Sex in the Summer Heat


It is the first hot day of the season and it is a perfect day for boating. I meet you at the marina wearing nothing but my sexiest bathing suit with a little silk skirt wrapped around my waist. I have brought a cooler filled with fresh strawberries, grapes, wine and chocolate. I also brought a bag filled with my suntan oil, a blanket and my silver bullet.

You and I cruise on the lake for a couple of hours before we land the boat on a tiny island. We have both gotten quite hot and I decide that I need to cool off. Despite the fact that the water is very cold, I strip off my skirt and run into the water. I do a quick surface dive and swim far enough from shore to be able to tread water.

I love the feeling of the cold water on my skin and I peel off my swim suit so that all of my body is in direct contact with the water. I instantly feel my nipples harden and shivers run up and down my body. I notice that you can’t keep yours eyes off of me as I swim naked in the water. I find it extremely erotic as I know I am making you hard.I feel a warmth come over me and I can feel my pussy getting wet. I need to feel you up against me, so I quickly come illegal bahis ashore.

You have set up the blanket on the beach and we just barely make it their before we attack each other…

You throw me down on the blanket and cover me with kisses. I love the way your lips feel on my body and when you reach my nipples I am in heaven. As you suck and nibble on my breasts, you are toying with my clit. My pussy is dripping wet and on fire. I beg you to jump me right at this moment, but you have something else in mind. You slide your body up mine until your glistening cock reaches my mouth. You know I love the taste and I lick the pre-cum off the head before taking all of you into my mouth. I reach up and play with your balls while I lick and suck up and down the shaft. I wrap one hand around the base and increase my pace. I continue this until I feel your cum moving up the shaft. I then stop and guide you into my red hot pussy. You are so turned on that I only need to arch my back and slowly grind my hips when you explode.

Once we catch our breath, we curl up on the blanket and share the snacks I have brought with me. As we feed each other strawberries illegal bahis siteleri and cream puffs we begin to find ourselves ready for round two…

Just when I think you might just take me from behind right then, you turn me around to face you. You plant a huge kiss on my lips and thrust your hips into mine and just barely touch my pussy before pulling back. I look up at you and see that it’s your turn to tease me and you smile at me, knowing that all I want now is for you to make love to me. You chuckle because you can feel the heat coming off my body and instead of giving me what I am now desperate for, you throw me to the ground and pin my arms above my head. Somehow you manage to keep me in this position with only one hand and you stroke my breasts and clit with the other.

You can feel the wetness of my pussy and you make sure that you get some juice on your fingers and feed each one to me while continuing to restrain me. I am so turned on right now, sucking your fingers I raise my legs up and over your waist and pull you on top of me. As I do that, I am able to lift my head just enough to lick and suck your nipples. canlı bahis siteleri There is little that makes me hornier than listening to you make little noises while I play with you and make your nipples sensitive and hard.

I can feel the drops of pre-cum and I know that neither one of will be able to play much longer. We look into each other’s eyes and both of us are filled with need and desire.

With one wonderful thrust you enter all the way inside of me. I can already feel my lips becoming swollen with desire. I swing my legs up further and place them over your shoulders. You are always unbelievably turned on when I do this. I can feel all of you filling me with passion. My clit is on fire- you rub up against it with each thrust.

As I feel my own muscles tighten and squeeze your cock, I also feel you become even a little harder than before. Our eyes lock and we both begin to make little noises as we explode together. It feels as though there is no one but the two of us in the world. Just as we both begin to think our orgasms have subsided, we both shiver with aftershocks.

After what seems an eternity, we both feel relaxed and satisfied. We go back to our blanket and snuggle up for a rest.

When we wake up, we are shocked to see a bouquet of wild daisies next to us with a note that says, “Thank you for the show- the four of us hope you will let us join you next time…

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