Selfless Love


David was ready for me. Two nights a week we play a little game. We call it ‘selfless love.’ The rules are simple to explain, but oh, so hard to obey.

The first night, one of us lies naked on our bed, hands behind head, eyes closed, completely still and passive. Any movement at all, except for the obviously involuntary means instant disqualification. The other has just one function: to give as much pleasure as possible, in any way that works. . Deliberate tickling is not allowed, but anything and everything else is fair game. After the giver has made the receiver come, we both quietly turn over and try to go to sleep

The second night we change places. Both of us are fiercely competitive people, so neither wants to be disqualified. It isn’t just the forfeit of a week of housework; the truth is that it would simply spoil the fun.

Of course, one of us must end up suffering utter frustration, but that’s why we call it ‘selfless love.’

I paused a moment to admire David’s body, while I planned my attack. I love his dark hair, soft and slightly curly. A perfect frame for his strong forehead and sexy eyebrows. I felt a strong urge to lick his beautiful face, but knew I should wait: let his excitement build up slowly. His broad, smooth chest quietly rose and fell with his gentle breathing. With strong hands laced behind his head, the muscles bulged in his upper arms and shoulders. He is no weightlifter, but in that position, any man looks wonderful. His armpits, coated in wiry hair, unselfconsciously exuded a musky manliness. I breathed deeply, enjoying the moment.

Should I begin with his cock as it rested, soft and inviting, below his flat, muscled stomach and taut abdomen? Jet-black pubic hair framed the object of my desire like a sexual garland. It was simply waiting patiently for me to bring out its full potential.

Or perhaps tease his lovely balls? Those smooth little eggs, shaved beautifully clean, just as I like them. He must have sensed my gaze because the flesh of his ball sack started to tighten, pulling its treasure closer to David’s groin. At the same time, I could see just the beginning of interest in the wrinkled skin of his cock escort bostancı as it slowly began to thicken and unfurl. A hint of a smile crossed his lips and I knew just what he was thinking behind his closed eyes. I could almost read his mind.

He had waited long enough. I ran the tip of my finger over his lips, so softly that he would almost not be able to feel it, knowing that if he forgot himself and opened them, I would win. But he was not going to be so easily defeated. He remained passive and still.

“Can you tell how excited I am?” I whispered in his ear. “I’m going to make you come like a fountain while you dream up new ways to blow my mind tomorrow.”

I snaked out my tongue and touched him at the corner of his eye. I knew he could feel my breath on his face and, slowly moving around, I left a little trail of saliva to catch the cool air. At the same time my fingers grazed his chest, just below the collarbone. I stroked and teased, and was rewarded by the sight of his cock starting to swell. I carried on loving his face with tiny kisses and fleeting strokes of my tongue before kissing and licking my way down his throat to join my fingers on his chest.

My David is a nipple man. The fastest way to his cock is through those two little buttons on his chest. Either one will do it, but both together drive him wild. My lips found the nipple nearest me while my fingers touched the other. I bit one and pinched the other, just hard enough to connect with his sexual nerve centers. His self-control was magnificent. He must have been screaming with delight internally, but no flicker of response crossed his face.

He likes rough nipple play, so I pulled one hard, twisting as I pinched it. The other I alternately laved with my tongue and teased with my teeth. His breathing grew ragged and a single bead of sweat trickled down his temple.

Nobody can take that kind of punishment for too long before the intense pleasure turns to pain. Neither of us minds a little light punishment in our sexual games, but that wasn’t in my game plan. I only wanted pure pleasure for him.

My work on his chest had done its job. His cock had swollen ümraniye escort and now pointed up at me demanding attention.

I love his cock. It isn’t very long, just a good average, but it’s a wonderful shape: straight and slim with a huge bulbous head like a shiny mushroom. It ranges from a deep dark purple under the rim to a coral pink at its eye. The ridge running along his shaft was very prominent with veins standing out as it slowly throbbed in time with his quickening heartbeat. As I watched, a small bead of clear fluid eased its way out of the tip.

I badly wanted to taste his precum, but figured I’d make him produce more for me first. Opening my mouth wide, I carefully sucked one ball inside. It felt so nice against my tongue as I very gently rolled it around before letting it plop out. I did the same with the other, letting myself be a little rougher, pulling it with my lips. When I let go, I watched happily as it moved around, trying to get back to its comfortable resting place.

While my face was between David’s rock hard thighs I stretched my tongue around to caress the very back of his ball sack. My tongue didn’t quite reach his ass or I would have licked him there as well, but I couldn’t ask him to open his legs wider or the game would have been spoiled. I contented myself with teasing the flesh between his ass and his balls, sweeping up every now and then to separate his balls with my licks. By the time I had finished, his smooth, hairless nuts were slick and shiny with my dripping saliva.

The time had come to show him what I really thought of his pretty cock. It was as hard as I had ever seen it and the flow of precum had become a silver river running down the head and shaft before disappearing stickily into his little dark patch. I tongued the base of his cock, collecting a small amount of his juice, not caring if I got hairs in my mouth. The taste assaulted my senses: salty and sweet and so unique to my beautiful man. What I didn’t eagerly lap up got spread all over his cock. In the dim light of our bedroom it shone like a marble column.

My own excitement was becoming unbearable. Every sexual nerve that I have was tingling kartal escort bayan and my whole body was throbbing in time to my quickening heartbeat. The knowledge that I would have to wait twenty-four hours for my own release was exquisite agony.

I couldn’t wait any longer. My mouth closed over the smooth head of his cock and my lips formed a tight ring under the rim. With my mouth full, I rasped my tongue over that silky dome, flicking its tip over the eye before gently sucking. I started to bob my head up and down, taking David deep into my mouth, right to the back of my throat, before sliding up and almost off.

As I increased speed and pressure, in exactly the way that I knew would excite him the most, I stroked his rock-solid shaft with my hand. My fingers and thumb gripped the base of his cock tightly and I kissed and licked the head on every downstroke. David’s breathing, the only other sign of his intense excitement, was getting more and more ragged as he neared his peak.

I could see his orgasm before I felt or tasted it. His balls suddenly contracted, a sure sign that his pleasure limit had been reached. His cock grew even harder as I increased the speed of my hand and roughly rasped my tongue over and over his swollen glans. The muscles in his legs and ass knotted and his hips rose off the bed very slightly. Timing it to perfection, I reached up and twisted his nipple hard, just as his cock released its load of salty cream over my waiting tongue. I tried to swallow, but the next jet came too quickly, coating my mouth and chin before I got my lips open again. The final stream hit me in the back of the throat, his cock already starting to soften against my tongue.

“You’re a tasty boy, lover,” I whispered. “Can you smell your come on my breath?”

He wasn’t to be tricked so easily, and all the response I got was a long, soft sigh of contentment.

His orgasm was over, but the game wasn’t. He still had to stay perfectly still until we both fell happily asleep. After giving his cock a final suck to get the last of his cream, I pulled a sheet over us, licking my lips as I watched it tent over David’s still upright cock. I was feeling as horny as could be and knew I would find it so hard to resist touching myself in the night. I understood the rules of ‘selfless love’ though, and from the faintest smile on David’s face knew that my own pulsing cock would be more than rewarded the next evening.

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