Part One of the Computerman Series

I had seen her at seen her at the school my kids go to. She dropped off her daughter every day and picked her up at night. We had not had a chance to talk, just nod, until my daughter wanted hers to come home and play, this was primary school after all. After discussing it and exchanging details her daughter came home with us. Her name was Sheri and she lived about 5 minutes from me.

When she came to pick up her daughter we sat down and had a coffee and chatted, giving the kids a bit longer to play. She asked me what I did and I told her I fix and sell computers. She said I should come and have a look at hers, since her husband left it has been playing up, so I gave her my card and told her I would be delighted to come over any time.

I saw her at school each day after that and she always made a point of stopping and giving me a smile and saying hello. After about 5 days she asked me what I was doing this morning, I told her that nothing was planned and she asked if I had time to drop by and check out her pc. I was delighted.

I got over there about 11:30 and rang the doorbell. She answered wearing a leotard and looking like she had just run a million miles.

“Sorry I have been working out and lost track of time” she said.

“That’s ok if it is inopportune I can come back another time.” I replied.

“Not at all, you can look at the pc while I shower and change then I will make you a coffee” she stated.

Sheri led me into her study where her pc was and showed me what was wrong. It was just the usual lost icons and some wrong settings that happen with home a PC and I worked on it for a while and as usual I lost track of time. Next thing I know she is there asking me if I was ready for the coffee. As I had just finished I followed her into the kitchen.

Maybe I should tell you what she is like now. She is about 5′ 6″ tall with short black hair and deep brown eyes. I assumed she was Indian but Sheri later told me she was born in Fiji but her parents were from India. She had a great figure a nice tight arse, which was accentuated by the little skirt she was wearing now. She had great breasts but not big probably a large b cup. Overall she was a stunner. And had the nicest personality and smile ever.

We sat in the kitchen and chatted, then I asked her about her workout. “I thought a figure like yours wouldn’t be kept by sitting around eating chocolate.” I said impulsively.

I turned red when I realised what I had said, but she laughed anyway.

“I used to be a size 16 dress you know but now I am a size 8,” She laughed “it has taken a lot of work. After my husband left me for a newer model I got quite depressed, but then one day one of my girlfriends suggested I start to use the home gym the pig left here. I hired a personal trainer to get me going and started to read about training, now here I am.”

“Well it has paid dividends. That’s what I need to do. I have a potbelly and my blood pressure is terrible but I never seem to find the time, or am not motivated enough,’ I replied. “I should be as I would love to feel better, never mind looking better, but I just am not motivated.”

“You should find a partner to motivate you in training then, that or a really good reason to train hard. Come and look at my gym.”

Sheri showed me around her gym, it was quite good and she had most of the equipment that a commercial gym would have. I was impressed and told her so. She also had a pool out the back and from the hint of bathers I saw I figured after I had gone she would be swimming.

I saw Sheri at school over the next week, then one day I got a phone call from her. “Hi Bill, how are you? It’s Sheri.”

“Hi Sheri. I am well and you? Hows the training going?”

“I am well but that’s what I am ringing you about, got illegal bahis time to come over for 10 minutes and have a chat about training?” she inquired.

“Sure, how about in half an hour?”

“Ok see you then.”

Now I wonder what this is about I thought. My dick throbbed just thinking about Sheri and Mrs Palmer had been helping me with formulating dreams about her so I was hopeful but I knew it would be purely professional. Maybe she had found someone for me to train with, to motivate me as she put it.

“Hi Bill, glad you came. I have been thinking about our chat the other day and I think I have found a solution for your laziness” when she said that we both laughed. “How would you like to come here and train with me? I have been waning and someone else here will get me going again and I can help you with a program and motivate you. It will be beneficial for both of us.”.

The thought of training with her was mind blowing but I wasn’t sure I would be able to concentrate on the training. She had on a crop top and short shorts today and her legs were amazing. I could even see an outline of nipple as we talked. Look at her eyes, look at her eyes I kept reminding myself, nothing worse than a guy talking to a girls breasts.

“But I don’t want to inconvenience you at all Sheri” I told her ” I appreciate the offer but it would put you out to much.”

“I won’t take no for an answer, be here tomorrow at 10 in your training gear and I will have a program ready for you” she told me forcefully “and be ready to get fit.”

I was intrigued all day, couldn’t think of anything else at all. It was enough to know this woman but working out with her will be interesting, even if I just get to perve at her it will be enjoyable. I was ready and on her doorstep at 9:55 the next day, she answered the door with a smile and beckoned me in. come to the Gym and we will talk.

“I have a workout planned for you and I will help you initially and you can help me,” She said professionally.

I was already in my shorts and t-shirt and slipped my shoes and socks off. Sheri was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She took me through the exercises slowly and then while I did mine she worked out. Her muscles were amazing and she was really supple. After finishing I went and had a shower then bid her farewell.

After about two weeks of this we were sitting on the exercise bikes warming up when she surprised me.

“You know before you started working out with me I usually wore a bit less than I do now.”

“Oh, what did you wear?” I was hopeful at this.

“Oh a sports bra and a g-string, you know the sort they wear over a leotard.”

“Yes I know the type, I am sorry I have changed your routine”

“It is ok really, but I was wondering if you would be upset or off put if I started to dress like that now? I get really hot when I am exercising and like to wear less.”

Is this right, is this gorgeous woman asking me if she can wear less around me? Wow I couldn’t believe my luck.

“Of course I wouldn’t be worried about it, your house you can wear what you like.”

She smiled at me and sat up on the bike grabbed the hem of the t-shirt and pulled it off over her head. She had on a small black sports bra. It looked wonderful. I just put my head down and concentrated on pedalling, trying to make sure I don’t make her feel too uncomfortable. She then got off the bike and pulled off the shorts she was wearing. She had a black g–string on under then that just merged with her skin and left her butt exposed. She hopped back on the bike and started pedalling.

“That’s better” she panted, “You know you should try it, much nicer.”

I sat up and pulled off my t-shirt and looked at her ‘Sorry I don’t have a g-string on today, never worn one.”

She gave a mock serious pout and said, “Oh too illegal bahis siteleri bad, I bet your butt is as nice as mine now.” With that she sat up on the pedals and gave her butt a loud slap and laughed.

Nothing much else happened that day except I had to keep concentrating and keep my mind off her arse, cause every time I looked at it I wanted to grab it and I started to get hard. I really didn’t want to mess up this arrangement as I was feeling better every day and wanted to enjoy the view.

Two days later I arrived for a workout and when I walked in there was a little parcel in her hand. She smiled at me and handed it to me. “

“This is for you” she said, “hope you don’t mind.”

I opened it and it was a mens black g-string. I was stunned, I just stood there not sure what to say to her. I looked art her and smiled, thanks was all I could think of.

“I thought that as I was in one you could wear one too, what do you think?”

“Well it is a good though but there is just one thing wrong with it.”

“Oh, and what’s that” she enquired

“Wearing that and you wearing what you will be I will certainly embarrass myself and I didn’t want to do that.”

“Oh, that’s funny, cause I was counting on it. You know where you can change.”

I put it on in the bathroom we used, and stepped out feeling a bit self-conscious. Sheri was on the bike ready for me.

“Come on we are a bit later than usual” she called to me.

We sat there pedalling and I relaxed, I always enjoyed wearing few clothes and quite often went without underwear in summer but this was a bit different. We went through our routines and was mostly controlled but one particular exercise she did got me quite hot and I was getting hard, I looked at her and she just smiled and looked straight at my cock.

After our workout and before we had our shower we were standing in front of the full length mirror and she said “I sometimes stand here and pose pretending I am in the Miss Universe contest, it feels really good”

“I would like to see that” and my cock agreed, getting a little harder.

She smiled at me and went over and put some music on a bit louder, we always have music on when we workout. She went back in front of the mirror and stated to pose to the music, as she hit each pose I clapped her. After about 5 minutes she stopped and I told her how good she looked.

“You look good yourself, big boy. Good to see I please you” she said looking at my hardon. It had popped its head out above the top of the underpants.

She stepped back over to the mirror, reached behind her and undid her bra and threw it to the side. Then she put her hands in the band of her underpants and pulled them off and threw them with her bra. With that she started to pose again. She was completely bald and I could see she was aroused by the way her lips were a bit swollen. I am gonna fuck her good I thought. She started to do acrobatics, bending over backwards and touching the floor behind her, her breasts melted to her body with her nipples trying to escape. Her pussy was pushed forward and her mound accentuated. I moved over behind her so her eyes were at the same level as my cock and I started to play with her nipples. She took my cock and ran her tongue up and down it and then slowly sucked on it. I leant down and licked then sucked on a nipple, running my hands over her stomach and then her lips. She sucked on me for a bit then stood up. Turning around she kissed me deeply.

“It had been months since I have had one of these to play with” She moaned stroking my cock “It had just been me and pinky and perky”

“Pinky AND Perky?” I repeated

“Yes dear, a girl has more than one spot to enjoy”

This girl was amazing and I was not only gonna fuck her cunt but I was going to fill her tight arse too. canlı bahis siteleri We kissed deeply as I held her arse rubbing the hard muscle, she pressed into my hand then broke the kiss slowly licking her way down my body. She took my cock in her hand then kissed the head, then licked the drop of pre cum oozing out of the tip. She took the head in her mouth and started to work it into her mouth.

“MMM nice big cock” she moaned looking into my eyes.

She engulfed my cock working it right down her throat while she played with my balls. I run my fingers through her hair enjoying the wonderful blowjob I was getting. She slid a finger around and played with my arse as I spread my legs a little wider t allow her easy access. She ran her finger around my arse while she sucked me and I throbbed even harder.

She looked up at me “Like your arse played with too do you?”

I nodded.

“Good cause your gonna fuck mine later”

She led me off to her bedroom and lay back on the bed, we embraced then I slowly licked my way down to her breasts. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked and liked it, and then I ran my teeth over it. She moaned, so I gently nipped it. My other hand was on her cunt, I opened her lips and slid my fingers down through her folds, finding her wetness and spreading it all over her bald lips.

“Oh god yes, she cried out “Bite my nipple, finger my cunt, oh fuck.”

I bit her nipple a bit harder and she moaned deep, then I pulled it with my teeth while I slid two fingers deep inside her. I reluctantly left her nipple and licked my way down to her cunt. Her scent was strong as I slid my tongue right down the centre of her cunt, feeling her slickness. She lifted her hips up to my face as I ate her and worked my fingers deep inside her, feeling for that rough little spot that would send her over the edge. I felt a hand on my cock and moved over so my knees were either side of her head and my cock was hanging in her face, she took me straight down to the balls, making me throb even more. I pulled her cheeks apart and played with her arsehole.

I felt her move a bit and she handed me a tube of lube and a toy, I slid the toy in her cunt and lubed up her arse with my fingers while I sucked her clit. She said hold on I want to be on top and rolled me over onto my back then slide her face straight back down on my cock. She opened her legs as wide as they could go and I pulled the toy out of her cunt and buried it in her arse. She really moaned then and as I licked her clit and worked the toy I could feel her building. I didn’t have to wait long. She took my cock out of her mouth and yelled as she came her hips madly pumping on my fingers and the toy and rubbing over my face and tongue. She came buckets.

When she calmed down she got off me and knelt, her arse in the air and opened, fuck me was all she said. I grabbed her hips and buried my cock deep in her tight little cunt. She was really tight and wet and hot and it felt so good I wanted to live there forever. She was moving under me and her finger was diddling her clit as I pumped her. The toy was still in her butt and I held her with one hand and turned the toy around with the other, then worked it in and out but I soon had to give that away. I was just too excited, I held her hips and pumped her on to my cock thrusting madly inside her. I felt my cum rising and growled that I was gonna cum.

“Fill me with your hot cum, fuck my hot cunt with your big cock oh god your stretching me out. Fuck me please” she cried as I fucked her.

I held her hard, the crisis cumming closer I closed my eyes and pumped harder, the cum boiled up through my dick. I was only dick and could see with it, the world could end and I wouldn’t care. I spewed my load deep inside her, mad panting spurts burning right through me. My whole body as exploding through my dick and I didn’t care, Sheri was yelling as the burning liquid sprayed her insides.

Afterwards we lay in each other arms asleep. I was dreaming of her on her knees and me filling her arse, ahh well maybe when I wake up.

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