Sex and the Office Ch. 07



Joanne was feeling rather horny. Although she herself wouldn’t have used that word. Feeling rather sexy, she would say. She was alone in her office, having offered to ‘mind the shop’ whilst the others went for a celebration lunch. It was someone’s birthday, though she couldn’t say whose – not that she was interested. She hadn’t wanted to go with them anyway.

Joanne preferred to keep herself to herself in the office. Besides, that’s how her boss wanted it as well. He was the Financial Director and discouraged her from gossiping with other staff. Which was not difficult for her, since she didn’t really mix at their level, having very little in common with any of them. Her father, Ernest, was a local land owner, with a string of horses. Master of the hounds. His old friend and ‘best man’ at his wedding, Arthur Gifford-Smith, was the Financial Director of a multi-national company and had persuaded Ernest to allow Joanne to become his secretary in their North of England Office. She thought it might be rather fun, besides bringing in some extra cash, always welcome spending money.

Well, she was wrong. It was boring, though the money made it worth the effort. Her boss was rarely in the office and she got the impression that she was just window-dressing, boosting his image of importance in the company. She read a lot!

So here she was. A warm Friday lunch time. A deserted office. The director was away in the States on business, leaving Joanne to sort out her filing – what little there was – and reading her magazines. But today, she felt rather restless, with a vague ache in her belly. She knew what it was. Her body was feeling unfulfilled, and she knew why. The previous evening she had watched her husband flirting with a young slender Fiona at the party, whilst she herself spent time avoiding advances from unwanted older stallions. So here she was, feeling frustrated.

Joanne didn’t really mind her husband flirting, providing she got the benefit later in bed. But that had not been the case last night, leaving her somewhat frustrated. He’d had too much beer, anyway. Their marriage had been one of convenience for their families, really, and, though she got on reasonably well with her husband, sex had never been the strong point between them. She was aware that her solid figure couldn’t really compete with the young stringy things at dances. At 188 lbs, she was a big girl – though not what you’d call fat. Just large. Nevertheless, she carried her wide hips and heavy breasts with style and poise, having been properly ‘finished’ in Switzerland. She knew how to present herself in spite of her figure.

Her ‘society wedding’ with Rodney was a thrill for her, but the marriage soon became fairly open between them, after he had agreed plenty of financial latitude in exchange for Joanne turning a blind eye to his amorous latitude. He was discreet about it, thank goodness. And so was she. Joanne had some expensive clothes to show for her understanding, and still got the sex she needed from him, topped up with a personal dildo which actually gave her more satisfaction that her husband. But, for some reason she was at a loss to understand, last night’s episode had made her annoyed. She had wanted sex and didn’t get it – neither from Rodney nor her dildo.

That was why she was sitting at her desk at midday on a lovely warm Friday, her light worsted pale tan skirt draped over her lap, fingers playing casually inside her panties, whilst reading a rather descriptive letter in Forum Magazine – about a young married couple where the husband had persuaded his wife to allow their male friend to fuck her whilst he watched – to fire her imagination. Her vaginal juices were flowing inside her silk panties – cotton lined. She slid her two middle fingers inside. In and out, deep and slow, as she read the erotic story. She would enjoy a fulfilling orgasm.

That was when there came a tap on the door. After a brief pause allowing Joanne to panic, she quickly swept the magazine into her desk top-drawer, whilst dropping her skirt over her knees. The door opened as she looked up. In the opening appeared a smiling Alan. Joanne returned the smile with a touch of guilt on her face. As if from habit, her eyes quickly glanced at his crotch for a brief moment, her mind still on sex. What lay in waiting there was the object of many fantasies during her self pleasuring.

‘Busy?’ he asked, having noticed her fleeting interest in his trousers. ‘Where is everyone?’

‘They’ve all gone to the Half-way Inn to celebrate a birthday. I thought you were with them.’

He came into the office. ‘No, just got back from London. You’re look particularly beautiful today Joanne. Mmm – a touch vulnerable perhaps?’

She did look attractive, Alan thought. Her dark blonde hair in an attractive swept-back style. Her wide-spaced smokey eyes, with a pale flawless skin. Not too much make-up. A wide mouth with full sensuous lips. He had told her already – more than once – that she reminded him of Simone Signoret, the güvenilir bahis wonderful sexy French film actress. Well, she did – it was a remarkable likeness, though that’s where it finished. Their figures were very different. But who cares?

Joanne laughed. ‘Vulnerable? How do you make that out?’ She was usually regarded as cool, collected and invincible.

‘Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on my part.’

She smiled at him. ‘Ever the optimist.’ Alan was the only member of the staff she had any time for. He was a charming guy, with a wicked sense of humor. He was also a popular theater director and was currently directing a local Amateur Musical Society for their annual performance at the town’s Theater Royal. Joanne was intrigued by anything theatrical, and had often wondered whether he might fancy her. Well, he had a reputation, after all. If what she heard was true, Alan had seduced at least four of the office staff. She didn’t know whether or not to believe it, but enjoyed the speculation.

She remembered when she and Alan were first introduced during her first day in the office. Shula was taking her round to meet the staff. At first she was startled when introduced to Alan. She could have sworn that she had met him before. He seemed so familiar to her. As soon as their eyes met, both knew that they had an immediate bond. Like old friends re-uniting. Very strange, she thought at the time.

Joanne was at a loss to understand. It was a most curious feeling. Perhaps they had met in a previous life, she thought. Maybe lovers – hopefully? Something very close. Whatever the reason, she had felt an immediate rapport with this guy. He wasn’t particularly handsome – his nose was rather to big for a start, his lips a little too thin – and his hair was turning prematurely grey. But he had that certain charisma – at least as far as she was concerned. Then they had moved on to be introduced to others. Joanne hadn’t heard a word of Shula’s little spiel about Alan’s job. She had been concentrating on the man.

‘Perhaps a little tlc,’ he continued. ‘A hug and cuddle. You look as though you need some comforting.’

With a slightly embarrassed laugh, Joanne stood and met him at the side of her desk, where he put an arm round her waist, talking her hand in his, lifting it to his lips to press her fingers to them. Joanne suddenly panicked, trying to snatch her hand away, but was too late. Alan had already lifted the fingers to his lips in an act of gallantry. His expression never changed, but he knew the scent of female genitals only too well. And there was no doubt that these fingers had very recently been dabbling between Joanne’s thighs. The musky scent was unmistakable.

Their eyes met. Hers with a slight look of guilt. His with a compassionate twinkle. They continued to look at each other in silence, whilst Alan took her fingers between his lips and sucked them slowly. It was very rare for Joanne to blush, but this was one of those rare moments. Alan’s hand slipped down from her waist to her firm large right buttock, caressing it sensuously. Joanne was fully aware that Alan recognized the scent on her fingers, but was at a loss to know how to explain. Say nothing. That was her decision. Besides, his hand on her bottom was a sufficient digression. It felt soothing.

‘You have lovely hands. They taste delicious.’ Alan removed her fingers, turning her hand palm up, squeezing it, before reaching his face towards hers until their lips met. Joanne’s eyes closed slowly as she allowed his lips to lightly chew on hers. She had often thought about this moment, but never really expected it. She heard the quiet murmur of pleasure from Alan. Joanne knew he was trying to arouse her. Well, he was succeeding! Turmoil in her belly was evidence of that. She was breathing rather more deeply than normal, as he buried his face in her neck, inhaling her scent, kissing and licking the side of her neck and nibbling the ears. His hands were roaming over her bottom and thighs. ‘You smell divine. Lilacs in springtime. Mmmm. I could breathe in your scent all day. So very sensuous and provocative.’

She liked that compliment! Even though she knew he was lying. Throwing her head back, giving Alan with the whole of her neck to kiss, Joanne felt his hands roaming over her pleated silk blouse, following the contours of her left breast. ‘You have a fabulous body,’ she heard him mutter softly between kisses. Fumbling fingers unbuttoned the high-neck blouse, sufficient to allow them to probe inside, to explore the generous warmth of her swelling. The beatific expression on her face showed her enjoyment of the sensation. She was wallowing in the lecherous buzz inside her.

‘Truly wondrous breasts,’ he added. ‘So soft and smooth and warm.’ Sneaking into the bra, the fingers gently squeezed the flesh, searching the swelling until they encountered the edge of her proud areola. Thumb and finger gripped the swollen nipple sending a ripple of excitement through her tumbling loins. Flattery would get you everywhere with Joanne. She türkçe bahis knew he didn’t mean a word of it, but she lapped it up.

As their bodies pressed together, whilst Alan explored the softness of her breast, Joanne decided that one intimate exploration deserved another. She slipped her free hand between them to engage with the front of Alan’s trousers. Slowly rubbing her palm up and down, she felt the twitching inside as his penis responded to the teasing. Without breaking the kiss, she took the tab of his zip fastener between thumb and second finger. Slowly, she drew it down before slipping her hand inside the opening. She gasped. Oh yes! Her mouth went dry as the palm of her hand pressed against the stiffening shaft beneath the cotton boxer shorts. It felt exciting to have a strange stiffening cock under the palm. Electrifying!

As they kissed deeply, tongues exploring each other, Joanne quietly slipped her free hand beneath her skirt to scoop her fingers into the plentiful wetness between her thighs. Alan was busy easing the blouse out of her waist band, curling a hand round her waist to search for the bra fastening. With a deft squeeze of his fingers, the fastening was unclipped, allowing her breasts some freedom. When his hand returned to the front, he pushed up the bra cups allowing the breast to sink into his palm. Oh yes! She liked that. Her kiss became more eager. When it ended, Joanne opened her eyes, now glinting wickedly. She pushed her wet fingers against Alan’s lips wiping them across his mouth. She was herself taken aback by her boldness. But what the hell!

‘Have some more,’ she smiled. Alan parted his lips to take the stained fingers into his mouth. The musky sweetness invaded his taste buds as he ran his tongue over the fingers, savoring the delight.

‘Really, really delicious.’ His hands roamed over the broad buttocks, down her outer thighs and back again as he took his time sucking her fingers. ‘Nectar. Then she felt his lips press once again against her mouth. Joanne parted her lips to allow his tongue to dart inside, engaging with her own tongue.

As he pulled her close, Joanne could feel the stiffness of his penis against her groin. Mmm that felt promising. She rubbed her mound over it before sinking down on her knees to a crouching position in front of him. Joanne was eager to get to grips with Alan’s manhood. Curling her fingers round the waistband of the shorts, she eased them down over his hips until the object of her interest flopped out before her eyes. For a few moments, she gazed on it’s thick, smooth shaft before taking the upper part between her thumb and middle fingers to draw back the foreskin. Oh my God! That’s soooo beautiful, she thought.

The head was a light purple color, with a rim somewhat thicker than the shaft. Joanne was awestruck with its sheer magnificence. This was what she wanted to worship. She leaned to brush her lips against the tip, placing several light kisses on it. Normally, men’s cocks held little interest for her, but for some reason, she found Alan’s a fascinating sight. And as she studied the object at close quarters, a small clear bead formed on the eye. She caught it on the tip of her tongue, cupping the testicles in her palm. She stroked and worshiped the shaft with her fingers. Smooth!

Holding her wide mouth over the head, Joanne opened her lips to slowly sink them over the shaft. Conscious of Alan now kissing and nibbling her nipples, making her belly tremble with lust, Joanne concentrated on enjoying sucking a licking the wonderful penis. Loving it! Paying homage to the god of manhood. She took if deep throat, holding the full shaft in her mouth before slowing withdrawing to the tip, then, slowly increasing the speed, her mouth slid up and down the shaft, lips gripping the idol.

The nibbling of Joanne’s nipples became rougher and harder as she felt Alan’s loins begin to tremble. Wrapping her fingers round the base of his cock, she sucked him harder and faster. His buttocks tensed and lurched – wonderful! – she felt the sperm flood her cheeks. Such a marvelous feeling to have a cock filling the mouth, she thought. Mmm. Slowly, she pulled her mouth from the shaft, licking the juices. She looked up at him with a smile, a trickle of sperm at the corner of her mouth. Then, she deliberately swallowed. Delicious!

The last thing Alan had expected when he lifted Joanne’s hand to his lips was the taste of her vaginal juices. The scent of her aroused vulva. It was a wonderful surprise, but he tried not to show it, even though his heart skipped a beat. The last thing he wanted to do in this unusual and astonishing event was to make her feel embarrassed. She had already tried to withdraw her hand, as if she’d just remembered where her fingers had been. But she was too late. He was kissing them lightly in a gallant manner. He pretended not to notice her blush. Flatter her, he thought. Tell her how beautiful and attractive she is. Then kiss her face all over. Ladies like that.

Alan could feel his penis begin to fill. Female güvenilir bahis siteleri scents had that effect. Hands roaming over her firm buttocks. And Joanne was responding to his kisses. In fact she was kissing him back. Fighting for supremacy! That surprised him, since he had always considered Joanne rather aloof. She was very elegant, self-assured and composed. Well, he hadn’t seen her in any other way. But in spite of that, they had always got on well – in fact he knew that he was one of the very few of the staff she spoke to. But right now, her image had changed. She was obviously already turned on, otherwise she wouldn’t have been playing with herself. Masturbating, no less. When Joanne didn’t object to him stroking her buttocks, then her breast, he decided to become more adventurous. If he crossed the line at any time, he was sure she would let him know.

Unfastening her blouse brought no refusal. When his hand explored inside it, feeling her breast, Joanne murmured with delight. But it was when her hand slipped between their bodies to search for his cock, that Alan knew she was asking for more. Tugging the blouse from the waist band of her skirt, and unfastening her bra releasing the heavy breasts, he rejoiced at the exploration of them. When he kissed them, the large saucer-like areola and thick brown nipple, Alan felt her belly flutter.

The he felt her unzip his trousers to drag out his distended cock. It was filling quickly at her touch. This was unbelievable! And when Joanne slid down onto her haunches, taking his cock in her mouth. He though he would explode. The thought of the dignified, perfectly groomed Joanne taking his cock in her mouth was beyond his wildest dreams. But there she was – kissing the tip before slipping her lips over the full length. He would need to control himself here if her wanted to exploit the situation to the fullest. But his loins were anxious to fulfil their purpose. It was a losing battle, though Alan did manage to relax at the point where his ejaculation was about to explode.

After ejecting two or three spurts into her mouth, Joanne stopped sucking his cock, slipping her mouth away from it. A little out of breath with the excitement, Alan was delighted to see her smile up at him, a trickle of sperm at the corner of her mouth. As she swallowed the sperm, he took her by her elbows, raising her up so that her bottom rested against the corner of the desk. Joanne had taken the hem of her skirt in her hands, draping it round her waist as she perched on the desk. Kissing Alan with her sperm-smeared lips, she pulled her panties to one side. Then she leaned back on one hand, the other pulling her labia apart.

Alan finally was able to gaze on her most private possession. And what a possession, he thought. Her dark haired groin topped the voluptuous fleshy plump vulva. He sank into the visitor chair facing Joanne, allowing a better examination. A quick glance at her smiling face told him that she was deliberately exposing herself for him to admire. And there was plenty to admire, he thought. And when her fingers started to explore her lips and clitoris, slowly and provocatively opening up every little crevice in front of his very eyes for him to examine at close quarters. The pungent scent of her aroused vulva filled his nostrils. Delicious! Alan was immediately turned on all over again. With his trousers round his ankles, the sight of Joanne’s magnificent paradise converted his semi-stiff penis into a raging erection. He fingered it erotically.

There was no doubt that Joanne was teasing Alan. His eyes were glued to her secret parts, wet and generous flaps of thick flesh, her finger penetrating the vagina, then rubbing round the entrance. Her juices had dribbled over, as far as to the puckered entrance to her other secret passage. The sight was too tempting for him. Alan dropped to his knees, thrusting his face between those smooth sturdy thighs. Taking a deep breath to inhale the musky scent, his lips took hold of the labia, pulling them and sucking them greedily, as Joanne’s fingers rubbed her clit with more urgency. He explored the flamboyant pink flesh round the opening of her mystery with the tip of his tongue before thrusting it deep inside, sampling the delectable taste of the juices.

But Alan felt the fluttering of muscles in the smooth thighs. Joanne’s hips were starting to shake and flex. A glance up at her face confirmed her agonizing grimace. She was getting near to coming. Too soon, he thought. But as her loins tensed and lifted from the desk, she was hissing loudly. ‘Oh. My. God. Sheee -it.’ Her face was a picture of startled disbelief. Alan stood, placing his groin against her shaking hips. For a brief moment of paying homage to the magnificent goddess, the head of his cock paused at the entrance to her most cherished possession. His hands grappled feverishly at her heavy breasts, feeling the nut-hard nipples. When her orgasm began to swamp her body, Alan slid his stiff cock deep inside the wonderful vagina. Heaven! Wow! Wonderful! Every penetration of the vagina filled him with awe. No problem penetrating her. Not very tight either. But very very wet. Joanne was crying out between gasps. ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Ye-e-e-es! Alan shagged her hard and deep as her body shook. Ravished her.

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