Sexual Rebirth Ch. 02


Hi Everyone, Here is part 2 of my Las Vegas sexual awakening story. Just a quick recap in case some of you didn’t read part 1.

I met Ken during a Vegas convention. We hit it off and I had sex with him a few days before the adventure I’m about to relate. We went shopping for an outfit; I started being an exhibitionist and he even talked me into shaving my pussy. I felt so horny afterwards and we made love in the shower. So after a long night of love making, we had to get up for the final seminars on Friday morning. So let’s begin there.

After the last seminar was over and because it was our last night in town, Ken suggested doing something to expand my sexuality by going to a swingers club. He laughed when he told me it would be my “cumming-out party.” I started to feel uneasy about the idea. He explained that, if I regressed so easily, how I would continue my new-found persona? If I didn’t explore all avenues of my sexuality, he said, I would regret it later in life.

I knew he was right and asked him if he had ever been to this club before. He said he hadn’t, so I asked him how he’d heard about it. He laughed and told me a girl that he met here last year bragged about it. So this year he checked it out online and thought he would try it, if he had a girl to take. Then he laughed and pointed to me as being that girl.

He then gave me his sad potty look and said: “So Kathryn, it’s up to you. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and we can leave any time you say. Just go and give it a try.”

“You don’t want to make love to me anymore?” I asked.

“Oh no, that’s not it,” he replied. “Remember Wednesday I told you I would help you in your endeavor to expand your new-found sexuality? Well that is what I doing.”

Well I couldn’t argue that point, so I smiled and said okay. That seemed to make him very happy. I went back to my room and I took a nice long bubble bath. I shaved everything including my pussy again. As I was wrapped in a towel there was a knock on my door. It was Ken. He was wearing black pants and a nice blue polo shirt that showed off his muscles. I asked him what he wanted me to wear. He had a big devious grin when he suggested a blue top I’d worn earlier in the week. Oh my god! That’s way too short, I thought. But he insisted.

I put it on, with black thigh high stockings, a black G-string panty and my new black stilettos. No I didn’t wear a bra therefore, my nipples protruded from under the tight material. Looking in the full-length mirror, I pulled the top down as far as I could, but it barely covered the tops of my stockings. When I raised my arms up, it rose to where it was barely covering my panty. I was so uncomfortable wearing it out in public. Then I told myself that I needed to get over my inhibitions. I rationalized that I’d seen other girls wear dresses like this one and I needed to advertise myself in order to eliminate my own shyness and fears.

Ken took one look at me and blurted, “Oh Kathryn, you look very enticing. I think I’m going to get jealous tonight with all of those guys admiring your beauty.”

He came over to me put his strong arms around me and kissed me. Then he whispered, “You will be the hottest girl there.”

Now dinner was at a busy restaurant off the strip. I was generating a lot of stares as we waited in the lobby for a table. I kept my knees tightly together with my hands in my lap. I tried to get over my self-consciousness. When we got up for a table, I didn’t pull my dress back down and it barely covered my ass. As I walked by a table full of guys, I could feel their stares and I wiggled my walk a little bit more. Dinner was great and we split another bottle of wine, although I drank most of it. I was becoming extremely tense about this whole endeavor and the wine did help. I’d even stopped keeping my knees tightly together and didn’t care who looked. The table where those guys were sitting was close enough to where I bet they got a nice view.

Anyway, around 10 P.M., we finally found the hidden party house in east Las Vegas. There were a lot of cars in a vacant lot next to it. I was now starting to get very restless wearing such a revealing outfit. As we walked toward this secluded abode, suddenly I was engulfed by huge rush of excitement. We walked in and saw this huge room. There was music playing, many couples dancing and some unattached guys standing hopefully at the bar. I felt like they all were staring at me! A friendly burly guy asked for our donation of $40 per couple and inquired if this was our first time here. I tightly held Ken’s arm and said it was. Looking at Ken, he explained the rules about no one up stairs unless they are a couple, NO means NO and to practice safe sex, as he pointed to a large bowl filled with condoms. Just as we were walking away he said: “Oh by the way. Just some advice! I wouldn’t take your beautiful lady to the Red Room. This is singles night, so there are a lot of guys looking for a girl like her illegal bahis to have fun with. It would be wise to stay out of it.” He pointed to a red door and laughed. I giggled and for some reason became very curious about that room.

Anyway it was BYO and we didn’t bring any, A nice guy wearing a white bandana on his head told us that I could help myself to his. The bar guy then made me a double margarita and we began talking for a while. He said he came there every Friday because they allow single guys in for $100, while single girls are free. Then he laughed and told us that there is usually a little more action, but tonight it seemed a little dead. Well, it seemed crowded enough to me.

Every time I looked over at him he was checking me out by staring at my legs. When he looked up at me, his eyes would stop at my chest. I just thought he was a typical horny guy, but for some reason I was enjoying his stares. I knew he wanted me and I liked the attention because he was cute.

Anyway, I was becoming very giddy and wanted to dance. I grabbed Ken’s hand and we went to the dance floor. As we danced, I was becoming very amorous and kept rubbing my body up against my dance partner. When I twirled, I could see TJ staring at me and smiling. I had forgotten how high my dress rose up with my hands in the air. Becoming very tipsy from that margarita, I teasingly kept rubbing up against Ken asking about peeking in the Red Room, just to see. I don’t know why I was so fixated about it, but I was.

After a while, Ken became tired and wanted to rest. He whispered about finding us a private place so he could make love to me and then walked away to search. I had so much energy and still wanted to dance, so when TJ took my hand, I smiled and waved bye to Ken. As we danced, he continually complimented me on my beauty and how hot I looked swaying to the music. He said I was making a lot of guys horny, desiring my body.

Wow! I liked those compliments because my ex used to tell me that no one else would ever want a prude like me. I was becoming very turned on knowing guys became horny just by looking at ugly me.

Then he asked if I wanted to see what goes on in the Red Room. I quickly screeched: “Oh my God! YES!”

He smiled and pulled me toward it. But before we went in, we stopped at the bar and told the bartender to make me a special drink. I watched intently as this guy pour some tequila and margarita mix over some ice. Then he took a small packet that contained a white powder and he shook it into the blender. After he poured the finished cocktail into a large glass, he handed it to me.

“Now gorgeous, if you drink this you will have such a great time. But I have to warn you that some girls have become uncontrollably horny and total sluts afterwards. So drink it at your own risk,” he blurted.

I took a sip and it was very yummy. Looking up at him, I asked what the white powder was. That’s when TJ laughed and answered, “Oh don’t worry about that gorgeous. It’s not a date rape drug or ecstasy or anything harmful, although you may feel ecstasy afterwards. Most girls do!”

They laughed and the bartender added: “Sweetie, it’s called Spice. It’s completely safe and girls have thanked me because they had the best sex ever. But if you feel uneasy about it, by all means don’t drink it. But if you do, I guarantee you’ll be a very contented girl. It’s your choice!”

As a result of having danced for an hour, I was terribly thirsty, so I began sipping it. Mmmm!

Ken came back and said he’d found us a nice private room. I giggled and said that TJ was going to take me in the Red Room, as soon as I’d finished this yummy drink. Ken wasn’t happy about that, but TJ told him it would be fun for me. Then he asked Ken what it would take to let me go into that room.

Ken looked angry, but motioned TJ to follow him. I watched thinking they were going to fight, but instead they stopped near a back wall and began to argue. Then TJ took something out of his pocket that looked like money and gave it to Ken. He looked at it and put it in his pocket.

I was just finishing my drink, when they came back. Ken looking into my eyes blurted, “So I’m going to leave it up to you Kathryn. Do you want to go into the Red Room and have sex with TJ and maybe a few others or come with me for our own little rendezvous?”

I had just finished the last drop of my drink and I looked at Ken and slurred, “Well isn’t that why you brought me here to have sex with others? So I guess I want to see what all the fuss is about in that room”

I got up off my stool, almost falling and TJ held me up. Then all three of us walked into the mysterious Red Room. I guess my curiosity just got the better of me and I also was feeling aroused by the sex talk. Being a little tipsy, I’d thought I was only going to visit the room and didn’t plan to stay. Sex didn’t even occur to me, but I was eager to find out what was in the room.

The large room was illegal bahis siteleri nothing special. It was dimly lighted with couches scattered all over the place, padding on the floor, and I heard sounds of sex in one corner. Okay my curiosity was satisfied and time to leave. Just as I was about to turn around and go, I suddenly become really hot. It was as if a fire was ignited in between my legs and I wanted it quenched with a big throbbing cock. I had this uncontrollable urge to be ravished. I started to sway with the music and began rubbing my hands up and down my body and boobs. TJ came over and held me so I could rub myself up against him and it felt extremely satisfying. He asked how I was feeling, but I think he already knew.

I giggled and slurred: “What was in that drink. I’m so fucking horny. Are you going to make love to me?”

I pushed myself harder against TJ’s body and passionately kissed him. When we broke for air, he pulled up my dress so others could see me. I didn’t care as long as someone was going to quench my sexual thirst. He rubbed my drenched pussy, pulling the G-string tight in my butt, and bent me forward so guys could see my ass. I could hear guys commenting on my how they were going to fuck me.

“Do you want me to fuck you Kathryn?” was his reply. Then he continued, “We told you it was just a little Spice to get you relaxed. Some girls also become very hot and horny. I was hoping it would have that effect on you too and I see it has. You’ll thank me later by being one, happy, satisfied little girl. But right now we all need to see that exquisite little body of yours.”

The next thing I remember was being taken over to one of the couches. I helped them pull down my top and take off my panty. I willing spread my legs apart so everyone, now five guys, including Ken and TJ, could see my hairless, swollen, wet pussy. It was like the whore part of me was finally allowed out of a cage and set free. All of my long time sexual restraints were suddenly disappearing. I was feeling so libidinous. I’ve never had so many guys at a time before, but no some reason wanted them.

As I was holding two guys’ cocks, TJ stood in front pushing my legs farther apart. Suddenly I heard Ken yell my name. I looked up and smiled at him, just as a bright flash blinded me for a moment. He was holding his phone and snapped a flash photo. Then TJ pulled me down, pushed my legs up, and dropped his head in between them. Devouring my drenched excited pussy, just made me sigh with pleasure. As I was moaning, my nipples were being pulled, while those other two guys suddenly pushed their cocks into my mouth.

It was an exhilarating sexual feeling like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I was electrified having fun slurping on these guys’ bare cocks, while TJ was giving such fantastic bliss. Suddenly I shook with my first of many orgasms I had that night. I couldn’t believe how quickly I came, because it usually takes me a long to build up to it.

When I did, TJ stopped licking and fingering me, looked up at me with his face wet and asked, “So gorgeous! Since you just enjoyed a huge orgasm, is it okay for all of us fuck you? You have such a gorgeous firm fuckable body. It would give us great pleasure to hear your screams of ecstasy over and over again. We would enjoy making that hot little cunt of yours cum in over and over again. Well, what do you say?”

He started to finger my pussy again as they waited for an answer. It felt so good, making me crave more euphoria I was already feeling. I quickly moaned, “Oh yes, I want to feel you all deep inside me!”

A guy with his phone pointed at me, told TJ that he’d gotten it all. TJ smiled and told me that they all would be happy to grant my wish. At the time I didn’t care.

Quickly, TJ pushed my legs up and began to enter my very excited pussy with his big bare cock. I have to say, that felt so damn good going into me that I almost came again, but instead I loudly moaned with the intense pleasure it was giving me. Then he started to fuck me very slowly, while the other guys watched and had me play with their cocks.

I squealed and moaned while yelling, “Oh yes, that’s it! Oh god it feels so good! I can feel all of you in me. Oh yes. Harder!”

As he pushed deeper into me, I lustfully moved my hips with his rhythm enjoying him so much, while my boobs jiggle back and forth with each one of his pleasurable thrusts. As I was relishing his cock throbbing in me, a guy with tattoos and long hair walked in.

He watched what was going and yelled, “Great, a gang-bang!”

I turned toward him and smiled. He smiled back, walked up closer and asked if he could partake.

I moaned, “I guess so! Oh that feels so good! Fuck me harder TJ! Oh yes.”

He turned to TJ and asked the same question. TJ slowed down and answered, “Sure, dude! The more the merrier. But all of us have to finish her first.”

The guy laughed, quietly said something to TJ, canlı bahis siteleri left, and in a few minutes came back with four guys behind him.

When I turned back to concentrate on TJ, he picked up the pace and was speedily pumping me, creating such a stir that I again came in orgasmic bliss. He just kept plowing into my pussy as I squealed in pleasure until he finally pulled out. Taking his cock to my face, he told me to open wide as he shot a huge load into my mouth. To my surprise, I loved it and swallowed most of it. I’d never had any guy do that before and always thought it was disgusting, but that night I enjoyed it. That’s when things started to become a little fuzzy and everyone else started having fun with me.

With my new dress starting to become cum stained, I had them take it off over my head as I was waiting for the next guy’s to take his turn. Now naked except for my stockings, the group began a non-stop display of lust with me as their licentious sperm receptacle and for some reason I enjoyed every minute of it. Ken even took a turn. It was like being in a real live porno flick! The only difference was some guys came really quickly, like after a few pumps then they came on me. Others lasted longer and a few lasted a long, long time. TJ did me three times, the last in my ass and was also the first time that I ever had anal sex and I really liked it too.

Anyway, I was constantly screaming to fuck me harder. When one guy finished, I would turn back and ask who was next on many occasions. I was so out of control and was having so many wonderful orgasms in the process. It was a night to remember and I often relive it, as I play with my vibrator. I just don’t know what got into me that night. Maybe it was that drink that allowed me to eliminate all of my inhibitions. I really just don’t know. Any guesses?

Oh! I also had another first time for me that I should mention. It was when TJ and the tattooed guy doubled me. Now that felt so good with two cocks rubbing in my inner sanctums. I thought I was going to die in orgasmic bliss, because I had several one right after the other. It was something I now often enjoy.

I do remember yelling that it hurt at first, but then moaned: “Oh yes, that’s it. Oh God it feels so good. Don’t stop. Oh yes!”

Well to end this tale of debauchery, I was in this unbelievable state of utter euphoria until early morning and was a gooey mess when it was all over. One guy after another had fucked me, creating such indescribable elation for all of us. I didn’t know who was doing me at any time, except TJ. I always knew when he put his cock in me, because he always said something nice to me, like, “Kathryn I hope you are enjoying this as much as all of us. Your body is so fucking hot.”

I would moan back something like: “OH! Yes I am! Don’t stop! I want to feel all of you deep inside me.”

When I was finally coming down from my high, I had cum dripping all over my body and from my stretched holes. I guess that burly guy was there watching during the event too. I even think he took a turn.

As guys were leaving, he stood me up and said, “Gorgeous you are welcome back any time. Go clean up and I have a surprise for you.”

He pointed me to a door in the back of the room that had a small shower and toilet in it. As cum crept down my thighs, Ken helped me over to it. Yes, I hurt a little trying to walk, but not as much as the next couple of days.

He turned on the water. When he helped me off with my torn stockings, he went to throw them in a small trash can in the corner. But instead he picked it up and brought it over to me and said, “Look Kathryn. See how many happy guys you made tonight.”

It was more than half full of used condoms. I don’t know it they were all mine because other girls were in the room too.

After I dressed, I couldn’t find my panty. As I was finally leaving the building, the burly guy stopped me and said, “Where are you going, you can’t leave just yet. We have something to give you.”

I turned around and waited for him, the bartender and TJ to walk up to me. The burly guy said, “For the best of the night, here is a free pass. Just call me ahead of time so I can set something special up for you.”

Then he laughed and handed me a white envelope, saying: “You had the most men ever at the club. It was sure fun watching you fuck all them there dudes. So we got together and took up a collection. Hope it will entice you to come back and see us again.”

The bartender also chimed in and said: “Now you have to tell me if drinking the Spice was worth it and made you one satisfied girl. I know I had fun enjoying your hot firm body.”

I just looked at him smiled and answered, “I’ve never been so naughty before and I had so many wonderful orgasms, which is also a first for me. So I guess you can say that I’m totally satisfied.” I giggled as we left.

When we got to the car I began feeling very remorseful, but opened the envelope. Oh my God! There was money in it. Now I was even more ashamed of my heinous behavior.

I looked sheepishly at Ken and said, “I don’t know what happened or what I was doing. I don’t even know how many guys had sex with me. Do you know Ken?”

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