Seduced by a young male.


Seduced by a young male.I knew Felipe was gay, but didn’t really think about it much. He was just a nice k** from down the street. Felipe had been spending more time around my place and since he didn’t have a father around, I didn’t stop him. I would help him fix things and show him how to work on cars, things every guy, gay or not, should know. I evening, he asked to go inside to use the restroom. He had never been inside before, so I figured no big deal. After a few minutes, I went inside to check on him. I found Felipe naked and laying across my bed! “Do you want me?” he asked. I was almost speechless, not knowing what to say and in shock. I watched as his fit, young body wriggled on the bed and his tight, firm, brown ass raised up and down. Yes, I could not help but notice, but i wasn’t going to admit it! “You gotta get dressed and go” bursa escort I told him, but he didn’t listen. He just smiled and looked at me. He then slid to his knees, on all fours and arched his back, exposing his tight little brown hole. “ You’re not gay for me?” he asked. “No!” i responded, but the feeling in my pants told me I was lying. “You don’t want this?” Felipe had now rolled to his back and with his legs pressed up to his chest, gently stroked his hole with his finger tip. “Fuck Felipe” was all I could say. He pushed his hard cock and balls out between his clinched legs and ran that same finger tip up and over his balls and up and down his hard, thick shaft. He watched my expression and smiled. He knew he was good looking and sexy and somehow, knew I wanted him even before I did. “Tell me you are gay for me!” “Tell me and I’ll go if bursa escort bayan you want, but tell me” “ok, ok, i’m gay for you!” i said, “i’m so fucking gay for you!” With that he stood, just totally nude and walked towards me. I should have stepped back, but didn’t. Felipe reached out at felt my hard cock through my pants. “i knew you were gay for me!” Shocked, I tried to speak but he leaned forward and kissed me, sending his tongue into my mouth as he rubbed hard on my still clothed cock. I didn’t protest when he slid to his knees and undid my belt and pants. He slid them to the floor and began kissing my throbbing hard dick. Lust took over and all I could think about was shoving my cock into his tight, little brown hole. I lifted him up and pushed him down on the bed behind us. I forced his legs up the his chest and buried my tongue deep escort bursa in his ass. He tasted amazing and my cock ached and throbbed. I pulled my face from his saliva covered asshole and spit on my rock hard cock before driving straight into his exposed opening. Felipe cried out in both pain and pleasure, yelling, “yes, fuck me!” and I pounded down into him, burying my cock all the way to my balls. I need to feel that ass against me, I flipped him over and slid my cock right back into him as he layed onhis stomach, pinned beneath me. “tell me your gay for me” he asked, brealthlessly between my thrusts. “tell me love love my ass!” “i fucking love your ass!” I quickly said as my orgasm took me over. wave after wonderful wave to orgasmic pleasure flooded over me as i filled his ass with semen. Felipe bucked against my dick and forced me into him deep, greedily taking all my cum. I collapsed on top of him and he said, “see, i knew you were gay for me”and tilted his head back to kiss me. “i’m totally gay for you!” was all i could say as I layed there panting.

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