She Knows Ch. 06


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It had been more than a week since I’d heard from Jess or Tom. I hoped it was because they were busy and not because our latest encounter had crossed a line.

For my part, I stayed busy with my work doing the day, while I spent my nights stroking my dick and reliving having my butt fucked by them both.

Late one afternoon, I was in the back office of my building when I heard the door open. It was a woman — I could hear her heels clicking on the tile.

The clicking didn’t stop at the front counter, however. As I stood to see what my visitor needed, Jess poked her head in the door.

“Working for once, I see,” she said with a teasing grin.

“If I’m going to get caught, I might as well get caught working,” I shot back.

” I don’t know,” she said.”I liked catching you last time.”

Jess came in and perched herself on the edge of my desk. She was wearing a V-neck dress that plunged between her breasts, showcasing them in a way that was hard to tear my eyes from. Her perfume, delicate yet intoxicating, filled the small room.

Jess explained that this wasn’t a social call. She’d just come from another meeting with Henry Jones on her school fundraiser project.

Henry was the president of our town’s biggest bank. Those raising money for any cause eventually found their way to his door. He was a few years older and I had always found him to be pleasant, but quiet and reserved. He was, I thought, the stereotypical banker.

Jess had finalized plans for her fundraiser and had gotten Henry’s blessing, since his bank was sure to be the biggest donor. What she needed from me was a little publicity in the next edition of my newspaper.

I was happy to help. Not only would I preview the event in next week’s paper, I planned to cover the event with a story and photos for the front page.

We spent about 10 minutes talking about the event, Jess perched beside me as I typed notes on my desktop computer. When we were done, Jess glanced at her watch and I could see that she was calculating something in her head.

“Wanna see something?” she asked.

When I nodded yes, Jess shifted off my desk and lifted her dress up over her hips. She was wearing a little red lace thong.

Her panties were wet and matted to her crotch and thick white cum was seeping from her pussy.

My mouth watered and my cock sprang to life.

“Did Tom have court today?” I asked, knowing her husband liked a morning quickie on days he had to argue before a judge.

“Nope. That’s all Henry,” she said.

The look on my face made her giggle.

“How did that happen?” I asked.

Jess told me that despite his banker persona, Henry was much more relaxed behind closed doors. He had discreetly flirted with her for years. One afternoon as they worked in Henry’s office on the fundraiser, his secretary had buzzed in on the intercom.

Mrs. Jones was on the phone, demanding to speak to her husband. The secretary couldn’t hold her off. Henry took the call. Jess said she could hear his wife yelling from across the desk, while Henry mumbled things like, “I know, dear,” and “I’m sorry, dear,” into the handset.

She must have illegal bahis hung up on him, because Henry looked at the now quiet phone and gently set it back in the cradle. He apologized to Jess.

Henry explained that his wife had grown more demanding and distant from him lately. The angry phone calls and loud arguments at night seemed to go unchecked. She seemed to be mad at him all the time.

“So I’m guessing there isn’t even any make-up sex?” Jess asked.

Henry sighed, and told her there had been no sex of any kind in nearly two years.

Jess said the conversation drifted away from Henry’s home life and back to the task at hand. But at their next meeting, she got to witness another round of Mrs. Jones’ attack on her husband.

Henry was clearly tired of taking his wife’s wrath, Jess said. She asked him why he didn’t just leave her. Henry explained that his standing in the community made divorce a near impossibility, but that he was tired her and tired of taking care of his own needs.

“So I asked him why he didn’t find a lover,” she told me.”when he said he didn’t think he could, I told him it had worked for me.”

I was shocked Jess would admit such a thing to a “pillar” of our community, and apparently Henry had been, too. But he was also curious. Jess said they silent the better part of the afternoon talking about her experiences — leaving out some details, like my identity and the fact that I also suck off her husband, often in her presence.

Since they’d gotten nothing done that day on their project, they agreed to meet the next day.

When she arrived, instead of working across his desk, Henry guided her to a couch on the other side of the room.

As she was spreading out her paperwork, Henry leaned in and kissed her.

“The next thing I knew, he had my skirt up around my waist and he was kissing my pussy through my panties,” she told me.

After a few minutes, Jess pushed him back and stood to remove her dress. After hooking her bra and letting it fall away, she reached to drop her underwear. Henry grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

“He likes panties,” she told me.”I never took them off.”

Jess said that Henry quickly undressed, being careful to lay his pants out on a nearby chair so they wouldn’t wrinkle.

“When he turned around, I saw his cock,” she said.”It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. I swear its twice as big around as Tom’s and inches longer, too.”

Henry pushed her back on the couch, pulled her panties to the side and pushed his cock deep inside her, Jess told me.

“His cock felt so good,” she said. “His wife doesn’t know what she is missing.”

After they both came, Jess said, they straightened up and went to work on the fundraiser, as if nothing ever happened. Since then, she’d fucked him several times.

As her story ended, I realized I’d been rubbing my cock through my pants. I was rock hard.

“Listen, if you want to eat my pussy, you’d better hurry up,” Jess said, snapping me out of my reverie. “I’ve got somewhere to be in 20 minutes. Of course, you’ve eaten his cum before, haven’t you? So maybe you want to pass.”

I gave her a confused look.

“The other night at my house,” she illegal bahis siteleri said. “I was late getting home from my meeting because Henry had me bent over his desk, fucking me doggystyle. Just because I made Tom wait all week for sex doesn’t mean that I’m going to.”

Jess took my head into her hands and gently guided me to her crotch. I nuzzled her cunt with my face, taking in the aroma of her body, her sex and Henry’s cum.

I kissed her through her panties, feeling the stickiness of the fabric on my lips. But I needed to get his load and her clit in my mouth.

As Henry had no doubt done earlier, I slid her panties to the side. I took a long slow swipe with my tongue from as close to her ass as I could get all the way to the top of her slit.

Jess moaned her approval and I got a mouthful of Henry’s load and her juices in my mouth. I swallowed gratefully. After a few more long, slow passes with my tongue that filled my mouth with their combined taste, I zeroed in on Jess’ clit. I knew she wanted to get off, and I was going to make that happen.

I slipped two fingers into her hole and rubbed her G-spot as I gently worked her button. It didn’t take long. Jess began to move her hips and moan, and I could feel the juices from her pussy running down my arm.

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned. “Suck my clit. Make me come.”

She grabbed the back of my head as she came and I held steady, letting the waves of her orgasm move us. When she pulled away, I licked her juice and the remnants of Henry’s load from my hand.

Jess stood and straightened herself up for the second time that day.

“Thanks for ALL your help today,” she said as she headed for the door.

I was just about to unzip and relieve my aching cock, when the phone rang. It was Tom and needed to see me right away.

I took a minute to let my cock subside, after all, it wouldn’t do to walk across town with my pants tenting.

The reception area of Tom’s office was empty. When he heard the door, he stuck his head out of his office door and called me back.

I entered the room and found Tom naked, his cock jutting up between his thighs as he sat on the couch. I didn’t say a word, and he didn’t need to, either. I dropped to my knees, leaned in and licked the length of his shaft.

Just as I had with his wife earlier, I took a few swipes with my tongue. But I wanted his cock in my throat and I knew he wanted it too.

I opened my lips and slowly lowered mouth completely onto his dick. When my lips reached his pubic hair, I closed them around the base of his cock.Tom moaned as I sucked deeply, gripping his shaft between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

I released him slightly and began to work slowly up and down his shaft with my mouth. I wanted to bring him slowly to orgasm, allowing the taste of his pre-come to coat my throat.

I’d been working for maybe 10 minutes, pushing him toward orgasm and then backing away. Tom was clearly enjoying himself. I glanced up to see his fingers laced behind his head, a look of bliss on his face.

I increased the pace, haping get rewarded with a mouthful of cum. But Tom had other ideas. He lifted my face from his crotch and looked canlı bahis siteleri me in the eye.

“I want some more of your ass,” he said. “May I fuck you?”

I jumped and started dropping my clothes. Sucking him off was great, but feeling his dick inside me is heaven.Tom went to his desk and retrieved a bottle of lube from a drawer. I got on my hands and knees, assuming he would want to take me from behind.

But Tom had other ideas. He guided me onto the couch on my back. I put my hands behind my knees and pulled my legs to my chest, giving his total access to my backdoor.

Tom squirted the lube onto my asshole and some on his dick. The cool liquid, and the knowledge of what it was for made my hard cock twitch. As he stroked the lube onto his shaft, he ran his fingers along my crack, teasing my hole and finally pushing his fingers inside me.

I let out a moan of approval.

Tom scooted forward and let his cock rest on my ass. After a few light strokes outside my hole, he lined his cockhead up against my rosebud and shifted his weight to penetrate me. I pushed out slightly, and his cock popped into my ass. I made a noise — somewhere between pleasure and pain — and Tom held still.

I gave my ass a minute to adjust to his cock, and then gently started rocking my hips, encouraging Tom to fuck me. He did not hesitate, and started a slow, steady pace, pushing his dick deep inside and then pulling out until only the tip was penetrating me. I craned my neck to watch. Seeing his hard shaft piston in and out of my bottom was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. My cock was leaking pre-come against my belly, and I wanted nothing more than to grab it and jerk myself to an orgasm.

But, again, Tom had other ideas. His hands had been holding the couch beside us, giving him leverage to plow me. His pace was quickening and I assume he was about to dump his cum in my ass.

I was shocked when he reached out and grabbed my shaft. I nearly came.

“I want to feel your ass clamp down on my dick as you shoot your load on your chest,” he said between heavy breaths. “Then I’m going to fill your butt with my cum.”

He gripped my dick firmly and started stroking it in time with his fucking. I lasted maybe 30 seconds.

As my orgasm hit, I concentrated on squeezing his shaft with my ass. My load flew from my cock, landing in ropes across my chest and face.

The squeezing was all Tom needed. He grunted, grasping my dick, and buried his cock in my ass.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” he moaned. “Take my fucking cum.”

He held his shrinking cock in my ass for as long as he could before letting it slip from my hole. As he crumpled beside me on the couch, he scooped up some of my seed that lay puddled on my chest and fed it to me.

We lay there catching our breath for a bit. But Tom’s ringing cell phone brought us back to reality.

Jess was on the phone. Tom put his finger to his lips, indicating I should be quiet. Dinner was nearly ready, she told him. Would he be home soon?

We cleaned up and dressed quickly. As Tom was locking up behind us, he dropped some news I had been dying to hear.

“There is some movement in your legal case,” he said. “I’ll have something to tell you by the middle of next week.”

I walked back to my office in a daze. I don’t know if it was fucking Tom had just given me, or the news that perhaps things were looking up for my legal troubles that made my head spin more.

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