Sexy Secretary Takes Advantage Ch. 01


Jason looked up at the tall skyscraper. He nervously fidgeted with his tie and checked himself in the reflection of the glass. Then after taking a deep breath walked over to the main entrance and made his way into the building. The first thing he noticed was the lobby. Tall marble columns reached up nearly a dozen stories. Glass elevator banks lined the walls disappearing into the ceiling along with the columns. The inside of the building was even more impressive than the outside.

The next thing he noticed was the staff. Nearly all the employees he saw walking around were female. Other than a bigger security guard at a desk at the side of the lobby there were very few men.

After a moment he took and deep breath and focused. He was here for a purpose. And so he lifted his shoulders back and tilted his chin up and made his way to the reception desk. Three beautiful women sat on tall chairs. All three were quite petite but the chairs they sat on were so tall that the receptionists were nearly eye to eye to Jason; who was just above 6 feet tall.

“Hello, how may I help you?” The woman on the far right said asked.

Jason walked a few feet over so that he was directly in front of her and bobbed his head in reply. “I’m here to see Mrs. Paro.” He said as confidently as he could.

The woman across from him stared at him for a moment. Her eyes looked him from top to bottom. A moment passed and she still said nothing.

“My name is Jason Conner..” He trailed off uncertainly.

A slight smile crept onto her innocent looking face and a sweat broke out on Jason’s brow. He began to feel anxious. He averted his eyes and looked down.

The reception desk had a marble front that rose up to his chest. Behind it was a glass table that the women sat at. Through the glass he could see long slender legs. He followed them up to her tight black skirt. Her legs parted as she lifted one leg and crossed it over the other. Jason saw a flash of thin white fabric.

Realizing he was staring he quickly looked up at the woman. Luckily she was reaching over to open a large black binder. It sat on the table between her and her coworker, creating a subtle wall of sorts.

“I’m her secretary and take care of many things for her. Hold on please.” She said while flipping through the binder.

Jason moved his weight from one foot to the other nervously. Why was this girl throwing him so off balance? It was her smile he decided. So slight that it was barely perceptible but always on the corner of her lips, as if she was always in a state of slight amusement. As if she was the only one in on a joke.

The woman continued flipping through the binder looking for something. She had to lean over farther to read the small print. Jason watched as her legs unfolded and spread out slightly for balance. Jason gulped hard. Her skirt was pulled up her thighs so high that it was barely covering her crotch. A half inch higher and he would be able to see beneath it.

Another page flipped and the woman leaned over a little more. Jason was also looking at the binder, trying to keep his mind and more importantly his eyes away from the glass desk. Or more precisely what was unfolding beneath it. Yet the more he tried to ignore it the harder it became. And the harder he became. He couldn’t help but see in the corner of his eye that her legs shifted even wider. Jason looked at the woman’s face. She was biting the bottom of her lip as she read something in the binder.

He risked a glance down at the glass. His eyes went wide. Her legs had opened far enough that the woman’s skirt lifted several inches. Her legs were only slightly güvenilir bahis open but he could clearly see between them. She wore a tiny and tight white thong. It was pressed tightly against her mound. He could see the sides of her pussy lips on either side of the fabric and a tuft of black hair at the top. His hand reached down to his cock unconsciously. It was beginning to press against his pants.

Jason closed his eyes as his hand squeezed his cock causing pleasure to course through his body. He was in the middle of the lobby with dozens of people walking around him and he was staring at a girls half visible mound. It was so inappropriate hot.

When he opened his eyes he was surprised to see the woman staring at him intently. The binder she had been flipping through was closed.

“It’s not here. If you don’t mind following me?” It was more of a demand than a question.

He put his jacked in front of his crotch and stepped around the desk to follow the woman. Standing she was even shorter than he imagined. Her eyes were level to his chest. Which meant that he now had a good look down her top. She wore a tight shirt but it was definitely too small for her busty breasts. He could see them trapped beneath the fabric being squeezed tightly against each other. They looked like they were bursting to escape. She motioned for him to follow her as she lead him towards a door directly behind them.

She opened the door and made her way towards a large cabinet in the back corner of the room. Her ass swayed from side to side as she walked. She pulled out a step ladder and climbed several steps up to reach one of the top drawers. Jason was directly behind her and so when she reached the top step he suddenly had a clear view up her skirt again but this time from behind.

Her ass was entirely visible. The thong was so tight that it was wedged deep between her ass cheeks. The woman swayed a little and looked as if she was going to fall back so Jason stepped forward to catch her if she fell. He was less than two feet away when the woman pulled out a box and backed up a little to set it down at her feet. Jason moved back a moment too late. Her ass pressed backwards against his face and his nose found itself in between her ass cheeks before he stumbled back. His face turned red and his eyes shot to the ground in embarrassment. He braced for her to start yelling at him or something but was met with only silence.

After a moment he finally glanced up at her and saw that she had barely moved. She faced straight ahead, still as a statue. Then he watched in disbelief as she slowly placed the box down and spread her feet wider slightly. She looked back at him over her shoulder and Jason saw that her cheeks were flushed. She was breathing quick shallow breaths. Jason took an unsteady step forward and watched in amazement as she stuck her ass out towards him.

He lifted a shaky hand towards her and placed it onto her hip. After a moment he grabbed her other hip as well. He was completely out of his element and utterly lost about what to do. He didn’t have to think for long. She took hold of his hands and pulled him forward into her ass. She let out a quiet moan at the pressure of his face between her ass cheeks. He gasped in surprise and felt her tighten her ass cheeks against his face at his breath. Then she relaxed them and again pulled him in deeper. Deeper against her ass.

She then took his right hand and guided it between her legs and placed it against her mound. Jason could feel her pubic hair and the thin fabric pressing tightly against her pussy. She guided his hand lower and his fingers traced the edges türkçe bahis of her pussy lips. One finger dragged straight down the middle of the fabric. It was soaking wet. She guided him lower until his hand was cupping her entire pussy. He could feel the heat coming off her in waves. Her mound was nearly dripping wet. She pressed his fingers against the fabric above the entrance of her vagina. She let out a loud moan as the pressure pushed the fabric of her thong even deeper between her pussy lips.

She leaned forward more, opening her ass even wider. Jason’s nose was pressed against the fabric directly against her asshole. He pulled his hand down along with hers and brought both of their wet index fingers to his mouth. He sucked her juiced off them clean. He felt her body shudder slightly. She grabbed his hand again and eagerly brought his fingers back to her wet mound. She grabbed the tight fabric covering her crotch and pulled it aside. A moment later she guided Jason’s finger into her hole along with her own. She was masturbating herself with his finger. He could feel her hot wetness slowly dripping down his finger onto his hand.

His other hand was pulled to her breast and she squeezed his hand against the softness. He felt her nipple harden in a moment. A button popped and her top loosened considerably. Another button popped and suddenly her tits jumped out of the confines of her tight shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

The woman let go of Jason’s hands and turned around to face him. Her bare breasts were just above his head. He could see her hard nipples saluting him. She leaned towards him and let herself fall off the step ladder and onto Jason. He barely caught her before stumbling backwards and falling down. He was pinned to the ground with her straddling his chest. He felt a wet spot developing on his chest from where her crotch pressed against him.

She spun around and leaned over to his crotch. Her ass was sticking out into his face and she lightly stroked the hard mound in his pants.

Jason shuddered as the sensation of pleasure flowed from his rock hard cock to his head and down to his toes. He let out a moan. That was all the encouragement she needed. He felt as her fingers fumbled at his zipper. Then her hand reach into his pants and slipped through the hole of his boxers. Her fingers wrapped around his cock and she slowly and carefully pulled it out of his pants.

Her fingers were small and delicate as she ran them up and down his erection. He reached forward and grabbed her hanging breasts. His fingers found her nipples and he squeezed them. A little more roughly than he intended to in the excitement. She let out a loud moan and Jason took advantage of the situation to grab his cock with one hand and direct it towards her open mouth. She grabbed his hand before it reached. She yanked it away from his cock and smashed it down against the ground just hard enough to surprise him. Then she pressed it there as if to say Don’t you dare move it. Jason stood still.

Then her small soft hands were on his cock again. She lifted his cock towards her mouth and just when he thought she might put it into her mouth she stopped and breathed hot breath onto it. She was teasing him! He shuddered as he felt her tongue lightly lick him from the base of his cock all the way to the tip. Jason felt a throaty moan escape his lips. She continued to lick him ever so delicately and softly. He arched his hips; pushing his cock towards her mouth but each time she moved away. Only to return to the feather-light licking.

‘Two can play at that game,’ He thought to himself.

Jason leaned forward and grabbed her güvenilir bahis siteleri ass cheeks, hard. He spread them open and touched his tongue to the spot between her pussy and her ass. She nearly collapsed onto him at the stimulation. Little did she know he was only beginning.

He angled her hips so that her ass was pointing up even higher. He leaned forward and traced his tongue along one side of her pussy lips. Moving his tongue as slowly as he could manage. She moved her hips trying to get him to lick her dripping hole but he moved his head to match her movements.

His tongue continued it’s trail down the edge of her lips to just an inch away from her asshole. She pressed her ass downwards trying to get him to lick her but he maneuvered her again and again so the he could continue teasing her. Her hand was frozen on his cock, her face resting against his thigh, her breath hot against his cock, her lips millimeters away from touching it.

Again he started at the top of her pussy but this time he pressed his tongue lightly against the fabric against her clit. Then he traced his tongue as lightly as he could down the middle of her pussy to her soaked hole. But he did not stop there. He continued trailing until he lightly licked her asshole. Her entire body shuddered and Jason felt her lips brush against his rock hard erection. As if suddenly remembering she had leverage of her own she finally leaned forward and slowly took his erection into her mouth.

Jason was frozen in anticipation. His lips parted, resting lightly against her asshole, breathing hot breaths against it. She pushed her ass into his face pressing him more tightly against her asshole. Jason slid a finger under the fabric of her panties and pulled it completely out of the way. Her pussy became entirely visible. He slid his tongue down her pussy, deeply this time down until he felt her hot and wet hole. He didn’t wait a second before dipping his tongue into her. He stuck his tongue in until he could not reach any further. She began gyrating her hips against his mouth. Harder and harder; matching the rhythm that he was pumping his cock into her mouth.

“I’m going to cum” She panted. Jason was surprised to hear that she spoke perfect English with only the slightest of accents.

Her declaration excited him even more. He licked her pussy even more passionately. Her juices dripped down his face and he felt her vagina muscles beginning to contract. He reached his hand down and grabbed the back of her head through her long dark hair. He pressed her head down and thrust his hips more eagerly, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. He let out a moan indicating that he was getting close to cumming as well.

Jason slid his tongue up her pussy lips to her swollen clit and sucked on it while flicking it with his tongue. They were both moaning louder and louder as their movements became more and more desperate. Jason lightly closed his teeth around her clit and sucked. His hand closed around a fistful of her hair as he began to shake. Her thighs tightened against Jason’s face as she neared her climax. Her legs shook and her pussy contracted and he felt her warm juices flow into his mouth. He continued licking her trapped clit in between his teeth while she squirted onto him. He couldn’t take it any more. He pushed her mouth onto his cock one last time and held it there as he unloaded into her mouth. One of her hands reached down and fondled his balls while the other pumped his cock, urging more of his cum into her mouth and down her throat.

Jason collapsed backwards and the woman whose name he didn’t even know fell limp onto his legs. Her mouth still on the head of his cock. After a moment she licked him clean and turned around to lay on top of him. He grinned at the look of disbelief on her face.

“Does this mean I get the contract?” Jason asked with a sheepish grin.

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