Serendipity Ch. 23-24

Ariana Marie



23 Two steps forward and one step back

24 Full service for Sam

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


Are we half way there?

23 – Two steps forward and one step back

I once again woke up to the nightmare of back up beepers! It was Tuesday and Martin and the boys were laying the concrete for the pool deck. I thought it was going to be another nightmare day…and then I remembered I had casino stuff to work on! We piled out of bed and hit the shower. Nothing like showering with two women to wake you up, my hands going for tits and ass while they soaped me and each other up. I’m not sure what was better, tits and pussy being rubbed all over me, or them washing each other! We finally managed to get out and dry off without actually making anyone orgasm; but it was close for me and I had a raging hard on, much to the girls delight. It was a tank top and shorts day for the girls and a t-shirt and shorts day for me. We found Maria in the kitchen with sausage and eggs for the girls and milk and cereal for me. She had slipped a long tank top on, and nothing else. I enjoyed little flashes of pussy and braless tits swinging nicely while I ate!

“So what’s the game plan today ladies?”

“I’m going to help Sam for a bit, and then Dean asked if I could go with him on a couple of service calls. Would that be OK Master?”

“Not a problem, he mentioned something like that the other day. While you’re out with him I need you to check on some things. First off is a decent TV, we’re also going to have to get started on the camera system pretty quick, and I think we’re going to need a small phone system for the two houses. I would think about two dozen extensions, at least four phone lines, preferably six. Door intercoms and something that would work with the gate would be nice too.”

Sam and Maria looked worried. “I forgot, you weren’t around the first few days. The entire area around the houses will be wired for sound and video, even the bathrooms. It will go to secure recorders in the basement and will only be held for about a month. It will be under lock and key and will only be accessed if someone tries something.” Maria looked better but not totally convinced. “That reminds me Sam, is there any provisions for running phone, TV cable, and camera feeds into the rooms over there?”

“I saw phone wire, but I don’t remember anything else Master.”

“Once you get the workshops primed, take a look for me. Worst case means we box in a header in the hall and run the cable down the wet wall.” She nodded with a mouth full of eggs. “Maria, I’m going to need access to my computer later. I have some emails to send off.”

“I can have it cleared off in a little bit Master.”

“That reminds me Jean. We need to keep an eye out for store fixtures. Mannequins, something for dresses, lingerie, some display cabinets and such. A dress rack for Maria would REALLY be nice right now. Not to mention we’re going to need carpet and someone to lay it”

“I will do my best Master.”

I shook my head. “You know ladies, as much as it does for my ego, you do not have to call me Master unless you want to or we are playing.”

They looked at each other and then I got a loud chorus of “YES MASTER!” followed by Maya crying and a string of Spanish from upstairs. Maria looked embarrassed and grabbed Maya to nurse her and rushed off into the office / sewing room.

I went out and checked in with Martin, and I was SOOOO disappointed to tell him I was going to have to go back in and putz with my casino stuff instead of doing back breaking concrete work. Jean and Sam came by on their way to the other house to give me a kiss and a wave to the boys, all of us enjoying braless women. Martin just shook his head and went back to work. I went back in and headed downstairs. Bob came in through the side door just after I had the console fired up and the tapes going. We cracked a Pepsi each and started in again. After a couple of hours I began telling Bob I was going to have to put an aspirin dispenser on the console.

We were about to take a break when Chuck called. Someone else found what was happening for the solution to that we were working on. I asked what it was, but they wouldn’t say, and we probably would never find out. I was a little dejected.

Bob was just laughing. “You think that’s bad? Imagine what it was like for the other guys when you figured out the last one. They had been on it for almost a month. Hell I had it for almost two weeks and you walk in and solve it in an hour. Chuck REALLY enjoyed rubbing that one in!”

I looked at him for a second and then began laughing as well. “OK, you got me there!”

Once we had a good laugh he ran a hand illegal bahis over the console. “You know you got a real nice setup here.”

“I didn’t but thanks. All the thanks really goes to Jean. She has all sorts of connections in the casino industry. If you want to do something with yours let her know and see what she can come up with.”

“We get another nice one and I might just do that, it’s either that or a REALLY nice boat. Now I’ll let you get back to your playboy life style.” and he headed out.

I went upstairs and looked out the window to see how Martin was coming along. They were about three quarter done. I had VIVID memory of trying to get concrete from places I never knew I had hair, so I slinked off to the driveway and started putting in the mobile phone and accessories. It wasn’t all that much really, just a charging cradle with the connection for an external antenna, microphone, and speaker. It still took me over an hour to figure out how I wanted to mount it. Then I modified the brackets and got it mounted to my liking. Another hour or so and all the wires were hooked up and the antenna installed. I got things put away and made it back around to the pool area about the time the last of the concrete was going down. Damn what a shame!

The pool was setting up nicely. We might be able to start filling late Friday! With the boilers on line, the spas and kiddie pool would be useable right away, but it would take a day or two to bring the big pool up from bone chilling. I walked in the front door to my office and found Maria working with a lovely woman in a sheer lace bra and skirt…NICE nipples! Hey, I’m a guy…, so live with it.

I waited until Maria was not busy with the machine, and then walked past the lace bra with nice nipples and kissed Maria on the neck. Lace bra shrieked and covered her tits with one arm… Awwwww. “How’s it going little one?”

“MASTER DANNY!” and got a nice kiss that settled lace bra a bit. “This is Ann. She needed a quick alteration on her new blouse.”

I put out my hand to Ann, she reluctantly took it with the hand not hiding her chest and I kissed the back of her hand. “I hope the alterations weren’t to hide such a delicious figure. Something so beautiful should be shown off.” And Ann relaxed her arm a bit, not enough to show nipples but not trying to flatten her tits to her chest; oh well. “I’m off to check on Sam and Jean.”

“Jean just left with Dean while you were out in the garage hiding.” She snickered at my glare at her. “Tell Sam I’ll have lunch in about half an hour or so.”

“Will do,” I shook a finger at them. “You ladies don’t have too much fun without me; you hear?”

Maria just smiled back, “If we do we won’t tell you until it’s all over.” That made Ann gasp as I turned to leave.

Martin and the boys were pulling out as I went across. I found Sam up in the third story rooms mudding, taping and dancing to some nice rock music. She finally saw me and put her stuff down, walked over and put her arms around my neck and gave me a nice kiss.

“How’s it going over here since your helper abandoned you?”

“We got a fair amount done before she left. The third floor rooms will be all mudded and taped in just a little bit, I should start painting the workrooms later today.”

“So hopefully Jean has a line on some carpet, and then we have to find someone to lay it.”

“I’m sure James could pull away for an evening if we feed him.”

“James… as in Beth and James, your brother in law?”


“Oh that’s right, they stayed in town. What are they up to anyway?”

“You don’t know?”

“Know what?” She jumped up, wrapped her legs around my waist and I had to grab her ass to keep from falling over as I got a tonsil inspecting kiss. “WOW! Maybe I don’t want to know if I get kisses like that!” She hopped down, backed me up to an overturned bucket, sat me down, and then resumed her position in my lap.

“You really have no idea what I’m talking about?” I just shrugged my shoulders. “Those last couple of days at the hotel Beth and James spent some time with Mary. Beth has her degree in hotel management, and James is a bit of a handyman. The management company that manages Mary’s hotel manages several others. They had a small strip motel up north where an older couple was getting ready to retire and they were looking for another couple to take over. If everything goes right Beth and James will be taking things over up there.”

“Well good for them! Does that mean I get another kiss?” and cupped her tits through her tank top.

“Nope!” she pulled my hands away from her tits, pulled her top off, put one of my hands back on a tit and the other on her ass and then brought my head to the other tit. “It means I get my nipples played withhhhhhh…ohhhhhhhh yesssssss” I sucked them in and then began flicking her jewelry up and down in my mouth before I grabbed it in my teeth lifting it up giving her a nice little orgasm. I pulled away and just licked the tips of her nipples as she settled down. “That is TOTALLY unfair you getting me to cum just by tugging on my jewelry.”

I cupped both illegal bahis siteleri tits again but pulled them forward instead of up on her jewelry. “Does that mean you want me to quit playing with them?”


I released her tits and her eyes flashed open. “Well I’m afraid I have to. Maria should have lunch ready by now.” And pulled her close for another nice kiss. I watched her put her tank top back on and noticed something. “Sam, is that the same ribbon I put on you the other night?”

Sam brought her hand up to it and smiled. “No Master, the other one was getting a bit tattered and I thought it should look good so I got another from Maria. Is that OK?”

“That is quite all right, now let’s go eat!” We headed back over and Maria was setting out sandwiches and drinks, wearing only a shelf bra, her tits getting close to needing to be pumped the way they were trying to get out of her bra. Sam saw that and stripped as she walked in. They turned to me and I didn’t get a chance to strip; it was done for me, or should I say to me! We sat and ate, and I noticed Maria had a fresh little ribbon on as well. Not much more than a quarter inch wide, but definitely more than the little string she had the other day. We finished our sandwiches and Maria brought out some pudding for desert.

“Ladies I need to ask you some questions as Danny, not Master. I would appreciate honest answers.” They both nodded. “You both have been around this lifestyle for a few days. I know that’s not a lot, but I would like to know what you think about what you’ve experienced.”

Sam smiled. “Well when you pulled over and I opened the van door and stepped up into the ‘Love Wagon’, I seriously thought about running back out into the rain!” I chuckled at that. “You didn’t weird out on me when I let my nipples stand out, so I was relaxing a bit.”

“So that was planned was it?”

Now she was blushing. “Well it was an innocent way to test you. You didn’t preach about letting them show and you didn’t try to attack me. You took me flashing you all in stride. But when Nicole told me we could play but no fucking, and then called you Master I was right back into almost panic mode.”

“So why didn’t you make me pull over or try to make a jump for it?”

“I was about ready to when you put it on speaker like it was no big deal. Hearing her talk about showing off got me a little horny and a little curious. But making me cum just by listening to you and Nicole was INTENSE!”

“What can I say? I enjoy making women cum. It tastes and smells delicious.”

“I’ve noticed that. You could have jumped me in the van I was so tired, but you didn’t. I don’t have shit for tits and yet you made me feel good about them. You take pleasure in ‘doing the right thing’ if you can call it that. Nicole and Brittany enjoy doing things for you. You can’t fake that! Even though it was about pleasing, it was also about choice. I mean there I was sucking your morning hard on. I was so horny, and you’re worried about how frustrated I am.”

“I learned a LONG time ago that a frustrated woman can turn into a real bitch in a heartbeat!”

Now it was Maria’s turn to snicker while Sam continued. “We can at that. But you even showed me you liked my tits.” And she blushed like I have never seen on her. Maria was wondering what she was talking about. “ANYWAY… You made me feel I was HOT and that I was worth looking at. I wasn’t sure until I walked into the truck stop. You don’t know how close I was to grabbing a pair of sweats to pull on! I was sitting there before we pulled up to the building trying to convince myself I was hot enough to do this.”

I had to laugh. “And here I thought you had realized it and was wondering how bad to tease them!”

“Hardly! When everyone stopped talking when I walked in, I thought the shit was going to hit the fan. And then everyone was looking at me and a few of the guys were getting hard…; you can’t fake a compliment like that! And when the old farmer came in his pants from my flexing my tits I almost came myself.”

“He didn’t? I didn’t catch that. Must have been distracted by a hot babe somewhere!”

“And when the girl at the register was saying something and it reminded me of the church ladies, I lost it on her. But the best part was you standing up for my honor with the asshole trucker when you didn’t even know me.”

“Nothing wrong with taking care of a beautiful woman.”

‘Ummmm…Danny…the last time we were in the van did I… I mean did I call you…” I smiled and she blushed again.

“What about you Maria?”

“Well for starters you’ve always looked at me like you desire me.”

“Maria, you are a very beautiful woman, and if you weren’t married I would DEFINITELY be chasing you.”

“But you made me feel beautiful and desired from the first day we met. And you have every day since. Nobody’s ever done that before. You even like my milk.”

“What about…” And the phone rang. Maria jumped up to answer, it was Gladys and she handed it to me.


“Hey pipsqueak, what’s up?”

“Hey Danny, I was just checking on canlı bahis siteleri the data line install. I got a call from my sister and the installer called it in as complete but to let him know personally if there was anything not right. I wanted to make sure there weren’t any problems he didn’t fess up about.” I had to laugh. “What’s so funny, did the girls run around in their birthday suits?”

“The installer did a VERY thorough job, but Sam and Jean’s bikinis would make a band aid worry. And Maria wasn’t far behind in her top and shorts. Be glad your ladies over there weren’t as bad or your building would take several months to erect.”

Now it was Gladys’s turn to laugh. “Yeah, but hanging cleavage is almost as deadly. Go molest your girls and have a nice day.”


I hung up and turned around. The girls had picked everything up and disappeared on me. About that time Jean came bounding through the door with Dean not too far behind. She came up and gave me a nice kiss, but jumped back when Dean came through the door and grabbed his arm, yeah she’s got it bad… “I thought you two were running service calls this afternoon?” She had her shorts on, but had changed into a button up shirt from her tank top, and most of her collar was hidden.

“We ran one, and had a break in between. I told Dean about your looking for a big TV.”

“Jean told me what you were looking for and I thought I’d bring one over for you to look at. I got it on the sales reps recommendations at a nice discount and haven’t been able to sell it. I’ll let you have it for my wholesale cost plus tax.”

“Let’s see what you have.” We walked out to his step van and he opened the back doors… Whoa! “What size is that?!!” I saw a huge TV built into a cabinet with a VCR and storage spaces.

“It’s a forty eight inch with a built in VCR and two auxiliary inputs for stereo equipment. Best of all, one remote for TV and VCR.” Remember back when each had its own and there was a pile on the coffee table?

“How much do you have to have for it?” He quoted me a price that was pretty close to what I was expecting for a nice thirty six and VCR separate. “You got a deal! Back it up to the front door and we’ll unload it right now!” Fifteen minutes later we had the cable hooked up, plugged it in, and the girls could watch their soap operas!

“Danny, before I left I called the surplus outlet, and I can pick up the carpet and linoleum any time. Dean says we can stop by on the way back. Should we put it in the garage or over in the other house?”

“I would say in the other house. I don’t want to carry it any further than we have to, and we can roll it out there and only take up what we need.” That and the doors and cabinets I was hiding from the girls were still in the garage…

“OK! We have two stops to make and then pick up the carpet. We’ll see you later.” And they were off.

“Sam, give James a call and see what his schedule is like. If you’re painting this afternoon, then I’m guessing late Wednesday at the soonest.”

“Yes Master.” And she turned to the office.

“Maria, do you have any nice white ribbon about an inch wide?”

“Not really Master, what are you looking for?”

“Jean is still wearing her original collar. I need something the same width to test a theory.”

“I could do a little strip of Satin with some lace and Velcro, would that do?”

“That will do nicely as long as we keep it to the roughly one inch width. Could you leave it on my dresser by the red thread when you are finished with it?” She nodded and rushed to her machine. “Thank you Maria.”

“Any time Master.” she called over her shoulder, and my imagination said she was putting a bit of an extra wiggle in her walk as she did.

Maria went in as Sam was coming out. “James said he could come over by Thursday and get us all taken care of. We can lay the linoleum at the same time so he can put in the transitions too.”

“Where does that put us on the third floor rooms?”

“It’s still warm enough that I might get to sand this evening. Worst case we sand in the morning. I have to pick up more primer anyway, so I’ll get fast drying and with a long day we should have everything painted by tomorrow evening.”

“Did Jean get a chance to do anything with the floor in the last workshop?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then let’s put linoleum in there too, even if we have to skip one of the third floor rooms to do it. Give me a hand with one of the doors in the garage before you go back over.”

I slipped my shorts and shirt back on before we headed out to the garage and picked out the best door of the six and put it up on the three barrels. It was actually a pretty nice one. I trimmed a half inch off the hinge edge and gave the top a light sanding before putting a coat of varnish on the top and sides.

I went through the house, stopping to nibble on Maria’s neck and grope her tits before heading over to help Sam. OK, I did more than just grope. I couldn’t resist lifting and squeezing and playing with her hot tits and feeling the weight of them, just knowing the heat was from her production of that delicious milk… I was rewarded with her milk in my hands while she wiggled her ass back against me. With Sam I got a nice hug and kiss while I groped her ass before being sent up to start sanding while she was painting.

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