Siblings with Benefits Ch. 14


Note from the author:

First off once again I would like to thank all of you who have been following this series for your continued support; it is greatly appreciated. As for this chapter if you have not read 13 you may want to read it before this one so you are aware of what just happened to Mark and Megan. On another note this chapter is quite “story driven” a lot goes on here that will factor into the upcoming chapters so please keep that in mind. Once again thank you for support and I hope you will continue to enjoy this series.

I was sitting at the bar at Vinnie’s nursing one of the “cokes” that Jack had made for me hoping that it would sooth my nerves enough to get rid of that twisting feeling that I’d had in my stomach for the last few days. I knew this was the last thing I needed, that drinking was a big part of how things had gotten so bad in the first place, but what I really needed I couldn’t have. What I needed was my brother, to have him hold me, to feel him next to me, and to have him inside of me. I heard a clinking sound and realized that my hand was shaking, causing the ice cubes to rattle. Putting the drink down I glanced over and saw that Jack was busy. It was the lunch rush, and as always I was amazed at how many people had drinks then went back to work.

I put my arm on the table and rested my chin in my hand in an effort to keep my head up. I was totally exhausted and had barely been getting through the days, but when night came I couldn’t sleep worth a damn. That’s part of the reason I needed Mark. That and the fact I knew he needed me, that he wasn’t sleeping either and that he was scared. I don’t blame him because I was as well. I was scared for my brother, for both of us. Today was Wednesday, Dad had said he was going to decide what he was going to do by Friday and that there would be no discussing anything until then. What Dad was going to decide was whether or not he was going to allow my brother to continue to live with us.

By far these had been the longest four days of my life. The ride home itself had been awful a six hour ride where barely a word was spoken. Dad had made me sit in the front and mom was in the back with Mark. I stared out the window most of the time alternately crying and kicking myself for being the one who had gotten us into this mess. I couldn’t believe how ugly it had gotten, I had never seen either of my parents that upset.

A couple of times I risked a glance in the back seat to check on my brother. Poor Mark was sitting there looking off into space, but rather than the blank stare he would usually have I swear he looked like he was ready to cry. One time dad caught me looking and gave me a dirty look. The next time however he didn’t notice and I saw Mom reach over and take Mark’s hand. When my brother looked over at her she gave him a soft reassuring smile. At that Mark leaned his head over and put it on her shoulder. It was clear how much Mom cared for him. Not only was it touching but it gave me a glimpse of hope that mom would fight for my brother, as he had literally fought for her at uncles, and might be able to change Dad’s mind.

When we arrived home Mark started to pull the bags out of the car and Dad made a crack about maybe he shouldn’t bother unpacking. For the second time that day mom went off on dad yelling at him right there in the driveway telling him enough was enough. Mark had put his head down like a whipped dog and slowly headed for the house. I went to follow but dad told me to stay where I was. Once in the house Mark and I sat on the couch while mom and dad talked in the next room. Not giving a shit what my father would say at this point I held Mark’s hand and leaning over whispered in his ear that I was sorry.

Just then Mom and Dad came in and sat in the chairs opposite of us. Dad said that he felt there was something going on that his gut told him we were lying that we were “closer” than we should be. He then added that he realized that what he was accusing us of was a big deal and mom had said some things that made sense. But it was more than just that, he didn’t like how Mark had acted or had been acting and that he wasn’t sure if he should stay. Before I could say anything Dad put his hand up and said he needed to think about it and we would discuss it Friday night. In the mean time, for the next week, the two of us were to only leave the house to work, and the only time we could be together was if it was in the parlor or kitchen, and most importantly at night he wanted our doors unlocked that if he tried one and found it locked ever again he would tell Mark to leave then and there.

I was distraught and wanted to say something, but Mom had caught my eye and shook her head. Later on after Mark had gone upstairs and Dad to his den, Mom took me aside and said to just go along with what he said for the week and that she would work on him. No matter what just make sure neither of us broke the rules, especially Mark.

The last four nights were terrible, I lied there mofos porno unable to sleep knowing full well my brother couldn’t either and knowing we were only a room away from each other. When I did sleep I had nightmares, the ones that I hadn’t had in months. Last night I had heard Mark cry out in his sleep the way he used to when he had first come to stay with us. I had ached to go into his room, to hold him which of course would have led to having him.

In the end I just laid there in bed feeling terrible that my little brother needed his sister and I couldn’t be there. Dad had not been kidding. Not only had he replaced the door knob on Mark’s bathroom door, but put a new one on my side as well, they locked from the bedroom side and dad said he never wanted to find them unlocked.

Also true to his word I had heard him try my door several times at night sometimes more than once and from as early as 9pm right up to 3 am. Mark had mentioned at breakfast that dad had tried his as well. Mark had said this in Latin in front of dad and that had become the new rule; no speaking that “Cult shit” in front of him. No, Dad was convinced there was something going on, of course he was dead on, as a matter of fact I think my father would have a stroke if he knew some of the things we had done, including using their bed a couple of times.

After the first night I had smuggled in a small bottle of Captain Morgan and would add some to a can of coke every night to try to get myself to sleep. Last night at three am I had just decided to drink the last of it straight and then could barely get up for work. I couldn’t imagine what I would do if dad asked Mark to leave. At just the thought of Mark being thrown out I felt my eyes begin to fill. Mark had nowhere to go, he obviously had no family other than me, Krissy still lived at home and her father didn’t even like her seeing my brother after he had just about knocked that poor kids head off at the tournament last month. School wasn’t an option; because Mark lived in RI and his scholarship to PC didn’t include living on campus.

Even if he did find a place to go Mark would be in trouble, he needed his big sister as much as I needed him. Especially now, over the last couple of months Mark was changing, that suppressed rage was starting to show itself, and more often. His workouts were getting more intense as he tried to “wear himself out” as he put it. There was the incident at the tournament, a scene at a frat house that Krissy had told me about where my brother had almost gotten into a fight with two guys who he overheard talking about her tits, and of course popping my cousin last week. Hell at one point I had been afraid he was going to lose it on that terrible morning at the hotel.

The whole thing had been my fault. I couldn’t have left well enough alone. A fantastic night in a hotel with nothing to do but fuck my hot brother wasn’t enough. No I had to go and buy those damn bottles. Had we not been drinking we would have remembered to set the security latch. Hell we wouldn’t have needed the damn latch as there was no way we would have slept until 10:30 had we not been falling down drunk.

No I had fucked up badly and my brother might pay the price for his sister’s stupidity. As it was Mark, who in addition to being bombed out of his mind, and being fucked to the point of exhaustion by his horny big sister, had somehow had the prescience of mind to not only put on clothes but had managed to get his drunken brat of a sister dressed as well. The fact that he had was the only thing that had given us a chance to convince Dad we hadn’t been doing anything wrong. Had we been naked…

“Hey blue eyes you in there?”


I looked up to see Jack standing in front of me.

“You okay beautiful?”

“Yeah, just tired.” I replied.

When I had come back to work on Monday Jack had presented me with a bouquet of flowers and what was either a sincere apology for our last night together or one hell of an act. He had told me that the next morning he had felt like a real prick for what he had said and would have called but knew we were away. Jack had asked about me giving him another chance saying that we could even go out to dinner somewhere first. I told him that was awfully nice of him that he would be willing to take me somewhere before fucking me, because that’s obviously all he wanted and I was done with that. Besides why would he want to be bothered with damaged goods?

Jack had done his best to look upset and said okay, but he hoped I would still hang out at the bar with him. Sad to say I had taken him up on that offer the last three days, lying about how long my shift was so I wouldn’t have to go right home and it gave me a chance to have a couple to calm my nerves. Since there were no classes I had been working everyday this week, which was a blessing as it kept me from going nuts in the house. Apparently Jack was still holding onto the idea he may have a chance as every time he moms girl porno spoke to me it was “Beautiful” or “Honey” or “Blue Eyes”. I have to say if things weren’t so bad I would be getting a kick out of him kissing my ass to get another shot to well, kiss my ass.

“I said yeah you look it.” Jack said as apparently I had wandered off again.

Tired wasn’t the word for it, I had been lucky to be getting three hours a night and that was with a little help from the bottle I had Betty pick up for me on Monday.

“Like I said trouble at home.” I said simply.

“Well hey you know Megan your folks think you’re working later.” He reached out and gently ran his fingers through my hair.

“Lunch is over, I can get Vinnie to let me off early and we could go back to my place.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Sure, you’re off, I can get off and then…”

“You’ll get off again and I’ll still have an hour and half to kill.” I told him pulling my face away from him.

Jack stared at me then shrugged.

“Yeah I guess I have that coming, just trying to give you what you need that’s all.”

Before I could give him another smart ass answer about him having no idea what a woman needs someone called for a drink and he wandered off. I sighed and looked at the drink. It was gone, I frowned, I really didn’t remember finishing it, then again Jack had been talking to me and I hadn’t heard him. I shook my head like he could give me what I needed. No there was only one person who had what I needed and at this point I was desperate for it, besides could it really get any worse? I was still wearing the white blouse, black mini skirt, and stockings that made up my uniform so I got up and went behind the bar and picking up the telephone called Mitch’s hoping someone would answer.

Mitch’s was a small seedy little bar that Mark had gotten a job bartending at just before Christmas. In typical backwards Rhode Island fashion you had to be twenty one to drink, but could serve liquor at 18. Not like that would have stopped Mark, who through someone at school had gotten a flawless fake ID. Mark worked there three nights a week, but because he was off from school Mitch had him helping remodel the second floor where there had been a fire a few months ago. Mark wasn’t overly handy but was strong as a bull, worked hard and Mitch who had been raised in foster homes himself had taken a liking to my brother.

I listened to the phone ringing on the other end, at this time of day Mitch’s was pretty dead and sometimes there was no one near the phone as they could all be upstairs. I could feel tears of frustration starting to burn in my eyes when Cynthia; a cute little redhead who also worked the bar there answered. I asked for my brother and was told he was upstairs with Mitch and they were pretty busy. I told her who I was and that it was an emergency.

That really wasn’t a lie at this point I thought as Cynthia told me to hold on. In the last four days Mark and I had barely seen each other, just at night if he wasn’t working and even then it had to be in the parlor or kitchen. Dad had been deliberately keeping us apart as much as possible, and I couldn’t take it anymore I had to be with him.

“Meg you okay?”

I practically sobbed in relief as I heard his voice. There was a part of me that told me I was being overly emotional at this point but I couldn’t help it.

“Mark can you leave work?”

“If I need to, what’s wrong?”

Behind his concern I could hear Mark’s own exhaustion in his voice. I don’t know how the hell he was doing it; even without sleeping he was doing two hour workouts in the morning and eight hours of construction after that.

“I’m not okay Mark. I need you to come get me.”

“Are you hurt? Did Jack say something, I’ll…?”

“No Mark I just… I need to see you little brother. The folks think I’m working til six so come spend some time with me.”

“I don’t know Meg I mean what if Doug goes by there or he calls or…”

“It’ll be okay Mark, trust me,” Yeah right I thought even as I said it. “Just come get me.”

“Look Sis I miss you too but,”

“Oh please little brother!” I cried into the phone finally losing control. “Please come get me! I need you Mark, I need my little brother,” I sobbed desperately before getting out. “Don’t you want to be with me?”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes Sis, just take it easy okay?”

“Oh I can’t wait to see you Mark!” I sounded pathetic but couldn’t help it. “I want you to hold me and…”


“What little brother?”

“Don’t have any more to drink okay?”

I hung up the phone and sitting down grabbed a couple of napkins and after wiping my eyes, put my head down and took a few deep breaths to calm down. Mark was coming and everything would be okay even if it were just for a little while. What we were going to do I wasn’t sure yet but for all I knew It could be the last time we… I forced myself to stop thinking momsbangteens porno like that even if Mark had to leave it’s not like I wouldn’t see him. But how would we sleep? Who would be there when we needed someone? Who would make it okay? Mark had Krissy for now anyways, as something told me she was not going to deal with Mark’s growing darkness for much longer, but she wasn’t the same as his big sister. I had promised Mark when he came to live with us that I would protect him, look out for him.

The last few months however had been more like my little brother looking out for me. Even at the hotel it was Mark who had drawn most of Dad’s anger keeping him off of me. Then of course at the end when I melted down completely it was my brother who took care of me. I sighed I wanted another drink, but wasn’t going to ask Jack after I had just blown him off(,) plus Mark was right I’d had enough. Once again I let my head rest on my hand, and as I allowed my stinging eyes to close, my wired mind, for at least the hundredth time since it happened(,) replayed that morning in the hotel.

Sunday Morning.

“What the fuck is this?!?” Dad shouted coming into the room.

As I sat up terrified my heart pounding, a searing pain went through the middle of my head. I was speechless; the only thought going through my head was that we had never secured the latch.

“I asked a fucking question!”

Dad yelled even louder than before sending another stab of pain into my head. Turning towards the wall he looked for the light switch; despite the fact it was after 10:30 the heavy drapes and gloomy sky had kept the room dark. As Dad fumbled for the switch I reached out to the nightstand to try to grab the brandy bottle. My fingers just grazed it, as I went to stretch further dad hit the switch and started to turn back, wincing from the bright light I was able to push the bottle and it wobbled then mercifully fell behind the nightstand. If it made any noise it was drowned out by Dad’s yelling.

“Well is anyone going to answer me?!?”

Dad was rapidly approaching the bed, his face was red and his eyes were bulging dangerously. I had never seen him this angry.

“Dad please!” I started. “We were just…”

“Just what?”

“Doug listen,” Mark began.

Like me, my brother had also sat straight up in the bed pulling his arms away from me.

“You!” Dad pointed at Mark. “Get the fuck away from my daughter! Now!!”

Mark jumped off the bed as if he had been spring loaded. As he did he put his hands up.

“Doug look I know this looks bad…”

“Oh I know what it fucking looks like alright!”

Dad had reached the side of the bed where I was, but was staring straight at my bother. I sat up straighter and put my hand on his arm.

“Dad please we were watching TV and just fell asleep. We…”

I stopped as Dad pulled his arm away from me and looked down at me.

“Oh really? Then why is the damn remote still on top of the TV and not on the bed?”


“Shut up Mark I’ll get to you in a minute.”

I was scared, really scared. I looked up at Dad; my eyes wide and already filling up with tears.

“Dad we just we…” I had nothing. I was too nervous to think. Finally I whispered. “We were just sleeping together.”

“Well I can see that Megan!”

“Well sometimes we have bad dreams,” It was partly the truth anyways. “And we get…”

“Oh please Megan.” Dad said waving his hand disgustedly.

“Dad it’s true, Mark…”

“Was all over you!” Dad shouted again. “I’m not an idiot Megan! If you were back to back or on opposite sides I’d think about it but that’s not what I saw Megan his hand was up your fucking shirt and your half fucking dressed!”

I looked down at the skimpy tank top that was tight enough to show I wasn’t wearing a bra and the shorts were cotton boy shorts barely more than panties, my brother hadn’t really been paying attention to what he had put on me, but thank god it had been something.

Looking up I saw dad had turned back to Mark who had come around to the foot of the bed so he was on my side but still a few steps away from dad. Mark was at least wearing a tank top and a regular pair of shorts, but you didn’t have to look too hard to see he wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Dad what are you trying to say?” I asked. The truth of course, but we couldn’t admit it. Oh my god! I just kept thinking over and over.

Without looking at me Dad faced Mark and in a quiet tone that scared me more than his previous yelling asked;


“Yes sir?”

“Are you fucking my daughter?”

“Dad!!!” I exclaimed. “What the hell are you talking about?” Desperation made it come out shrill enough to sound convincing or at least I hoped so.

“I’m not talking to you Megan.” Dad said once again in that chillingly calm tone. “Not yet


Turning back to Mark he took a step towards him.

“You didn’t answer me. Are you having sex with Megan Mark? You screwing around with my daughter you crazy little bastard?”

I didn’t like dad’s body language. My father was big guy and in his day not afraid to fight and he was pissed. Mark saw it too and had taken a nervous step backwards.

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