Sex Games In The City Ch. 04


Saturday, 9.30pm.

He glanced towards the bar at the girl sitting there, stirring a straw round her glass and picking at a plate of fries. She wore a short black cotton mac which fell to just above her knees, black stockings and spiked heels. Her nails were painted a dark, rich shade of red which matched her pouting lips, and her eyes were heavily blackened with mascara; her hair was tousled, that “just out of bed look”, and as dark as the midnight sky outside. She looked cheap, but something in the way that she played with her drink attracted him to her.

It only took a couple of minutes before he decided to approach her: he sat on the next bar stool and ordered a Coke. As she turned to look at him, crossing one stocking-clad leg over the other and flipping her hair, he offered to refill her glass. She accepted, and he noticed that her eyes slowly appraised him as he spoke to the barman.

“So, what brings you in here?” she asked, leaning ever so slightly forwards as she addressed him.

“Just passing time”, he said, “I fancied a quick one…. drink, that is”. His lips twitched at the corners as he struggled not to smile.

“I was thinking the same myself”, she said. “Gives you the chance to meet new people…”

He felt her hand press against his thigh. Looking up, his eyes illegal bahis met hers and, almost instantly, he could feel a stirring in his trousers. Her hand moved on his thigh, lightly stroking it, nails running over the fabric. Her eyes said, “Do you mind?”; his replied, “Not at all”.

As her fingers caressed him she slowly uncrossed her legs, then crossed them again. He thought he caught a glimpse of pink skin: surely she wasn’t naked beneath that jacket?

He found out soon enough. Within seconds she leaned towards him and whispered huskily in his ear, “Do you have a car?” He did: it was parked just outside. They stood up and walked out the door: he noticed that she sashayed across the car park with a flirty wiggle.

When they reached his car, he walked around to unlock the driver’s door. Looking up, he saw her sitting on his bonnet, legs crossed, body leaning back onto her arms. She drew him to her with her eyes. Lying back, she spread her legs open and confirmed his suspicion: her cunt shone in the moonlight, glistening pink and tightly shaved. His cock strained against his trousers. Falling onto her, he loosened the belt of her mac and let it fall open, revealing her tits to the cold air. The nipples sprang up immediately. He pulled one into his mouth and sucked on it, biting the illegal bahis siteleri soft flesh and lightly bruising the delicate skin. At the same time, his hand dropped to his trousers and he unzipped the fly; reaching inside, he pulled out his cock, now hard and longing to fuck her.

She drew her legs up higher, resting them onto his shoulders, as he moved closer. Grabbing her hips, he thrust his cock hard into her cunt, feeling the tightness that showed she wasn’t quite ready. He pushed deeper and she threw back her head, gasping at the painful pleasure of his brutality. He pulled himself out of her completely before entering again, giving her the full force of his thrust.
He continued with these long, hard strokes, his hands grabbing her ass and pulling her closer to him, fucking her so hard that she couldn’t help screaming. The cold metal of the bonnet pressed against her back; he feverishly sucked on her tits, nipping her with his teeth every time he thrust extra hard; his balls slapping against the skin of her thighs as he drove into her faster and faster.

Suddenly, he pulled away and pushed her legs down from his shoulders. She lay against the car, unable to move, as he stood in front of her with his cock in his hand. Her hand moved to her pussy and she stroked her clit, canlı bahis siteleri writhing against her fingers as she circled her hard little spot. Then, he grabbed her waist and flipped her onto her stomach. Using his foot, he spread her legs again. She felt two fingers slide into her cunt and she pushed down onto them, their length not matching the cock she had just been enjoying. She wanted it back inside her. But he had other ideas: she felt it nudging against her buttocks as he slowly began to ease it into her. His fingers stayed in her cunt as he fucked her ass: she had never felt so full before. The sensation was incredible: it was like being fucked from both directions. Her cunt was on fire and his long, slow strokes just added to the heat. He removed his fingers; his hands circled her waist and guided her against him, rocking her back and forwards. She rubbed her clit against the cold bonnet, the feeling contrasting with the warmth inside her. She pushed against him, guiding him deeper as her orgasm built up. He dug his nails into her skin and let out a long cry as he pumped his cum into her ass. She felt the warm liquid gushing into her, then pouring over her as he withdrew and let it fall onto her skin. Her clit exploded with pleasure and she arched her back as the wetness flooded her cunt.

She lay against the bonnet, panting, sated, hot and tired. She heard him zipping up his trousers and felt a sharp slap across her ass as he walked around to the driver’s door. Getting inside, he turned to face her.

“Well, are you coming?”

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