Sex on the Phone

Group Sex

Hey all my name is Anthony. I am 6 foot tall with shaved grey hair and blue eyes. I have broad shoulders and I weigh about 15 stone. I am 47 and retired from work on health grounds. For months I wondered what to do with myself and then I remembered Literotica. About ten years ago I had done some writing and had sent them to Literotica. Much to my surprise they were published. I was so proud when I saw that first approved sign.

Sat around one day I decided to give it another go but as I was returning from a mental illness I found it difficult to concentrate. Oh I had the ideas but I had lost the skill of writing properly with diction and punctuation and kept on getting refused. I decided that I needed some help so I advertised for an editor but got no success or acceptance so I was on my own.

At the same time I also joined a chatting site in the hope that I would meet some ladies that I could chat with and maybe take out to dinner if we clicked. For the first month nothing happened and I was thinking of coming off the site when Joanne got in touch. We began to chat and eventually agreed to meet up.

On the appointed night we met for dinner and like an idiot all I did was talk about myself and ignored her completely so I was not surprised at the end of the night when she said there would not be a second date. We stayed friends and still chat to this day.

I tried again and this time I got in contact with a woman called Terri. We chatted for quite a while and she made it clear that she did not want commitment of any sort or she would run away but still I invited her to dinner but this time I cooked at home. I thought we had a lovely evening and afterwards we chatted for a few days then all of a sudden she stopped being in touch. I never pursued her but went back to the site.

Again a month passed and this time I did decide to quit the site and I started a diary on the site counting down my departure from it because I was fed up at fighting the filter system. It would appear at 47 I am either too old or too young and nothing in between. Just as my diary and my time were coming to an end June got in touch and tried to encourage me to not give up and that the right person for me was out there.

It was meant as a comforting comment but it intrigued me so I sent a message back and soon we were chatting. It became obvious to me that I was beginning to really like June. Unfortunately there was and still is a problem. She lived hundreds of miles from me and there was no chance of meeting up. We did however become friends.

I also at the same time met a fellow aspiring writer on Literotica called Babs who agreed to look at my work. We talked through things and realised that diction and punctuation were the main issue and I would have to address that if I ever wanted to get anything published again. I took on board her words and then I asked her if she had a fantasy that she would like to have written about. She told me a scenario that she liked and I agreed to give it a go for her.

I sat and thought about the idea that she had given me and it took me a couple of days to come up with what I thought was a good twist on her scenario. I began to write and soon the words were flying onto the page and I completed the story in 48 hours. I quickly posted it to her and waited her response. It came 24 hours later and she told me that she loved it but once again my diction and punctuation let me down. I looked at the story again.

This time I took the time to proof read it and found where I was making my mistakes. I went back to the drawing board and re-wrote the whole story but this time I made sure to proof read what I was writing and corrected mistakes as I went along and when it was complete I threw it back to Babs to see what illegal bahis she thought. She still loved the story but was more impressed with the fact that I had corrected all the mistakes that I had made.

I decided to send it to Literotica to see if they would accept it this time. I waited for 72 hours and then I checked the site and saw that it had been approved. I was delighted and could not wait to tell Babs. She was as happy as me.

I continued to chat to June and we became really good friends and I felt that I could talk to her about anything that was going on in my life. The problem was that I was still single and by now she had met a man and had begun to date him. I of course was jealous but I tried my hardest not to show it and tried to carry on our conversations as before.

Time passed and we stayed in touch on a regular basis and our friendship grew but the more that I chatted to her the more that I fantasised about making love to her and this began to fill my every thought and it got to the point where I would masturbate daily at the thought of making love to her. I had to do something about it.

First of all I made an idiot of myself by telling her that I loved her but she made it clear that this was an impossible situation to have a relationship in and that she was going through a phase of being faithful to her boyfriend and I had to respect her for that and so I backed off and left things for a while.

I trawled the Internet and looked for other women to chat too and did not seem to get anywhere and I kept on coming to back to June and how I felt when in touch with her. Even though we were not in touch as often as we had been I still had feelings for June and I could not do anything to change that fact.

I decided to get back in touch to see if her social situation had changed any but she was still seeing the same man and she admitted that the spark of love had begun to grow with her and that perhaps this was the man to replace her late husband.

Of course I was disappointed to hear those words but I took it in my stride and decided to concentrate on my writing. I spent my days hovering over my computer pouring out story after story but I was not happy. I was not getting the love that I longed to have and I became despondent about it.

At one point I took an overdose I was that disappointed with life and I thought that life was not living for and that I would never find the love that I wanted. I longed to hold a woman in my arms and fall asleep with them and wake up in the morning and still have them there with me but it appeared that was not going to happen.

I recovered from the overdose with no physical harm done to myself and thought what a fool I had been. That was not the answer to things so I started afresh with my search for a woman. I found a couple of women and went on a few dates and then I decided to get back in touch with the woman that I had taken out to dinner and we began to communicate by text.

Back and forth the conversations went but it never really went anywhere and we just became friends who would text each other on a daily basis and find out how things were going with each other but there was no romance involved even though she kept reminding me that she owed me dinner. It never happened and gradually the conversations became less and less.

I settled for the fact that I was going to be on my own and I went back to my writing and approached it from a different angle. I decided to slow down and think about what I was writing and began to explore subjects that I had not thought about writing about before and found that I actually enjoyed what I was writing.

It became a cathartic source of comfort for me and I could not wait to wake up and get to my computer and illegal bahis siteleri begin to write for the day. It got to the point that I was setting my alarm clock for five o’clock in the morning because I found that I did my best writing first thing in the morning and as the day went on I would get bored and become distracted.

Any way months passed and not a lot changed in my life and I decided one day to get back in touch with June. To my surprise she responded and we started chatting again but this time on a more intimate basis.

Oh not with a view to having a relationship. She was still involved and I would never do anything to take someone else away from another person. I am too much of a gentleman to do something like that.

We started talking about sex and the lack of what she was getting with her boyfriend and that she was getting sexually frustrated because she really liked this man by now but still had not taken him to her bed and she needed to have the passion that was building up within her released. I took sympathy with her and realised how frustrating that must be for her.

I do not know why but one day I was feeling in a naughty mood and I took my phone and sent a text.

“I want to make love to you.”

I pressed send and waited to see if I would get a reply. I waited for ten minutes and thought that I may have caused offence when my phone beeped.

“You are naughty.”

“I know but what do you think about my idea?”

“You know that it is not possible Anthony because one I have a boyfriend and two we are so far apart.”

“We could make love over the phone.” I replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Have you ever had phone sex?” I asked.

“No but you have me intrigued.”

I made the decision to just go with things and see what happened. I could only make a fool of myself again even though I knew that was what I did best.

I began to text again.

“Where are you now?”

“I am in bed.”

“Mmm wouldn’t mind being there with you now.”

“Would you?”

“Yes because I would want to make love to you.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“What are you wearing?”

The phone went quiet for a moment and a couple of minutes passed and I thought that I had blown things. I was about to give up when my phone beeped again. This time there was no message but there was a picture of June laid on top of her bed and she was showing me what she had on.

She had a navy blue silk nightie on and she looked really sexy. I quickly stripped off my clothes and put my silk pyjamas on and sent back message.

“Very sexy. Would you like to see what I have on?”

“Yes please.”

I took my phone and took a photograph of what I was wearing and pressed send on my phone.

Again another couple of minutes passed then my fun beeped again.

“Very nice.”

“I am glad that you like. Would you take your nightie off for me?”

I waited a moment and then my phone beeped again.

“Nightie off and I am now naked. What about you?”

“I shall take my pyjamas off now.”

I put the phone down and slipped my pyjamas off and laid there naked sporting a nice sized erection. I was certainly getting turned on with where the conversation was going and it seemed that June had entered into the spirit of the game.

I took another picture of my naked body and made sure to get my erection in and sent the message. My phone beeped again after a minute and back came a naked picture of June. There then followed another text.

“Good looking man and that erection looks so good.”

“Well you look damn sexy to me.”

“Cannot wait to get my hands on your body.”

“Now you really are being naughty but do not stop you are getting me aroused.”

I smiled canlı bahis siteleri to myself. I was having the desire effect on her and I was surprised how quickly she had taken to the game.

“I would start by kissing you on the cheek and then I would move to your lips and begin to kiss them. I would kiss you tenderly at first but then I would open your mouth and put in my tongue and explore you.”

“Mmm sounds nice.”

“I would kiss you for several minutes then I would roll you on top of me and I would move to your neck and begin to kiss it. I would find your erogenous zone on your neck and not stop kissing it.”

“Oh God that feels so good.”

“I kiss your neck for a good five minutes and then I move to your shoulder and kiss it and make sure that I pay attention to both of them and then I move down to your breasts.”




“Put your hands on your breasts and touch them for me.”

I wait a moment and then I get another text.

“I am touching my breasts now and my nipples are growing as I touch them.”

“Massage them for me June and imagine that it is my hands doing it to you.”

“Yes Anthony.”

There was a moment of silence then.

“That feels so good. I love to touch my breasts and watch as my nipples grow hard. I am playing with my nipples now and they are throbbing I am that aroused.”

“I am stroking my cock June. Long slow strokes as I think of you playing with your nipples and picturing that it is my hands doing it.”

“I wish that it was you.”

“Mmm now there’s a thought.”

“I need to touch my pussy.”

“Use one hand to continue playing with your breasts and use your other hand to play with your pussy.”

“Yes Anthony.”

“I am stroking my cock a little faster now. Up and down my shaft my hand is going.”

“I can picture it. I am touching my pussy and goodness it is so wet.”

“Tell me how wet it is June.”

“It is that wet that my pussy lips are glistening with my love juice.”

“Why not insert a finger into your pussy?”

“Mmm that sounds like a good idea.”


“I now have a finger in my pussy and I am moving it in and out.”

“I can see that June and looks so good to me.”

“I am still playing with my nipples and they feel attached to my clitoris.”

“Move your finger in and out of your pussy. Play with yourself for me June.”

“I will Anthony. Goodness I never knew that you could have so much fun on the phone.

“I knew that you would enjoy yourself.”

“God your words are really turning me on. I am moving my finger faster in and out of my pussy.”

“The faster you are moving your finger the faster I am wanking my cock and imagining that it is your hand wrapped around it and not mine.”

“God that sounds so hot. I so need to cumm. I have moved my hand out of my pussy and moved it to my clitoris. I am rubbing it now Anthony. Come and make love to me.”

I wank my cock harder and faster as June talks to me. I could cumm anytime soon but I grip the base of my cock to stop myself from cumming and I slow down my wanking. I want to hear June cumm before I do.

“I move between your legs June and place my cock at the entrance to your pussy and slide into you. You are so wet that I just slide in and I begin to make love to you.”

“I am rubbing my clitoris hard and fast now Anthony and I am on the verge of cumming.”

“Cumm for me June as I fuck your pussy.”

“Oh shit Anthony I am cumming.”

“Cumm for me June. Just let it go.”

“Oh God Oh shit – it feels so good.”

At those words I came and it was an explosive on and it went all over me. The phone went quiet and nothing more was heard that night.

The following day my phone beeped and it was June.

“God last night was so good. I hope that we can do it again.”

“We can do it whenever you want June.”

That is how it is today. We have phone sex when we need it. June is still with her man and I am still single.

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