to the car to seeme off. We kissed briefly on the lips, and they must have seen the lightning boltsmiles away. We said goodbye, and I drove off with a hard on. Towards the end of our rehearsal , towards ten o’clock I got a text from her. “Can I come round to you, about midnight? – Deb x”I responded “Of course. See you in a bit” and gave her my address. I got home, showered, tidied up. Midnight came and went. About 12:20 the doorbell went. There was Debbie, smiling, slightly drunk. Swaying. “Hi” she beamed. “I wanted to see you a bit longer, it was so nice to see you again””It’s been fantastic” I agreed, “come in. Let me take your coat” She wanted to get inside before taking her sexy trenchcoat off, and for good reason. In the lounge she undid the belt and took it off, with her back to me. Apart from high heels and black hold up stockings, under that coat she was stark and quite spectacularly naked. She had got the most GORGEOUS arse, which was stunninglyframed by the stockings. She turned, and smiled up at me. Her breasts were phenomenal, she always had concerned they were different sizes, they were not now, and they were both bigger than the bigger one, if you follow me.They always had long nipples, very erectile, with small dark aureolae. Gorgeous. Back when we were dating you just wanted to CRAM them in your mouth and suck for all you were worth. It used to get her really hot and breathing hard. Never the offerof a wank though, no nothing. “Oh, I see , is THAT how it is?” I laughed “Yes, it is, or I’d got no clean clothes perhaps” We kissed, spontaneously, wordlessly, not even stopping for breath. No lightning this time,somewhere out there, PLANETS were exploding. I had the sort of instant full-erection that was commonplace in my teens, but this was now, well, then. A mere 15 years ago. We immediately lay together , lengthwise on my couch. “Do you remember when you fingered me that one time?” she whispered I nodded “Finger me now, pretend we’re 17 again, at first. Then you can show me your chops, alittle bit later”I placed a finger on her crotch. She had pubes but they were razored to perfection, to a mere stubble. Quite rare in 2000, If I recall, most girls were tidied but hairy back then. Out of all the girls I had ever fucked back then, only one was shaved, so must be right. The tits were canlı bahis sucked all over again, and they were immensely full and gorgeous. The nipples were bullet-hardand fabulous in my mouth. She was oohing and Ohing. I placed my hand on her lower belly, her shapely legs parted. I moved down to finger her pussy. She was wet this time,dripping wet. And hot. And open. “OhhhhhhhhHH” she moaned “finger me ” She reached over and grabbed my erect cock in my Levis. “Oh, big cock” she giggled “I always wanted to .. have it. I could feel it hard in your jeans, sometimes the end peeped out””I used to go home and wank myself stupid” I told her “You should have asked. I’d have wanked you off. You should have got it out and MADE me do it. Stuck it in my hand.I probably would have given it a suck as well. I’d have let you fuck me” “WOULD you?” I asked “Yes, yes, certainly before we ended. Maybe not at first. The very next boyfriend I had, I couldn’t get my knickers off quickly enough. He said I was the horniest virgin he’d ever known””Oh DEB” I said We snogged with increased passion !”Take your clothes off ” she said I stood and quickly stripped off, down to my Calvin Kleins.I (more slowly) pulled them downHer baby eyes were glued”COR!” she chuckled “come here” I walked towards her, she leaned forward and took my bone hard cock in her mouth”Oh GOD, that’s nice” I whisperedAfter a minute or so she asked me “Let me get in that chair” – she indicated an old Parker Knoll swivel/recliner I had reupholstered. She climbed intoit and hooked her legs over the arms, exposing her pussy beautifully.It was utterly UTTERLY gorgeous, pouting, tangled pussy lips, pink and dripping, her clitoris proud and erect.I swept down to kiss all down her belly, and licked her razored pubes, down to her pouting clitoris,I lapped under the little hood to caress it with the tip of my tongue. My god she tasted like a dream,like a little pot of pussy-honey.”Push your tongue up” she urgedI extended my tongue and pushed it right inside her cunt. She was very VERY juicyand tasted beautiful.I delved beneath her pussy and between her buttocks and swiftly tongued her arse. Sheshivered and grabbed her tits, “MmmmMMMmm” she moaned I went back to working on her clitoris “Fuck me ” she said I didn’t need asking twice I took my straining cock in my hand”No, then – Condom, madam?” I enquired “Not as far as I’M concerned, I’ve gone through the change early, I can’t get pregnant any more. I’m on HRT. IT makes me a bit …. horny. I didn’t know if you’d noticed”I laughed, and pushed the head of my cock into her stubbly pussy “Oh YEAH, OH yeah” she enthused “God, you’ve got a tight little cunt for woman who’s had babies” I complimented “Cheeky fucker. I do my exercises, my pelvic floor is … waxed and highly polished” she giggled “you’re VERY VERY hard”she commented “are you going to COME?” “Not yet” I reassured her “Come inside me when you do, OK?” she invited “I want you to do something for me in return””What’s that?””I’ll tell you after” she said “now MOVE you arse, fuck me. We can talk about it as we go.So – why didn’t you fuck me, when we were going out? You fucked that other girl, Sara!” “Oh christ , she was exciting. Never said a word” I recalled “She was really pretty, Malvern Hall girl wesn’t she? Catholic Sluts dropping their knickersas soon as they get out of middle school. You should have opened your Levi’s, got thatbig cock out and made ME sit on it “Thinking back to all that adolescent snogging and tittie sucking on her parents’ sofa on a Saturday afternoon, i was starting to wish I had !I was about half way to coming whilst revisiting those exalted first titties, when shesaid “Let’s go upstairs to your bed, I want to sit on it, now, and feel you in me up to your bollocks” I gently withdrew, and I went up to my room to light candles. I took a cold bottle of wine upfor us. We chugged a large glass each before we got down to it again. She smelt like she’d had quite a lot of wine. I’d been driving and I’d had no alcohol whatsoever.Once I got on the bed she dived on me, giving my cock a good sucking before getting astrideme and sitting on it. “I like really DEEP penetration” she told me “Feels really good ” I grunted, she’d got a grip like a vice Her breasts were magnificent and I feasted on her long hard nipples as she bounced up and down on meI started thinking back to those torrid afternoons again, and it was too much, I was startingto lose control, I think she could see it in my face/ “Come, it’s okay/ God KNOWs you’ve waited twenty five years, its OKAY to come!!”I did let go, and I pumped avery last milliletre of sperm I had , deep into her hot pussy. She described every droplet in my earFinalle she lay on me, sweaty and burning hot.”Have you COME?” I asked her “Yeah, yeah” she assured me “now that thing I wanted you to do” “Yes?” She lay down and spread her gorgeously bahis siteleri toned legs “Go down on me” she ordered “But..” I butted “But me no buts” she giggled “I KNOW you’ve come up there, that’s why I want you to DO it. Eat it”I shrugged “Okay, honey” I went down in her. I wouldn’t go as far as to say she stank, but it was …. heady.A large globule of sperm was hanging off a pussy – lip. I had that first. Yummy. She was squirming whilst giving her tits HELL ! I was concrened she was going to leave markson herSELF for husband to find. She suggested we get in a sixty nine, she on top. She engineered sitting her pussy on my mouth and really grinding it there, the stuff was pouringout. Meanwhile she was giving my (still pretty hard) dick a good sucking.”Mmmmm” she moaned , throatily ” I can taste my cunt. Gorgeous” I thought if I subtly changed the subject she might stop rubbing it on my mouth, to let me speak.”HAve you ever tasted someone ELSE’s cunt?” I enquired “only when I’ve sucked a guy off when he’s been fcking someone else. Not directly. I#ve neverhad sex with a woman””Would you LIKE to?” “If I could someone I fanced…. and if they’d TAKE the LEAD, I would like to try it, yes. I think so””Jump off” I said “I have an idea” “Not so fast, BUSTER” said Deb “I’m going to CIME in a minute. I’m fantasising I’m sittingon a woman’d face now, soe lie there and look pretty!”She ground like a coffee grinder and her juices poured all over my face. When she finaly clambered off, I showed her a picture of Jo, and by Jo I mean on EroticSTories Jo JOand if you’re reading this on xhamster she’s joanne1976. It was a clothed picture as digital cameras were in their infancy then, it was polaroids,or you had to have your local snappy snaps develop your CANDID photographs back then.Jo looked utterly gorgeous in it, and her tailored jacket could barely contain her big tits.”She’s beautiful” said Deb “She’s married now, but she .. you know.. keeps her options open, she lives in Bristol””And she’s … bisexual?” “Oh yes. She went to an all girl catholic boarding school. She’s eaten more pussy than you’vehad hot dinners””Would she .. want to …. do it with ME? “Im sure she’d love to” I reassured her “You’re a very attractive older woman, she’s19/20 years tounger than us””Oh blimey” she giggled “you don’t know if she has a school uniform do you ?””DEBBIE!” I said “yes she has. I think we;d have to meet up with her in the Cotswolds or something””WE?” queried Debbie, “What would YOU be along for?””Introduction fee” I told her “I get to watch” She thought about it for a while”I might actually feel LESS embarrassed about it all if it was – kind of – you orderingus to .. perform. Then it’s not my … fault , kind of thing” “I could do that” I reassured her “I really would NOt mind at all” This encounter culminated in me fucking Debbie again, from behind this time,I spunked deep up her as sha finished herself off with her fingers as I licked her arse out.Then she had to go. BummerI am happy to say the threebies with Jo took place in a hotel in Chipping Norton a meresix week later. I had to pay for the hotel room, but it was well worth it. I don’t think I will get TOO many objections if I go The girls met each other in the bar, and even as they kissed hello, lingering a second longer than was stictly decorum, one or two guests cast them a sideways glance.I followed as they walked up the stairs to the room, I dutifully carried the three bottles of wine.We got in and the girls were really ADMIRING one another, Deb was telling Jo how beautiful she was, Jo was telling Deb how fabulous she looked for 42 or so. Inevitably the time came to get down to it.”This will be your first time with a woman, really?” asked JoDeb blushed and nodded “Will you let me undress you?” asked Jo Deb blushed again and nodded, rather shyly smiling. Jo slipped behind her and unzipped her tight little-black-dress. “Beautiful” murmured Jo as she reavealed Debbie’s sexy underwear.Well, sexy underwear is an understatement, she was UNdressed to the nines in a matchingmidnight blue basque with stockings attached and a thong, with black silk lacy topstockings. She looked FUCKING FANTASTIC. My cock was trying to undo the zip from the inside.As Jo decribed it when we were in the bar afterwards, “Five hundred pounds worth of kit,to adorn my bedroom floor!” Deb’s statuesque breasts were firmly held in and magnificently enhanced by the basque. “Kiss me” said Jo Debbie moved in very shyly to nuzzle Jo’s beautifully plump cheek. Her skin is justfabulous. Jo’s arms wrapped round her and she pulled her face towards herself. Jo’s mouth openedand enveloped Debbie’s lips. Debbie was breathing very heavily and her face was glowinglike a stop sign. Jo was relatively calm, and gave me the odd glance, and grin, WHEN she remembered I was there.I watched transfixed as Jo’s tongue invaded Debbie’s güvenilir bahis mouth, Deb in turn sucked Jo’s tongue,and grabbed her arse, pulling her dress up to expose her arse. I couldn’t say who had the best arse, quite honestly, Jo was 23 or 24 , Debbie was nearly twenty years older but it was still a toss up.Jo was wearing an almost non existent white lacy g string under her skirt, her tits were covered only in a grey diaphanous “chiffon” top, and her whole breasts were visibleincluding her superbly erect nipples.Jo took her top off in one deft movemement, and he pulled Debbies face in, making her suck her tits. Debbie was the most lividly red faced person I have ever seen in my life.A badly sunburnt lobster with extremely high blood pressure could not have been any redder.Jo’s nipples are huge and they get very hard. She’d got Debbie’s mouth round them.Debbie was breathing really hard as Jo stroked her blonde hair.Jo reached down and pulled Debbie’s knickers down, and off. She had a beautiful matching midnight blue lacy thong on, until Jo removed it, that is.Jo then made Deb undress her, she’d got her big tits out, she got Debbie to unzip her skirt,and strip that very sexy g string off. Soon they were both naked, and Jo wanted Deb to join her on the bed. She was reticent initiallly,I verbally encouraged her:”FUCKING do as you’re TOLD” I saidJo lay down and spread her legs, inviting Deb to get on top. She obviously didn’t know what she was doing, but Jo pulled her head in, and got Deb’sface right in her cunt.Jo began moaning really loudly as Deb began to lick her clitoris, aS Deb grew quicklyin confinence, Jo moaned even louder.I was sat in a chair a yard away, having a right good wank – well it would be RUDE not to,i had, quite honestly, gone past the point of no return with the wank, and I approached the girlsin the hope of some sort of “double blow job” to get me off. I walked up to them,and seeing me approach, Jo rearanged herself and Debbe, and got their two faces together. I was surprised as I KNOw Jo hates facials. I was already wanking as I approached, two wet pink tongues beckoned me in, and I am sorry to sayit was seconds only before I came in their smiling faces. I say smiling, Jo did say”You KNOW I hate this, don’t you?” Smiled Jo, disarmingly “you CAN though, just this once. Make sure you save some for Debbie !”I did, I gave the first spurt to Jo’s gorgeous cheek, and pumped all the rest into Debbie’s waiting and open mouth.Jo was not backward in coming forward when it came to the snogging afterwards though. She and Debbie tongue-battled with all the sperm. “Right, well as you’ve COME, you fucking dirty bastard, you can fuck off to the bar foran hour, and let us get acquainted” Jo told me As you can imagine I didn’t want to miss a thing, but she was indeed telling me and not asking me. I had to go. I dressed and went off for an ice cold Stella Artois or two. I was only able to bring myself to leav them to it for thirty five minutes before I wentback up and let myself in with the cardkey.There was much gasping, moaning and slurping going on. The girls were still in, or back in , a sixty nine. Deb was on top, sitting on Jo’s face,Jo had her tongue right up Debbie’s cunt. She was SO wet, there was froth everywhere.Deb had her face buried in Jo’s lovely pussy, and had gained the confidence to give Jo’s clit a good tongueing. I took all my clothes back off, again, and got behind Debbie with a view to giving her a fucking , doggie style. “my pussy is OCCUPIED” she spoke with her mouth full. “Fuck me up the bum if you like!”I, once again, didn’t need to be asked twice. I moved down to thoroughly lick her arse to ease entry. I pulled a condon on, and pushed on through her tight ringpiece. “Oooh, cHRIST” she squawked through a mouthful of pussy.Her bottom was smooth and creamy, on the inside and out. “HARDer” she moaned “Oh CHRIST, you’ve got a lovely arse, Deb” I enthused “HARDER” she said again – then”I’m going to COME , Jo” “Go on, then” encouraged Jo “I’m going to get a right FACEFUL here, I can tell!!”And Debbie did come, and Jo did indeed get her facve flooded by Debbie’s pussy. She gamely lapped away and swallowed it all. I withdrew my cock from Debbie’s bottom, and ditched the rubber. “Come and fuck me” invited JoI really didn’t mind. She stayed lying on her back where she’d been, I took my bare cock in my hand, and slipped into her.She wrapped her legs round my waist. “OOOOOH” she giggled, “You’re not as good a fuck as your friend here, but you’ll DO!” I hunched down to suck one of Jo’s magnificent breasts, and Deb snuggled in to suckle theother one. Jo’s hips started to rock against mine as she was coming, shortly followed by me, pumping my hot juice deep inside her pussy. I invited Debbie to come and lick it up, but she declined, Wimp.Once I’d recovered, we finished with Debbie sitting on my cock riding it with great flair,with Jo lovingly stroking her bottom, and caressing her titties. She said it was heaven.Sadly although I keep in touch with Debbie, we’ve not hooked up again, since she re married. Dr Wwankenstein Bsc Tos her

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