Secondary Education


Note: This is a work of fiction All characters depicted in sexual activities are all 18-years-old or older at the time they are engaging in those activities. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, or events, past or present, are strictly coincidental.


I really disliked school. It wasn’t so bad at first, when I was attending a small private school where I managed to distinguish myself by passing both the second and third grades in one year. This was due to the small classes sharing one large classroom and it was easy for me to finish the work for the second grade quickly enough to do the work for the third.

My mother was overjoyed to see my picture in the newspaper showing me receiving my ‘Double Promotion’. The school was happy with the award they received for recognizing and encouraging talented young students to excel. But things changed when I entered seventh grade and had to change to a public school. I was two years younger than the rest of my classmates owing to the promotion combined with the fact that an allowance had been made for me to start first grade at the age of five instead of having to wait until six like other kids. My attitude was that it would mean two less years in school but as I progressed through the grades into high school, the age difference became an issue.

Being smaller than other kids removed sports as an option for me. Other clubs and activities bored me since I was two years behind in age but two years ahead in intellect. Most of my time was spent concentrating on my studies, which resulted in straight As in all my subjects. In the tenth grade an IQ test verified I was a genius.

In my senior year the age difference really hit home. My hormones had awakened and I discovered girls. One girl in particular: The captain of the cheerleaders, Marsha Willis. It didn’t help that we were both in four of the six classes I was taking. She perpetually distracted me by her presence even sitting on the other side of the room. I had the worse case of unrequited puppy love in the history of the world. The situation was hopeless. I was obsessed with her and she was oblivious to my existence.

Mom was disappointed with my refusal to attend the senior prom because I didn’t want to spend the evening transfixed by Marsha’s beauty while feeling like I had to pay attention to some girl who would appear desperate enough to go to prom with her kid brother. The sad thing was that I was actually a good dancer because my mother had insisted on my taking dancing lessons for years. She forced me to choose between dancing and piano and having my hands on a girl was more appealing than having them on a keyboard.

One day stands out in my memory of the sweet torture I endured while sitting in History class daydreaming of Marsha. We were both in the front row, I was on one end and Marsha sat three desks over to my right. The teacher made one student come up to the front of the room every Friday and look through several newspapers from all over the world to find stories that appeared to have historical significance and compare the subject to other periods in history. Today was my turn to be the chronicler. I stood nervously behind the desk where the papers were spread and quickly scanned the pages to choose a topic.

Directly across from the desk sat Marsha in her cheerleader uniform. My eyes kept darting up from the papers to look at her. I expected her to ignore my glances but she looked back at me with a very pleasant smile on her face. I couldn’t tell if she enjoyed making me flustered or if she was just playing with me but it was difficult to stay focused on what I was supposed to be doing.

Thankfully the teacher called out to me, “Jeff, we only have half an hour for this.” What the hell did I care about the historical significance of some stupid act in a country I’d never been to? I wanted to stare at Marsha for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I managed to find a couple of stories and force my eyes away from Marsha long enough to get the job done.

However, Marsha wasn’t through with me yet. When class ended I deliberately took my time putting my books and materials into my backpack until everybody else had left the room. Everybody but Marsha that is. She slowly turned sideways in her desk then stood up and walked over to stand in front of my desk.

She didn’t say anything, just stood there looking at me. The look on her face was actually wistful rather than displeased. I didn’t know if I should say anything or simply wait for her to speak but after what seemed to be a long time, but was probably less than a minute, she turned and sauntered to the door. I had no idea why she did it. Maybe she knew how I felt about her and was just silently telling me that she didn’t mind. Nothing like that ever happened again. Well, not with her anyway.

Graduation finally arrived and my parents were proud and pleased with my being an honor graduate. I saw Marsha in her cap and gown and smiled at her while we waited in line to receive our diplomas. It would be the last time I saw her.

My mother had already decided grup porno where I would go to college. There was no way in hell she was going to let me go to a school far away from home. I grudgingly saw her point. I was used to having things done for me like laundry, grocery shopping, fixing meals and all the other chores that I was completely unprepared to undertake for myself. I still put up a fight but she pulled a dirty trick on me to persuade me to attend the local college five miles down the road. She told me if I would go there for at least the first two years, she would let me pick out any car I wanted and buy it for me. I knew I was being bribed but was still very displeased about going to the local school. Unbelievably she actually kept her word and after I was accepted, bought me a Porsche.

The thing that bothered me most about going to the local college was its reputation as a party school. It was a place where the children of rich, mostly New England families sent their kids to get a degree with very little actual education taking place. I felt like I would be out of place since I was so young. I couldn’t party and drink with this crowd and manage to actually show up for classes. What I didn’t know until I got there was that the school had been threatened with loss of accreditation if they didn’t increase their emphasis on academics. The parties would still continue but no longer could students coast through their classes while the professors handed out passing grades like candy.

Despite having a great car and girls that would at least talk to me, the first two years of college were uninspiring. I went on dates occasionally but never really had a girlfriend. I wasn’t even motivated to study and ended up at the end of my sophomore year with a 2.5 GPA. I received a letter in the mail informing me that if I didn’t improve my grades to 3.0 in the first semester of my junior year I would be kicked out of school. This got my attention. It got my mom’s attention too.

Getting kicked out meant bye-bye to the car and to being able to get in another school so I’d have to find a job. I was trapped. Instead of transferring to a big university, I was going to have to knuckle down and spend two more years at the local school. The only good news was that now I was eighteen. I knew what to do with girls and was finally old enough to do it.

I had changed my major twice and now the only degree I could graduate with was in Mathematics. This also meant being required to take other science classes as electives. My biggest challenge was Organic Chemistry. For the first time in my life I was intimidated by a subject and had a hard time with it the first two weeks. The professor came to my rescue and told me he would have a twenty one year old Senior Chemistry major tutor me. He neglected to mention that my tutor was female. This turned out to be a major milestone in my life.

When I showed up at the Science Center for my first tutoring session I was as shocked by my first encounter with my tutor as I had been that day in History class with Marsha. The meeting was to take place in one of the labs. The door to the lab was locked so I knocked on it. When the door opened I saw a young woman that could stop time. She had long blonde hair, a gorgeous face and tits that I’d only seen on women walking the red carpet at the Oscars. Her world-class ass was showcased in bright yellow short shorts that revealed a considerable amount of her cheeks below the bottom of the tight garment. What really completed the picture were the large, expensive, very dark sunglasses she had on.

She looked at me and said, “Jeff?”

I stammered out, “Y…Y..Yes.”

“Come on in.” She locked the door after I entered the lab. “Hi, I’m Carol, Carol Green. Professor Barnes said you were having a little trouble with Organic Chemistry. Is that right?”

“Yes it is. I don’t know why but I seem to have some kind of block about this subject. I can’t stay focused on the textbook and the lectures and I’m intimidated by the lab experiments. I did great in my freshman chemistry class but I feel lost now.”

“Well, this can be a difficult course but I’m told that you’re a very intelligent young man and I’m sure we can clear up your confusion pretty quickly.”

“I hope so because I’m at a very pivotal point in my life right now and I need to get my studies under control. This is the first time I’ve ever had this type of problem and it really bothers me.”

“Jeff, can I be really candid with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to ask you some questions that don’t necessarily have a direct bearing on Organic Chemistry. Is that OK with you?”

“What kind of questions?”

“Questions that will help me find out what is really going on in your life. Where are you on your path. What are you looking for. What is the source of your present confusion. I’ve been where I think you are and I know how to move beyond that place. Will you be open to my helping you with more than just Organic Chemistry?”

I looked at her and didn’t answer right away. She removed her sunglasses hd porno and I saw the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. They seemed to look directly into my very soul as they stared fixedly into mine, yet they were not menacing but rather calming. “I guess so. Nobody has ever wanted to know about me on that level before. I’m not even sure what any of this means but I get a good feeling about you and I’ll try to answer you as honestly as I can.”

“That’s good Jeff. I can’t help you with anything unless you trust me completely. Nobody can. They can give you some answers but they will be borrowed and not authentic and that won’t lead to understanding. I don’t have time anymore for bullshit. I’ve had unbelievable opportunities to learn from all sorts of people and occasionally I meet somebody that I feel like I can help by passing along what I’ve learned. I don’t do this to show off or impress people. I do it because I feel a connection with somebody and an obligation to share what I consider to be true knowledge.”

“Do you feel a connection with me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then ask whatever you want.”

“Remember Jeff, there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. They must be your answers not something you think I want to hear. I’m not going to judge you or reprimand you for what you say. I only want to find out who and where you are.”


“Before we get started I’m going to tell you about myself. I believe this will help you to see where I’m coming from and that I truly want to help you.”

“Sure. I’d like to know more about you.”

“I was born with not just a silver but a golden spoon in my mouth. My father owns the largest ranch in the state of Texas and is a billionaire. I didn’t want for anything when I was growing up but both my parents were incredibly real and spiritual people. They raised me to see what money could do to help both my own personal growth and the well being of the entire planet. A week after my eighteenth birthday my father told me to accompany my grandfather on a trip. We drove down to Mexico, crossed the border and met a man named Hernando. We then proceeded to a small town on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert. We rested until the sun began to set.”

“We then drove out into the desert for about two hours to a place that had several little huts and a ring of stones in the center that formed a fire pit. There was a woman that appeared to be Native American and another older man with long gray hair. I was taken into one of the little huts where the older man took some little round buttons out of a suede pouch and gave two of them to me and told me to chew them up and swallow them. The buttons were Peyote. When I had eaten the buttons I was given an earthen cup with a drink that tasted like strong tea with herbs in it. We then went outside and sat in front of the stones that formed the fire pit. My grandfather and the woman had built a fire while I was in the hut and the warmth felt good as the night began to chill.”

“It’s difficult to describe what transpired for the remainder of the night. After about an hour I began to have visions. Some things that happened in my past seemed to be happening again, only now I was just an observer. Then things that I had never seen before began to appear. The others began to chant and sing in a language I was unfamiliar with. Then I felt like I was disintegrating. I didn’t know if I could remain in my body. I was taken back into one of the huts and my clothes were removed.”

“There was a lantern hanging in the center of the round hut. The woman removed her clothes and sat cross-legged facing me. When I first saw her I thought she was rather non-descript, a little overweight and about thirty years old but now I saw her as a vibrant and beautiful young woman in her early twenties. We spent quite a while just looking at each other. Then she wrapped me in a multi-colored blanket and put her arms around me and sang a song. I had no idea what she was saying but I felt calm and peaceful and loved. When her song ended I had more visions and was able to see myself for the first time. I realized what my life had been preparing me for and what I needed to do to proceed from this point forward. The next thing I remember was waking up in the morning.”

“I spent the rest of that summer before coming here to this school exploring my inner being. I returned to the desert a couple of times and took Peyote and psilocybin mushrooms and became more familiar with my true self. I had tremendous insights about my life and was able to center myself on an almost permanent basis. I was able to drop a lot of nonsense that I had believed to be important and I met people that I would never have known if I had not gone there.”

“My mother was very adept at yoga and she taught me since I was a little girl. When I returned from Mexico she took me to a private beach resort and we spent a week doing yoga naked every morning and afternoon while we were high on LSD. The experience was truly life changing. It completely redefined our relationship.”

“By the time I got here I was solidly latin porno committed to my studies and I’ve been able to stay focused on my academics and make time to enjoy myself without it distracting me. That’s really the key to education Jeff; you can have a good time when you know how to make learning fun. I love learning and feeling myself grow as I achieve things.”

“Wow Carol, that’s certainly not the preparation I had for coming here. The only drug I’ve ever tried was weed. It was fun but it didn’t change my life.”

“Well, let’s see how you respond to my tutoring and maybe we can change your life.”

“Why do you think you have been a mediocre student since you have been going to school here? You certainly have the intelligence and the ability to do much better.”

“I suspect it’s because I didn’t want to attend this college. My parents insisted I come here and so far I’ve just done enough to get by.”

“So your poor performance is due to your resentment of being forced to go to this school?”

“I guess so.”

“Jeff you can’t just guess about this, you have to be sure. Zen master Dogen Zendi has said, ‘If you cannot find the truth right here and right now, where and when do you expect to find it?’ Is there something else that is keeping you from making good grades?”

“No. It’s my feeling that I was coerced into being here.”

“Now I want you to think very carefully about this next question. Who do you think is going to be hurt the most by your childish protest against being here?”

I was silent for a moment before I answered her. “Me.”

“The greatest sin is wasting time Jeff. Don’t you think you’ve wasted enough? You do know you’ll never get those two years back don’t you?”

“Yes, I see that now. I’m my own worst enemy. I’m also taking up a place that somebody else would feel extremely happy and fortunate to have. Thank you for making me aware of that.”

What about sex Jeff?”

“W…w…what about it?”

“Do you like sex Jeff? Do you have sex often?”

“I like sex. I’d like it more if I had somebody to do it with.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not really. I go on dates occasionally but nothing steady.”

“When was the last time you got laid?”

My silence was answer enough for her.

“Jeff, are you a virgin?”


“You do like girls don’t you?”

“Very much.”

“Then why haven’t you had sex with one?”

“It’s my age. I only turned eighteen six months ago just before the end of my sophomore year and I haven’t met a girl that really seemed to want to do it with me.”

“No wonder you can’t concentrate on your studies. There must be a raging storm of hormones inside your body. Let me assure you that you have just met a girl that would be extremely happy to have sex with you.”

Before I could say anything she walked over to me and kissed me. She completely overwhelmed me with a mixture of tenderness and eroticism. I didn’t know it could feel this good to kiss somebody. She held me like we were lovers and kissing me was the best thing she had ever done. While I was still dazed from her kiss she pulled back and smiled at me.

“We don’t have time for a proper fuck but we do have time for me to show you that I am truly committed to helping you.”

She dropped to her knees and her hands reached for the button on my jeans. She deftly undid it and slid the zipper down then grabbed the waistband and pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. My freshly exposed dick immediately began to swell in anticipation of what I hoped was about to happen.

“Oooohhh Jeff, I can see you’re eager for your first lesson. I guarantee you’re going to be pleased with it.”

The fingers of her right hand gently encircled my shaft while her left hand cradled my balls. Both hands conspired in soft squeezes that sent warm rushes from my genitals to my brain. I watched in rapt fascination as her full lips opened and slid around the head of my dick. Her soft, wet tongue traced slow circles around my glans making me lightheaded as my shaft stiffened in response to her mouth’s attention. I was having a difficult time believing that someone so beautiful, so skillful, so intelligent and experienced was giving me my first real blowjob.

She was right about my being pleased with it. I’d never felt anything so good in my life. The way she orchestrated the actions of her mouth and hands had me rock hard in less than a minute. She pulled back and released me from her mouth but continued to stroke my shaft and caress my balls.

“That’s it baby, enjoy this.” A little spurt of precum oozed out of my tip and she slid the tip of her tongue over my hole to ensnare it. “Ooohhh yes you taste so sweet. Give me some more Jeff.” I was delighted to do as she asked and soon she had an almost constant stream of my shiny slick juice flowing onto her tongue. Her left hand gently squeezed my balls then her right hand stroked up and down the length of my shaft to coax the slippery fluid out of the tip. She kept this up for a couple of minutes then looked up and said, “I can tell you’re starting to get close. Put your hands on my head and fuck my mouth. Do it the way it feels good to you. Take your time and when you’re ready pull back so only the head is in my mouth and then cum all over my tongue.”

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