Sexy Mother


I have a nice mother who is 43 Years old, but a widow. My mother is very young looking and has such a terrific figure that it’s hard to believe she’s over forty. With a figure of around 38-26-40 and a young complexion she looks more like as if She is around thirty. I am the only child of my parents. When we both go together for shopping or other chores I can’t help noticing the looks of lust and admiration that my mother manages to attract. The problem is I know that my mother is a born flirt and being lonely for six years had made her worse. In parties when I was younger I have clearly noticed her flirting around with other men. She also loves to show her stunning figure and her breathtaking complexion by wearing skimpy modern outfits and tight salwars and sarees that have given me and quite a few others the hardest times of our lives. In short she is an ultramodern sexy and lonely lady.

My mother and I had always been close. Father died of a stroke at a relatively young age, leaving mother and I alone. Things were rough at first, but we got through it.

I have noticed my friends at school all horny young teenagers just like me, made hot comments about her great figure and sexy breasts. She was a regular in the local gym and beauty parlor and the effort certainly wasn’t a waste.

The first time it happened was a few months back. I remember coming home one night after a cricket game. It was about ten in the night when I opened the door as quietly as possible, hoping not to wake mother. It didn’t work, though. The living room was dark there was only the outside light shining in through the picture window. I got just inside the door when I heard a sound from the couch. It was mother getting up to confront me.

“You scared the hell out of me,” she said, obviously upset.

“I’m sorry, mother.” From where she stood the light shone through her nightgown, rendering it transparent. Her long black hair stood tousled and wild looking. Her breasts were large and had no sag. There was a dark thatch of hair showing through the flimsy nightie. It wasn’t a cold night, but her nipples had hardened and pushed against the light fabric. “I couldn’t sleep and was thinking of you. I thought of your father, and how he left us…” she said. “Mother,” I said, crossing to her, “dad didn’t leave us. He died. Otherwise he’d still be here with us. You know how much he loved us.”

Her eyes welled with tears. I hadn’t seen her this vulnerable mofos porno in years. I took her into my arms. As I felt my mother melt into my arms, her body molding itself to me, I felt a stirring. My cock was reacting. How could I, I though to myself? This was wrong. Still, the feel of my mother’s large breasts and hard nipples digging into my chest was causing my dick to wriggle and throb. Her body trembled and, with a heavy sigh, I felt my mother’s hot breath against my neck.

“You look so like him,” she said softly, sadly.

I was appalled with my body. My cock was now rock hard. In fact, I don’t believe I’d ever been this hard. I could feel each beat of my heart, the blood forcing itself through my cock. I was just about to pull away when mother, ever so gently, ground her pussy against my dick. What a marvelous sensation that was! She, too , must have felt it, because a low moan tore from her throat. She looked up at me, her eyes bright with tears.

“Please, Rahul” she said, “don’t ever leave me.”

“Never, mother,” I said.

She mashed her lips on mine. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, teasing and entwining with my own tongue, all while grinding slowly against my rock-hard cock.

My hands moved to her ass. I couldn’t believe how hard her butt was. I pulled her tighter to me, reveling in the play of her cheek muscles. She squeezed her thighs together, trapping my dick between them and, by alternately rubbing them together, massaged my cock. My right hand swept up along her rib cage, finding and cupping a large breast. The breast was larger than my hand, about the size of a football. Flesh splayed out on either side of my grip. My thumb twitched over the nipple, urging it to grow even longer. Her moaning grew louder.

“Oh my darling,” she said. She pulled back and pushed me onto the floor. With one quick movement she pulled the nightgown over her head and tossed it aside. She was beautiful. The light caressed every hill and valley like a lover’s eyes — like my eyes. She cupped her breasts, presenting them to me. Mother looked deep into my eyes as she squeezed them, teasing the nipples into two hard, long nubs of flesh. “I remember how my nipples tingled when I fed you as a baby,” she said softly. “Your father used to watch us feeding. He’d say it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Sometimes, afterward, while you lay sleeping right next to us in the bed, he’d make love naughty america porno to me.”

She freed one hand and ran it down her firm, flat stomach to her pussy. I watched one painted finger rub against her clit, sliding up and down her fattening pussy lips and, after her fingertip glistened with her juice, slide slowly into her cunt.

“Show me your dick. Show mother your cock,” she said, eyes squeezed closed in passion. Her eyes opened at the sound of my zipper opening. My cock fairly sprang into the air. A moan came from mother.

“You are so like him,” she said, kneeling down next to me. I watched her reach out to gently grasp my hot cock. At first she just squeezed, causing my dick to fatten. A single drop of pre-come oozed onto the tip. She continued squeezing my dick and started moaning. I couldn’t stand still. With trembling hands I touched her cunt and slowly inserted my hand into hers. Slowly I started to push my finger into her lovely cunt, my birth channel! However I couldn’t stand longer. With a terrific gush I came in my mother’s hand, making it wet with cum. She inserted that hand too along with my hand, into her cunt

“Oh god,” she moaned. Her hands dug at her pussy, one finger tweaking her hardened clit, along with mine. “My god, darling, I’m going to come. I’m going to come…” Her skin was red, sweat pouring down her body. One hand clenched painfully at her breast while the other was now deep inside her jerking pussy. She tensed and the veins stood out on her neck. She held her breath while waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Suddenly, a long, low wail escaped her mouth.

“Aaaah,” she said, softly at first, then rising in pitch and volume.

“Aaaaah,” and I could see a trickle of liquid oozing from between her fingers.

“Aaaaah” she said as I watched the muscles under her skin jerking and twitching. Her pussy juices ran down onto her thighs, and the room was filled with my mother’s sweet smell.

Watching my mother come so hard had revived my cock. I stroked myself while her breathing returned to normal. Her hands continued caressing her body, squeezing here, probing there, until she regained control of herself. Then her eyes opened and she saw me playing with myself. “Ummm,” she said. “There’s a lot to be said for youth.” I tore my clothes from my overheated body, flinging them to various parts of the room.

Mother walked over to public agent porno me and stood with one leg on either side of my hips. She lowered herself, pussy lips now wide open and aimed squarely for my hard cock. The head of my dick lodged at my mother’s pussy. Her cunt lips were achingly hot, and her pussy juices were still leaking out of her. She looked deep into my eyes.

“I love you so much,” she said. I looked down to watch my dick get enveloped. Mother spent hours every day going to the gym. Her firm thighs showed no weakness as she held herself suspended above me. Now she let gravity fuck her. Slowly her pussy sank onto my cock, pushing itself onto me. Her juices were so hot as they lubricated her hungry pussy that they ran down my cock, onto my thighs and pooled under my ass. I was determined to control myself this time. I came like a virgin the first time. This time I intended to fuck my mother like a man.

I thrust my hips up, driving deep into my mother’s cunt. She grunted in response, tits jiggling and swaying. I started a steady rhythm, dragging the full length of my now-huge cock against her stiffened clit. She was moaning quietly in time to my strokes.

“Stop moving for a second,” she said huskily. Sweat was pouring down her body, dripping off the tips of her nipples onto my chest. She lowered herself completely onto me, knees on the floor, and ground her hips in a circular motion, stirring her pussy juices with my hard stick. Her eyes closed as she turned her thoughts over to the feelings deep inside. I felt my climax building. My dick expanded and grew longer yet, and my mother froze while an orgasm tore through her. I actually felt the walls of her vagina squeezing and rippling against my cock, pussy lips milking me. That is all it took to finish me as splash after splash of come shot from my cock. While I shoved my dick as deep as possible into my mother, her body jerked in response to my strokes. At last we were both done. She laid on me, head resting on my chest, my cock still buried in her. It softened and, with an agonizing pleasure, dropped out of her. I could feel globs of our still warm goo dribbling out of her pussy onto my flaccid cock.

After this incident we began making out regularly. Now my mother is never lonely. I give her company. We go out together for restaurants; movies etc together and behave just like a newly married couple. My mother also flirts a bit these days however I make sure it’s within control as I’m in charge. I now realize that my mother had actually seduced me for her own pleasure but still I love it! After all not many people can boast of getting their hands on a terribly attractive and desirable lady at a young age, leave alone their own mother!!

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