Sex in The Park


Authors note: This takes place after Chris has lost her virginity, I wrote about that in Darkman Cumeth. Chris was with a total stranger and they had sex in a public place. She described in the first part about her feelings when dealing with wanting to just get the first time over with. As in the first story line, this one also takes place while Chris and her friend cruise on State Street in S.L.C.

After losing her virginity in such a way, Chris wandered if sex would get better with practice. She didn’t know, but she sure hoped it did. Being very disappointed in the performance of her first sexual partner, Chris was eager to explore what other men had to offer. She was young, late teens, and not in the least worried about the usual hang-ups of young women. Such as, if I decide to fuck this guy is he going to call me in the next couple of days or ask me out on a date. No, she was just in it for the fun. The more she tried to get a guy interested in her, everything would go wrong. If she let herself go with the flow and acted like she didn’t have a care in the world she could find a guy to love her body for just one night.

One night while trying to avoid some guys that were acting very strange, Chris and her friend decided to pull up to the next car they saw and just start talking to the occupants as if they were long lost friends. It turned out that the car was being driven by a guy named Jeremy and he had a male friend with him. Chris pulled up to the car, rolled her window down and whispered to the guy “Please just act like you know us and go along with what we say”. Jeremy agreed. They finally got rid of the strange guys that were following Chris and her friend.

The four of us stood in the parking lot of Fred Myers (discount store) and talked until we knew each other better. It was kind of funny that Chris had chosen to talk to Jeremy and his friend. Jeremy was driving the same make and model of car as Chris (1989 Chevrolet Berretta), his was maroon in color and Chris’ was blue. They continued to talk for a while and soon Jeremy asked the girls if they would like to follow him and his friend? Everyone got in his or her respective cars and Chris followed Jeremy up State Street. As they were passing the Mormon Temple it was kartal escort bayan an inside joke with Chris and her friend that the Mormons wouldn’t let them even close to the front doors.

Continuing up the hill Jeremy stopped at the bird Aviary Park, mind you this is taking place about midnight or later. It was pitch dark; no lights on except for what seemed like house surrounding the park in a semi-circle. Everyone got out of their cars and paired up, Chris with Jeremy and Chris’ friend Sue with Jeremy’s friend Dave. Each couple started walking in different directions. Jeremy had brought a blanket with him; let’s face it he and Chris both knew what was going to happen when they were alone.

Jeremy spread the blanket on the grass, under the stars; this seemed like a pattern for Chris (sex outside). They sat down on the blanket and talked for a little while. At least this time the guy was trying to get to know Chris and was asking her questions about her life. They sat and talked about where each of them worked, and where they had grown up. Suddenly in the middle of the conversation Jeremy leaned over and kissed her lightly on the mouth. No pressure just a simple kiss. After that Chris wasn’t as shy when Jeremy kissed her again she pulled his head closer to hers and opened her lips for him. During this kiss they laid back on the blanket. They must have kissed like that for at least five or ten minutes.

Chris was beginning to think she was in heaven. She knew she couldn’t get attached to Jeremy; she would have to live in the moment. While he was kissing her, his hand was rubbing the inside of her thigh then it would travel up to her ample breasts. Pulling away from her mouth he kissed a trail down her neck and across her shoulder. Finding his way to her breast with his warm mouth. She arched her back when he sucked on her nipple; soft moans of pleasure escaped her lips. Chris didn’t know it would feel this good, no one had done this to her before.

Each of them stood up and removed their clothing, and then laying back down Jeremy took Chris’ hand and guided it to his cock. As she took his cock in her hand she could tell he was excited, drops of pre-cum were glistening on the head. She took her thumb and escort maltepe rubbed his pre-cum around the head of his cock smiling to herself when she heard his sharp intake of breath. They laid there on their blanket in the dark stroking each other for a little while longer. Jeremy reached his hand down between her legs and felt that under her panties she was very wet.

He brought his head up from kissing her breast, looked Chris in the eyes and asked her if this was really what she wanted? Yes, she said, there is no way now that she could have turned back, her body was betraying to him how much she wanted him inside of her. He kissed her again as he rolled on top of her. She tried closing her eyes, not wanting to see the look on his face when he entered her. Jeremy wouldn’t let her do this, “I am not going to hurt you, or do anything you don’t want me to do. If you tell me no I will stop.” Slowly opening her eyes, Chris lifted her legs and spread them enough for him to enter her. She watched his face as the tip of his cock rubbed against her clitoris. Small shivers of delight raced up her spine as he took his cock in his hand and rubbed it on her clit until she was panting for him to put it inside her.

His eyes pleaded with her not to change her mind. Chris had no intention of saying no; she wanted to have wild abandon sex with him. She nodded her head yes and he slid his cock into her wet tight hole. Chris lifted her hips to meet his first thrust. He asked nothing of her but to enjoy the feeling of him sliding his rock hard cock in and out of her pussy.

Lifting her legs up she found that his cock would go further in her pussy and also brush against her clit softly sending shock waves of pleasure through her body. Jeremy’s pace quickened and Chris placed her hands on his ass. Pushing down on him this way and lifting her hips off the ground caused her to spasm into a climax. Stars sprinkled behind her eyes, she instinctively squeezed her pussy muscles together. Jeremy kissed her on the mouth telling her to relax and let the feelings control her body.

Her release had come so fast and with such a rush of feelings that she was a little dizzy. Jeremy lay still as he watched her relax. He was so close to his pendik escort own climax; but he wanted to take his time and see that Chris knew what it felt like to have an absolutely wonderful orgasm. When her muscles relaxed around his cock he once again picked up his pace, sliding in and out of her warm wet pussy. The slight amount of cum that had emanated from Chris’ climax lubricated her even more and it wasn’t long before she felt Jeremy’s muscles tense. His hips thrust forward in one fluid motion and she felt his cum splash inside of her. Grunting softly and throwing his head back, Chris thought he would get more vocal as he continued to cum so she reached up and pulled his mouth down to hers kissing him until she knew that his orgasm had passed. She felt streams of his cum sliding out of her as he withdrew his cock from her pussy. He rolled onto his back and there they lay catching their collective breaths.

Curling up together for about twenty minutes, no words passed between them. Finally Chris could hear her friend Sue telling her that Dave; Jeremy’s friend had another place to take them. After cleaning themselves up and pulling on their clothes, dropping kisses on each other all the while; Chris and Jeremy finally met their friends back at the cars. Jeremy got into Chris’ car and Sue got into Jeremy’s car with Dave driving.

As the cars wound their way further into the hills, past some very beautiful homes, Chris looked at Jeremy and told him thank you. His questioning glance told her he didn’t understand. She had to explain to him that even though she wasn’t a virgin when they fucked, she had never had an orgasm the first time she was with a man. She was thanking him for being gentle with her and letting her know that sex could be a wonderful thing. He smiled at her, leaned over and kissed her again; then he explained to her where they were going.

At the apex of the mountain they were climbing there was a pull out area with some parking spaces. After parking and getting out of the cars the guys led the girls several feet off the road and onto a trail. Following this trail brought them to the big U on the side of the mountain. This was the letter that would light up at night, kind of like the Hollywood sign in California. The group sat there for hours looking out over the city of Salt Lake. Soon the sun was setting and they watched it rise together. After that Chris and Sue said goodbye to the guys. They were pretty confident this wasn’t the last they would see of Jeremy and Dave.

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