Secret slaveboy gets ultimate punishment from Mist


Secret slaveboy gets ultimate punishment from MistThree months slave had been visiting Mistress K for now, all the time he had told her he was single and shared a house with friends so could never accomodate at his place.Slave had told Mistress he was an engineer and was happy in his service on a weekly basis and longed for more if only work would allow.Slave had been keeping a secret from his part time Mistress and had a loving girlfriend at home who knew nothing of his secret life as a submissive and where he went on those occassional evenings when he was supposed to be out with mates or playing sport.Slave was most certainly having his cake and eating so to speak.At work that day slave recieved a text to his secret mobile phone.”slave, when are you free next from work? i have a little something special lined up for you”.Slave texted back saying “thurs would be good Miss, what is it. pls tell me?”No reply came.Slave texted Mistress K several times but still no replies came all week until Wednesday.”don’t bother asking because i will NOT divulge the meet plan. be here at 6pm sharp tomorrow”.Still slave texed hoping for a hint of a clue to masturbate to and get off on… no reply came…Thursday came and i texted my girlfriend from work to tell her i was out that evening to play football with the lads from work, she of course agreed and my evening was set for fun and play and to scratch my “kinky itch” once again.I got home, packed my make believe sports bag and set off for Mistress K’s place a few miles away.When i got there i texted her as usual “here!” and got the normal reply to ring the buzzer and come on up.I did so and dashed up the stairs to the 4th floor where the door was ajar as per usual.I entered the hallway and locked the door behind me incase Mistress’s flat mate turned up in mid play.There was a note on the floor with “slave instructions” written on the front and i picked it up eagerly like an excited teenager.It read:”Strip naked and place all of your belongings into the carrier bag hanging on the door to your left, everything. Then crawl to the bathroom and dress in the attire i have left hanging up for you. You may then crawl into the bedroom and obey my every word slave. Once in my presence you agree to accept whatever fate i have decided for you today. If you agree sign the document attached and proceed.”How kinky i thought! Mistress loved these little games and we had often played them before much to my joy.I picked up the pen next to the letter and signed the agreement attached.I stripped quickly and placed everything into the bag as ordered and crawled off to the bathroom.Once inside i could see Mistress was in a kinky mood as she had laid out stockings, suspenders, bra, full maids outfit, high heels, wig and make up.I dressed in the clothes and got excited as i kurtköy escort rolled on the stockings and thought of the fun that lay ahead.I dressed fully and applied my make up and wig until i looked really slutty as Mistress liked me.All excited i crawled into her room which was only in candlelight and the music pounding as normal.Mistress was sat on the bed smoking and pointed to the floor infront of her to beckon me over.She pulled my face up to hers as i knelt and whispered in my ear that tonight was going to be a lot of fun and very memorable as she blew the last of her smoke into my face.”face down on the bed slut” she ordered as she stood and moved behind me.I duly obliged and lay spreadeagled on the bed face down just how she liked me.As normal she secured my wrists to each corner of the bed but with solid handcuffs for a change to the usual velcro straps.The same then to the ankles as she spread me right out leaving me at full stretch and unable to move an inch.At this point i usually got a nice spanking or flogging before maybe some butt plug or strapon fun so was really excited as ever.Mistress then pulled my head back and a rubber ball gag was yanked tightly into my mouth and buckled up securely. This was fllowed my gaffa tape around the gag and back of my head to keep it in place.Wow i thought, she’s really going for it tonight! How kinky!At this point Mistress K lowered the music to a dull thud and i was very excited as to what was next. Mistress straddled me accross my back and lent forward until i could feel her breath in my ear.”i know about you” she whispered..”i know all about the girlfriend, all about your vanilla secret life, and where you live. i’ve being doing my homework on you slave”This was not what i expected and i tried to bolt upright but couldn’t move.”don’t bother struggling, those cuffs are the real deal and you’re going nowhere fast. I have plans for you indescretions boy”.i panicked.. How had she found this out? What mistakes had i made to let her find out about me? Had she spoken to my girlfriend about this? What if she was there? I was in a state of total panic but couldn’t even speak or move.”as a result of your lies to me and your girlfriend for the past three months i have decided to teach you a lesson you will never forget. Your punishment has been decided and is non negotiable from the second you signed the agreement when you came in”.Still panicking i tried to struggle free, it was hopeless, i was secured tighter than ever and she laughed at me as i tried in vain to escape and run back to my vanilla life.”Come in girls” Mistresss shouted through the bedroom door.Shit i thought! We had only ever played one on one and this was our dirty little secret. We had never even discussed others being present let alone done it! Double maltepe escort shit i thought, what if it’s her? My girlfriend? I’m fucked! I will never live this down or be able to go out ever again! I will be ruined!The door opened and i tuned my head to look who was coming in.”You haven’t met my flatmate yet have you slave. This is Nikki and this is her friend Karen. They are lesbians and know all about you, your lies, your deciet and what you have done for the past three months.”At least it wasnt my girlfriend i thought! Maybe i can escape this with a bit of kinky punishment and actualloy it might be fun!I relaxed slightly and thought, hey, just roll with it and see what happens!”slave as i said, your punishment has already been decided by all three of us last night over a few bottles of wine. It has taken into account the lies you have told to me and your innocent girlfriend and the punishment will be carried out in full, immediately.””Girls, lift his sissy dress and cut off the panties. Here is a bowl of warm water and two razors. Shave his buttocks bare in preperation”.No, no i thought! Not my ass! We had never done shaving or anything that i couldnt hide from my girlfriend before, kind of an unwritten rule which she had always stuck to as i was a regular at the gym.The girls went work and within five minutes i could feel my ass was totally bare and smooth.”excellent girls. Now stage one of your fate slave. Slave has lied for three months, that is 93 days by my reckoning. I have rounded it up to 100 as i dislike odd numbers. This is how many stikes of the cane you will now recieve for your lies”FUCK, i tried in vain to ask for mercy knowing the damage that 100 cane strikes can do to a bare arse! It was hopeless, i was gagged and bound tight.Mistress moved around and i hear the swish of the cane as she practised her strokes..What have i got myself into i asked beneath my gag!WHACK.. right accross both naked cheeks. The pain was intense! A short pause after the strike then a stinging pain the likes of which i had never felt before!WHACK, WHACK, over and over came the blows with just a few seconds inbetween each.The pain was so intense i welled up and tears, real tears began to fall down my face after a dozen or so strikes.On the count of 50 i was numb, i could barely feel a thing other than my ass cheeks wobble around with each blow Mistress K delivered onto my blistered bottom. The welts must have been a sight to behold and i could feel the whole area swelling up and burning gently..I cried up until the last stoke was counted out and knew i had paid dearly for my deciet…When it was over i pulled myself together and accepted that i had done wrong and had been punished accordingly. Maybe now i would be released and could hide my rear for a few weeks and kartal escort hopefully the girlfriend would be none the wiser.”turn him girls” Mistress ordered.What now i thought!The two assistant uncuffed one corner of my body at a time and somehow turned me onto my back and re-secured me until i was spreadeagled yet again on my back this time.”you have recieved stage one of you punishment slave, i hope you regret the lies. You will now be subjected to stage two of our agreed punishment which is to ensure you never decieve another girlfriend or Mistress again”.With this Nikki left the room and returned wheeling in a large trolley.What the fuck is that i wanted to ask but couldnt utter a word.”This slave is a professional tattoo machine if you were curious.”GOD NO! Please No i begged under my tight gag….”girls, shave his genitals bare”On went the soapy water and the girls went to work shaving all around my exposed cock and balls until i was a naked as the day i was born.She wouldn’t i pondered… she’s playing, she’s making me suffer with fear.. surely she would never do anything this severe…”slave, stage two of your punishment will remind you of what you have done forever. Never again will you decieve a girlfriend or Mistress. You are to be tattooed with your true identity as a “sissy slave” just on the pubic region above your pathetic little cock, i suggest you remain still”.With that the two assistants sat on my legs and on my chest facing my cock so they could see me marked..Total panic set in… i bucked and tried in vain to free myself, no way could i let them do this or my life as a regular guy would be over! It soon dawned on me that i was well and truly bound and was going nowhere yet again..Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz started the needle and Mistress K reached between my legs and began…A sharp pain on my pubic bone caused me to freeze dead still as she dragged the needle around beginning the outline…”no point in stuggling now dear, you will only make it messy and the outline is done so relax and accept your fate” she said sternly.The girls chatted and giggled amongst themselves for a while as Mistress K continued to colour in the mark and finish off her handywork.35 minutes later the needle went off and she said “there, finished. It’s perfect. Jump off girls, let the slave see what all women will know from this day on”.I looked down hoping this was a wind up and there was no ink in the needle!”SISSY SLAVE” was tattooed righ accross my pubic area in black letters about three quarters of an inch high..OH MY GOD i thought… WHAT THE FUCK HAVE THEY DONE TO ME!”This is not Henna slave, this is a permanent tattoo which will be there for life and be a permanent reminder of who and what you truly are”.I wanted to get up and try and scrub it off right away! Surley there was a way to reverse this or maybe i would wake up and it was a kinky dream! I squeezed my eyes shut hoping to wake from the nightmare but all i saw were the 3 girls admiring my new mark and “SISSY SLAVE” engraved accross my genitals…That was it, my life was finished as i knew it…

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