Sex Slave Mother Ch. 04



We slept very soundly for some time, but when I wokeup, it was still very early, with the first dawn light coming in the window. I looked over at Mom where she lay on her back, her dark brown hair spread out on her pillow. I could see most of her breasts above the sheet. She looked beautiful. I carefully peeled back the sheet so that I could see the rest of her body. Her hairless pussy showed clearly through the sheet, which was up close to her hips, showing the smooth flesh of her lovely thighs. Cautiously I pulled the sheet down and stared at that inviting mound covered with its pastle lips of pussy peeped shyly.

Mom opened her eyes, taking as moment to focus on things and to catch on to the reality of the situation. I waited to see what her reaction would be in the clear light of morning. She smiled warmly at me and said,

“Hi, honey, I see it wasn’t just delightful dream after all.”

I grinned happily. “No, Nancy mom! No dream could be that good!”

I appologized for waking her up so early, but she said that was all right. She made no effort to pull the sheet to cover herself. I was extremely pleased that she was being so free and open with me. I had a king-sized piss hard on that I wanted to get into her sweet pussy again. I was tempted to lick her again, but this couldn’t wait. I placed my cock on Mom’s thigh close to her mound.

She looked at my cock and said, “Gee. Honey, you’ve gotten so big. Yours dick is much larger then that of your father’s…….. and you’re a much better lover too.”

She took hold of my prick and rubbed It gently. I lowered myself between Mom’s widespread legs and pressed my cock against her mound. She took hold of my rod with one hand, opened her cunt lips with the other and guided me into her. God! What a feeling to push throbing cock into the well-lubricated cunt of my own mother!

That was all the invitation I needed. In a few moments I had old Peter Dick in Mom again and was fucking away like crazy. I began to fuck her again, gradually thrusting harder and deeper. I hooked my arm under one of her legs and pulled her hips hard against me as I plowed into her love passage. My dick was into her pussy all the way to the balls. She felt very hot inside, and my cock felt warmly welcomed and livingly hugged.

She began humping again eagerly, matching the strength of my thrusts. I lowered my mouth to Mom’s and continued to kiss lovingly as we began to fuck. The feeling was such a tremendous combination of warm mother-son love and hot sexual lust.

Again, there is no better combination in human relations. I played with her breasts with one hand and grasped handful of firm ass with the other. Before long I was really pounding it to her, slamming her ass down into bed with great force. She kept bouncing right back for more. Mom responded eagerly to my thrusts by moving her hips with me.

We were immediately in a steady rhythm as my cock sank into her and pulled out. I was trying to hold out against the overwhelming sensation, trying not to come too soon. Before long, however, Mom began to have other ideas and tried to speed things up. I knew that if that happened, I would shoot my load too quickly, and I definitely wanted this fuck to be good for her.

I felt my balls being to boil over, and I told Mom, “It feels so damned good, Ooooooohhhh God, I’m going to cum! Shiiiiiiiit . I’m comming. Do you want me to come Mom dear?”

“Yes! Yes!” Mom exclaimed, pulling on my ass to hold me in. “I want you to shoot your juice into me! Please, honey! Pour it all into my Pussy!” I did quiet opposite.

I pulled completely out of her and moved down. Mom was at first sort of surprised by this move and dismayed. I began to kiss her belly and her thighs, gradually working toward her hairless pussy. I nuzzled into her pastle lips and kissed her wet pussy lips. Then I opened them up and began to lick inside, first just the lips, then thrusting my tongue into her vagina, then flicking at her clit.

Mom began to move her hips more rapidly. She put her hands on my head, pulling me tighter into her fragrant crotch. I had eaten out Tina several time, but Nancy’s pussy smelled and tasted much better and was juicer by far.

I began to lap at her with enthusiasm, and Mom began to buck her hips wildly. I had to hold on to her ass cheeks to keep with her. Then she was panting and moaning in a high-pitched whine, and her cunt was jerking and spaming.

As her throes subsided somewhat, I moved back up on her and inserted my huge shaft into her very wet cunt again.

“Did you cum, Mom?” I asked.

“Oh God, yes!” she said in a strange, thick voice. “Did I ever cum!”

“Then you will be punish because you have cum without my permission.” I said.

I began to kiss again, putting some of Mom’s pussy fluids back into her own mouth. I began to fuck her again, gradually thrusting harder and deeper. I hooked my arm under one of her legs and pulled her hips hard agaist me as I fuck into her love passage. She began humping again eagerly, matching the strength czech sharking porno of my thrusts. Before long I was really pounding it to her, slamming her ass down in to the bed with great force. She kept bouncing right back for more.

“I want you to shoot your juice into me! Please, honey! Come in my tight hole, Oooooooheheheh, God, please come in me Please master, come in your slave mother, please master,”

I didn’t need another invitation, and I sort of roared as I began to spurt my cum deep inside my mother’s belly. What a fantastic sensation it was to have my red-hot cock jerking and spurting in my own Mom’s cunt……… and to feel her pussy muscles begin to grasp and churn around my shooting rod in return! It was by far the most ecstatic cum I had ever had, and the way Mom was acting, panting and whining and bucking, it must have been just as pleasure filled for her.

We sort of collapsed and lay there silently for several minutes, my cock slowly shrinking inside Mom’s overflowing cunt. Finally I managed to regain strength. In a way this was better that the last night fuck, because I could just relax and enjoy it more freely. Damn! What a wonderful way to start out the day fucking dear sweet sex slave mother.

“Let’s go to bathroom, Mom dear, there is more interesting waiting for you.” Saying this I pulled her to feet and led her to bathroom for one more session of slavery.


No sooner we entered the bathroom, he walked behind me and picked me up by my waist with one arm. He then placed me on a rack and shackled my legs to the bottom binding. After that he bent me over the semi-circular slatted ahead of the rack and stretched my arms out until they nearly touched the floor. Strong leather shackles were wrapped aroung my wrists and securely fastened to the rings at the base of the legs of the rack. I sobbed softly at what I knew was coming.

As he went around me, attaching additional straps aound my head I wonder just how long I would be punished. I wonder if he would be punishing me and would want me to cry or to be silent.

As the final straps were attached mid-thigh and pulled tight, my tender, hairless vagina was pulled open. I could feel the coolness of breeze blowing. Then he released a clamps and the foot support that I had been standing on fell away, leaving me totally across the rack, unable to move. My head had been fastened down by a strap across the back that pushed my forehead into a semi-circular cutout on one of the slats.

He left the room. It was totally unnessary since I couldn’t have managed to get away. Indeed, I couldn’t even move. By now I had little doubt that I was about to be whipped as I never had before. As part of a slave’s traning I would be whipped without mercy to show me what would happen if I am not totally obedient to him. I already knew that I had cum without his permission and this will be one reason of my punishment.

I tried to move my head but couldn’t even get it up out of the curved forehead mount. I tested the straps that were holding me into the rack and realized that I couldn’t even flinch as the blows would fall. When that would be I had no idea. My stomatch growled. Partly due to hunger, partly due to the scare of punishment.

For a moment I thought that I will be punished and hoped when . That is until the whip fell across my buttocks. I let out a blood curdling scream at the intense pain. It was worse than any I had ever experienced last night. Worse than the multi-tailed whip he used last night on my pussy.

The pain shot through me like lightening. As my scream reached it’s cresendo the second blow fell. I continued the same scream until I exhausted the air in my lungs. By then the third and fourth blows and fallen and my ass was on fire.

Thing to catch my breath I found that I couldn’t. The sting of the whip kept coming and coming. Soon the punishment he began to cover my back and thighs as the streaks on my ass came together in one large red streaked area. I soon felt a funny taste in my mouth. I couldn’t stop screaming. The pain was worse than anything I had ever endured.

After I thought that I absolutely couldn’t stand any more the whipping stopped. My back, buttocks and thighs hurt. I had managed to keep my tail low so as to avoid most of the blows. However, near the base where it curved down from my tailbone I wasn’t so lucky. The throbbing in my tail told of the pain. It was hurt all over. I continued to cry since the pain was slow in going away.

As soon as I was able, I surpressed the cries and continued to sob. Sure from the earlier experience about him I wasn’t supposed to compalin I thought it might be a good idea not to make any more noise than was necessary. After the whip he had stopped, my cries filled the room so that I didn’t have any idea of what he was doing.

Soon I felt something cold being pushed in between the lips of my vagina. It was so very cold. So Apparently it had some sort of lubrication on it because it slipped in past my inner lips with some czech streets porno ease. I could feel it being moved first one way and then the next. Finally it was pulled quickly out leaving the breeze to once again blow past.

He than walked back over to me and examined my tail. He squeezed at various points very firmly. I bit my tongue to keep from screaming. I then felt him threading my tail through something. It was almost as if it were being doubled back on itself. Then I felt my tail being pulled up toward my head and a metallic click was heard. From the cool air on my anus I correctly thought that was his next point of torture.

I felt something being daubed on and around my asshole. Then suddenly the object entered me. I cleanched my buttocks together but it was already late. The object was inside, twrilling around spreading the lubricant. Just as suddenly it was gone, leaving me exposed and vunerable.

Next I felt something very large pressed up against my asshole. I thought that I was going to be ripped apart. It was much larger than any butt plug that he used yesterday. I could feel it being tugged first one way and then the next. It was then quickly withdrawn, scraping somewhat on its way out.

“Looks like you need an enema Mom dear.” He said in moke.

I grimmaced as I felt as I heard the water running, the echoes inside of the bag shortening as it filled to the top. The sound quality sounded as if the liquid was foaming. I had no idea how big it was but still had vavid memories of the enemas that I had in past.

I could hear him hanging the bag above me and I was startled as the hose swished against my raw buttocks. Then I listened with curiosity as he realsed the clamps and allowed the air to escape from the tubing. However, judging from the time it had taken him time to fill the bag I doubted that it would be large one.

Next, he reclamped the tube and let it hang down to the floor. I grasped at what was attached to end of the tube as it swang into my field of view. The tubing was nearly a centimeter wide, twice the size of what I was used to. Attached to the end was a very large very ribbed black tip that I knew with certainly was going to hurt. It was nearly three centimeters in width and was shaped somewhat like cucumber. It had numerous side holes allowing the water to spray freely once inside. He left to bedroom as the nozzle swang in and out of view. Watching it and knowing the pain that it would soon be causing me, I got slightly dizzy.

Behind the head the diameter tappered quickly down to about a centimeter at the neck and then had two large prongs that curved upward towards the tip. Apparently these were to prevent overinsertion. I tensed up as he picked up the monster. I tried as best I could to cleanch up my buttocks to prevent the inevitable insertion. Victory was not to be mine however as he reached down and grabbed a hold of my left inner labia. He gave it a cruel twist and I screamed out in pain, attempting to thrust my hips downwards to releive the pull. As he rebounded from this action the monster enema tip was pushed firmly home. The stretching of my anal tissue caused me to scream out in pain.

“Might as well get used to it Slave Mom,. There will be a lot more to come, so prepare yourself understand, mom.” He said as he released the clamp.

The surge of hot soapy water sprayed forth inside my anus causing me to cramp quickly. The pain from the heat of the water made me begin to cry again. The water just kept coming and coming. Soon the pressure inside built up until I become very uncomfortable being pulled tight over the barrel-like torture rack.

The large hose and large tip reduced the resistance to the water and allowed it to flow very quickly. I was not aware of this as I noticed that I was full much quicker than from any enema I have taken before.Even the full three liter enemas which I dreaded seemed small compared to how tight my skin felt. I thought that I was going to burst from the pressure. Finally, unable to take any more

I begged. “Please stop, please I cann’t take it any more please I beg you please Oooooooohhhhhhhh ahahahahahaahahahugugugugugugug.”

He didn’t say a word but quickly removed the hose from it’s temporary warm home and quickly plugged me with a large butt plug. It felt almost the same to me as the size he used before, only longer. I could feel as the flexible end snaked it’s way past the first bend in my intestine. Then he began to lay the whip on my tender backside.

“You will speak only when spoken to you, you bitch. And then you will use the correct form of address which is master!” He said

He then aimed the next whip blow at the juncture between my tails and anus. The tender spot stung with the succession of blows. I finally unable to contain my pain and the odd taste in my mouth expelled the contents of my stomach unto the floor. Some of the vomits went up my nose since my head was at some thirty degree down angle. The stomach fluid burned my delicate nasal passages. The rentless czech super models porno whipping continued.

After several more blows he stopped the whipping. He then attached some sort of devices to my inner labia. The heavy clamps pulled down on the tender twat, stretching it thereby causing me more pain in addition to my now throbbing asshole, butt and cramping intestine.

The butt plug was removed and the enema tip replaced it once again renewing forth the painful foamy water. A few minute later the bag was empty and he switched back to the butt plug, realizing that my ass now completely full and would be made to hold the large enema for a long time. I heard the door close behind him and prayed that it would soon be over with. As time began to drag by and the sramping grew worse I actually found myself wishing for the return of him in the hope that I could get some relief.

I began to whimper at the pain of the five liter or more enema.

Once again he left the room and then returned after some time. I could feel the straps that held me to rack being undone.

“Time to turn you over,” he said, “Don’t even think about trying anything, you undersatand.”

As the last shackle was removed from my wrist I tried to move and realized that I couldn’t. I had been in the same position for so long that my muscles wouldn’t move. He saw this and pulled me off of the rack.

I wobbled as he pushed me toward other end of the bathroom. He then tied my hand above the head of the shower and spread my legs some five feet apart with the spread bar whch he bought from Victoria Store. I was facing toward him.

He then attached clamps to both nipples and to both inner labia on my poor pussy. Even thought the clamps hurt I didn’t dare utter a sound. Walking by me on the way out he flicked the nipple clamps playfully sending waves of pain into my nipples.

He then reached into a bag and he withdrew a small douch bag. It looked to me like it didn’t hold more than half liter. He ran water to get it hot and squirted something into the bag. I relaxed, thinking that I was about to be douched.

I watched with interest as he attached a long extension tube to the douch hose. He then walk over to me and forced the narrow tube up my pee hole.It burned going in but atleast it was lubricated. Once fully inserted he released the clamp and squeezed on the bag very hard. I could feel the pressure from the liqid entering my bladder. Then suddenly it began to burn. It started hurting worse and worse. I began to cry from the pain of the caustic liquid. As he finished flattening the bag he clamped it off and let it drop to the floor. The hose was just long enough for it to reach without pulling the extension out of my bladder. I cried at the pain of the liquid.

“I’ll give you something more to cry about you flithy bitch.” He said.

As he whipped me accross the stomach with a multi-tailed whip. The evil whip was correct. I started screaming from the pain of the burning liquid in my bladder and the sting of the whip accross my front. He finished stripping me good and then brought the whip up between my legs several times, stinging the soft flesh of my vagina and inner tighs.

He roughly removed the catheter from my peehole and I started to pee. The burning from the liquid and the raw spots in my uretha soon brought me to the realization that it hurt worse to let it out. So I stopped.

Seeing this he reached inside the bag and brought out a battery with wires attached. He then attached a circuit of some sort to it. The circuit module had more wires that come out into terminal connectors which were joined with the labia clamps on my pussy. As the final connection was made I screamed at the pain of the electricity passing through my pussy. I began to pee forcefully. After the stream began to drop off he removed the device from my clamps. I continued crying at the burning pain in my bladder. He then released the clamps from my vagina and put them in the bag. As before the places where the clamps was attached were began to hurt worse, increasing the tears from my eyes.

He then left the room and return after sometime. He was carrying some sort of metal manacles. He immediately went to work attaching them to my ankles and wrists. They were two pieces and bolted together. After tightening the bolts with wrenchs he testes the fit. From the size and heft I knew that they were going to hurt after a while. He then bolted a collar around my thin neck.

After he was done he attached a leash to my collar and release the clamps that held to the rack. I slowly and painfull stepped out from the bathroom. Without a word he led me out into the bedroom. He locked a chain from the the bed to my collar.

Later he bought me a meal. Judging from the light outside it was nearly dark. After eating and painfully peeing and torture and enema still in my anus I went to sleep.

I woke from another of the painful dreams and tested my shackles again. As before I had awakened because of the pain on the water inside of my anus. He led me to bed the night before still full of the enema and plugged up tight. I had been shackled to my bed face down so that my own weight pressed against my painfully stretched abdomen. I had tried rolling from side to side but only managed to slosh the water around more, causing it to go even higher up my intestines.

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