Served Up


For most individuals, learning one’s way around a kitchen or bar is a skill acquired only over time and with a great deal of practice. While various food and beverage networks permeate cable and satellite television, and, as always, printed cookbooks and guides are available, most people simply learn by doing. In fact, this method of skill and talent honing is used for an overwhelming amount of a person’s avocations. In the case of Denise Lanica, a thirty-something woman living in her hometown, few community events or school functions proceeded without contributions from her kitchen or, depending on the event, home bar. The curvy, sensuous woman was known for preparing main dishes and, fittingly, desserts.

Newly divorced, yet managing her return to single life exceptionally well, Denise cooked, baked, and made mixed spirits for nearly any and all requesters, notably in the Summer months around the time of the annual Italian Fest. She had enjoyed this festival for many years, and was pleased to provide sale items to local vendors, but was reluctant to post her name or any other identifying reference on her goods. Remaining private, in all areas of her life, was very important to Denise. She was no prude by any stretch (in fact, Denise possessed quite the wild side at times), but, simply wanted people to enjoy her work for what it was, and not who it was from. True as it was, Denise didn’t want to be known as the “sexy chef”.

One rather nondescript evening, Denise’s brother, Jay, made a surprise, unannounced visit to her home. Jay lived an hour’s distance from her now, and only infrequently made the trip into town for family events or job-related appointments. This is not to say Jay didn’t miss some aspects of his old town; what he missed most was Denise’s cooking, friendship, and, speaking purely as a man, the way she looked. “Jay! What are you doing here?” Denise happily exclaimed upon meeting him at the back porch door. “C’mere and give me a hug!”. The two embrace, exchanging tight, caressing-type hugs, then separate to obtain a full view of one another. Instantly, Jay’s “pure male” side agreed with the view: Denise, at arm’s length, clad in cutoff shorts and a loose-fitting, button-down top, apparently worn for at-home comfort, as three top buttons were missing. A subtle, teasing inch or two of Denise’s cleavage was evident, supported only by her natural, soft skin.

While Jay didn’t plan his wardrobe for this impromptu trip, his own attire caught the attention of the sexy sister. “Hey, I like the black short sleeve shirt, Jay..Looks good on ya” she complimented him, flashing her bright, disarming smile. Ever the self-deprecating one, Jay brushed off the compliment, but thanked Denise nonetheless, which offered the opportunity for an in-kind response. “Well, it was clean, so I wore it…You, on the other hand, look great in anything, including that comfy, loose, kinda “I’m at home” shirt and frayed shorts..Like the shorts, by the way” he slyly said to her. With a playful, innocent butt-shake, Denise thanked her brother and strode across the kitchen, Jay’s eyes planted on the countours of her body the whole time.

Striking up typical conversation, Denise asked Jay what brought him up her way that early evening. “Spur of the moment thing, D..I was sitting home, mind just wandering I guess, and decided to make a run up here. Thought maybe we’d grab a beer or something if you were going to be around”. Seating herself on the near corner of the square dining room table, legs touching Jay’s, Denise poured coffee, and tilted her head to one side, with an “Aw, isn’t that sweet” mannerism before offering an apology of sorts. “Sorry, hun, but I’ve gotta make some desserts for this week’s festival tonight..They need them by Tuesday morning..But, stay, you can keep me company, k?” she stated, placing her long-nailed fingers on his arm. Jay considered her request for a second or two before emphatically stating “Cool…You want me to help with anything? Lick the bowl, hold your eggs…No, wait..that didn’t come out right!” They both laughed, and Denise informed Jay that he’d be helping just by hanging out and keeping her company. “The quiet is nice, but, even I get lonely sometimes, hun…Hang out..It’ll be fun”.

As Denise stood up to begin making her famous desserts, Jay placed his hands on her waist, caressed her stomach with his thumbs, and spoke in a semi-serious tone. “I understand, D. Besides, you and I haven’t had any time to just hang out, alone, in such a long time..I’ll stay.” They both understood what Jay was referring to: Most visits that put them in each other’s company were large gatherings or events, with a minimum of 20 people. The alone time, great conversation, and strong friendship they had always enjoyed had become convoluted with and by other people. Since their early years, Jay and Denise would spend hours talking, joking, and confiding in each other. Though unspoken in those specific terms, both older sister and younger brother, now adults, knew anime porno they each missed those times.

“OK” she directed, “But you have to let me go so I can get started here!” With a sexy giggle, Denise placed her hands over Jay’s, removing them from her hips and returning to the countertop. Reaching above her head, Denise obtained a large mixing bowl and handed it to Jay, who had privately examined his sister’s posterior as she extended to get the bowl. “Put this on the table, and put in the stuff I give you” she directed, “Some of it may even be in the top cabinet, so you can look at my butt again”, she joked, aware of Jay’s focus. “What? You have eyes in the back of your head, D? How’d you know I was looking there..I coulda been looking at your legs” he responded. “Jay, honey..please..It’s me you’re talking to. I know you. Well. It’s ok, you can admit you just eyed me up.” she said with a laugh.

“Well, I…Yes, I did. But, you do have a nice ass..I AM still a guy, you know, D” Jay stated, becoming more at ease with the whole, building sexual energy situation. “Guess it’s allright..Long as you like what you see and don’t touch while I’m working…So, NO grabbing or pinching my ass, Jay!” Denise answered, then redirecting her brother to crack 4 eggs into the bowl. Such was done, and Jay eagerly awaited further directions. As his vixen sister handed him a recipe sheet, Jay complimented Denise on her inch-plus long nails, polished in an aqua blue color on this night. “Nails look great, D..I see you let them grow out again..Cool color, too” he said, gently stroking her forefinger and thumbnails. “Yeah, I just did them yesterday. Haven’t had them long in a while, so wanted to try it again” she stated, reminding Jay of the occasions when he’d polish them for her. “Sorry they’re not your favorite color, fire-engine red..Remember when you’d do them for me? I loved that, hun”. “So did I, D…So did I” he replied. Jay’s fires were crackling, on their way to being fully stoked for her.

Following her lead, Jay quickly became Denise’s kitchen assistant, and soon enough, the first batch of batter was prepared. Grasping a spoon, Denise dipped into the batter for a taste trial, stating “If it’s not good like this, it won’t be any better when it’s formed and hot”. Sampling a teaspoonful, Denise motioned a thumbs-up of approval, offering Jay a taste from the spoon as well. Complying with her request, Jay nibbled from the spoon before noticing a drop of batter on Denise’s pinkie nail. “ more taste” he said, halting her arm and licking the remaining droplet of batter from her long, aqua pinkie nail and fingertip skin. “Yum..Tasted good” Jay informed his sister, who sexily responded “The batter, or me?” Providing her with the most fitting and honest answer to that query, Jay simply stated “Both”.

Diligently working together with surprising effectiveness, Denise offered to make a relaxing drink before starting the next dessert. Directing Jay to obtain cranberry juice from the fridge, Denise stated intention to create one of her new favorite mixed spirits, a CosmoPlus. Observing as she concocted the drink made of Triple Sec, dry gin, a hint of Chambord, and cranberry juice, mixed with crushed ice, two thoughts entered Jay’s mind: Would I like the taste of this drink, and, just looking at the alcohol content and knowing Denise’s somewhat mild level of tolerance, how much would it relax her? The latter of these thoughts more than intrigued him as she completed and poured the spirits into goblet-type glasses, delivering two full servings to the table.

“Cheers, bud…And thanks for sticking around and helping tonight. We’ve got more to do” Denise said, raising her glass to Jay’s in toast. A clink of glass, quick sip, and it was Jay’s turn to toast. “Cheers to you, Denise..It’s my pleasure to help out such a beautiful, wonderful, and sexy woman…who also has tasty fingers!” Denise giggled and drank, waving her left hand in the air, showing off her sinewy, polished fingers, ending with a model-like positioning of the hand and nails against her upper torso skin. “Oh, that CosmoPlus hit the spot..Ready for another one?” she asked, returning to the counter to create a new batch. “Sure thing, D…Put that on the list of things you do well…make drinks” Jay responded, adding a flirty “and shake that ass”. Denise obliged on both accounts, presenting Jay with another mixed spirit and sexy butt wiggle, briefly raising the frayed bottoms of her shorts to flash Jay a little cheek.

Thirty minutes later, Denise realized the amount of baking not yet completed, and directed Jay that “we need to get this done..let’s move it, huns”. And so they did, again working in assembly line-like fashion to prepare the next batter batch. At it’s readiness, Jay decided to alter the taste testing ever so slightly. Upon D’s request to sample the batter, Jay did so, dipping a spoon into the bowl but not tasting until his sister became impatient. “What are you waiting for, taste it and asyalı porno let me know how it is” she said, partially sensing something was in the works. “OK, but I want to do it my way…You trust me?” Jay asked Denise, who nodded yes. With that, Jay unbuttoned the additional buttons on Denise’s shirt, exposing her marvelous breasts and well-toned abdominals. “What are you…no, not on my boobs…Jay! You’re going to eat it off of my body?” Denise exclaimed, smile on her face. “Uh-Huhhh” Jay answered, spreading the batter on Denise’s breasts, ribs, and swirling around her perfect oval innie navel before diving in for a taste. “Jay….wait, hun….oh…OH, right on the nipples.. ok..but you better get it all offa me” Denise stated, arching her back in effort to provide Jay with full access.

The now open-shirted woman stood motionless while Jay removed the smeared baking batter from her body, giggling when his hands or tongue touched a ticklish area. Still, Denise had to admit to herself that she found this erotic and wild. Unexpected visitor, someone she was very close to, shows up at her doorstep to have a few mixed drinks and be a little naughty with her in the kitchen. Pastes cookie batter over her body and eats and licks it off. The whole thing spoke to her wild side. The fact that it was her own brother doing it to her only increased the excitement level. What could be next, she thought, desperately trying to balance the practical (finishing the baking) with the wild (Jay’s other, as yet unseen desires for her).

As Jay removed the remaining baking batter from her now-tingling body, Denise playfully dipped her longest, most curved fingernail into the batter bowl, and led Jay’s mouth like a fish to a bait-filled hook. “Opps…got some on my finger again..Do you job, huns” she teased. As if already planning two steps ahead, Jay grasped Denise’s finger and raised it to her own mouth, dabbing a few batter spots onto her upper lip. “OK” he whispered, planting a deep, extended kiss to her lips. Denise’s sigh was noticeable as they broke away. “Mmm…nice job, bud..How ‘bout one more then we get back to work, k?” This time, Jay traced small kisses around her lips before replanting another extended, intense liplock on her. “Later, huns…later..Let’s get back to the baking now” she purred, alluding to more activity once the festival donations had been completed.

With her item listing on the table, Denise directed Jay to start icing the two finished trays of puff cookies (which were her definitive specialty). Stealing one or two for himself as he worked, Jay spread vanilla icing onto each individual puff like a pro until both 48-cup trays were done. A few spoonfuls of icing remained in the container, so, Jay began to eat it before getting another idea for his sister: If she like having batter eaten off of her, she’d love icing. He quickly organized and cleared the near end of the kitchen table, as he had envisioned laying her onto the spot very shortly to spread the icing on her and repeat the “edible sis” procedure. She looked focused and busy, however, so things would have to hit a lull in order for Denise to go for more messing around.

Checking the listing, Jay learned that the final baking batch was now in the oven, although the finishing touches and “prettying up” packaging remained to be completed. A little question and answer interaction would help his planning. “Deen…How long do those cookies take to get done?” he asked, referring to her in a name only he called her for many years. “Let me check” she said, opening the oven door. “Looks like maybe another 20 minutes or so…Why?” she asked in response. Jay stood up from the table and positioned himself in front of her body, peeling the opened shirt from her arms. “We can’t..not now..too much to do….What did you have in mind, sex on the table?” she quizzically asked. Sitting her on the table edge, Jay assured her “No, not sex on your table..I’d like to think that we’d at least hit a bed for that…Let me just say again..Trust me…”

A little intrigued, Denise put herself in Jay’s hands. “Lean back all the way..Goddam, you have a great body, you know that? Perfect figure, well-shaped boobs, thin soft waist..Yiy!” he commented. “What are you going to do to my tits this time, hun? Well, I’m here, so go ahead” she said, awaiting Jay’s action. Unsnapping her shorts, Jay then traversed the zipper to it’s end, exposing his sister’s lacy panties and incredible lower abdomen. A hint of pussy fuzz protruded from the panties as well. “Ohhh…I know what you’re going to do! All I can say is, the icing better not still be cold, or you’re in for it, sweetheart…” Jay began to spread and smear vanilla icing onto Denise’s stomach, inside her navel, and down into her crotch area, taking time to feel that area first. Denise’s moderate panting and heavier than normal breathing told Jay that this was the right move, indeed. Just for added pleasure, he scooped the bottom of the icing container for every babes porno last drop, smearing the remnants onto Denise’s breasts and neck. “Don’t tease me like this, Jay….Argh!! Eat it off me already…For that matter, eat ME already!”

“Only too happy to grant that wish, Deen…Now lay back, stay still if you can, and enjoy this” Jay stated, returning to the dark, serious tone. He again made Denise into his fleshy snack, devouring his icing handiwork with a passionate, building intensity that resulted in the moistening of Denise’s pussy. Curiously, Jay licked her body clean, however, left her neck as-is. Clearly, this would be his final area, a “topper” if you will. His mindset now had but one target: Denise’s pussy and complying with her wish to eat the icing and her insides. Grasping each waistband side with his hands, Jay pulled Denise’s shorts and panties to the floor, providing a naked, open-legged sister Denise on the table for his taking. This was Jay’s real reason for making tonight’s trip. Although he was uncertain as to the method, Jay had planned on seducing his hot sister Denise for some time, planning this evening as “get Deen” night. Thus far, it had far outdone even his own expectations.

Spreading her legs to straddle each table corner, Jay teasingly prepared Denise for what was to come. “Still a lot of icing there, Sexy…And it’s melting into all the right places.” Denise could only lie flat on her back and moan, waiting for Jay to eat her pussy. By this time, Denise was overheated such that Jay was no longer just her brother who she had a special bond with prior to this evening; He was her personal CSP, or, casual sexual partner. She knew this relationship would continue after the next morning, following a sure evening’s worth of sex. He’d been after her for years, and, she had similar feelings towards him. Yes, she loved him as her brother, but, now, she could love him as a man. It was a perfect arrangement for them both. A meaningful, hot, satisfying relationship that didn’t interfere with the workings of their separate lives. In short, it was the beginning of a very private, against all social mores, sexual relationship.

These thoughts ran through Denise’s head like wildfire as Jay played with and licked her clitoris inside and out, round and round, causing the table to shake. Denise’s shrieks and wails of pleasure reverberated off of the kitchen walls as her hands grasped for Jay’s head, keeping it pressed against her dripping pussy. The sweet taste of his sister’s juices had proven to be even better than he’d imagined. As Denise’s sweat-drenched upper body heaved for air, Jay halted his 20-minute expedition into her cunny, breaking from the action to lie on top of her.

“Ohh….I…I…cann’t move..Holy shit Jay…I’m still pulsing down there..You are GOOD!” she muttered to him. As she regained her breath, Denise spoke softly to Jay. “Come here…kiss me and don’t stop..Then we’re going to my bedroom, and you’re making love to me until tomorrow..I need you, Jay..This is so incredible…Just make love to me all night” she pleaded. Supporting her head in his hands, Jay declared promise to do exactly as she had requested. “Sweet D…I’ve wanted to ravage your body and make love to you for so long…You may not see it, but, you are the sexiest, most beautiful, intelligent woman I’ve ever met…And you know I love you more than just as my sister..I love you as a woman…And will prove that tonight, all night” The two rested on the table for several minutes before rising again. Denise broke the silence.

“Think that last batch burned…Oh well, they’ll have to make due with two trays instead of three” she lightheartedly said, referring to the final batch of cookies that were now blackened from sitting in an oven for 40 additional minutes. “No problem..I’ll tell them that I burned them because I was too busy staring at you in an opened shirt..They’ll understand!” Jay joked, squeezing and jiggling Denise’s tits. “Maybe I need to SHOW them, huh? Deliver the trays and not button my top?” she responded, grasping her boobs in jest. “I dare you to do that…No, wait..I want those for me, not the public..Your tits are too good to show to other people like that!” Jay quipped, leaning in for another body kiss on Denise. “Yeah, you’re right..bad enough I get the old men in the city that try to touch my ass, and this smarmy gas station guy snuck in a doorway titty grab on me..I don’t really need anyone else wanting to get at my goodies” she said, removing the burned batch from the oven.

Placing the burned remains of cookie puffs onto the countertop, Denise pushed her floor-strewn clothing underneath the kitchen table and struck a hands-on-hips pose while leaning against a chair. “So, should we clean this place up, or….go get messy?” she asked Jay, who’s stiffened rod remained intact. Taking two steps towards her, Jay wrapped Denise’s waist and body in his right arm, pulled her in close, and offered a one-word response. “Messy”. He then backed Denise into the near wall, and, as he had stated, began to simply ravage her body. Holding her arms above her head, Jay kissed, sucked, and munched on Denise’s pinned, crooked body, taking in it’s magnificence and listening to her high-pitched sighs.

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