Sexploration Ch. 03


Around mid afternoon the Harden family sat down to dinner. It was a strange affair; both women behaved unusually. Mary kept pretending that nothing strange was going on, but the more she pretended, the more her husband could see that something was troubling her. She was observing Billy with a strange look in her eyes. Doctor Harden could not comprehend what was behind this look, but he was certain that he had never seen his wife look at their son this way.

Billy noticed it as well. His mom turned her eyes elsewhere every time their eyes locked, but he noticed that she was studying him.

“What’s with mom?” he asked himself in his thoughts. “Did I do something? She mentioned something about something in the kitchen.”

Poor young man tried very hard to recall anything bad he might have done, especially anything that involved kitchen, but no matter how much he forced his brain to think, nothing came back to him.

And as if Mary’s strange mood was not enough, now Nancy started to act weird. Doctor Harden noticed that she kept sending him funny looks. She also touched him. Nancy was sitting next to him and on few occasions she put her hand on his shoulder or leg. The contact was very brief and the girl quickly removed her hand, but her touch was strangely warm and intimate; too intimate for a daughter touching her father.

Doctor Harden kept telling himself that he was imagining things, but he could never completely convince himself. And although he was not sure, he thought that at one point he caught Nancy staring at his crotch. No. That was impossible. Why should she do such a thing?

After the dinner was over, the kids were tasked with cleaning the table and taking care of dishes while Steven took Mary to another room.

“Honey, I’m worried about you.”

She smiled, but it was not a very convincing smile. “I’m fine Steve. Everything is ok.”

He looked deep into her eyes. She tried to withstand his silent examination, but after few seconds Mary had to turn away.

“You are lying to me.” It was a stern statement of an obvious fact and not a question.

“Don’t be silly.” She giggled nervously. “I’m just tired. And I have many things on my head.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, you know. Things back home. Things at work.”

Doctor Harden knew his wife well enough to know that he won’t get the truth out of her through hostile confrontation and questioning. It was preferable to help her relax and wait until she was comfortable enough to tell him on her own. It was time to change tactics.

Doctor Harden came to her and encircled his arms around her waist. “You worry too much sweetie.” He planted a loving kiss on her forehead. “Let all these things go. That’s why we came here; to relax and forget our problems. It is a vacation after all.”

Mary smiled. This time her smile was sincere. “You are absolutely right. We should have some fun.”

“That’s the spirit,” doctor Harden answered jovially. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. You pick something.”

“Hmm. How about we go swimming? That pool outside looks huge.”

His wife took a second to think it over. “I don’t feel like it.”

“Very well. How about sauna?”

“Yes. That sounds great.”

“Then lets go.”


The sauna was, like most saunas, hot and steamy. Doctor Harden was sitting on a bench. His wife was lying with her head resting on his knees. They were making small talk when Billy walked in. He was naked, except for the towel wrapped around his waist.

“Hi. Do you mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” his father replied.

Mary sat up and made sure that her towel was wrapped tightly around her. Although her towel covered all the intimate parts of her naked flesh, and even though Billy was right now unable to see any part of her that he was normally not able to see in everyday circumstances, Mary felt very uncomfortable being seen like this by her son. After her experience in the kitchen she was wary about exposing any part of her body before him.

“Where is Nancy? Is she going to join us as well?” asked doctor Harden.

“I think I saw her near the pool,” his son replied. “I don’t know if she’s coming here.”

The two men, or rather the boy and the man, started talking about school, doctor Harden’s work, sports and other subjects. Mary threw in few words here and there, but for most part she sat quietly. At first she listened to what was said, but her attention soon switched to her son’s half naked body. As far as she could tell, he looked exactly the same as he did in the kitchen. Of course, her examination could not be totally complete because of the towel he wore.

“I wonder how big my baby’s cock is.” She immediately scolded herself for thinking such thoughts, but the image of her son’s member could not leave her mind. Whenever she closed her eyes, she could see it plainly in her imagination. She remembered how it felt to taste it and lick it. How it felt to take it inside her mouth and feel the big veins covering it with female fake taxi porno her tongue. In her mind she saw it sliding in and out of her vagina and recalled how wonderful it felt.

Mary caught herself daydreaming. She opened her eyes and forced herself to listen to the discussion. But as she listened, her eyes became glued to Billy’s sweating, muscular body. He was so gorgeous. Mary felt the urge to come up to him and kiss his boyish face. And then to start licking his sweat, starting at the chest and letting her tongue slowly trail down to his stomach before tearing that stupid towel away and licking the sweat off from his massive meat and impressive balls. She would get it clean, as well as nicely hard and throbbing. She had to lick it good in order to get it well lubricated so that there would be little difficulty in inserting it inside her hungry, wet pussy. She closed her eyes and imagined herself straddling Billy and riding hard on his big cock while he and his dad kept talking as if nothing unusual was going on.

The horny mom snapped out of her fantasy only to realize how aroused she was. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was flooding. She had to get out right this moment. The longer she remained in that small room with her almost naked son, the greater the risk she ran of somehow betraying her condition. Besides, there was no point in staying. She was not going to participate in their boring discussion.

“I’m sorry guys, but I had enough sauna,” Mary said while hurryingly making her way towards the door. “You two can stay here and keep talking.”

“Are you sure honey? Do you want me to come with you?” doctor Harden asked in a worried tone of voice. He could see that his wife was acting strange again.

Mary blushed. “Of course I’m all right sweetie. I’m just tired from all this heat. You two can stay here. Don’t worry about anything.”

She opened the door and left, but not before unconsciously licking her lips after catching the last glimpse of Billy’s sweaty, muscular body.


Mary quickly made her way to her room half walking, half running. Once inside, she sat on the bed and almost cried. Her body was still aroused, and it made her feel ashamed.

“Why am I reacting this way? What is happening to me? A mother should not think this way about her son, even if he does have a big, tasty cock that shoots buckets of delicious cum. Oh my god. Why did I just think about that?”

She happened to notice that the door to the bathroom was opened and saw the shower door inside. It occurred to the horny mother that a shower might be a good idea. Right now she felt like a bitch in heat. Perhaps a cold shower could snap her out of it. Plus, she had to wash the sweat off her body anyway.

Mary allowed the towel to drop to the floor and walked naked into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and adjusted the water’s temperature until it was pleasantly cool. She then entered inside and started washing her luscious body.

The water felt so good on her naked flesh. She immediately started to feel better. Her soapy hands roamed all over her body. She turned her back to the shower to enjoy the sensation of cool water splashing on her back and neck and closed her eyes. Her hands started washing her big breasts. It felt good. Her fingers locked on her hard nipples and started playing with them. At first she did so merely to wash them, but the pleasure derived from touching her hard, pointy nipples was so intense that she kept on doing it.

The nipple play lasted for a long moment. Mary kept her eyes closed. She became completely lost in the sensation. Eventually, her right hand slowly slid downwards towards her womanhood. It was an unconscious action. Her mind did not even register the hand closing in on her vagina. Al that the horny woman was aware of was the pleasure and the desire for more pleasure.

Her right hand reached the vagina and started rubbing. Mary opened her eyes and looked down. She was surprised, but also content. It felt good and she needed some sort of release. Perhaps it was better to masturbate rather than keeping those feelings inside.

She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes again. She slid a finger inside her and started to slowly push it in and out. At the same time her left hand started squeezing and twisting her breasts.

It felt so good, but it was not enough. Her pussy was burning and flooding. She was in too much heat to take things slowly.

The masturbating beauty quickly slid a second, a third and then a fourth finger inside her. That felt four times better than before. Her fingers went in and out faster and faster.

“Aaah. Aaaah. Feels so good. Aaaaaah. Yes. Aaaaaaaah. So fucking good. More. More. Moooore.”

Mary cupped her left breast and brought it to her mouth. Her head dropped and her sensual lips wrapped themselves around her nipple. She started sucking on it like a little baby.

Due to the intense arousal and the stimulation that her fingers genel porno and her mouth were providing, it took only a moment for the gorgeous MILF to come. She moaned like crazy while her lips remained locked on her nipple.

“Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

The orgasm hit her like a lightening bolt. Her body became rigid, and then relaxed again. Mary slowly allowed herself to slide downwards with a big, content smile glued to her face. She sat down and spread her legs. For the moment she was too weak to stand.

“I just hope that this will take away my mind from Billy,” she said to herself.

However, it was not to be. Thinking about Billy brought back the memory of their encounter is the kitchen. She recalled how his young cock was pounding her pussy, how he licked her cunt and how she sucked on his hard member until he came in her mouth and she drank his youthful semen. It was a very pleasant memory, and it got her pussy burning all over again.

“Jesus,” she thought to herself as her hand started rubbing her vagina. “What is happening to me? I crave sex. I want to fuck so badly and I want to fuck with my own son.”

Mary fought a battle within. One part of her wanted to masturbate and come and come and come until she couldn’t anymore. Another part wanted to leave and do other, non sexual things. The two sides remained locked in conflict all the while Mary was slowly rubbing her fiery pussy.

She happened to spot a candle standing on the nearby bathtub. The candle was long, thick and had an egg shaped head. It reminded her of a penis. Seeing it, an idea occurred to Mary’s naughty mind. She quickly stood up, turned off the shower and wiped herself dry with a towel. Then she took the candle and went to the bedroom where she made herself comfortable on the bed.

She brought the candle to her lips and kissed it playfully. “Hello there little fella,” she said playfully as if talking to a puppy. “You’re going to make me a very happy woman. I have a friend who is just dying to meet you. Let me introduce you to her.”

Mary brought the candle between her legs and started to rub her sensitive pussy with its egg head. It was crazy, but she was horny and her pussy was in dire need of some good pounding. She had left all her sex toys at home and her husband was busy talking with Billy.

“Mmmm. Billy,” she moaned when the candle entered inside her. Her cunt was so wet that there was no need for lubrication; it slid inside with almost no friction. Then, the pounding began for good.

Mary worked the improvised dildo furiously while her other hand was busy pleasuring her nipples. The candle was smaller than Billy’s cock, but it was of respectable size and it felt much better than her fingers.

The memory of Billy’s cock caused her to fantasize about her son. In her mind she saw him on top of her with his giant dick thrusting in and out of the very cunt that gave him life eighteen years earlier. Mary knew that it was sick to think about her son like this. She tried to think about her husband and other men, but it was no use. Every single time her imaginary partners took the shape of Billy just after few seconds. Eventually she gave up and allowed herself to go. Maybe this was what she needed?

“Aaah. Yes Billy. Aaaaaah. Fuck your mommy. Fuck me good baby with that giant cock of yours. Aaaah. Aaaaaaaaaah. Baby, you’re going to make me come. Make me come baby. Mommy needs your cum inside her so that she can come. Aaaaaaah.”

Reality disappeared. Everything ceased to exist. There was only her sex starved cunt and the candle. Her hands moved faster and faster. In her imagination, Billy was picking up speed.

“Aaaaaah. Aaaaaaaaah. Shiiiiiit. Aaaaaaaah. Fuck me baby. Fuck your bitch mother. I need your cock so bad. Aaaaaaaaah. Fuuuuuuuck. Aaaaaaaaaah.”

Mary’s hands became a blur. She was fucking herself at top speed. It took only a moment for her to climax.

“Fuck. Fuck. Here I come. Here I cum. You made your mother cum you motherfucker. Here I cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Yeeeeeeeeeeees!”

Her juices ejaculated from her fuck hole and coated both the candle and her hand. She just had one of best orgasms of her life. It was almost as good as the ones she had with Billy back in the kitchen. It took her few minutes to recover. Much to her dismay, she was still horny.

“Oh god, no. I’m in heat. Maybe if I fuck myself one more time, then I’m going to be all right.”

The poor, horny mother had to masturbate four more times before her arousal evaporated. Each time she tried another position and a different piece of furniture. After her last orgasm, she felt too tired to do anything. Her body needed rest. She took a second shower, changed the bed sheets, and then took a nap.


After Mary left, doctor Harden and Billy spend close to an hour together talking about this and that. Eventually, Billy excused himself and left. Alone, doctor Harden took off his towel and, naked like a newborn baby, stretched glory hole secrets porno out on the bench. The heat was suffocating and sweat was running on him in streams. But it felt good. He closed his eyes and relaxed.

It came from nowhere. A wave of lust rushed through his body. He felt his penis swell and rise rapidly. He looked down and saw his mammoth tool pointing at the ceiling and throbbing.

“What the hell?”

This was weird. He didn’t thought nor did anything sexual. So why was his body reacting this way?

The bewildered doctor closed his eyes again and tried to relax. It was no use. He tried to think about something disgusting and unsexy, but his efforts were in vain. His body was disconnected from his mind and acting on its own. His dick was by now throbbing like crazy and ejaculating a tiny, but steady stream of precum.

“I guess I have to take care of my baby,” doctor Harden said as his hand wrapped itself around his meat and started stroking.

His self pleasuring lasted less than a minute before the doctor opened his eyes. Some sort of sixth sense told him that he was not alone.

Indeed, he wasn’t. Next to him stood Mary and Nancy. Both were completely naked and starring at his cock with hunger in their eyes.

“Sweet, holly Jesus!” the doctor yelled. The shock at seeing these two women there and naked while he was masturbating caused him to fall from the bench.

“Jesus! Mary! I can explain,” he screamed while looking around for a towel. Since there was none within arm’s reach. He desperately, and unsuccessfully, tried to hide his erect tool with both hands.

“Listen.” He was red from embarrassment, but he also managed to regain enough of his senses to try to recapture control over the situation. He sat back on the bench and switched the tone of his voice from scared to accusing. “You shouldn’t walk in on people like that. I thought that the door was locked.” Indeed, it was. It could be opened only from inside. So how did these two gorgeous women got inside? “And why are both naked anyway?”

It was only now after asking that question that it finally hit him that the two ladies were naked. Of course, he saw their nude bodies right from the beginning, but his mind was too shocked to register their nakedness. Now, he just realized how strange it was that his naked wife and naked daughter were standing right in front of him.

His already lustful penis went nuts. The two women were divinely beautiful and made for fucking. Both mother and daughter had almost identical bodies and very similar faces. Doctor Harden couldn’t help but notice their parted vaginal lips that were visibly moist, and it wasn’t sweat, although their bodies were wet from perspiration. He could clearly smell their pussy juices. Their giant breasts were full and swollen, as were their hard nipples. The two ladies kept on licking their sensual lips.

“What are you two doing here? Nancy, put something on yourself for god’s sake.”

There was no reply. The two females kept staring at his penis as if it was a twelve inch candy and they were kids desperate to suck on something sweet.

Mary was the first one to move. She sat down next to her husband, took his head in her hands and kissed him. Doctor Harden was too surprised to resist. Their tongues met and danced. It felt like heaven. After only a brief moment he forgot about the outside world. His hands left his penis and went to his wife’s eager body. His left arm wrapped itself around Mary’s think waist. The right hand went to one of her breast and started to play with the huge mount of flesh. They both continued to kiss passionately.

It took a moment before doctor Harden registered something wet around his penis. He broke the kiss and looked down. Nancy was jacking him off with both of her small hands while her small, soft tongue caressed his large penis head.

His first instinct was to stop her. She was his daughter after all. But his horny body stopped him from acting. After all, Nancy was a fabulously beautiful, young lady, and if she wanted to suck his dick, then why not let her? Sure, it was incest. But he wasn’t forcing her into anything. Besides, he desperately needed to come and the girl’s tongue was right now providing the right stimulation.

“Oh, yes baby girl. You suck dick like an angel and your soft tongue feels like heaven. Go ahead Nancy, keep sucking daddy.”

Doctor Harden gently took his wife’s chin and gave her a quick kiss. “Go down there and help her,” he said and planted another kiss on her moist lips.

Mary smiled and sat next to her daughter. Her hands went to her husband’s member. One hand grabbed his huge balls and started fondling them. The other hand placed itself just above Nancy’s fingers. The young girl removed one hand from her father’s cock and wrapped it around her mother, so that her fingers could reach Mary’s big breast and play with it and the hard nipple.

The two women kept on gently and slowly stroking the man they loved. Even with two hands jerking it off, doctor Harden’s cock was so huge that there was plenty of meat left for the females to lick, suck and kiss. Their tongues explored every exposed inch of it. Sometimes the tongues met and for a moment explored each other, but the object of their admiration was always the cock.

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