Sex Toys



In Sensuality, 6/02, the reader was introduced to Mary, a happily married 55 year-old who discovered one week when her sexy husband was away on a family problem how sensuous her entire body could be through self-stimulation .

Upon Mark’s return, one could only surmise how Mary used her new-found sensuality to enhance their love making . This gave Mary such a glow that a co-worker, Ann, a few years younger than Mary, wanted to know her secret. Mary invited Ann to her home and after lunch showed Ann through self-stimulation some sensuous areas of a woman’s body. This improved Ann and Frank’s lovemaking – Frank being Ann’s husband.

When Frank announced he was leaving on a 3-4 day business trip, Ann was devastated. How could she satisfy her passionate body. Her husband, Frank, replied, “Ask your friend who is responsible for over-stimulating my wife.”

That’s what Ann did and learned about an artificial prick, but Mary didn’t know where to get one. The story ended with Ann saying, “Guess I have to be satisfied to wait. It’s only 3 or 4 days. Oh well, I can practice my first lesson – self-stimulation.

Chapter One – At the Sex Shop

One morning when Ann and Mary arrived at work, they learned inventory time was scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday at the warehouse. For part-time workers, plan for two full days. Wear old clothes and just bring essentials: keys, driver’s license, money in a fanny bag. Box lunches and a soft drink would be supplied, along with coffee.

Ann hadn’t forgotten about the artificial prick and asked Mary about “where do I buy

one?” Mary: “Let me ask Mark. Perhaps if we’re each free next Wed. after work, we’ll stop for lunch

and then go shopping.” Ann: “Good idea. I’d really like one as Frank said he’d be sent on more customer updates.”

On Tuesday, during inventory, Ann and Mary’s supervisor asked if they could come in Wed. for a half day, 4 hours max. Even if they were finished in 3 hours, they would receive 4 hours pay. This was fine with the two friends.

Wed., after finishing up the last of inventory paperwork, they each drove to the outdoor shopping mall where the Sex Shoppe was located. It was in a modern new mall with restaurants, clothing and shoe stores galore, gift shops, etc. After stopping at one of the restaurants for a light lunch, they walked around looking at the stores, – each deciding what to visit after their stop at the Sex Shoppe.

Ann and Mary were relieved they were wearing their old clothes, and had their hair covered with turbans. They were feeling somewhat ill-at-ease entering such a store. Putting on sun glasses, they hesitantly went into the Sex Shoppe. Their eyes opened wide at the large display on the wall. Ann: “Look at all those, those…..” ” Sex toys,” supplied Mary. Ann, in a low voice: “Do you see the artificial prick?’ Mary, also in a low voice: “Hmmmmmmm. Let’s take a section at a time. Oh! There they are. Look at all the sizes! I didn’t realize men’s thingies came that long.” Ann: ” I didn’t either. They do look real. Hey, they even have balls!” Mary: “They’re the handle for grasping. How long is Frank’s you know what when it’s hard?” Ann: “This looks about it”, measuring with her hands. “Mary, what about these things,” pointing to the anal plugs and look how long some of THEM are!!! Do we have anything that

long and straight inside of us? THAT one looks long enough to reach my throat.”. Mary: ” They go in your ass hole. Try this one; it’s small enough to go in and it can’t get lost

you know where because of the finger holds.” Ann, in a surprised voice: “You have one?” Mary, whispering: “Sh-h-h, not so loud. Yes, I do and yes, it is stimulating. I’ll explain – either in your car or mine.” Ann: “But Mary, look how big they are. I know I sometimes have a fat B.M. and it hurts, but

it’s such a small hole for something that big to go IN. Wouldn’t it hurt or even tear some-

thing? Mary: “I don’t know. I’ll have to ask Mark, but after I lubricate mine, which is like that one, it

just slides in. Ann, look at these; they look like a column of fat rings. I wonder if they

make a difference in sensory feel. This anal plug of mine is smooth. Maybe I’ll buy one

just to see if there’s a difference in stimulation .” Ann: “Well, since your smooth one goes in O.K. and is stimulating….I’ll try it. Just thinking

about it is making my ass tingle. Are you buying anything else?” Mary: ” I think so. Having used those two things, I’d like to be adventuresome and now try one that vibrates. Mark said to get one that’s like the material in that prick or anal plug. They’re easy to wash and dry. Maybe I should ask the saleswoman.”

After listening to the saleswoman, Mary made her decision. Paying for their new toys, they went to Ann’s car where Mary explained about how she used her anal toy and to buy KY Jelly and why. The two then took off to checkout’ the other stores that each had decided to visit.

Chapter casino siteleri Two: Ann and Her Sex Toys

Some weeks later Frank told Ann he would be leaving on Monday for another 3 to 4 days. Ann: “I can’t tag along?” Frank: “Honey, this place is out in the boonies’.There’s nothing there; a small town, that’s it.

You’d be bored stiff. I’ll be home before you know it. We’ll do some passionate love-

making before I leave.” And that’s what they did.

Ann took her shower first with non-scented soap. Frank didn’t care for its flavor but Ann took care of that little detail by spraying the air with a cologne, but only lightly – just a hint. The last preparation was to bring in her portable C.D. player and several appropriate sexually stimulating music discs. Then she was ready.

Starting on one disc, inhaling some of the scent, Ann imagines herself in one of those old movies where the young maiden was sexually stimulating a tribal chief by her movements. THAT is what Frank sees after he finishes his shower and comes into the bedroom. One limp part of his anatomy comes to INSTANT attention.

Ann, half mesmerized by the music and scent, slowly moves toward Frank while continuing her sexual body dance. Reaching her lover’s body , Ann puts her arms around his neck – two bodies move in rythym as two mouths meet in one long-drawn-out passionate kiss. Gently turning Ann around, Frank holds her close to him as he reaches around to those two well-packed breasts. With his hardened love tool held firmly against her loveable ass, the two – in time to the music, slowly move to the bed – which is covered with a rich-looking satin sheet.

Standing beside the bed, the two meet in another long-drawn-out kiss as Frank lightly runs his hands up and down Ann’s back, causing her body to sensuously move, further exciting him. Frank murmurs in Ann’s ear as he nibbles on it, “on the bed, my sweet. I want to run my tongue and fingers up your legs, behind your knees, over your cute, little ass.”

In seconds, Ann is lying on her stomach, purring, as Frank tantalizes those sensuous nerve endings on her lovely legs and that enticing little ass, stopping to lick at the asshole. Sensations!!! Her clit aches; her breasts ache; her mind goes, “Yes, yes.” As he moves his tongue up her spine while his fingers lightly make circles on her sides, Ann’s purring rapidly changes to sexual, guttural moans which sexually rouses Frank to a feverish pitch. Reaching her neck, he continues the tongue-flicking movement.

With her sexual, sensuous nerves screaming for more, more, Ann’s body writhes – her shoulders, back, ass – encouraging that erotic tongue to seek new areas. Firmly turning Ann onto her back, Frank continues his tongue-flicking, mouth kissing along her jaw, over her collar bone, exciting Ann even more, and then moving down to those two firm mounds with hardened nipples. “Oh – h – h” With this long drawn-out sexual cry, Ann’s hands grasp Frank’s head holding that demanding mouth on first one breast, stimulating the nipple, the flesh and then to the other breast before pushing him down to her ribs. There’s another long drawn-out cry as those very sensuous nerves are being aroused again and again until the very touch of his tongue and lips causes her body to arch.

All this time Ann’s hips are moving, moving – up and down as her clit screams for attention. At last her hands push Frank’s head down, down to that tantalizing “button”. Lips fastening; hands seeking, finding the two love openings. This stimulation of her clit along with stimulating the inside of her ass is driving Ann to have climax after climax along with the orgasms Frank’s fingers are causing in her vagina. The sensations!!! Her whole body responds. Sexual, guttural sounds continue to issue from Ann’s throat as her hands wildly claw at her breasts, over her ribs and stomach, back to the breasts, the ribs, the stomach again and again.

As for Frank – to have this wild, sexual reaction from his beloved is driving him to continue tongue-flicking that little passion button, fingering those two love passages – anything to keep this stimulating, sexual, sensuous woman responding. They have made passionate love many times but this time – this time -mind numbing passion.

Thus all conscious thought has long ceased for the two lovers. Only that part of the brain involved in sensuousness guides the two in their love making. Time seems to stand still as each body keeps responding to the other.

Finally, with his tool demanding release, Frank moves up onto Ann’s body, as his love tool slides into that waiting, demanding, lubricated love canal. Hips rise and fall, rise and fall, until all energy is spent, leaving two exhausted lovers. Soon they are sound asleep, spoon fashion.

Early, the following morning, Ann sees Frank off on another business trip and then goes into work.

As Ann and Mary are leaving, Ann suggests they stop over at the coffee shop. There, Ann asks Mary if she has slot oyna tried her vibrator and did she like it. “Not yet,” replied Mary. “Maybe later this week. I haven’t felt the need’. What about you?”

Ann: “Frank left early this morning on another 3-4 day business trip. My need’ has also been richly satisfied but in a few days…” Ann shrugged.

Mary: “Well, try them at night. That’s when the bed feels empty and the need’ is strongest.

Sometimes in the afternoon, though, I just want to relax, sexually relax. There are those days the hectic pace of our job gets to me.

Ann: “You’re right; the night does provide more stimulation and very few interruptions. See you tomorrow.”

Wednesday evening, Frank called to say he’d be home Friday. “Keep it hot for me, honey; I’ll be needing another “Sunday night” Friday. “O.K. lover. I’ll be imagining our night together. Love you.” “Love you, too, Honey Bunch.”

That night, Ann decided to use her new toys. First, she uses scented soap for showering. “Mmmmm, do I small good. Now which scent should I spray. Ahhh, this blends with the soap scent. Now for the music.”

As the music starts, Ann stands in front of a full length mirror and watches as her body begins to move in response to the rythym. She watches as her hands caress her face, collar bone, shoulders, arms. Ann sees her hands caressing her breasts, stimulating the nipples, moving over her ribs, down to her belly – going in circles, stimulating sensuous nerves. Sounds issue from her throat.

Her clit! Her ass! Both demanding attention. Where’s Frank? That’s right. Not till Friday. Put a towel on the floor. Put the sex toys out, the jelly. Grease them. O.K. Baby. On your knees – face the mirror, touch those ribs. Oh -h – h, they’re so sensual. Stimulate those nerves again. Now the belly. Run the fingers in circles; feel the response of those sensuous nerves. O.K. Baby. Move the fingers down to your pussy. Keep the fingers moving. Watch yourself, Baby. Hear the rythym. Watch your body move.

Is your ass calling for attention, Baby? Pick up the ass toy. Remember what Mary said – put it in slowly, twist it, Baby, twist it, twist it. Oh – h – h -, that’s sooo sexually arousing; it’s stimulating my clit. Use your fingers, Baby. They’re full of the jelly? That’s O.K. That’s it, Baby, massage it, Baby; massage it.

Don’t stop twisting the ass toy, Baby. Pull it out, slowly, twisting it. Now back in. Out, in, and repeat again and again. Come on, Baby. Twisting all the time.

Senses reeling: the music – the rythym – beating, beating. Massage the clit, twist the toy, the body swaying, swaying.

Fingers massaging, massaging that erotic little clit causing orgasms, orgasms. All sending the mind reeling, reeling.

By now, Ann is breathing in great gasps. O.K., Baby. Remove the ass toy. Good. Good. Pick up the prick; it’s ready to go, Baby. Rise up on your knees. Pretend you’re on top of Frank, Baby. Hold the balls’. Position the prick., Baby. He’s lifting his hips to shove it in. Shove it, Baby. Pull out… Shove it. Pull out. He’s shoving it, Baby, shoving it. That’s it Baby. One last time. Ah – h – h – h. THAT FEELS GREAT!!!!!

Ann pulls the prick out and sinks down onto the rug. Deep breaths. That’s the way Baby. Now breathe slowly and deeply. So different when it’s the two of them.

As her breathing becomes more normal, Ann’s eyes close; the body relaxes; nature continues its healing as Ann falls asleep.

Later, she wakes, wondering where she is. Oh, yes. Memory returns as she looks at the sex toys. Better pick them up, wash and dry them; put all away. Oh, my legs feel weak. Take a shower. Now to bed, but set the alarm for work tomorrow. “Night Frank. See you Friday.”

So ends Ann’s first use of her sex toys.

Chapter 3. Mary and her Vibrator

But what about Mary and the vibrator she bought. How soon will she use it. Actually, it is a week or so after she and Ann had stopped in the coffee shop.

A stressful morning. Rude customers; an impatient boss; the copier breaks down; constant ringing of her phone; a lost file – an important file. You’ve been there.

Leaving work an hour late, Mary just wants to get home and relax in a warm, scented bath. You’ve been there, well, maybe , some of you.

Letting the warm scented water soothe her frazzled nerves, Mary lets her mind wander to that daydream she sometimes has whenever she and Mark, her husband, have watched a porno movie the previous night. Although they are quite satisfied making love as a couple, they sometimes like watching a multi-couple porno, especially Mary, whenever her entire body is one erogenous nerve.

In her daydream, she has a male using two mini feather dusters on her neck, on her back, over her hips, again and again, teasing those sensitive, sensuous nerves. A female is squatting and continually licking her clit and caressing the area. Mark is exploring her mouth while his hands arouse her nipples, sending canlı casino siteleri electric waves to her clit. Mary keeps her balance by resting her hands on Mark’s shoulders.

To imagine so many sensuous areas under attack’ would send her mind reeling.

Then the three would change places, Mary resting hands on the female who would rise and kiss Mary’s breasts while moving a feather duster to caress Mary’s ribs, her belly, her arms – arousing more sensuous nerves. The male would now move down to her crotch where he would insert one long finger up her ass while his tongue would flick back and forth over her clit – faster and faster. Mark would move to her back, sending shivers down to her clit when he moved his mouth over the back of her neck, then across her shoulders . More shivers as he made tantalizing circles on her back with the two mini feather dusters. The sexual, sensual STIMULATION!!!

Such a fantasy would leave Mary exhausted but oh, how she likes that intense stimulation of her clit. She wants it to happen again.

By now the bath water has cooled and Mary steps out, drying herself in one very large towel. Running her hands over her body, Mary feels the sensuous nerves taking notice. Her body quivers as she runs one hand over her shoulder blades. The nerves stay lit’. Mary hasn’t yet discovered her erogenous scalp. That is still some months away (Read Sensuality, 6/02, Part IV).

But her cheeks, her breasts, her ribs, her belly – all send excited messages to her brain. Her clit begins to ache from the stimulation.

With shaking hands, Mary lifts her vibrator from its resting place. Her body is so excited; it can hardly wait while Mary lubricates it. FINALLY, she is lying on her bed. “Use it! Use it! What’s taking her so long! Hurry up, USE IT!!!”

A few days earlier, Mary had briefly tried it out one afternoon to see if it would work and her sensual mind was enthralled! It felt how this new toy stimulated the sensuous nerves in an exciting new way. No wonder her body is so excited.

“What is she doing now that it’s lubricated? What’s taking her so long? Oh, hurry up. The anticipation, the anticipation. Oh, has she turned it on yet? I can HEAR IT! Use it, use it.”

Mary’s hand is cautiously touching her aroused clit with the end of the lubricated vibrator. WOW!!! such a sensation the clit feels. No tongue ever caused THAT!!! Slowly Mary’s hand moves the lubricated vibrator back and forth over the clit. “Don’t stop,” says the clit. “Don’t stop; it feels almost like exquisite torture. Oh, the pleasure is so intense. This could go on and on – this pain of pleasure. I don’t, I don’t want it to stop. I d- o- n – n – n -‘ t.”

Sensations are stimulating all the sensuous nerves in her genital area and the sensuous part of her brain. They are all screaming. “The pleasure, the pleasure. We can’t stand it but give us more, more.”

“Experiment,” says the sensuous brain. “More the vibrator along the crotch to the bone at the opening of the vagina. Whoa!!! Hold it there. Exquisite pleasure, such exquisite pleasure. Move it back and forth over the bone. I LIKE THAT!!! Oh-h-h-h. Again, again, again-n-n-n. The ecstasy, such exquisite tortuous ecstasy.”

“Now move it into your love channel,” continues her sensuous mind. “Increase the vibration. MORE!!! MORE!!! Now push it in, pull it out, again, again. Pretend it’s Mark. That’s the way – all the way down. You’re hitting the right spot! NO-O-O-O-O!!! You’re pulling it too far away. Just keep hitting that one spot. That’s it. THAT’S IT!!! AGAIN, AGAIN!!! I LIKE that! Don’t stop, such pleasure, such exquisite pleasure.”

Mary’s body has been responding to this ultra, intense, sensual pleasure. Her breasts, aching from the clit’s pleasure, want attention – “stroke us, stroke us. Use your free hand – stroke us; pinch each nipple, pinch them. That’s it! That’s it! Where did the hand go?”

“Our turn,” say the ribs,” Our turn. Touch us, touch us. Rub your fingers over us. Oh-h-h-h, cry the sensitive nerves. We like that; we like that. Touch us!”

“My turn,” cries the belly. “Run your nails lightly over the skin. Oh, that is driving me wild. More! More!”

Her body continues to writhe back and forth on the bed as it drinks in these sensory pleasures, wanting more, wanting more. The pleasure; THE PLEASURE!

Her voice is rough, emitting sounds unlike any she had made before.

“Turn it up. Turn-n-n-n-n it up,” cry the nerves. “Erotic pleasure fills every fibre of us with this tantalizing, tormenting, sensual, arousal vibration. We want more, more!!! The exquisite, tormenting pleasure!


“Stop? Why-y-y-y. Who’s saying stop!'”

“I am,” said the logic part of her brain. “Enjoy this pleasure, but don’t be a slave to it. Don’t be a slave to it. Don’t be a s l a v e t o i t.”

Slowly, reluctantly, very reluctantly, Mary’s hand withdraws the vibrator and her other hand, leaving the belly, this shaking, trembling hand, slowly turns down the vibrations to low, almost off. Drawing the still lubricated toy back over her super sensitive clit, her hand automatically rolls the vibrator over and over it – increasing, ever increasing its sensual, intense pleasure.

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