Self Discovery


This is the first piece of erotica I’ve ever written – please be nice to me! I look forward to any constructive criticism anyone may have to offer. Thanks!


Lucy sighed as she rolled onto her back, deviating her gaze from this month’s issue of Cosmo to the white ceiling above her. She let out a deep sigh and let the magazine slip from her hand and onto the floor. She found herself absent-mindedly playing with the waistband of her pale pink cotton panties, soon after realizing that her eyes had moved from the ceiling to a bulletin board on the plain white walls surrounding her, where she saw a familiar picture of her parents that she had pinned on months ago. She began to assess her life at its current moment.

Since Lucy had moved away for university this past September, she quickly came to the realization that growing up under the watchful eye of her parents was her downfall. They weren’t strict per se, but they were both devout Catholics and certain standards and unspoken rules were enforced in their household. Simple things; like curfews, girls-only sleepovers and any boyfriend she had always had to meet her father’s standards. She wasn’t a prude or anything, but upon her reflection, it seemed that her parent’s strong morals had seemed to have an effect on her during her adolescence. Up to this point, all of the sexual activity she had experienced hadn’t went any further than kissing and some innocent dry humping.

She now lived in an apartment style residence on her university’s campus. Before her arrival, she had set herself up with expectations of a clean, nicely decorated apartment but was instead dumbfounded to discover cold, concrete walls, “well-used” furniture, and old appliances. Being an only child, small pleasures that she enjoyed while living at home with her parents now seemed like a distant memory. Now, she was constantly faced with an empty fridge, a shared bathroom and 3 messy roommates.

Lucy’s thoughts were quickly interrupted as she heard her apartment door close with a thud, followed by a small kerfuffle in the porch, giggling and another door being opened and then shut again. Soon after, the now familiar noise of mattress squeaking and stifled moans began resonating through the thin walls of casino siteleri her apartment. “That must be Jenny,” Lucy thought as she rolled her eyes and sat up, reaching for her iPod in an attempt to mask the noise. She continued to play what she had been listening to previously. ‘The Bad Touch’ by the Bloodhound Gang started playing mid-chorus and she laughed at the irony.

She let her feet hit the cold floor, stood up, and wandered over to the full-length mirror on her bedroom door. Her tank top and panties were the only pieces of clothing protecting her from the chill in the air. Her gaze fell to her chest, and wasn’t surprised to see the outline of her nipples poking out from behind the thin layer of her tank top. As the muffled moans continued to echo from her roommate’s bedroom, Lucy stood in front of her mirror, analyzing her body. “Average” she found herself muttering. She was completely and utterly average. Standing at 5’4″, her brown hair was parted in the center and was an average weight. She lifted her tank top and rested it just below her breasts. Her stomach still hadn’t yet rid itself of its baby fat. She poked and prodded at her stomach a little before she turned to admire her side profile. As critical as she was about herself, she always liked the way her back curved almost perfectly to her ass. It was perky, and Lucy liked that. She allowed her hands to caress her body, lingering slightly as they grazed across her breasts and ass. She did have beautiful curves, after all. Her only problem was this overwhelming blandness that so happened to be her face. “Maybe it’s my hair…” she mumbled to herself. She made a mental note to ask one of her roommates for advice on new ways to do her hair.

Lucy then found herself yawning, so she left her room to brush her teeth in the bathroom. However after she closed her door, the noises coming from her roommate’s bedroom became much more prominent. Not wanting to be noticed, she headed straight to the bathroom and then proceeded through her nightly bedtime routine. On her way back to her room though, she noticed that her roommate’s door didn’t shut all the way and let her curiosity get the best of her. Carefully, she knelt down on all fours and let one eye peek in at Jenny with this night’s slot oyna conquest. But before seeing anything, she smelled an oddly suggestive combination of sweat and perfume. She tried to put a word on it – musky, maybe.

Lucy let out a small gasp and was surprised to see Jenny’s hands tied with bright purple rope into an elaborate knot behind her head, squirming about in complete ecstasy. Lucy felt a tingle between her thighs – it was unfamiliar, but she liked it. She retreated back to her thoughts – she had never thought that anyone would use anything of that sort during sex! Jenny’s back was arched, her breasts at their fullest and most vulnerable. Her expression was an erotic mixture of pain and ecstasy as she succumbed to her partner’s touch. Her breasts were currently being groped, pinched and pulled by a pair of large and commanding manly hands, while her whole body was moving to a quick rhythm set by her partner. The tingle was becoming more prominent as this off-the-cuff sexual situation was unfolding before her eyes. She tried to imagine herself in Jenny’s position and felt her face flush.

After attempting to get herself together, she sized up Jenny’s partner, whose face she could not currently see. He was tall, and had disheveled brown hair. Lucy took a second to admire the definition of his back muscles and then let her eyes fall to his firm, well-sculpted ass. She bit her lips as she looked at him thrusting his hips back and forth, catching glimpses of his cock in between thrusts. She hadn’t seen one in real life before! Lucy admired its shape. It curved upwards slightly, and looked fairly thick. She became hypnotized by the quick tempo he had created as his cock slid in and out of Jenny’s pussy. She could only imagine what it would feel like to have one of those fill up her own cunt. Lucy found herself drooling at the thought.

She bit her lip and let her hand drift to the outline of her pussy and began to caress it over the fabric of her panties. She did this for a short while before she let her hand slip under her waistband. She traced her finger along her slit and proceeded to push her finger between her swollen cunt lips. She traced circles around her clitoris and shuddered a bit before she slowly began to finger canlı casino siteleri fuck herself. She started with her index finger. She felt the soft, cushiony walls of her pussy against her finger as she allowed another finger to enter. She slowly began to pump her fingers in and out of her sex. The sounds of her roommate’s moans coupled with her partner’s grunts and moans made Lucy’s cunt tingle. She continued to wiggle her fingers up her own pussy, as her eyes seemed to glaze over as she became fixated on Jenny’s legs wrapped around his waist, and Lucy tried to match their rhythm. She then started caressing her clitoris with her thumb. She continued like this for a while, bucking her hips a bit until she let a quiet moan escape her lips. However, it apparently wasn’t quiet enough – Jenny’s partner turned his head around (not skipping a beat with the fucking), looked down and met Lucy’s gaze. He grinned and winked at Lucy, and her eyes opened wide in a mixture of horror and embarrassment. Horrified, she gasped as she scrambled as quickly as she could to the safety of her own room.

Lucy let out a deep sigh as she leaned on her door and slid down to a crouching position. She was mortified that he had seen her, but for some reason, her sexual arousal just seemed to have been heightened. She wondered why that might be. She quickly dismissed it and then became aware of the damp spot that had developed on her panties. She let her hand wander down and was surprised to feel just how wet it actually was. Her thoughts then went back to the beautiful cock she had just seen pounding in and out of her roommate. Lucy looked around the room for an object that she could substitute for her own pleasure, but much to her dismay, nothing in her room matched the size of the dick she had just seen. Sexually frustrated, she took off her underwear and replaced them with a pair of pyjama shorts.

After Lucy tucked herself into bed and turned down the music from her speakers, she tried going to sleep, but the image of this guy who had just winked at her could not be burned out of her mind. She replayed the scene over and over. He looked familiar somehow, but she could not put her finger on how she knew him. Several questions invaded her mind. “Why did he wink at me?”, “Why did I get so turned on after seeing Jenny tied up like that?” and most importantly, “How the fuck do I know him?” After a few minutes of racking her brain, she decided to give up and allowed herself to drift off to sleep.

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