Sibling Love Ch. 01


Note from Author: Hello, all. This is something I’ve been working on for several months, on-and-off. It started out as a little drabble that I ended up adding to and editing, finding myself more and more invested. I have quite a lot of story already written up, but will be going through with a fine-toothed comb for inconsistencies. I expect updates will be very regular.

I’ve always had an interest in Incest between brother and sister and so this came to me very easily.

With that preamble out of the way, I do hope you’ll enjoy!

— Chapter 1 —

“We’re back!” Dad called out as I shut the front door behind us.

“Welcome home, you two,” Mom called from the kitchen. “Dinner will be another half-hour yet, so you’ve plenty of time to get changed and wash up.”

“Thanks, Mom.” I kicked off my snow-covered boots and made quick work of my oversized parka and gloves. This time of year was nothing short of awful in Alaska. Not only was it freezing cold but the air was damp, making the carpentry Dad and I do all the more difficult and exhausting.

Every muscle ached as I dragged myself into the kitchen and inhaled as deeply as I could. Mom was making my favorite, beef stew. Just smelling the deliciousness gave me a little extra pep. I made my way around the kitchen island and gave Mom a quick kiss on the cheek.

“You know you didn’t have to cook if you weren’t feeling up to it, right? I would’ve done it.”

My Mom, Emma, waved her hand to dismiss it. “Don’t worry about it, darling. I’m feeling fine today. Besides, if you’d started making dinner at this time of the evening we wouldn’t end up eating until eight o’clock.”

I studied her face carefully. Mom suffered from awful migraines and had done for most of her life. There were plenty of days where she’d just stay in bed with the curtains drawn, trying to sleep to escape the pain. Because of that, my sister and I had learned how to do a lot of the household tasks at a young age, so since we lived at home in our 20’s, we often cooked, cleaned and such.

“Well, thanks anyway.”

I’d only just gotten to the stairs in the living room before I realized something was very, very out of the ordinary. I called out to Mom, “by the way, where’s Ellie? She’s normally popped up by now to say hey.”

“Hey, bro!”

I didn’t have time to react before she’d pounced on my side and latched herself to my chest, I had to grab the banister as she nearly took us both to the floor.

“Jesus, careful sis… I’m covered in glue and crud from work, you don’t wanna be touching me right now.”

My sister, Ellie, was two years younger than me at twenty one, though she still welcomed me home like a toddler would. At least on this occasion, likely because of the crud all over me, she hopped down onto the bottom stair. Her hand came up to rest on mine, giving me a squeeze as her smiling teal eyes shone up at me.

My stomach flip-flopped as it always did whenever she gave me that look.

“Aden?” I heard her say as her eyebrows knit together in concern, though she still had a ghost of a smile playing at her lips. “Are you okay?”

“Huh?” I blinked and yanked myself out of my reverie. “Yeah, yeah. Sorry.” I ran a hand through my hair out of embarrassment. “It’s just been a really long day, I’m pretty tired.”

Ellie’s face quickly relaxed back into the bright smile I adored so much. It often brought out one of my own as her happiness was so damn infectious. She gave my hand a gentle squeeze before looking down at my muck-glazed arms, some of which now covered her forearms.

“I can see that… you definitely need a shower and now I need to wash up, too,” she complained, as though it were somehow my fault.

I rolled my eyes. “I did warn you.”

“Alright, alright, you two. Break it up, coming through,” Our Dad, Tom, said as he slipped past us down the stairs, towel over his shoulder while giving Ellie a quick hair rustle.

She threw dad a smile. “Hi, Dad. How was work?”

Dad just shook his head and carried on to his en suite bathroom next to their ground floor bedroom. “It was fine. We’ll talk more at dinner.”

I looked back to my sister and smirked at her confused look. “I’ll tell you about it later. Are we still on for watching that movie?”

Her mood seemed to brighten further as she nodded. “Definitely!” Though she frowned as she finally caught the smell radiating off of me. “As long as you do a good job of washing. You really do stink something awful.”

“Rude.” I flicked her nose. “Now let me shower.”

Ellie hopped around me, dragging her arm around my chest and made her way into the kitchen to offer Mom a hand.

I made my way up to the upstairs bathroom that Ellie and I shared and spun the shower on to heat up as I stripped out of my clothes and stretched my tired muscles, eyeing myself in the mirror. Man, I was a mess. Glue residue and sap clung to my arms, chunks of sawdust were lodged in my hair and that was before I realized just how damn awful I stunk glory hole secrets porno of sweat. It’d been one hell of a hard day’s work. Good job it was the weekend.

I took a quick look over my body in the mirror as always. To be honest, I’d always been pretty happy with it. I had faintly defined muscles from work and working out and kept myself groomed pretty decently. I’d never felt weak or unattractive, let’s put it that way. Well, aside from the nasty scar on my left thigh from that car accident years ago. I flexed like a dumb ass, noting again how I hadn’t inherited my Dad’s meatier frame, instead being more of a middle ground between my parents. I was over six foot two tall at my last check. Slim but not weedy, muscled but not popping out all over the place.

I met my own eyes in the mirror, “and I was just thinking that Ellie behaves like a kid.”

As warming steam started to fill up the room I hopped into the spacious shower and sighed in pleasure. There was absolutely nothing like the feeling of hot torrents of water spraying over tired muscles. I took my usual few minutes to just stand there and let the water do its work – allowing my mind to wander as it always did when left with nothing to do for more than a few moments.

It didn’t take long before my sister filled my mind’s eye.

I immediately recalled the way she’d looked at me before I came upstairs. There was just something intense about her teal eyes, the way they shone like the clearest ocean made them utterly captivating. It always made me feel like a complete klutz when I lost myself in them.

I started scrubbing at my hair to try and dislodge the damn wood shavings. The way she’d jumped on me when I got home always reminded me of when we were younger.

Ellie and I had always been real close. It was a side effect of living in such a small neighborhood in rural Alaska with an even smaller population. We had one or two friends that we’d made through college, but for the most part we were on our own. People tended to move to the city as soon as possible, and it’s not like we were willing to consistently drive a twelve hour round trip into Anchorage to hang out every Friday.

I struggled with the damn shampoo bottle for a few moments before squirting a huge glob in my hair and going to town on the tangled mess.

To be honest, most of the neighbors and townsfolk just referred to sis and I as a pair, since we almost never went anywhere without each other. Mom and Dad often joked that we were more twin-like than actual twins. They weren’t wrong. Or rather, they hadn’t been wrong until I’d started college.

That was a weird part of my life. I was glad to be studying, I’d gone for Engineering and Music, but it was a jarring transition where me and Ellie saw each other way less often.

In an odd way, it felt like being away from each other made our relationship even stronger, as we made the most of the spare evenings we’d have together.

I remembered how upset she became when I was around less and less. She understood, obviously, but it didn’t make it any easier. That was when she’d first taken to giving me big hugs and snuggling up to me when we’d watch movies.

Getting so physically close had its side-effects, though. The main one being that I’d become even more aware of how incredibly attractive my sister was.

Ellie stood around a foot shorter than me with thick, raven-colored hair that dangled past the middle of her back. A pair of bangs framed her incredible breasts; at least an E cup at an amateur guess and shaped perfectly. Shaped perfectly went for most of her body, though, to be honest. She was petite but didn’t lack curves, with an hourglass shape that led down to a heart-shaped butt and wide hips, flowing into curvy legs that were proportioned perfectly with the rest of her figure. To top it all off she had those gorgeous, almond-shaped teal eyes that twinned my own and lips that seemed, somehow, to be permanently set in a smile.

Scrubbing the shampoo from my head, I realized exactly where my thoughts were going and felt a familiar pang of guilt; not unlike when I was spending time with her and ended up staring at almost any part of her body. I wasn’t sure if it was because I just found her to be so perfect, or if it was a remnant of caveman brain that wouldn’t allow me to look away from someone so attractive.

I looked down at my almost rock-hard cock and considered rubbing one out. Better not, I thought, I didn’t have much time before dinner. I went to work on scrubbing my legs instead.

Working on my own legs just made me think of one of the many, many memories I had of Ellie lying on my bed. Whenever she would read she’d take the same position, on her front with her elbows on the sheets, chin in her hands and kicking her feet up and down behind her. It was adorable to see her lose herself, to see her expressions subtly change to the material, to watch the way two slim fingers would tuck loose hair behind her ear, and to grup sex see her little feet come to a stop near her lower back with crossed ankles.

I sighed with a shake of my head. There was no point in lying to myself, really. I was in love with my younger sister. I’d known it for a long time and, gradually, managed to make peace with that strange fact.

It was wrong. I knew that. I knew that, but nothing was ever gonna happen. I scrubbed at my legs as I thought back to when I’d realized, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t sure exactly when it had happened.

Between all the different things we’d do together the conversation always flowed so damn naturally. Our senses of humor were the same, though methods different. I was more sarcastic and self-deprecating – much to her frustration – while she was delightfully lighthearted and teasing. Her bright outlook on life, her positivity and her passion drove me on.

I let out another sigh, trying to derail this train of thought.

Satisfied with my cleanliness, I turned the shower off and hopped out. I made quick work of drying off and made my way into the bedroom to grab a t-shirt and shorts before hot-tailing it downstairs.

The ladies were still working over the stove and just about to dish up from the looks of it. Part of me wanted to make fun, it was usually me standing there.

“That still smells amazing, Mom.”

Mom glanced up at me and then down to Ellie with a wink. “Thank you, dear, but I think you should be complimenting your sister as she was the one who did most of the work.”

I raised an eyebrow at my sis. She’d always been a decent cook, but since Mom or I generally took on the task she rarely got to do much of it.

Her cheeks flushed a cute pink as she glanced sideways at me. “That’s not really true, Mom. I just got it started and simmering.” I could see the corners of her lips jutting upwards.

Someone was proud of themselves.

“Mom’s right, you know. That is most of the work and from the smell it seems like you did a great job, sis. I can’t wait to munch it.” I gave her a wink which only made her blush more for some reason.

“Smells good!” Dad more or less bellowed as he stepped into the kitchen, smelling and looking fresh and clean. “What’s everyone drinking tonight, the usual?” He stuck a meaty hand in my hair and ruffled it up as he walked to the fridge.

We all chorused “yep” before grabbing our seats at the table. Ellie came out with our parents’ plates first then dashed back to the kitchen to grab ours. After setting hers down, she walked around behind me and leaned over.

“I hope you like it, Aden,” she whispered with what sounded like a hint of nervousness.

I turned to look up at her and nearly jumped at how close she was. Our noses almost bumped as she smiled at me. “Y-yeah, I’m sure it’ll be great, sis.”

Her nervous smile brightened right up as she went to sit in her spot next to Mom.

I looked down at my plate and my stomach lurched. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was, so I wasted no time in digging into the stew and potatoes. The tenderness, the fragrance, the depth of the gravy were absolutely incredible and I couldn’t hold back the almost sexual groan that escaped me.

“This is incredible, Ellie. I don’t think I’ve ever made anything this good before,” I said.

“Oh, be quiet. You’re the best cook in the house by a mile and you know it,” she shot back with a laugh.

“She’s not wrong, Son,” Dad interjected. When he was met with two sets of raised eyebrows from the ladies, he rushed to swallow his mouthful. “Not that this isn’t delicious.”

Mom and Ellie glanced at each other before bursting into giggles. Dad and I couldn’t help our own smirks as we continued to tear into our meals.

“I take it you both had a hard day then, hm? Let’s not forget our manners though,” Mom chided.

Dad and I looked at each other. Both of our lips were lined with gravy and we both held a large crust of bread. Maybe Mom had a point.

“You’re both really hungry, was it really that rough today?” Ellie questioned as she laid her fork down and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

Dad took a sip of his whiskey and coke. “When it gets around to this time of the year it makes woodworking slower and more difficult,” he explained. “Moving, cutting, gluing, storing, fitting. Not to mention how the cold really gets in and does a number on your joints while you’re trying to focus on detailed work.”

I took a swig of my beer and nodded first at dad then turned to the ladies.

Ellie’s eyebrows knit together. “You’re both dressing correctly for the weather, right?”

I glanced at dad, down at my plate then back at Ellie.

“Right?” she repeated, this time with a hint of a threat behind the question.

“Of course they aren’t,” Mom answered.

I put on my best puppy-dog eyes. “Hey! It’s as though you don’t trust us to work safely.”

Mom’s eyes opened into thin slits and cut both Dad and I a sharp glance. “That hd porno would be because I don’t.”

“Moving on,” Dad interjected. “How did school go, darling?”

Nice one, Dad.

“It was fine, nothing special happened today.” She smiled at me for some reason. “Although, I do have a lot of reading to get on with over the next week.”

I bit back a smile of my own.

Whenever Ellie had reading to do she would do it on my bed. For Ellie, reading was a definite passion, not a chore. She would lose herself in her books and in my company for hours on end.

This year Ellie was in her final semester of college studying literature and finance. She didn’t have a part time job as there just weren’t any job openings within a reasonable distance of our house. She often helped out doing admin work for our Dad’s company to earn some cash, the same company I work for. I’d done a lot of part time work with him from my early teens, so it only made sense that once I finished college I’d work for my Dad. It was a great opportunity. I loved the work, Dad and I got along well, the pay was fantastic and I was pretty damn good at it, too.

That aside, the fact that she would be finishing college soon would mean she’d be working for dad’s company full-time in the admin side, meaning we’d be seeing a whole lot more of each other both at work and in our spare time. The thought alone filled me with an intense glee, as well as a usual pang of guilt.

Having her around gave me a real feeling of focus and serenity, something that was sorely lacking when she wasn’t there. It just made me work harder, perform better, and I wasn’t exactly sure why. Maybe to impress? I didn’t know.

Breaking away from my thoughts, I took another sip of beer before looking up at my sis. “If you want to we can skip the movie, El. You’re welcome to get on with some reading while I tune up my guitars or something.”

She winked at me in a way that made my stomach flutter. Dammit, she had no idea what she did to me.

“It’s okay. I’ve got plenty of time to get on with my assignments.” She flicked a loose wad of hair behind her ear. “Besides, we’ve both been looking forward to this movie for months.”

I shrugged. “It’s no big deal, we can watch it anytime. I don’t want to distract you from your studying.”

She shook her head, the bangs she’d just flicked out of the way landed back on her chest. “Don’t be silly, you’re not distracting me at all. I promise.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

I leaned back. “Are you really sure?”

She blurted out a laugh. “Yes, I’m really, really sure!”

I crossed my arms. “You don’t sound sure.”

She screwed up her napkin and launched it square at my forehead. “Okay, okay! We’ll watch the movie.”

I couldn’t help but mirror her silly smile.

“You’re so stupid,” she laughed.

Dad and Mom watched in amusement. “Do you two wanna come watch, too?” I offered. I doubted they’d be interested but it never hurts to ask.

“You two go ahead,” Dad said. “You don’t want your movie night spoiled by a third and fourth wheel.” He laughed at Ellie’s bright red blush.

“Go on up and enjoy yourselves,” Mom added. “I’ll take care of the dishes.” She reached up to stroke Ellie’s cheek and brush her hair behind her ear. Mom really was an amazing woman.

“I don’t mind do-,” I started.

“Nonsense, it’s only a few plates.”

Ellie looked over at me. “If you’re sure, Mom.”

Mom huffed. “Yes, yes, I’m sure! Go and watch your… whatever it’s called. Enjoy yourselves. If you’re not going to go out on the weekend then I want you to at least have some fun.”

Ellie grinned and bent down to plant a kiss on Mom’s cheek. “Okay, thanks Mom!” She then turned to me. “I’ll go get us some drinks if you want to get everything ready upstairs?”

I nodded. “Sure. Oh, grab some of that caramel popcorn while you’re there.”

Her grin told me it was already on her list. “That goes without saying, bro.”

I thanked Mom and Ellie again for the dinner and made my way up to my room. It wasn’t the biggest room in the world but it was plenty for my needs. My double bed sat in the middle of the left wall along with my prized guitars. Opposite was my TV, gaming and PC station along with my guitar amps. The rest of the walls had a number of shelves holding music, games, memorabilia, music and a few photos of the family throughout the years.

I made quick work of sorting the bed. Pulling the pillows out and straightening the sheets, I laid the pillows against the headboard and flicked off the lights before reclining in my usual spot in the middle of the bed.

Just as I grabbed the remote and got everything loaded up, Ellie slipped into the room.

“I’m sorry I took so long, I was just trying to find something.” She nudged the door closed with her butt and made her way to the bedside table.

“It’s cool, I’ve got it all ready to go.”

My eyes locked on, as if magnetically drawn to her chest when she leaned over to set down our drinks. The half-undone hoodie exposed the deep shadow of her cleavage and the edges of her white sports bra that, somehow, harnessed the flesh beneath. I could feel the blood rushing to my crotch and gulped so loudly I was scared she could hear it.

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