Sexplorations Ch. 01


Sexplorations – Episode 1 – Part 1 – His Introduction


I had often wondered about the differences in how sex was approached by men and women. Of course, this was mostly related to how my partner and I could achieve the best sex together. I guess for the women I have been involved with, the best approach was to start with gentleness, and to proceed gradually. Only later would a more aggressive approach be accepted and appreciated.

One way this was shown was in the way we experimented with different ways of having sex. I guess once she knew she was appreciated and cared about, then more trust would develop, including sex.

I don’t know whether I am addicted to sex, but I could certainly be described as horny. I’ve been an avid reader of sex books and have certainly been inspired by some of what I have read.

For me, one of the important parts of sex is its ability to make everything else become unimportant. It is like while you are doing it the enjoyment and pleasure given and received blocks out everything else. One of the things I especially enjoy is to bring my partner to a point where almost anything is possible, especially if it furthers our enjoyment.

I guess I am a sexual gourmand, I don’t just care about tits, or cunt, or ass, but enjoy it all. I certainly enjoy foreplay, and strive to give my partner multiple orgasms before it is over. If there is an ulterior motive on my part, it is that if done right, her sexual appetite will increase and her reluctance to engage in more exotic choices will decrease as the orgasms accumulate.

We often start by giving each other back rubs, foot massages, and other kinds of sensual touching. This usually ends with my sitting next to her or across her legs as she gets her back rubbed. Gradually I rub and knead more of her back, moving downward slowly. Soon I am concentrating on her ass cheeks. I know she feels good and relaxed (who wouldn’t after such gentle pleasure?), but I begin to get more overtly sexual in my treatment.

I start kissing her back even while I continue to rub her lower back and ass. I work my way down her back and soon I am kissing the top of her ass crack. Her cheeks are still somewhat tensed, but I gradually pry them apart with my hands and kiss her asshole. While I am doing the preliminaries she is generally quiet, but as I become more insistent she occasionally groans a little. I really enjoy hearing those kinds of sex sounds.

As I continue to kiss her ass she begins to move her legs a little to give me better access. I begin to talk to her, as much as I like the sounds, talking about it while in the act is also very teasing/arousing.

I’ll say to her, “I’ll bet you’re liking all of this and your cunt is getting wet. Would you like me to keep working on your ass for a while longer?”

She says, “Yes, but don’t just kiss it. Put your tongue in it. Make it wet.”

Her ass cheeks are still somewhat together, so I again pry them apart. After another kiss or two, I stick my tongue out and start licking her ass. It is getting really wet illegal bahis from all of the saliva, and soon I push my tongue into it. I can feel her squirm and her cheeks begin to open and close as she tries to get more of my tongue into her. I continue to do this for a few more moments.

Then I sit up, across her legs, and put my cock between her cheeks. If I angle it right it will stay there, although some times I will let it slide up and then sandwich all of it between her cheeks. “Do you like the feel of my cock?” I say as I push down.

“Yes, it feels good between my cheeks. Please rub it up and down some.”

I’ll stroke it up and down her crack, with all the saliva there it slides very easily. It feels real good for me too.

I reposition the head of my cock so it is pressing against her asshole. Everything is still real wet. I push it some, so it starts to tease open her asshole. Just a little. “Do you like my cock teasing your asshole?”

“Yes, it feels really good.”

I then continue to push it, and then go back to kissing and tonguing it. I repeat this several times. Now when I go to eat her ass her cheeks are very relaxed, they are not squeezed together at all. I don’t have to pry them apart to get at her asshole, it is there for me to play with. I look below it to her cunt, it looks pretty wet.

“Are you ready for a tongue in your cunt and on your clit?”

“Yes, how do you want me, on my back or on my knees?” she asks. When she is so into it that she can ask that question then I know we’re going to have a hot time.

“Get up on your knees, and tilt your pelvis. I want to eat that cunt but that ass of yours won’t be left out.”

She quickly gets on her knees. Her cunt is somewhat open from the posture and that asshole is really open and available.

I go to work, first licking her cunt from the hole up to her clit. She is moaning more often now as I really go to town.

After getting my tongue into her cunt as far as it can go – she is squeezing her cunt muscles to flex on it, I move my tongue back to her asshole. It is getting easier to push it in and she really moves around when I’m in her.

We get into a steady rhythm of this, it keeps the energy moving but not yet going to a crescendo.

Finally, after I good ass-tonguing, I go back to her cunt. It is really wet as I lick it. I reach around to her ass with a free hand and start teasing the hole with my middle finger. She moans some more, “Stick it in me!”

I gradually insert the finger into her ass, it goes in real easy thanks to all of the wetness there. As my finger goes all the way in I can feel her muscles grab onto it. I start licking her cunt and clit very rapidly. Her cunt lips are spread apart as I do this.

She is moaning a lot now and she is moving her hips and pelvis. I want this level to last for awhile, so I slow down. Now I lick gently and slowly, mostly in her cunt. I know that if I hit her clit too much she’ll go over the edge.

My cock is oozing fluid, and I want some attention there. I move my body around illegal bahis siteleri so she can suck me. She’s still pretty excited so she wastes no time licking off the fluid and then putting it in her mouth. I feel her tongue licking at it while she starts moving her head back and forth.

I show her my appreciation by increasing the speed of my cunt eating. At the same time I start to fuck her ass with my finger. I never take it all the way out, but close, and then push it back in. She is moaning almost continuously now and really eating my cock. I now work my tongue and mouth up to her clit – I suck her lips into my mouth and lick between them at her clit. I reach my thumb around to her cunt and insert it at the same time the middle finger is fucking her ass. I push them both in and out at the same time. Her cunt muscles are grabbing onto the thumb and the finger and really grinding away. I rub the thumb with the finger, separated by only a thin membrane.

“I’m coming, eat me, fuck me.” she moans. So I can concentrate on her and because I want to come some place else, I pull my cock out of her mouth. I get my other hand into the action, middle finger in the ass and thumb in the cunt. I really stroke then in and out pretty quickly as her hips buck and she keeps on moaning.

Her orgasm finally begins to subside a little. I pull both my hands out but quickly get to my knees behind her. I slip my cock into her cunt.

She gasps as it sinks in all the way. I hold it there for a while, feeling the heat coming off her body and especially around my cock. Soon she starts to pull away from me, and then pushes back. My cock slides in and out of her cunt. It feels really good, but we continue to do it slowly. I look down at my cock as it sinks into her. Her ass is wide open, her cheeks are fully relaxed. Every time my cock hits bottom she groans and then wiggles her pelvis. My cock swings around inside her as she does this.

I say to her, “You’re fucking me real good with that cunt. I like the way you squeeze me, and bounce it around. Are you feeling good? Are you hot?”

“Yes I am, it feels so good. You push too, I want to be fucked.”

I slow down. Teasing her like this is especially good. I say, “You know, your cunt is getting all the action now, but earlier other parts of you were involved.” I reach down to her ass and start to rub around the hole. It is still wet from before, but it is starting to dry out.

I reach around to her cunt and finger her clit, just a little. She jerks when I first touch it. “It’s really sensitive, be careful.” I get my fingers nice and wet, and bring them back to her asshole.

“I think I’m going to have to fuck this ass. I liked it when it grabbed onto my fingers. I know it makes you really hot when I mess with it. Do you want me to do it?”

I stop moving my cock, if she tries to get it in I keep it balanced. She starts to moan, “I’m getting close again. It feels like a big one. Fuck me!”

I tease her some more. “I’ll bet that if I fuck your ass you won’t even come. You need to canlı bahis siteleri be educated about this. You need to learn how to do it right.” I push my cock slowly into her cunt, and then pull it almost out. I can see that she is getting close.

“Come on, tell me you want it.” I tease her again.

“You fucker, I want it. Give me your prick.”

I pull it out of her cunt. I quickly put my mouth there and lick her hard and fast on the clit and cunt. Then I work around to her ass. I can see it opening and closing and I push my tongue way in. She starts squirming as I push it in and out. I start fingering her cunt.

I stop all of this. “Are you ready? Do you want my cock? I’ve stopped eating you. I’m getting ready to put my cock in your ass. Do you want it?”

She’s pretty frustrated at my delaying tactics. “Put that thing in me. I don’t care where, but fuck me with it.”

I stop moving. “You really need to convince me that I should do this. I could finger and eat you for awhile.”

“No, I’m really close. It is going to be big. I want that prick in me.”

“Well, I know. But if we mess around some more, maybe you can have some more orgasms.”

“I’m ready! Put that prick in my ass!”

“I’m getting ready to do it. Can you feel the head against your asshole? I’m pushing it it just a little.” I like to describe it to her, even though she can certainly feel what I am doing.

I push it in a little more, and then pull it back. Not all the way out, but enough. I slowly push it in and out. “Is that OK? Does it feel good?”

“Yes, it’s fine. Put it all the way in.”

I pump it a few more times and then I sink it all the way in. She groans as I do this. Once I’m all the way in I rest there. The pressures on my cock are great, and I know she wants more.

“Are you OK? You don’t want me to push it in any further, do you? Maybe I should rub your clit.” I say as I reach around and start rubbing.

She bucks when I get her clit. I continue to rub, I also play my fingers around her cunt lips, which are wide open and really wet.

“You want me to fuck it a little?”

“Yes, start moving it. It feels really good.”

I start to pump it in and out, but pretty slowly. Her ass keeps grabbing on to my cock. I can feel my cum beginning to build up.

“Would you like it a little faster?” She doesn’t want to pay much attention to me – she’s really getting high on her quickly approaching orgasm. I can feel her get into it.

I say, “You are coming. I think I’ll really start to fuck your ass. I’m going to stroke it hard and deep. You’re hot, so hot. I know you want it.”

I start to fuck her furiously. I pull my cock almost entirely out and then drive it in deep. I do this as her orgasm mounts. I can feel her ass guts loosen and grab. Her orgasm is making her asshole even more open. I fuck it real hard with my rock solid cock.

“I’m fucking your ass real good. I’m driving it in and you are opening it up to me.”

She is giving out muffled screams as I’m saying this. I grab her shoulders and use them for extra leverage. My cock is going like crazy in her ass.

I feel my cum start. I push in real deep and start squirting. The contractions are overwhelming as I continue to spurt into her.

We both collapse on the bed, covered with sweat.

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