Secret Lover Ch. 05


When I woke the next morning I had a raging hard-on. I think I was awaken because I had rolled over on it one too many times. My eyes searched my dark bedroom and I spotted my alarm clock across the room. The red lights showed 4:53. Instinctively I reached down and stroked my cock and I tried to clear my head. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, I could make out Kelly’s pretty shape as it lay next to me. She had a contented smile on her face as she slept on her stomach with her face turned towards me. Her body was naked and except for the white sheets lying across her legs she was naked to my view.

A devilish thought came to me as I looked at her tight, round ass. My mind reeled as I thought of her quivering under the assault of the pocket rocket and anal balloon. I thought of how I banged her asshole and how she had lied beneath me and came from my cock ravaging her tight virgin hole. I reached across her, trying not to wake her and grabbed the bottle of anal lube. I shot some in my hand and grabbed my cock. Lubing it up really good so it would slide in easy, I readied myself for some more anal exploration.

Quietly and with great care, I kneeled over her. Her tight little ass cheeks poised before me caused my cock to throb with anticipation. Taking a well-lubed finger, I rubbed it around her tight little sphincter. Her ass responded by undulating beneath me. She was still fast asleep but her body was responding nicely to my touch. The tip of my finger poked through her sphincter and she moaned hard. Her head thrashed and she put the other side of her face on the pillow. Her ass was already well greased from the evenings’ festivities so my finger could easily slid in and out of her puckered hole. She unconsciously tightened her sphincter on my finger and her hips rose and fell beneath me.

The sight of my finger sliding in and out of her tight sphincter awakened something deep inside of me, something very carnal, very primal. I couldn’t resist it but I wanted to violate her asshole not make love to it. I wanted to ravage her and her very being for my own perverted lust. Instead of one finger, I now inserted three. My fingers stretched her bunghole and I felt her tighten up on my fingers and then relax. I pushed them in and pulled them out with increasing speed, stretching her little hole outwards with my fingers. Kelly’s face turned into the pillow and she moaned hard. I could only wonder how her little mind might be assilimilating this into her dreams.

Not being able to take much more, I lowered my cock to Kelly’s tight ass and jammed it in her asshole. It slipped in a few inches and Kelly moved beneath me as she was slowly coming out of her slumber. My cock met a little resistance but then with a little pop slid in to the hilt.

Kelly awoke groaning and she quickly took stock of her situation and balked at my intrusion. She latina fuck tour porno wiggled beneath me in a futile attempt to knock me off. My weight and force pinned her to the bed and my thrusts caused her ass cheeks to rise and spread to accommodate my pounding member.

“You’re my little ass queen now,” I told her and sped up my thrusting. I reached down with my hands and grabbed hold of her pigtails and pulled up on them as if the were reins on a horse.

Kelly’s head snapped back and she let out a gasp. Her ass was being pounded and she couldn’t do much but give into my will. I let go of her hair and took hold of her head and turned it to the side. Laying my face next to hers, I kissed her and stuck my tongue in her mouth.

“Tell me you are my ass queen,” I instructed her.

She gasped as my cock ravaged her asshole and her little body gave into my power and control. She was moaning and trying to kiss back but I held her face away from me.

“Tell me,” I chided her.

She moaned as she felt an orgasm coming on and her hips quivered and her legs shook. She was almost crying from the pleasure and pain she was helpless to control.

“I’m your little as QUEEN,” she coughed out as she came and tried to wiggle her little tush back against my cock. “I’m your little ass queen, I’m your little ass queen,” she repeated through her braces as she came again.

The sight of her coming and the feelings her tight ass hole were giving my cock made me fuck harder and deeper. I was bucking along with her and moaning as I pounded her tight little passage. Reaching under her now, I grabbed hold of her young perky breasts and squeezed as I rode her.

“Come on, fuck me you little slut,” I yelled at her as my lust for her butt over took me. As best she could, she pushed her ass in the air and back against me. She was coming in waves now and I noticed her right hand had slid down between her legs to play with herself.

Her groans grew louder and I became self-conscious of Mo in her apartment below us. Taking my hands from her wonderfully firm tits, I put the left one on the back of Kelly’s head and forced her face into her pillow. This quieted her and caused her ass to rise higher. With my right one, I dropped it onto her hand and took over rubbing her little clit.

Kelly writhed against my body, pinned to the bed, and moaning out in muffled pleasure. She was enjoying the ride but was trying to keep from being suffocated in her pillow. When I thought she had had enough and couldn’t possibly cum anymore she surprised me and did again. Her orgasms caused her legs to shake and her pelvis to undulate. Her shortness of breath caused her to nearly hiccup and gasp for air.

My own orgasm was coming like a freight train but I didn’t want to waste it in her butt hole. I wanted to finish in Kelly’s lezbiyen porno mouth and on her face. I abruptly stopped in mid stroke and jumped off her. Kelly fell to her side and looked around for me as her face became unburied from her pillow. I was on her like a tiger, pinning her on her back as my pelvis fell on her chest. She playfully fought with me but it was no use. I straddled her chest and using my right hand caught her two hands and pinned them over her head. My cock swung in her face and my pre cum dripped on her chin and neck. She playfully tried to avoid it by turning her head but I grabbed the top of her head and held it straight. My cock lay across her chin, mouth and nose and she giggled.

“Lick it,” I told her and she flicked her tongue out once.

“Again,” I said, and she did just once more and giggled. She was teasing me now after all we had been through.

Her braces shined in the limited light and I had to laugh myself. Our relationship had really changed in the last week or so and I couldn’t believe Kelly’s amorous nature.

I let go of her hands and brought it to my cock and began stoking it. Pulling up on my cock and pushing my pelvis forward, I brought my hairy balls in touch with her face.

Almost immediately, Kelly began licking them like a cat would lick up milk from a saucer.

I was tea-bagging her and she was happily licking my balls. My cock was ready to explode but now I wanted her to lavish my balls with her talented tongue. I stroked my cock as I straddled her face. Her warm tongue slipped around my balls and she playfully sucked at my scrotum.

From deep within me, I felt my cum building and I was past the point of control. My hand began to stroke harder and harder and I reached down with my left hand and grabbed her by the hair at the top of her head.

“Lick’em, Keep lick’em,” I instructed her through clinched teeth. I had cum several times in the last 10 hours or so but this one felt especially pleasurable. I was tired and a little hung over from whatever Mo had slipped me. My ejaculate started to fly a second or two before I realized and I feebly pulled Kelly’s head from between my legs and stuck my spewing rod in her face.

“Open your mouth, just open your mouth,” I told her and Kelly’s mouth opened wide and took my cock into her throat. She had cum in her hair, on her cheek and forehead, and in one eye but it didn’t stop her as she sucked hard on my cock and tried to drain it of what was left. Her tongue and collapsing cheeks felt almost too heavenly on my sensitive cock head and shaft.

“Oh god,” I moaned and stopped stroking my cock as the sensations were almost too ticklish on my ultra-sensitive head. I released my hand from Kelly’s hair and let her head fall away from my cock but she playfully latched onto my cock with her mouth and refused to let liseli porno go. My legs quaked and I tried to wiggle my hips away from her but she cupped my ass cheeks and held me to her.

“O Fuck,” I muttered, as I finally was able to pull my cock from her mouth and push her away from me. Devilishly, she laughed at me. She obviously was getting a huge kick of the reaction she got from me.

“What don’t you want me to suck your dick?” she teased and giggled. She was up on her hands and knees and was perched on the corner of the bed naked. Her energy and enthusiasm caused me to think she was nearly insatiable. I thanked my lucky stars and reached for her.

“Sure,” I answered, “Just not at that one little moment when my cock is so sensitive, I think my head is gong to explode.”

“Oh,’ she teased again and reached out with her hand and slapped at my cock.

I caught her hand as she missed and pulled her to me. I pulled her head to me and kissed her on the cheek and pulled her to me and hugged her. She felt good in my arms but I couldn’t help but think she was uncomfortable with my show of affection. She didn’t attempt to hug me back but instead reached down to play with my spent cock. I didn’t stop her but instead lay back and relaxed.

I don’t know if it was the sex or Mo’s drugs but I fell into a deep sleep and didn’t wake up until sometime after 10:00 a.m. I reached for Kelly but she was gone. The spot on the bed where she had laid was cold so I figured she had been gone for a while. I sat up in bed and listened. I didn’t hear anyone in the apartment so I figured I was alone. I got out of bed and threw on my short and walked out to the living room. I was alone and there wasn’t a sign of Kelly anywhere. I went to the refrigerator and got a beer and sat down at the table. The beer tasted great and putting the cold can to my head felt even better.

My eye caught something under my cookie jar and I got up and found a note Kelly had left me there. I read it, not knowing what to expect.

Dear Unk, (She playfully called me that evening before our new relationship begun)

If you can’t keep up with me, I’ll have to get someone new (I laughed to myself and figured she was joking about me falling asleep twice but she wasn’t). A gal gets pretty pissed sitting around waiting for you to wake up (I cursed Mo and whatever it is she gave me). I liked the cuffs and all that. It was a nice touch! But you are too nice. I need a man who is in total control. Maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t (I was flabbergast at her assertion, the little slut had a lot of nerve). See ya!

LOL Kelly “To-Be-Sure”

(Don’t know what the “To-Be-Sure” meant but figure it is some sort of nickname or slang code she might use between her and her friends)

P.S. I want to see other guys (I had emptiness at the pit of my stomach that came on hard and stuck with me all day. The two of us had never even talked about her and other guys. I just assumed we were fuck buddies and that her and her girlfriends probably saw guys at other times. I wasn’t trying to keep her from other guys and I was sickened at the thought of losing her and our new relationship).

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