Siblings with Benefits Lex Talionis

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Note from the author;

Welcome to Lex Talionis! Now for those of you who have not been following my Siblings with Benefits series, you probably will have a hard time following this story. However since I would never tell anyone not to read my work go back and read Siblings with Benefits! LOL.

For those of you who have been following Sibs I gave a pretty long explanation at the end of Chapter 23 of what this series is about and I also have it on my Bio page. As far as how this series will work. Lex will be six parts all released a couple of days apart. Lex is pretty long, each Chapter about 5/6 Lit pages (The ironic thing is the length is due to the erotic encounters I injected into it as my original version written last year did not contain any). Now because I didn’t want this to be ten chapters or more, each Chapter has “parts” to it. For instance Chapter One is titled “A day in the life” each subsequent chapter contains 2-3 “parts”

As far as category goes, I am posting in incest of course, however be aware that although there are references and overtones there is no actual incest in this first chapter. I am leaving it in incest however as the rest of the series has it and I do not want to jump categories. Having said that I will also let you know that Lex is more of a story that contains hardcore sex than it is erotica with a story line so this series may not be for everyone especially if you are looking for “Stroke” material.

For the Sibs fans this story begins two years after the end of the flashback in Chapter 23 and is written from Mark, not Megan’s point of view. There are a lot of references to the main series and the ending of this will play into the final part of Sibs. This story also contains a revelation about Mark that Megan alluded to in Chapter 23 that Mark inherited his father’s curse. One last thing that I will leave you with is a warning that Chapters 2 and 5 will contain scenes of graphic violence. I will put something in the beginning of each as a reminder. In closing I hope you enjoy this “spin off” series that further fleshes out the characters of Mark and Megan and if anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. Lovecraft68

Lex Talionis; The law of retaliation or revenge: the legal principle that prescribes retaliating in kind for crimes committed.

Part 1: A day in the life

I awoke with a pounding in my head, the taste of Jack Daniels in my mouth and the smell of pussy on my face; pretty much a morning like any other these days. The only question was whose pussy was it, and for that matter where the hell was I? Unlike most people, whose first reaction upon waking up is to open their eyes, I had learned to keep my eyes shut until I was sure it was okay to open them. After all, a sleeping child is a quiet child and quiet children don’t get beaten.

At that thought my eyes snapped open in an effort to force myself completely awake and send images like that back into the room in the attic that they had escaped from. As quickly as my eyes opened I shut them again against the glare of the sun shining into my eyes and the searing pain it caused. How much did I drink last night? I took a deep breath holding it in for a while before slowly letting it out.

I opened my eyes again and began to get my wits about me. I was lying on my side facing a pair of sliding doors that led out to a beautiful wooden deck. The blinds across the doors had been left part way open, which had allowed the sun to invade the dark bedroom. Off to the side of the deck was an open door that led to a bathroom and just visible through it was the edge of a hot tub. Well that answered the who; Robin Strafford; a smoking hot 42 year old attorney with piercing green eyes, long auburn red hair, and the most insatiable pussy I had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

I had met Robin at Mitch’s three months ago. She had come in with two other women around her age, all three of them dressed to kill. They had obviously stopped in either as joke or to go slumming, as the mixed crowd of wussy frat boys and scummy middle aged bikers certainly weren’t their type. I served them all night targeting Robin as my choice of prey for the evening. I knew she was looking and that she was interested but at the end of the night kissed me on the cheek, and with a wink told me I wasn’t bad looking, “for a kid” but she was out of my league.

Two weeks later Robin came in alone and dressed down a bit. We flirted and talked all night, which was how I found out she was an attorney. Figuring it gave me an in I had told her that I was in my third year of Criminal Justice at PC. Robin seemed intrigued, but in all honesty it was my looks she was interested in. The game went on for a couple of more weeks, with her coming in every two or three nights but always leaving by herself with some smart ass remark.

Finally one Friday night she got completely trashed and told me she’d love to let me take her upstairs, and see if I could back up even half the shit I talked, but figured monsters of cock porno she would just end up disappointed. At that I walked around the bar and sitting on the stool next to her took her hand and placed it on my crotch. I had spent the last few minutes picturing myself pulling on that long red hair while I fucked the shit out of her, so by the time Robin grabbed it, my huge cock was at full attention.

Her eyes widened and she all but licked her lips, as rather than pull her hand away she gave me a good hard squeeze. We went up to my place where she spent the entire weekend, the two of us only getting up to shower, and grab food. Robin was a senior partner who worked sixty hours a week and wanted to get laid, with no strings attached. She also had a thing for young “Bad boys” as she put it, who knew there place, could keep their mouth shut, and most importantly, keep her satisfied. Seeing as months later I was waking up in her bed, I assumed I had been doing a pretty good job of it.

On that note I felt Robin stir behind me. She was lying on her side as well, her hand resting on my hip. Robin’s hand, with its long perfectly manicured red nails slid from my hip and across my flat hard stomach which she claimed was her favorite part of me, besides my cock, and tongue of course. As her hand wandered she pulled herself closer to me and I felt her erect nipples push into my back.

I lied there feigning sleep as her hand started its way up across my chest. How the hell much could this woman handle? The night was coming back to me and I remembered starting at Mitch’s where we drank until closing, we arrived at her condo about twelve thirty, and the last time I looked at the clock it had been four am. In addition to Robin giving me a blow job that had left me weak in the knees, we had fucked three times, the last time had consisted of Robin on her hands and knees for at least a half an hour while I fucked the living shit out of her. Robin really was insatiable; she had cum at least four times last night during sex, never mind the two times I had gone down on her.

My eyes found the clock to see that it was only eight thirty, but hey, for me four and a half hours sleep was a good night. Robin’s hand found my nipple and my breath hissed out of my mouth as she gave it a hard pinch.

“Good morning, my little bad boy.” She whispered in my ear. “You ready to pick up where we left off?”

Robin started kissing my back as her hand slid down to grab my cock, which despite my headache was already hard and throbbing in her hand.

“Ohhh that’s what I like,” Robin cooed. “You’re always ready for more, aren’t you Mark?”

Rolling over on my back to face her I told her;

“I’m as good as my inspiration.”

Robin laughed;

“Oh you are smooth Mark, I’ll give you that.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked, “That all you going to give me?”

Robin smiled at me, and as always I was amazed at how good she looked for her age. Robin’s face was as soft and smooth as that of a girl in her twenties, and between her green eyes, long lashes and extremely full lips, was absolutely beautiful. Even now with no makeup and her hair pulled back into a pony tail she looked better than most of the coeds who threw themselves at me at the bar.

Robin was propped up on one elbow and her large still very firm tits were right at eye level, and despite my banging head, and aching body my mouth instantly found one of her hard pink nipples and started tonguing it.

“Mmmm now that’s the way to say good morning.” Reaching up she grabbed a handful of my hair and shoving my face into her tit added; “Lucky for you, that you did that because I didn’t like that last remark, after all you’re here for me Mark and don’t you forget it.”

Playing my part I looked up at her and said softly around her nipple;

“I’m sorry Mistress, may I continue to suck on your perfect nipple, even though I’m not worthy?”

Robin laughed and I smiled, for an older barracuda lawyer Robin had a sweet little girl like giggle.

“You are well trained aren’t you Mark?” She pulled my head from her tit and leaning down kissed me long and passionately, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth to caress mine. Finishing the kiss Robin said;

“But there’s no need for that this morning, let’s just have a good time.”

Her gaze went from my face to my cock, which she had been slowly pumping with her fist. On the last pump she squeezed, causing pre cum to begin to ooze from the tip. Her smile was replaced by a very familiar look of naked lust that never failed to get my heart beating faster.

“Mark, you have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen.”

With that Robin rolled over on top of me, straddling my hips, and leaning over began kissing my chest, taking a moment to tongue each of my nipples before working her way down. As she did I reached up and pulled the clip from her pony tail, allowing her long gorgeous hair to cascade across my chest.

“Thank you Mistress.” naught america porno

“Never mind this fucking body.” She said as her lips began sliding down my chiseled stomach.

This was the usual pattern; at night, and after a few drinks Robin called the shots. I was her little “bad boy”; her boy toy that called her mistress and worshipped her incredible body, satisfying her every whim, by fucking her as many times and in as many positions as she demanded me to. The mornings however were always different; Robin was much more playful and seemed to get off on enjoying me, as much as she did when I pleased her. Of course I was no stranger to this game and knew this was how she kept me coming back, as nasty as she could be was as sweet as she could be and in order to get one I had to endure the other.

Yes I knew this game. I had been playing it with Cynthia for months now; treating her like an absolute pig, and when she finally looked as if she’d had enough, treat her so good and make her cum so many times she would gladly put up with the rest of my shit. I played Cynthia like a violin and whether she thought she was in charge or not I was also playing Robin, knowing exactly when to kiss ass and what I could get away with.

Yes, I had been taught and taught well, and by none other than my own sister. When I was with Krissy I had treated her well, okay maybe I had started getting a little rough near the end but in general I didn’t fuck Krissy, I loved her. But when the time came for me to move on and start taking what I wanted, my big sister Megan made damn sure her little brother knew how to handle his whores. As I had done with that first unwanted thought of the morning, I pushed the image of my sister out of my mind and concentrated on the great time I was about to have.

I sighed and propping myself up on the pillows watched as Robin slid further down the bed to lie between my legs and taking my cock in her hand, began running her tongue up and down my shaft. I reached down and gathering her hair in my right hand pulled it to the side so I could watch Robin’s tongue play across the tip of my cock. Robin moaned herself, as taking my huge dripping prick she started rubbing it across her face getting it wet and sticky, from the fluid leaking from my cock.

“You want me to suck on this big dick of yours Mark?” She asked.

“Oh yes,” I whispered.


“Oh yes please.” I moaned as her tongue teased the tip again and added; “Oh please Robin, oh please don’t tease.”

“Oh that does not get old.”

With no further hesitation Robin placed her mouth on my cock and in one bob of her head took me almost all the way down her throat. I let out another long groan, as after holding my cock in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it Robin began rapidly sucking me in and out of her mouth. I felt myself getting even harder as I watched her perfect lips sliding up and down my shaft, her green eyes were rolled back and she was groaning on my cock, totally turned on to be blowing me.

As I laid back and watched it took everything I had not to smile as I watched this gorgeous, professional, six figure a year attorney sucking my cock like a horny sorority girl. Yes I thought, as I began to use my hand on the back of her head guiding it up and down my cock and causing her to moan louder, life was good these days, damn good.

Robin popped my cock out her mouth and looking up at me with that glazed look in her eyes said;

“Oh baby, I need to feel that big fucking cock inside of me right now.”

Robin started crawling up my body preparing to guide my cock into her pussy and ride me. Before she could I reached down and grabbing her hips pulled her up towards me. As I did I slid down the bed so I was lying flat on it. Instantly getting my meaning Robin smiled.

“You do know just what to do don’t you Mark?”

Robin slid herself up to my chest and as she did I could feel her dripping pussy leaving a wet trail up my body. When she got near my head Robin got herself up on one knee and leaning forward to grab the head board, lowered her wet pussy with its beautiful patch of red hair down onto my waiting tongue. Robin let out one of those adorably uncharacteristic little squeals as I plunged my tongue into her juicy slit.

“Oh yes!” She cooed happily “Oh you tongue that pussy, oh yeah Mark, you do take good care of me don’t you?”

My answer was to bury my face even deeper into Robin’s sopping wet pussy. From all the sex last night, her pussy had a delightfully musky sent and I breathed in deeply as I continued to tongue fuck her. Apparently growing impatient, Robin lifted her pussy off of my tongue then started rocking her hips back and forth in my face. Keeping my tongue rigid so that it slid through her wet lips and across her swollen clit, I reached up with my hands and after spreading her cheeks worked two of my fingers into her pussy.

“Oh baby, that is soooo good!” She exclaimed as she started rocking nubiles porn faster and harder across my face.

The next time my tongue touched her clit I quickly sucked it into my mouth, stopping her hips and causing her to gasp in pleasure. The gasp turned into a series of pleasure filled sighs as I started sucking her clit in and out of my mouth in the same rhythm that my fingers were working her pussy. Within minutes the pitch of Robin’s sighs were getting higher and higher and her thigh’s were beginning to tremble. I groaned myself at that point, as my cock was throbbing painfully and all I could picture was plunging it into her steaming pussy.

Robin started moving her hips again, making sexy little yelping noises that sounded like sex driven hiccups, I had been with her enough times to know she was just about there. Knowing she was in a playful mood and wanting to make her cum as hard as possible I brought my other hand around and quickly, so she wouldn’t expect it, shoved one finger deep into her tight ass.

Robin went off like a rocket, throwing her head back and letting out a long loud squeal that I’m sure her neighbors could hear. I squeezed my arms around her thighs holding her still so that I could keep my mouth on her clit and fingers inside during her convulsions, and keep her cumming as long and hard as possible. Robin leaned forward and grabbing the headboard with both hands started bucking her hips even harder, her high pitched squeals turning into an extremely sexy low growl in her throat as the last waves of the orgasm flowed through her.

“Oh goddamn!!” Robin exclaimed as she leaned over the headboard. “Shit I came hard.”

I reached down and held my cock as Robin immediately slid back down and once she felt the tip at the edge of her pussy, drove herself down on top of it.

“Oh fuck yeah!!” She cried out loudly.

Robin placed her hands down on my chest, and after digging her long fingernails into my flesh hard enough to make me wince, began to bounce up and down on my cock.

“Oh shit that’s fucking deep!” She gasped.

Robin was lifting herself up with her legs until my cock was just about all the way out and then dropping herself down so hard I was bouncing up and down on the bed. I grabbed her hips and helped drive her up and down as she dug into my chest and moaned in pleasure. Robin leaned over so I could get my mouth on one of her perfect nipples and suck on it while she rode me.

“God that feels good!” Robin cried out.

After a few more minutes of riding me like an out of control bronco Robin stopped and sitting back across my hips so that my cock was straight up inside of her, lifted her arms over her head taking her long red hair with them. Now just sliding herself back and forth on my cock asked;

“How do I look on your cock Mark?”

“Fucking incredible.” I told her.

I wasn’t lying; Robin’s large but still surprisingly firm tits were pointing straight out and, along with the rest of her, were covered with a sheen of sweat. Her long red hair was sticking to her shoulders in places and her normally fair complexion was flushed from passion. As I watched she took her hands down using them to cup her tits and start toying with her nipples. I reached up and pushing her hands away took over.

“That’s why I’m here, no?” I asked then let out a gasp of my own as Robin contracted her pussy around my cock as she rode me. She laughed;

“Your little girls don’t know that trick do they?”

Leaning over Robin started rubbing her hands across my chest and stomach. Then sliding over to my arms, squeezed my biceps. I flexed them and she sighed in appreciation.

“Oh damn kid, you are built.”

Pulling herself off of me Robin crawled onto her side of the bed and remaining on her knees lowered her head to the pillow and pushing her ass in the air. Looked over at me;

“Come give me what I need baby, you know this is my favorite.”

Not needing to be told twice I sat up and after kneeling down behind her took a second to admire Robin’s, firm round ass. Robin worked out an hour and a half a day and it showed. Taking my cock I slapped it against one of those well-shaped cheeks enjoying the smacking sound and how good it looked on her skin.

“Stop posing and fuck me!” Robin snapped looking over her shoulder at me.

“Yes Ma’am.” I answered and with one smooth thrust drove myself so far into her my balls slapped against her pussy.

“Oh my fucking god!!” Robin squealed.

Grabbing her hips I started slamming the shit out of her, nothing fancy just fucking her hard and fast. Robin yelped every time I drove my cock in and gasped as I pulled out. Squeezing her hips harder I started pushing her back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts. I was putting everything I had into each pump and was once again amazed at how much Robin could take.

A few months ago I had been fucking around with some slut from the bar whose name I couldn’t remember. We were drunk out of our minds and grabbing a ruler she had measured me. I had just over eleven inches and Robin was not only taking every inch of it, as hard as I could give it to her but loving every bit of it. I had started fucking Cynthia this hard once and she had ended up in tears, not that that had stopped me, but it just proved what a woman Robin was.

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