Shy Knight Tempting Fate Pt. 04


Part 4

Chapter 10.

“Oh God!” I said. “My sisters dead at the hand of my future wife!”

Alisha was shaking as she looked at me, her eyes were full of tears as she fell to the floor.

Just as I was about to get my phone and dial 911, Alexa took a deep breath as she opened her eyes and flailed around breaking free from Carries embrace. She was now hunching over face down trying to catch her breath since she was literally knocked out before. Her commotion brought Carrie to and she was looking at Alexa.

“Your ALIVE!” She screamed and slowly moved over to Alexa and started embracing her.

Both Alisha and I took notice of the commotion and were speechless looking at each other.

“What happened to me?” Alexa said still choking and trying to regain herself.

“My head and neck feel so sore.” Alexa said, “Like I was hit by a linebacker!”

“You were,” I said. “Miss Carrie Linebacker literally swung so hard, it knocked you out, unconscious for a while and we thought you were dead.

“She was dead,” Carrie said matter of factly. “She stopped breathing for a while.”

Alisha moved over to Alexa and was helping her.

“We better get some cloths on, come on Chad.” Carrie said as she looked at me then she stood up and entwined her forearm and elbow into mine pulling me out of the bathroom.

“Wait, I need to take a shower!” I said quickly to Carrie as we were halfway down the hall.

She quickly yanked me back around and escorted me back into the bathroom.

We could see Alisha was holding Alexa up and helping her down the hall to her bedroom.

I heard Alisha say to Alexa “And YOU were the one who told me to never do anything with Chad.”

Alexa just shook her head.

“Chad, go ahead honey I need a moment with the girls.” Carrie said sympathetically.

“Look you two, you are my sisters, Right? We have shared a lot together… but somethings, uh… we just can’t share right? My Knight is one of those. Right girls?” Carrie said firmly.

“Right Capen!” both Alisha and Alexa barked out in unison.

“Okay Great, I am so sorry Alexa, but you hurt me bad honey, real bad. And it’s going to take a while for me to get over it.” Carrie said calmly as she left the two girls.

Carrie was walking back down the hall and as she passed by the bathroom door, she overheard me in the shower.

She had a flash back to the first time she heard me in the shower, so she slowly crept inside the bathroom.

I had my back to the shower door and I heard it gently open.

“Hey there you need a hand with that?” Carrie said in a seductive voice.

I slowly turned around and she had her arms above her head holding onto the top railing of the shower door slide; making her tits perky and stand up real firm and sexy. I swooned at the site of that and she bit her lower lips staring into my eyes then she was sort-a swaying in and out while holding the top rail.

“Hey you know what?” She said as she let go of the rail. “I overheard some guy in the shower a short time ago,”

I just looked at her nodding.

“And He, He was Uh, you know? He was stroking his, Uh, his.” She said slowly and tentatively as she reached forward toward me waist.

“His what?” I said as I moved closer to her.

She made contact with my dick and started stroking it very gently.

She was moving her head in a kind of I don’t know motion as she looked into my eyes.

“His, his…” She said as she paused.

“His…” I said.

“His Bigggggg… FAAAATTTTT… C ahhh ck!” She said pronouncing every syllable distinctly.

“His Big fat cock?” I said looking at her as she nodded her head up and down slowly with her mouth now open in a lustful expression.

“Un Huh…” She said softy.

“And you know what else?” She said shyly looking at me sideways.

“Uh No… What else Carrie darling?” I said.

“He was fantasizing about, about…” She said with her eyes glued to mine.

“Fantasizing… illegal bahis No way? He was having fantasies about what?” I said.

“Fantasies about Fucking…” She said softy as she moved in closer to me holding my dick to her stomach.

“A cheerleader…”She said.

Then she held her finger to my lips in an effort to keep me from taking.

“She wasn’t just any old… run of the mill… cheerleader,” Carrie said.

I shook my head no slowly.

“Un huh, No… she was HOT!” Carrie said excitedly as she continued her lustful speak.

“Hot?” I said inquisitively.

“Oh yeah, she was REAL… HOTTTTT and she was captain of the squad.” Carrie said as she moved into a cheer position with her one hand on her hips in a fist and was forcing her amazing round tits out to me.

“No way, wait…So you overheard some guy.” I said.

“No… not just any guy,” She said kissing my pecks and caressing my stomach.

“Nooooo, unt uh, this guy was smart! And he was tall, and he was a hunk.” She said looking at me with yearning and passion biting her lower lip.

“So you over heard some hunky guy… who was in a shower… who had fantasies about fucking… the cheer captain?” I said.

“Yeah and you know what else?” She said.

I shook my head no, mouth open sensuously.

“She even had big round, firm tits … And they were more than a handful!” She said quickly as she cupped her boobs with her small hands and lifted them up to me.

“See, with rock hard nipples…” She said quickly.

“And narrow waist.” She continued as she put her hands to her sides, then tensed her stomach muscles as she caressed her tight flat stomach looking down at it.

“Six pack stomach… AND… a HUGE bu-bbbble bb uah tttttt!” Carrie said as she ever so slowly twisted at the waist in an incredibly smooth ballerina move, turned her back to me, and then arched her lower back shoving her big butt back toward me.

Then Carrie put one hand down and cupped her pussy sticking a finger or two inside and quickly finger fucked herself.

“And… she… had… a… Faattt… Jooocey… Puuss-say,” She continued as she quickly brought that hand to her mouth she sucked her fingers in simultaneously swaying those awesome hips back and forth quickly.

“And you know what’s different about the fantasy and what you going to have? Instead… of… having a fantasy… YOU… get… the real thing.” She said as she slowly backed her butt to my now rock hard dick.

Carrie shifted her powerful legs wider apart, then put her wet pussy soaked fingers down between her legs and reached back for my swollen throbbing pecker, pressing the mid shaft to her pussy lips on the outside of her. She started moving her whole body back and forth riding me as she craned her head back looking up into my eyes while she was facing away from me.

I grabbed hold of her wide hips and was pulling her back to my stomach while she did this. I was now looking down in awe at her very deep ass cleavage and her super muscular hips and butt. Her physic was close to a body builder or top fitness model but and not overly exaggerated. She had the right amount of fat to make her an incredibly shaped, HOT female cheerleader.

I closed my eyes for a split second remembering my fantasy with her. But then quickly reopened them again to see she was beyond my original fantasy of her. The real thing or her real body was so much better than any fantasy I could dream of. We were in a fucking motion now with my dick outside her as she held me to her vortex. The biggest difference in a fantasy and real is feeling her soft warm skin. Hearing her moan and feeling her soft wavy mane flick back and forth across my torso. And there is nothing to compare to real pussy juice for lubricant.

She reached her other hand up to her mouth and stuck a few fingers inside and slobbered on them. Next she moved her soaking wet finger tips down to stoke my illegal bahis siteleri dick head which was sticking out in front of her slightly.

“So this is what it’s like to have a man dick.” She said as she looked down at it in awe swirling her fingertips around the head.

She was now looking back at me again bumping her butt to me quickly.

“I want you to… Fuck me Chad!” She said quickly.

She let go of my dick and shifted her position so she her hands were above her head on the tiles and she was now leaning on the wall facing away from me. She slowly arched her back more and more sticking her fantastic butt back to me as she inched her feet and ankles apart causing her legs to go wider and wider.

“Is this how I was in your fantasy, begging you tah… Fuck me; Chad!” She said looking up and back to me.

“Take that Knight Monster, cock and shove it hard into your fair maidens soaking wet honey pot!” She said with such lust.

“Balls deep in the cheer captains cunt, I want to feel your balls smacking my pussy.” She said lustfully.

I put my dick head into position thrust forward, but slipped out and slide underneath.

She reached back grabbed her butt down by her pussy to hold herself wider and with a seemly impossible double jointed waist she arched her back even more.

“Un Huh,” She moaned, “Fuck me Knight! Fuck… your maiden; try again, I want you so bad, I am close already baby CJ.” She said begging me to fill her.

I grabbed my dick and held it to her as she pushed back to me slowly.

My dick head pushed and pushed as I held my shaft tight and her movements forced her pussy flesh aside to quickly envelope my dick as it popped in quickly.

“Oh my GAUD!” She squealed as she inhaled shapely in pain. Then she quickly let go of her hips holding her forearms and elbows out in a blocking motion to keep her face from smacking against the wall.

Meanwhile Alisha and Alexa heard Carrie’s screech down the hall.

Both girls looked at each other in surprise. Alexa was lying on her bed and Alisha was sitting next to her.

“Here we go again; with those two!” Alisha said sarcastically falling back on the bed.

“We don’t need a man or them to have fun you know.” Alexa said caressing Alisha’s arm gently as she moved over toward Alisha. Next she took her hand palm down and patted Alexa muff under her underwear.

“Oh Yeah do that!” Alexa shouted out.

Back in the shower

“Are you Okay!” I said as she popped off of my dick.

She looked at me in a daze then got her composure.

“Uh Yeah? somehow I thought this was going to be a fun… fantasy,” She said chuckling.

“Yeah me too.” I said as she turned toward me.

“Maybe we can try again later,” She said as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and stepped out of the shower.

As I followed her out we suddenly heard Alisha and Alexa down the hall.

“Or maybe we can watch the two girls,” She said as she grabbed a towel and handed it to me, then grabbed another one and wrapped it around her like a robe tucking the edge into the top above her boobs as I stared and her ample tits squished under the towel. The towel like a tight dress made her body look so sexy and appealing as she fidgeted with it and moved gracefully around. Years of training made her a graceful woman as she moved so fluidly. I just stared in awe at her magnificent athletic body. A fairly-tale princess I thought as I watched her move.

As she finished she looked over at me with a questioning look.

“What?” She said.

“You,” I said.

“Me, what about me? She said a bit perplexed.

As I moved over to her, I reached my arms and hands toward her hips pulling her to me.

“Do yah really know how incredibly gorgeous you are? ” I said purposefully.

“Uh well, Maybe?” She said nodding and smiling.

Carrie then put her index finger to my lips, “Shoe,” She said quietly as she grabbed my arm pulling canlı bahis siteleri me along with her.

She let go of my arm and slowly walked out the bathroom toward Alexa’s room, motioning me to follow.

I shook my head no and stayed put. She was part way down the hall then noticed I was not behind her.

She waltzed back in the bathroom using her index finger to caress the door frame.

I was slouching on the bathroom vanity half sitting on it with my arms crossed in disgust.

“What’s wrong?” She said perplexed as she tilted her head sideways.

“I would rather be with you Carrie not watch them, Okay.” I said.

“Oh sure Chad honey,” Carrie said, “Now where were we?” She continued as dropped her towel.

As I looked over at her she was moving like a fairy tale princess then started Singing.

“Are we standing by the wishing well?” she sang in perfect tone, but her voice was very high and had a lot of vibrato, almost as though she was a little girl.

I was awe stuck when I heard that and instantly snapped out of my funk as I saw her moving around like she was holding something in her hands while she looked at them. She was very good, her movements fluid and captivating and she must have played the lead part in a childhood play.

“If you make a wish into the well…” She continued singing as she rushed over to the vanity. Then she leaned over it and looked behind me into the sink. I was glancing back at the mesmerizing person she was transformed into, smiling .

Her eyes and facial expressions were unbelievable as she instantly transformed herself into a Broadway performer.

“That’s all you have to do…” She sang as she looked into the sink.

“And when you hear it echoing,” She sang as I starred at her in amazement.

Then magically her voice got deeper and stronger as she sang the next verse.

“You know YOUR’ wish will surely come true.” She sang as she moved around next to me and leaned on me tapping her French manicured index fingertip on my bicep.

“Aha aha ahhhhhh…; Aha aha ahhhhhh …; Aha aha ahhhhhh …” She continued singing as she had her hand to the side of her mouth like she was calling for someone. Then she strutted into an open space in the bathroom. She stood still for a few seconds then did a perfect pirouette around as she flipped her leg out while she spun around each time.

I just looked on as she did this several times.

I was shaking my head in amazement, my mouth was open as I watched Carrie dance and sing around.

I heard a noise and looked over toward the bathroom door to see Alisha and Alexa watching and snickering as well.

“Bravo, Bravo Carrie!” Alexa exclaimed as she came into the room next to Carrie and clapped real hard.

Carrie then bowed and curtsied over and over.

“Many years of Ballet and Modern dance, Cheerleading and singing in school plays and choirs; all rolled into one amazingly hot woman, Chad.” Alisha said as she as nudged me with her elbow and Alexa nodded and clapped.

“You look even better stark naked doing that little bit, by the way.” Alexa said.

“A FULLY GROWN WOMAN by now.” Alisha continued as she moved around Carrie.

“Yeahh FULLY! Filled out well did yah, huh! Miss double dose; from the skinny, boney Princess who sang it years ago.” Alexa said sarcastically.

“Come on Chad,” Carrie said a little disappointed as she smiled at me then came over and grabbed my hand.

She made a raspberry sound with her mouth at the girls as we passed by them and she pulled me along to go out of the bathroom.

10 feet down the hall Carrie stopped, still holding my hand, she turned around.

“I spent god knows how many hours in the gym too, making this sex goddess body,” She shouted at the girls as she motioned to herself with her free hand.

“And now I’m glad I did… when I look at what all that hard work got me.” As she pointed to me smirking then she raised both our arms, hands still clasped together high into the air. Next she let go of my hand and bowed again.

“So there; you lesbo bitches!” Carrie said finally with great sarcasm then looked at me smiling.

End of Chapter 10

More to Come…

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