Shower Surprise


The hot water felt so nice hitting my neck and running down my chest. My hands were in my hair and I could almost imagine they were his hands massaging my scalp, firmly yet gently. I was rinsing the soap out of my hair when I felt my breasts being washed. I smiled as he tweaked the tip of one and pressed his lips to my neck underneath my upturned chin.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I ask him, flirtatiously.

“What do you think I’m doing?” He said, “I was starting to get hard thinking of you all naked in here.”

“Well, I can feel that,” I giggled as his dick pressed into my hip, “but I still have to condition my hair and wash up.”

“I can help!” he said enthusiastically which made me giggle again as I rolled my eyes at him and proceeded to apply conditioner to my hair. His hand reached the comb before my fingers could close around it and I turned around to face him, thinking he was going to play keep away. He just smiled his sexy, loving smile at me and said, “Turn around.”

The comb sliding smoothly through my hair was comforting illegal bahis and relaxing. When he turned me around to help me rinse my hair his fingers brushing my scalp was a little more exciting. Especially when my hair was rinsed completely and his hand stopped at the back of my head to pull it gently to the side so he could kiss my neck.

I took up the soap and began to wash his body, my slippery hands running over his pecks and finely toned arms to his flat stomach before getting more soap to wash his stiff dick and his balls. He let the water run over his dick as I finished washing his legs and my face came even with his dick. Of course, there was only one thing to do.

He moaned a bit as I slid my mouth over the tip and further down. I ran my tongue along the underside as I brought my mouth away, sucking on the tip a bit. One of my hands played with his balls as the other hand stroked his dick a bit and I sucked it. I moaned as his fingers pressed against my scalp to gently pull my head back after I’d reached the tip of his dick. I illegal bahis siteleri looked up at him and he looked a little dazed.

I went back to my task and was completely focused on sucking his dick when he pulled me up by my arms and started kissing me like there was no tomorrow. His arms were wrapped around me, his kisses pressing need and want into my very soul. His hands grabbed my ass as I held on to him. His mouth moved across my jaw to my neck, making me gasp. He turned me around, still kissing, licking, and biting my neck. He moved further back on my neck and I let out a cross between a gasp and a whimper of pleasure as he licked my back as well.

I could barely breathe when he finally bent me over and slid his dick into what must have been a dripping wet pussy. He went slowly at first, just the tip then pulled back. Again, he put the tip in just a little and I tried to push back into him, to get more of him, but his fingers dug into my hips and he pulled completely away to make me stop. I whimpered, wanting all of him to be canlı bahis siteleri inside me, but still he continued to tease me. He rubbed his dick along the outside of my pussy and I could feel how wet I was just by how easily he slid across me. When I could barely breathe with the need I felt, he thrust all of himself inside me and I cried out loud from the sheer pleasure that encompassed me as I knew it would. He started out slowly but his speed increased the more he fucked me. The pressure increased, harder and faster he went.

I fingered my clit as his hands gripped my hips and he fucked me. The slippery wetness over my clit turned me on as much as feeling his dick slide in and out of me. I was about to cum when I heard his climax approach as well. He thrust inside me one final time, his voice joining my own as my vision darkened and my orgasm crashed over me. His dick left me as I tried to recover. Slowly, I stood up, leaning heavily against the wall. I heard the grin in his voice as he asked me, “Are you alright?” I could only nod. He kissed my mouth and said, “That was awesome,” as I traded one support for another and leaned against him. I finally gained enough strength to grin up at him and kiss him back. I was trying to figure out how I was going to wash my body since I could barely move.

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