Shawna And The Hunter Ch. 03


Shawna slept in her brother’s powerful arms. She always felt safe with him. She felt like the world, with it’s cold and cruel intolerance couldn’t touch her when Jacob held her. This was what made Shawna the happiest, not the hot mind blowing sex, just the warmth and safety of his embrace.

Jacob woke and gently disengaged from Shawna. He quietly got dressed and headed out to work. When Jacob arrived at the feed mill he noticed Chris’s delivery truck was already gone. This was odd because Chris usually waited around drinking coffee until Jacob arrived to chat and make plans for hunting and stuff.

Jacob started his day and waited for Chris to return so he could talk to him. While Jacob was in the back pulling an order Chris got back and clocked out and headed home. Jacob didn’t know until he saw Chris’s delivery truck parked around the side of the main building. This bothered Jacob because he really wanted to talk to Chris. He decided he would go over to his house and talk to him after work.

Chris came through the door at home and saw his mom sitting at the kitchen table. He put his head down and tried to go past her to his room without acknowledging her. She stopped him.

“Chris, aren’t you even going to say hello to me?” she inquired.

Chris huffed, “Hello mom. I was just in a hurry to get my stuff together. I’ll be camping out at my place for the next few days. I just need some time to myself.”

“I thought it was something like that.” Vivian said. “I put your camping gear all together in the garage and I packed extra clothes in your back pack. You’ll have to get your own food together though, I just didn’t know what all you would want.”

“Thanks mom. How did you know I was going camping? I know I haven’t said anything.” Chris said.

“You get distant and withdrawn every month like this Chris. I guess I’m getting used to it. I wish you could talk to me about what’s going on with you. You know I might be able to help. Your last deployment changed something inside you son and it’s got me worried. Why don’t you let me in? You know I will love you no matter what.” Vivian made her usual plea.

“Mom I just can’t talk about it with you. You wouldn’t understand. Hell I don’t even fully understand it myself. Just leave it alone for now. Until I get a handle on what’s happening I really can’t talk about it.” Chris said looking upset.

Vivian decided to drop it but she wasn’t giving up. “Ok son you go camping and I’ll just wait and worry. I just don’t understand why you feel compelled to spend so much time alone.”

Chris was thankful that his mother was so patient. He breathed a big sigh of relief when it was evident that she would press him no further. He grabbed his backpack from the garage and tossed it in his pickup and headed out to his place in the country. Vivian noticed he didn’t take any food.

When Chris retired from the army he took the money his mother had saved for him and bought six hundred and forty acres of good land about twenty miles out of town. The place had the Sam Bass creek as it’s southern border. This was the main tributary to the lake. There was lots of wild game. He had deer, turkey, wild hogs, Axis deer, squirrel, and rabbit, dove and quail.

Chris loved his place. He had a few head of cattle and some goats on it. He was planning on building a cabin that he could stay in some day. For now he just slept out on the ground next to a campfire. As he drove his thoughts turned darker. He could feel the beast within him straining to get out. He desperately needed to control it or get rid of it all together.

Jacob knocked on the door at Chris’s house and waited. Vivian opened the door and smiled warmly at Jacob and said, “Come in Jacob dear. I’m afraid you just missed Chris. He went to his place in the country to camp out.. He said he needed some time alone.”

Jacob looked a little disappointed, so Vivian said, “Could you do me a huge favor? Chris left without taking a thing to eat. Would you mind very much taking a care package to him if I put it together right quick?”

Jacob smiled, “Of course Mrs. Miller I would be happy to take it out to him. I wanted to talk to him anyway.”

“Please Jacob call me Vivian. It makes me feel old when you call me Mrs. Miller.”

“Well you don’t look old, Vivian. In fact you don’t look as old as my mom.”

“You better watch it Mr., flattery like that will get you everywhere.” Vivian said flirtingly.

Jacob thought to himself, “Oh my god, she’s so hot, and she’s flirting with me!”

Vivian went to the kitchen to put together the care package for her son. She was wearing a short bath robe. She had put it on hoping to distract Chris from going camping. She now used it to her advantage. While she moved about the kitchen she put on a little show for Jacob. She constantly let the top of her robe fall open, giving the young stud glimpses of her beautiful breasts. When she needed to reach for something low she made sure she pointed her ass amatör porno directly at Jacob. The lace thong panties she wore offered little coverage. Jacob got more than an eye full.

The effect of Vivian’s show was evident in Jacob’s pants. Vivian smiled when she saw the straining bulge in Jacob’s pants. She got the step stool out of the pantry and set it up so she could reach something on the top shelf. She climbed to the top step and still had to stretch to reach the mess kit she wanted to send her son. As she reached for it she gave Jacob a very clear view of her wares.

She bobbled a little. Jacob moved closer just in case. Then she fell backwards into his strong arms. She smiled and said, “Good catch young man. You saved me from injury for sure. You can put me down now, if you want.”

Jacob held her and thought about it for a moment. It was a moment too long. Vivian kissed him full on the lips. She pressed her tongue into his mouth. He accepted her tongue willingly. They broke their kiss and looked each other in the eye for a few seconds. Neither of them needed to say another word. They both knew what they wanted and they also knew what was going to happen next.

Jacob carried Vivian into her bedroom and sat her on her bed. Vivian undid Jacob’s pants and pulled them down. When Jacob’s hard swollen member sprung free of it’s confinement Vivian took it into her mouth. She was well practiced at the art of swallowing oversized cock because of her son’s enormous member. Jacob was about the same size as Chris.

Vivian had Jacob’s cock all the way down her throat in no time. She made good eye contact while sucking his cock. Jacob marveled at the beauty of Vivian’s older body. She dropped her robe and was on her knees bobbing her head hard on Jacob’s cock. Jacob continued to undress as his manhood was being assaulted by Vivian’s ravenous mouth.

Jacob didn’t want to come too soon so he stopped Vivian before he lost it. He pulled her to her feet. They kissed and Jacob noticed the taste of his own pre-come on her lips. It didn’t bother him like he used to think it would.

Vivian laid on the bed and slid her panties off exposing her smooth pussy. She looked longingly at Jacob. Jacob approached her with his huge member swinging out in front of him. The vision of Jacob with his hairless body excited her beyond belief. As Jacob got closer he under hooked both of Vivian’s legs. He brought them up and held her ankles to his shoulders. He reached down with one hand and rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit.

Vivian moaned at the touch of Jacob’s hard cock. Her juices were freely flowing. She took a sharp breath as Jacob pressed into her pussy stretching her open. With her ankles on his shoulders his angle was perfect for his helmet to rub across the washboard of her g-spot. Her whole body shook with every stroke.

His style of love making was so very different from that of her son. Jacob was patient and considerate of his partner’s needs and desires. Chris was all brute force and pounding. She loved her son, the bull, but Jacob’s way was a refreshing break.

Jacob was taking his time, he changed tempos, and angles. He prolonged his love making by occasionally pulling all the way out. Then he would raise Vivian’s ass up to his mouth and lick her pussy and suck her clit. He used his mouth on her tits. He paid attention to his lover’s responses and adjusted his focus accordingly.

Vivian was breathing hard and moaning to his every manipulation. She rapidly approached orgasm. As she began to come, Jacob pulled half way out, took his thumb and rubbed Vivian’s clit. He rapidly thrust short strokes that perfectly rubbed across her g-spot. Vivian’s orgasmic spasms continued as long as Jacob kept going. He kept going until Vivian couldn’t come anymore.

Jacob hadn’t come, but he saw that Vivian was satisfied and he stopped. He pulled out and smiled proudly at Vivian. Jacob began to get dressed to Vivian’s astonishment. She had never been with a man before that would finish without having an orgasm himself. Not even her son, who she loved dearly, would deny his own pleasure for hers. Jacob was the most unselfish lover she had ever had.

When Jacob was dressed he helped Vivian into her robe and panties. She thought to herself, “How remarkable, here is a young man who puts things back the way he found them when he gets finished with them.” Vivian said, “Let me get that care package together for you Jacob dear. I don’t want to delay you any further.” Then she kissed him with tenderness and passion. She whispered, “Thank you so much. You’ve made me feel wonderful. I hope I can do the same for you soon.”

Jacob smiled and said, “You know I’m in love with Shawna. I just thought you should know. I don’t want you to get any ideas that might complicate things between her and I.”

Vivian thought he was sweet for declaring his love for Shawna. She held her finger to Jacob’s lips to silence him. She said, “Don’t worry Jacob anal porno darling. I am very much in love with my Chris. I have no unrealistic expectations about you and I. You are a wonderful lover. I would love to enjoy your talents again from time to time is all.”

With the care package in hand Jacob headed out to his truck. He waved goodbye to Vivian and went to find his friend. He cursed the approaching nightfall. It got dark so early in November. He had asked Vivian to call his mom or Shawna to let them know where he was going. He didn’t want them to worry about him.

Vivian dialed the number.

“Hello.” Carol Ann said.

“Hi. Carol Ann this is Vivian. I’m just calling to let you know Jacob is taking some food and things out to Chris. He is camping out at his place in the country. He left without taking any provisions. Jacob didn’t want you to worry.”

“Will he be staying out there overnight as well or should we expect him back tonight?”

“No he will be back tonight. Often when Chris goes out there it’s because he needs to be alone. This is one of those times.”

“Thank you for calling Vivian. We’ll watch for him to come in then. Goodbye”

“Can we talk mother to mother? I feel a connection to you and I would love to become more than just friends.” Vivian said.

“Of course Vivian. I thought we were already more than friends after what transpired between us. Don’t you think?”

“I do Carol Ann. I believe we have a lot in common. For instance we both are in love with our own sons.” Vivian said.

Carol Ann responded, “This is true, but it’s more than that. I believe we are kindred spirits. We know we can’t keep our sons forever. We eventually have to let them go make families of their own. When that happens I hope we can turn to each other for comfort and companionship.”

“I would like that very much. The thought of Chris moving on with his life both frightens and saddens me. Having you in my life may make it a little less difficult.” Replied Vivian.

“How was he Vivian?” Carol Ann asked. “How was the sex with my Jacob?” She had just finished the math in her head and figured that Jacob was at Vivian’s house for over two hours. She knew her son had serviced her new friend.

Vivian couldn’t deny it. She also couldn’t contain the excitement in her voice when she answered. “Oh my god! He was magnificent! I have never experienced such a generous lover.”

“Did he give you the prolonged orgasm or the extremely intense one?” Carol Ann asked just as excited as Vivian.

“The prolonged. I didn’t know there was an extremely intense one. What’s that like?” Vivian bubbled.

“I’ll tell you this, the very first time he did it to me, I passed out from the pure pleasure of it. That’s no shit.” Carol Ann told her friend. “Maybe we can get together and have some four or even five way fun with the guys some time.”

“Oh I would like that. I think we all would. Tell Shawna she has nothing to fear from Chris. He is into guys. Her penis won’t be a problem for him.” Vivian said.

“I’m so glad we had this talk Vivian. I have needed someone like you in my life. You and I understand each other.”

“The feeling is mutual I assure you. We make a good pair Carol Ann.”

The two women talked for a while longer and then said their goodbyes.

When Carol Ann hung up the phone Shawna came into the kitchen and asked, ” Who was that?”

“It was Vivian she called to tell me that Jacob would be coming home later tonight. He’s taking some stuff out to Chris at his place in the country.”

Shawna looked scared. She said frantically, “I don’t like it mom. He’s in danger! I had a dream that Chris was hunting Jacob. We need to go stop him mom! Something terrible is going to happen mom I just know it.

Carol Ann could see that Shawna was genuinely upset. She tried to calm her. “Calm down Shawna. I’m sure it was just a dream. Chris and your brother are good friends. I don’t think Chris would hurt Jacob. You’re over reacting to a dream.”

“No mom. Jacob had the same dream.” Shawna said still alarmed.

That got Carol Ann’s attention. She knew that shared dreams were very rare. She had Shawna relate the whole story of their shared dream. After listening carefully to Shawna Carol Ann decided to go to Vivian with it.

Shawna and Carol Ann hopped it the truck and drove over to the good side of town. When Vivian answered the door she was a little surprised to see them. She invited them in and had them sit down.

Carol Ann told Vivian about Shawna’s premonition and how her and her brother had shared the dream. After listening to Carol Ann, Vivian thought for a moment then she said carefully choosing her words. “There may be something to Shawna’s concern. I have concerns of my own about Chris. When he came home and retired from the army six years ago he was changed. There is something different about him but I can’t wrap my head around it. He seems almost animalistic. He anal breakers porno won’t talk about it. All I know is he spends time alone like this every month.

“Oh my god, is Jacob in danger like I dreamed?” Shawna gasped.

Vivian said, in a very calm tone, “No child, Chris has a huge crush on your brother. I’m sure he wouldn’t hurt him.”

Shawna wasn’t at all convinced. She looked terrified for Jacob. “Well can we at least go out there and try and find them?” she asked.

Carol Ann said, “It’s already dark outside and we don’t know anything about the place. We would just be wandering around in the dark. We would probably get lost ourselves. All we can do is go home and wait.”

Shawna was crushed by her mother’s decision. She was so scared for her brother that she decided to take action on her own. As soon as opportunity presents itself she would head out there and find her brother.

Carol Ann and Shawna bid farewell to Vivian with promises of staying in contact. Carol Ann drove home with no conversation from Shawna. She was obviously upset with her mother. As they went into the house Carol Ann tried to reassure Shawna that every thing would be alright. Shawna said nothing.

Jacob got out of his truck and opened the gate. He drove through and closed the gate behind him. Then he tried to figure out where his friend might go to camp out. He knew he would go somewhere near water. Unfortunately that didn’t narrow it down that much. There were several stock tanks and the creek. He figured he should drive along the creek first. The sun was down but there was still some light in the sky. It was fading to black fast.

As he went around a bend he saw Chris’s campfire up ahead near a grove of giant live oaks. He started to drive straight for it then realized that the bend in the creek was between him and the fire. He carefully drove around the bend weaving between the mesquites he picked his way over to his friend.

Chris was alarmed at the intrusion on his privacy. He stood with rifle in hand. He faded back into the shadows so he wouldn’t be silhouetted by the fire or lit up by the headlights. When he could clearly see it was Jacob’s truck he came out and greeted his friend.

“What the hell are you doing out here? You came close to being shot as a trespasser.” Chris said in a friendly tone.

“You’re mom sent me out here with some food. She was worried you would go hungry. I also wanted to talk to you. I got the feeling you were avoiding me.” Jacob noticed a couple of squirrels on a spit roasting over the fire. Well he didn’t need the food, that much was obvious Jacob thought.

“I appreciate the food, but I really need to be alone for a few days,” Chris said.

“I just want to talk about us Chris. I need clarification about the nature of our relationship. If we’re just friends then that’s fine. But if we are more than friends I want to know.” Jacob said as he walked up to the fire.

Chris looked pained. He said, “I don’t know what we are to each other Jacob. I know I’m attracted to you. Are you ok with that?”

“Yeah, I actually like it. I am attracted to you too. I would have never admitted that three years ago. Things have changed a lot for me in the last few years. I guess you know about Shawna?” Jacob said.

“My mom told me. I would have never guessed just looking at her. She is so feminine, and so very beautiful. You love her don’t you?” Chris said.

“Yes I do. I love her with my whole heart. She is a very special person. I think she has feelings for you somehow. Or she did, that may have changed.” Jacob said.

“Changed how so?”

Jacob explained the dream he and Shawna had shared. Chris turned as white as a sheet. He jumped to his feet and said, “You need to go. I need you to leave now. I had the exact same dream you are in danger from me. I can’t explain it to you right now but I will in a couple of days. For your own safety I need you to leave.”

“I don’t understand? Why would I be in danger from you. I was hoping I could camp out with you tonight. Tell me why I’m in danger from you or I don’t believe you.” Jacob said stubbornly.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I did tell you. Just go home and I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

“No, I won’t go until you tell me.” Jacob said. He stood with his arms folded showing his stubborn streak.

“Fine. I’ll tell you but if you don’t believe me, I’ll kick your ass. I don’t tolerate being called a liar. You have to leave after I tell you. Understand?” Chris said.

Jacob nodded.

(On my last deployment I was mistaken for one of several volunteers. These guys were given injections that was supposed to reach into their souls and draw out their animal spirits. The whole thing was illegal and not sanctioned by the Army. A private sector company was responsible for the whole mess.

I was given the same injection. The people running the experiment thought it had no effect on me. The others weren’t so lucky if you could call it that. The others had horrific side affects. They began to change it was horrible. They were grotesque, monstrous even. They began writhing in agony and screaming. A young female lieutenant saw what was going on and reported the whole thing to the general.

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