Sex by the Pool


So here I am, living in Florida. I get a phone call from my sister Taylor.

“Hi Dylan, guess what! I’m sick of it up here in NY and I’ve decided it’s time… I’m moving down to Florida to live with my twin brother!!!”

I was ecstatic. I’ve been trying to convince her to move down here for years, knowing that she would love it. I have a 3 bedroom house with a pool and it’s just me and my dog. So the help with the mortgage would be greatly appreciated, not to mention her keeping the place clean. She is a neat freak.

My sister and I are actually twins. This has been both good and bad for the both of us as we were in our adolescent years. Good, because we had the security of going through life together, we united and joined forces against our parents when they would come down hard on us, so that we would not have to face punishment alone. We shared the same friends as well, which could be looked at as both good and bad. She didn’t exactly like me hitting on and dating her friends all the time and I didn’t like all my buddies hitting on her all the time. Yes, it’s a double standard, but I didn’t care.

So we had our good times and our bad times, but we are now 25 and as close as ever before. We continuously have conversations about the opposite sex and offer each other advice. So things are absolutely great between us.

To let you know what Taylor looks like, she is a hazel eyed brunette with striking features. She is about 5’5, guessing 115lbs. She has perky B size breasts, a flat stomach, and a bouncy little ass from plenty of lunges and squats.

I am also hazel eyed and brown haired. Height 5’10, 220 lbs. Mostly muscle, but can’t shake the love handles. I have terrible eating habits.

Well, I won’t drag this out with all the boring details. Basically, I fly up to NY, we pack up the uhual with the help of our friends and away we go. It’s a long, slow, and boring drive. Taylor and I talk and catch up on every little detail about the others life; recent dates, work, and several other topics of discussion.

Then as day falls into night and we continue pulling shifts so that we can get to Florida in record time. It’s about midnight, Taylor is sleeping, and I’m bored just staring at the empty dark road. Well, being a guy, when bored, think of sex! Hmmm, which recent or past girlfriend shall cross my mind? I run through the black book in my head, Sheila, Michelle, Debbie?

Taylor then stirs in her sleep. She is laying down in the long uhaul seat, her head facing my way. She shifts from her side onto her back. My first thought is, “god, she looks uncomfortable” I then notice that her shirt has pulled to one side and I can see quite and ample amount of cleavage coming from the loose, V-neck t-shirt she is wearing.

I look back at the road, just to make sure I’m not veering off, and then back to that beautiful view. I’ve always thought of my sister as a woman of beauty and have wondered how she looked naked. But here I am getting hard glancing at the swell of her breast. I find myself wanting to see more. Unfortunately my only light sources are the streets lights that pass every 10 seconds. So after getting those quick glances every 10 seconds and getting pretty frustrated at my lack of vision. I quickly flip on the cab light, get a good look, and flip it off real quick. Scared she might wake up from the sudden light. She didn’t stir; she’s always been a deep sleeper, but not a deep-deep sleeper. So I do it again and stare for a long time. The top swell of her one breast is just amazing. My dick is instantly hard.

“mmmmmmwwwwwwrrrrrraaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!!” the tires screams! Wake up call!!!!

I suddenly realize I slid off the road and hit the grooves in the shoulder that are specifically designed for motorist who may get sleepy and stray off the road.

I quickly get back on the road, straighten out and flip off the cab light. Taylor then sits up tired eyed and smiles, then asks, “Guess you’re getting sleepy”.

I quickly agree so that she doesn’t think anything else could make me swerve off the road, but shrugged it off telling her I got my wake up call and I’m fine. She says, “nonsense, pull over and we’ll switch. Besides I have to pee”.

I told her I’ll find a gas station, but she tells me don’t bother and grabs her tissue box. So I pull to the side right under a street lamp so any oncoming cars can see us. I’ve seen to many videos of cops getting taken out by oncoming cars during a routine traffic stop.

I hop out the driver side, stretch, and then walk over to the passenger side preparing to take a piss myself. Whoa, here we go again! “Jeez, Taylor! What are you doing? I thought you’d walk out of sight a little, but here you are right up against the truck with your shorts pulled down!” She actually put her back up against the wall of the truck, had her shorts down to her knees, and squatted. From my viewpoint I could clearly see the curve of her hip and ass and the stream of pee coming out between her legs.

She just czech first video porno giggled and said, “What? I’m not venturing out into that dark and besides, no one else is here.”

I just laughed with her and threw up my hands. She then began to wipe her slit as I stalled and gawked in utter astonishment. From the side view, I couldn’t even see her “V”, but damn I was trying. She then pulled her panties and shorts up in one shot and the show was over.

I then told her I had to go as well and started walking toward the darkness. She then yelled, “Don’t go too far; I want to be able to see you!”

“See me?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll get scared if I can’t see you”

Oh…Not what I thought she meant. So I was on the fringe of light from the street lamp and unzipped to piss. Shit…She got me hard again. Oh well, here comes the “yellow arch”. So, I’m pissing and all of a sudden Taylor starts laughing.

I look over my shoulder and ask what’s so funny.

“Nice geyser there big boy! WooooooHoooooo!”

Awww crap, she can see the spray thanks to the glows of the street lamp. I didn’t think she could.

So I finally finish, walk back and hop into the cab of the uhaul. She is still giggling. Then teasingly says, “Happy to see me Big boy”

I quickly retort, “I was thinking about an ex-girlfriend while I was driving. You know, I was bored and sleepy, so trying to keep myself awake. So I thought about sex.”

“Uuuuh Huh”, she cheekily said and smiled at me till I smiled back and we just laughed, “Get some sleep funny brother and dream about fucking a hot piece of ass.

3 hours later we were nearing home and the early morning light was coming in. I groggily looked at my sister and asked how she was doing.

“As well as can be.” she said.

“Need me to take over for the last stretch?”

“Ok, that would be nice. I have to pee again. It’s no longer dark, so we’ll find a bathroom this time.” She said with a smirk.

“Haha, yeah, probably a good idea” I agreed.

“You know, that last piece of conversation we had was a great suggestion… you know, about sex. I’ve been thinking about it the entire way and wow it really kept me going”

My eyes went wide, “really, haha, so you’ve been thinking about sex this whole time?” I asked, now fully awake.

She then had this look in her eye, “yeah, it’s made me really horny”.

“Oh yeah, so just like I got hard, you got pretty wet” I pushed

“She gave me a look of shock, “Dylan…..! Yes, I did, and I still am. Oh my god, I can’t believe I just told you that. Oh look, a rest stop” That last part as if to imply, wow, too far, time to kill the conversation.

I let it go, because if this was any indication of what living together is going to be like, it’ll be pretty interesting and plenty of time to find all that out.

So, we finally get to my place. I call up some buddies and we knock out getting all of Taylor’s stuff into the house pretty quick. I was able to avoid lifting much of the heavy stuff as my friends were trying to impress Taylor with there masculinity. She loved it and flirted with them all like crazy. Years ago, I would have been pissed, but now, it just made me laugh. I know my buddies would respect me and treat her well if any of them dated.

When all the moving was finished, I literally had to push my buddies out the door as Taylor and I promised to make it up to them with a few rounds of drinks on an upcoming night. As soon as the door was shut, Taylor hugged me and said, “whew, what a trip. Ok my big handsome brother I’m going to my new room, going to scratch that itch I’ve had since Georgia, and going to sleep. Love you.” She then kissed me on the cheek and walked away, looking and smiling at me over her shoulder. I soooo badly wanted to follow her to that bed. I tried to think of something witty to say, but just sat there and stared till she turned and shut her door.

Damn! Well, guess I’ll do the same.

Over the next couple of days, I helped Taylor unpack all her stuff. It was pretty uneventful. Over the week, I went back to work and Taylor stayed home looking for her next job and making her room all girly. She really has a touch for interior decorating and the room came out really nice. She threw her touch on several other areas making the place look nicer and not so much like a bachelor pad. I always had to double check everything just to make sure she wasn’t making the place too girly.

Also, while I have been at work, Taylor has been getting lots and lots of sun laying by the pool and has commented on how nice that is to just wake up and being able to get a couple of hours of sun every morning.

When the weekend came, I was not surprised to wake and find her already laying out by the pool. I quickly changed into my bathing suit to join her. As I walked over to where she was laying out, I was taking in all her beauty. Wow, what a fucking body!

She heard me coming and said, “Heeeey!, czech game porno So happy you can join me for once!

“Yeah, this is nice to wake up and find you out here.” I replied.

We continued with some more small talked and then she rolled over onto her stomach. I then noticed that she was wearing a thong bathing suit! I said nothing, but just stared at that sweet ass! She then looked over at me and saw where my eyes were.

“You like!” She asked.

“Yeah Taylor, you have a really nice ass.” I said in an exasperated tone.

“Lunges and Squats, lots of lunges and squats”. She said proudly.

She then reached over, grabbed the bottle of suntan lotion and said, “Get to work.”

I sat up, grabbed the bottle from her and began by squeezing the lotion on her back. I was about to begin rubbing it in when she stopped me, reached back with her hands and untied the straps to her bikini top. “Ok, go ahead” she said.

I immediately made an observation, “No tan lines?”

“Oh…yeah…I’ve been lying out in the nude.” She replied.

I was shocked, “Really? Jeez, I thought you were just going topless, but full on nudity? Aren’t you worried about my neighbors peeking over the fence, or maybe me coming home early?”

“Nah, you’re fence is pretty high, and if you came home early…well, it wouldn’t bother me too much if you caught me naked. Besides, you already know what my ass looks like” She said as she turned her head smirking at me.

I just laughed as I continued rubbing the lotion into her back, “Hmmmm, that definitely would be a nice site to see, you naked. Sister or not, you have an amazing body.”

Then as I said this and before she could respond, I slid my hands down her back and placed them on her ass. I then waited for a reaction. Her response was to moan and push her ass against my hands.

I then began to massage her firm ass squeezing it in a way a brother should never touch his sister. My dick was pushing out against my bathing suit at full mast.

I carried on with this motion for what seemed like eternity, till she finally said, “You really like my ass don’t you?”

To which I replied, “Yes, it is absolutely perfect.”

“Well, come back to it later, do my legs now”, she requested.

So I began on her legs, feeling how firm her thighs were. But while my hands were on her thighs, my eyes were on the tight little slit between her legs. I could easily make out her puffy lips through her bikini bottoms. I moved down to her calves and spread her legs apart wide on the lounge chair. She did not object.

I spent an ample amount of time on her legs feeling how firm and smooth they were. As I massaged her, she kept saying how great my hands felt on her.

I then slowly moved back up her legs and began focusing my efforts to the inside of her thighs. I rubbed them hard and in circular motions. I then got inches from her pussy and as I did she start to softly moan. This only encouraged me more, but I had to make sure it is what she wanted, so I asked her, “You really like this don’t you?”

“Mmm Hmm, you know I do big boy. You’re hands are amazing.” She replied.

“You’re body is amazing”, I countered. Her reference to “big boy” let me know that she was turned on as a result from our previous comments from the other night. So I pressed further, “Are you turned on right now”.

“Ooooh, yeah, this is so hot.” she let me know.

“Are you….wet?” I asked, annunciating the last word.

She giggled, “Oh this is so naughty Dylan….yes…..I am. My pussy is really wet. What about you? Are you hard?

And with utmost confidence I replied, “My dick has been hard from the moment I touched your smooth skin.” I then began to really squeeze her thighs and then rubbed my index fingers against her pussy through her bathing suit.

“Oh my god Dylan, Oh yes! Touch it, touch my pussy” Touch your sister’s wet pussy!” She said loudly as she began to breath real heavy.

I then slithered my hand under her bikini bottom and inserted two fingers into her tight slit. “Oh wow, you are so wet! Do you like your brother’s fingers in your tight pussy?”

“Yes, yes, yes, Dylan, I love it. God damn, don’t stop, keep fingering your sister!” She yelled as she reached her hand back and grabbed my hard cock through my suit. “Take your cock out”

I stood up and pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. She then sat up not bothering to tie her top back on letting me feast on her perky tits for the first time. She stared right at my cock as she was actually eye level with it. She had lust and disbelief in her eyes. I knew she was feely the same feeling as I was, wondering how we came to this but loving it every step of the way.

She then looked up at me, her eyes saying, “Are we really doing this?” And then she smiled this little sexy grin, that said, “Yeah sister fucker! We are!”

She then looked back down at my dick, open her mouth, and swallowed me whole! I couldn’t believe czech gangbang porno it. My hot sister was sucking my dick and loving it just ass much as I was.

My knees began to grow weak as I felt the boiling in my nuts. I was so turned on by the experience that I was already ready to cum. I told her, “Shit Taylor, this is so fucking hot; I’m not going to last long.”

She stopped sucking only to tell me, “I know brother, this is fucking crazy and naughty, the sensations are flowing through my body and I could cum really quick too. So do it, cum in my mouth, cum in your sisters mouth!” She then reached behind, grabbed my ass cheeks and sucked me back into her mouth. She began bobbing like a mad woman begging for my seed.

“Oh god Taylor, here it comes, here comes your brother’s juice. Taste my cum sister, taste it. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeessssss! Each yes coming out of my mouth as each blast hit the back of my sisters’ throat. She swallowed every single drop and then pulled off my cock, continuing to suck until she reached the top, disconnecting with a pop as her lips separated from my cock. She was smiling with absolute joy.

I then fell back on the lounge chair breathing heavily staring at her. She had this look of pleasure on her face with a hint of desperate unsatisfaction. I could tell if she was wondering if I was spent and whether I was going to please her like she pleased me. So I quickly told her while still breathing heavy, “Take that thong off and get over here and sit on my face!”

She quickly jumped up with joy, turned around and stood right next to my face so that I was looking up at her ass. She then started to peel the thong down her hips bending over as she did so. The thong clung to her pussy as it slid down her, slowly revealing her sweet peach. Damn those puffy lips were sweet looking. Then as the thong reached her feet and she was completely bent over, she held that position for awhile, shaking her booty just a little. She then stood up, turned around, and kicked one leg over me and the lounge chair so that I was now staring up at her sweet pussy as her legs straddled me. Her pussy was completely shaven. She was reading my mind as she said, “You know, I shaved it smooth this morning, I kind of anticipated something happening this morning”

I agreed, “Yeah, there has been a lot of sexual tension in the air hasn’t there”

I then reached up and grabbed right under her two firm ass cheeks and pulled her to me so that I could tongue that sweet pussy. I began licking with slow and steady strokes. Tonguing her clit a little and then going up and down on her slit. She loved it and began to grow weak in the knees.

“Oh my god Dylan, Oooh, oooh, oh god….oh god, my pussy’s on fire!!!” She screamed. “Lick it brother, lick it, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes!!!”

She steadied herself by grabbing hold of the lawn chair and then began gyrating her hips in rhythm with my incestuous licking.

Next I knew, both her hands were on the back of my head forcing me into her sweet snatch. “I, I, I, Unngh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck, oh god!” she screamed like a wild animal while jerking her over my face. I couldn’t even lick anymore, her pussy was moving from my chin to nose. It was fucking insane. I couldn’t believe how hard she came. I loved it!

She then collapsed on top of me breathing for her life. I just caressed her back, giving her a chance to catch her breath and let the convulsions stop.

After 5 or so minutes of this, I asked her if she wanted to continue, as my dick was raging hard once again.

“Yeah… yeah, baby…. just… let me… oh god, Dylan, that was soooo intense. I’m kinda dizzy and lightheaded.” She whispered in between pants as her head rested on my shoulder.

“God, I love my brother” she said, almost as if talking to herself.

I just chuckled quietly and continued to caress her back.

She then lifted her head up and looked towards me. We just stared at each other and smiled crazily. Her with this gleaming smile, me with a simple smirk because I was feeling pretty confident and cocky right then knowing that I rocked her world.

She then leaned down and kissed me gently and seductively. Playing with my lips and tongue. We kissed like we were the best of lovers. They soon became a lot heavier and rougher as the animal passion started to build up once again.

She then broke the kiss breathing heavily and said, “Are you ready to fuck your sister?!”

“Oh Taylor, god this is hot!” I replied

She then stood up a little, grabbed my cock and guided it to her warm, wet pussy. As I watch she just lowered herself just enough so that the tip was just touching and then rotated around the head so that the head of my dick was just touching her lips. Then she took the head in and held it there. She released my cock, put her hands on my chest, and began to lightly bounce. She did not take me in all the way, just bouncing slowly, lubing up my cock and enjoying the light sensation that always feels so good when you enter a woman on initial contact. She then finally lowered herself all the way on my cock and then glared at me with lustful eyes.

She then leaned in close to my ear and said, “You’re inside me brother…I love this.” She whispered as she began to slowly rock up and down on my cock.

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