Shangri La


He sees the lights flickering in the living room and hears the low hum of the TV. The muted audio causes him to take notice.

The sight from the TV assaults his eyes causing his pupils to dilate and the blood rush to his cock. On the screen there’s pussy, wet, dripping and spread wide being penetrated over again by an enormous dark cock. The scene is familiar.

His roommate and he have the same taste in porn.

He stands just inside the hallway and watches her. His cock gets longer and longer against his thigh.

Her thighs are lovely- smooth and open propped under the knee with a pillow on one side, the other dangling over the side of the sofa. Her pink “Do me baby” T shirt is pulled high under her neck. Her amble breasts quiver and spill into one of her palms. The nipples are dark Hershey kisses against a caramel mound.

His eyes travel the path over the hills of her generous mounds, and the slope of her softly rounded belly that reminds of him of Arabian nights and harem girls filling their navels with jewels. She thinks she’s fat, but he finds her soft curves and lines very appealing, far more so than the sharp illegal bahis angles of his latest girlfriend.

Finally, his eyes light on her dark triangle. Her wetness makes the curls there shine like jeweled velvet. Her slender fingers are working something slim and silver in and out of her pink cunt. Its familiar swirled shaft stretches and twines her pussy juices like warm taffy as she withdraws it to its concave head.

There’s a small carton of ice cream next to her on the coffee table. He knows for certain that she is using the tiny tiny spoon to get herself off. She switched to a spoon most suited to a baby’s mouth in the vain hope that it would help her diet. She hadn’t lost any weight, but she’d certainly found a better use for the spoon.

He loved the visual stimuli of silver metal between her tan thighs disappearing into the dark fat lips of her pussy. She had such and edible and tasty snatch. The kind where a man was torn between licking and biting and then settling on both as it squirts its sweet tangy juices in his mouth like a ripe plum.

She knows he’s watching. When he walks over to her, she lets her eyes slip illegal bahis siteleri closed just for a second as he slides his fingers along side her cheek. His gentle gestures leave her almost in tears. She leans close to where he stands beside her and presses her mouth over his erection still trapped by his boxers and puffs warm moist air. She works her tongue into the slit in the fabric and tastes just the tip of him.

He has to move away to place his hand over hers where she is gliding the smooth convex edge of the spoon up and over her clit, twirling the cherry swimming in cream. He scraps the sensitive edge of her clit with the hard flat side, once, twice, three times until her breath catches. Before she convulses he thrusts the tiny round head of the spoon inside her until her cum fills the hollow.

She blinks away a bead of sweat that has fallen in her eyes so as not to miss the site of him dipping the spoon filled with her into the half melted pint of ice cream, mixing the confections and taking a swallow.

“Butter Pecan?” he says softly after a moment of gustatory appreciation.

“I know it’s your favorite.”

“You’re canlı bahis siteleri my favorite,” he whispers and gives her a quick kiss before taking off his shorts and straddling her chest.

“This will be quick.” he hisses before he reaches for the slushy ice cream and dribbles just enough between her generous breasts to make a sticky, gliding mess that his cock is sure to love.

He hold her tits together, thumbs pressed into her large nipples and fucks himself into the sugary valley. She strokes his hips and sticks out her tongue like a little girl trying to catch snowflakes as he grows, and reddens, and gets ready to burst.

He is so close when she whispers. “In here.”

Her hand quickly grabs for the carton of ice cream. He holds his cock at the base, takes aim and ejaculates into it.

She licks her lips, tilts the long column of her neck back and drinks the elixir of the cool melted treat and his cum as if from a golden chalice.

After, they share a sugary snowball kiss. The salt of him and the cold sugar mingle on their tongues.

“You’re bad for my diet.” she says softly running her fingers over his smiling lips.

“You can start tomorrow or never.You’re perfect just as you are.”

When he kisses her, she almost believes him.

-The End

Thanks, doc for inspiring this and thanks to Zotique for giving it a read.

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