She wanted to Watch!

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She wanted to Watch!Everyone knows I’m bi and a Transvestite. I don’t dress as much as I wish but I do go out two or three times a week. When I’m not dressed up I tend to hang at a straight redneck bar thats about two blocks from my house. They all know both mark and Kristy there and most are nice to me and respect me because of the respect I give to them. Well yesterday I was in after work for a couple beers and Cindy the bartender and Lisa wanted me to do some drinks with them. Orange Crushes, wow I didn’t want to get drunk cause I had plans for Kristy to go out clubbing. But after encouragement from both of them, their so sweet, I ended up have a drink with them. After finally losing a pool game, I won 6 in a row, they bought me the next one. When Cindy came over with the drinks I told her about my plans for the evening and this would be my last drink. Cindy is very fun and has alway been nice to me and without waiting for me to tell her about the show at the club she asked if she could come too. She on the rebound from a longtime boyfriend who is really a nice cute guy but a little too controlling. The show, a contest for the King and Queen of the gay pride parade held in June, began at 9pm. She came and picked me up at 8:30, I wanted to drive also but she insisted that I ride with her. I wanted to drive so if I got lucky she could leave or I could. We circled the block where the club was a couple times and ended up get a parking space right in front of the club.I think we looked very hot, She had a nice jean miniskirt on and a white halter top with no bra. Very Perky and probablly the only time in the year I’ve known her that she didn’t have a bra on. I had dressed in my favorite black spandex mini and 3/4 sleeve top, sheer nude thighhighs and black garter belt. I was wearing my black kneehigh satin platforms. I paid the admission and we found a table at the back of the club. The view of the show wasn’t very good but we got to see most of the contestants preform. After we finished our first drinks I got up to get us another and a guy came up to me at the bar. Well he was cute and very gentlemanly offered to buy me a drink. When I told him I was with Cindy he said oh, sorry. Then I told him she was just here as a friend. He then offered to halkalı escort buy us both a drink. We both walked back to the table and Cindy asked me who my friend was. I smiled and introduced Mark to Cindy as she gave me a big grin. We sat talking while the show went on and finally the King and Queen were chosen.Then the music started and people began to dance. After a couple songs we all decided to get up and dance. Well Cindy is a very good dancer and I don’t do to bad myself, but Mark was execellent. At one point he was behind me dirty dancing, and Cindy was in front. All rubbing against each other, and getting pretty horny. I’ve never seen Cindy so hot and even though she’s only heard about some of my experiences I really never thought about doing anything with her out of respect of her relationship with John. Thank god for the really tight g-string I was wearing cause I was getting turned on by both of them.After a few dances we went back to the table to cool off, and thats when Mark leaned over and kissed me. Of course I responded and sucked his tongue into my mouth. As my eyes opened I was staring into Cindys eyes and looking at her sweet smile. I think she was enjoying this as much as me. Marks hands were roaming all over my thighs and ass and had me squrming in my seat. My hands found there way to his now erect cock and I slowly rubbed him thru his pants. I started to feel guilty about being here with her and not paying attention so I sat back some in my chair, straighted my hair and excused myself to go to the ladies room.Cindy got up and walked with me and was supprised to see four other gurls there. After fixing our makeup we headed back but not before she told me that it was ok if him and I wanted to hookup. I told her that it was ok, but I didn’t feel right about going to his place, then having to find a way home tomorrow. I just told her we probablly should be getting ready to leave as it was 1:30 and we both had a good buzz going.When we got back to the table Cindy and I informed Mark we were getting ready to go. Then he asked if he was invited, well without even waiting for me she told him yes. Wow! I didn’t know why she said it or why she still şişli escort wanted me to ride with her back to my place. But the whole way she was talking about how cute he was and nice. Of course I had to mention how big his cock felt! She knew what was going to happen!We pulled up at my place and she turned off her car! Then all three of us walked up to my apartment and went in. I lit a couple candles and opened a bottle of wine. Cindy sat in a chair across from me and Mark on the couch. Mark’s hand resting on my thigh and mine in his lap. Finally Mark leaned over and started kissing my neck and ear, driving me wild. I expected Cindy to say goodnight and leave anytime soon but she sat sipping her wine and watched as Mark and I began to get busy rubbing and feeling each others bodys.My couch is a daybed type and soon we were laying side by side kissing and exploring each other. His hands had found there way up my skirt and he began squeezing my ass, probing at my hot hole. I had to have him, and soon too. I slid down to his feet and removed his shoes and sox, then started undoing his pants and briefs. His cock popped straight up, and it was to die for. Eight inches, fairly thick and neatly trimmed. I slowly began to lick at the base and suck his balls into my mouth. Thats when I happen to glance at Cindy who was just starring with her mouth wide open at us. God I felt so hot, having her watch me suck this hot guy. My tongue slowly licked its way up his cock, making it slick and twitching with antisipation. As I took the tip between my lips, sucking it into my mouth, Cindy let out a soft purring, oh my god thats so hot! Then as I took more and more into my mouth I glanced at her and winked.As he went deeper into my mouth while my tongue pressed against his shaft, I knew I was going to take all of him. After about the third time working back down on him I felt him began to enter my throat. I kept going till my face was pressed against his stomach and I had all of his cock filling my mouth. Wow! came from Cindy, she was impressed with my skill and told me she had never done that. After several hot munites of sucking him, he said he was getting close to cumming. But I didn’t want him finish that soon sarıyer escort so I slowly pushed him back on the bed and worked my way back beside him.We layed beside each other kissing and soon he had removed my skirt and began rubbing my smooth ass. I knew I needed to feel him inside me! I asked Cindy to pass me my pocketbook, and she just got the biggest grin as I pulled out a condom and lube. I was going to show her what a hot slut I was! Mark had pulled my thong to one side and had two fingers working in my ass as I rolled the condom on his rock hard cock.It took several minutes with me sitting on his lap to slowly work his cock all the way inside me. After he was balls deep, and I had relaxed enough I began moving my ass up and down, squeezing my mussles around his hot cock. We fucked like this for about 5 minute and he said he was getting close to cumming. I wanted him to last longer so I lowered myself all the way down on him, spreading my cheeks so he could get really deep inside me. I just sat there, not moving just feeling him deep inside me. We sat like that for a couple minutes till he asked me to get on my knees. He stood behind me and pushed his cock back into my tight willing hole. It didn’t take long for him to get a nice steady pace going and I could feel each and every inch within my body as he fucked me harded and faster. Cindy had moved from the chair over beside me on the bed to get a better view and started talking to me. I was tellig Mark to fuck me, fuck me hard, and Cindy was telling me how hot we looked! After ten hot hard and deep minutes Mark finally let out a cry and drove deep into me, grabbing my hips and pulling them to him. I could feel him cumming, his throbbing cock pulsing in my ass. We just stayed that way for several minutes as his cock began to soften. Finally he slipped out of me and I collasped on the bed. Cindy grabbed a tissue and wiped my forehead. Like most guys Mark didn’t waste any time getting dressed and I walked him to the door and gave him a kiss and he promised he’d call me again!As I walked back to the bed Cindy came over and gave me a big kiss and told me that was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen. Then she glanced down and noticed my soaking wet gstring and said, You can do that? I told her I came when she was on the bed talking to me and he was really deep inside me. It was so great, getting fucked by a nice cute hung guy and also knowing that it turned her on. Now if you think I’d get lucky with her I didn’t. Hell I didn’t even try, it’s that respect thing again. I figured if she wanted to she would have joined in, she knows I’m bi!

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