Silent Seduction


It was a hot summer in the early 1950’s. With both parents working, my twenty year old sister Mary and I were out of school on summer break. Mary is two years my senior. With no air-conditioning, each afternoon we would seek relief from the heat by talking or reading as we laid on the cool sheets of her bed.

One day, which is etched in my memory forever, as we prepared to do the usual Mary began to take off her blouse and lower her shorts. She was standing there in her thin panties and see through bra. This was such a shock to me as I had spent hours spying to see her naked or at least in some state of undress and here she was! As she disrobed she looked at me and nodded. I assumed she wanted me to follow suite. I stared at the dark triangle of brown hair showing through her thin white panties and the top of her pink areola and erect nipples pressing against the thin top half of her bra.

Pulling down my shorts and tossing my tee shirt to the floor I stood in my white jockey shorts. Turning from her I tried to push my now stiff cock up against my belly. Mary laid down on her stomach and I lay next to her on my back, not daring to move for what seemed like an eternity. I glanced down at her beautifully shaped butt and with a trembling hand, began to lightly stroke and rub her ass cheeks. I was cretin she would olgun porno make me stop. To my surprise she didn’t resist. Was she asleep? Then I heard,

“HmMmmmm…Uhmm.,.” As she ground her crotch into the bed.

Becoming braver I straddled her hips rubbing and massaging her back. My cock strained against my jockeys and nestled between the cheeks of her ample ass. She wiggled against me and my shaft nestled in her crevice. I moved my hands up and down her back. As I went up I slid a hand under her bra’s back strap. After a few repetitions she reached back with out a word and unsnapped the bra freeing her entire back to my touch. Mary then raised slightly and wiggled her bra straps over her shoulders, flinging the bra to the bedroom floor. I continued my massage now including the sides of her 38 C tits. My rod rode between her plump valley with each lung up and down her back. Again I heard,

“Ohh..Mmmmm…mmmmm. Oh.. .ohhh.”

Becoming bolder, on my trip down her back I began to roll down the elastic band topping her panties. Each trip down meant another lowering of the panties and more of her ass cheeks revealed and rubbed. By the time half of her ass crack was exposed she lifted her hips and pushed down one side of her panties while I pulled the other side and dropped them on the outdoor sex floor.

As she parted her legs I knelt behind her. Bending down, I began running my tongue up and down her anal ally. As my lips moved to Mary’s fur covered pussy I slid my tongue between her full lips. She wiggled then reached back and push my head with a gentle tap. I thought to myself… This is it, she is really going to scream at me. Instead she rolled over on her back and parting her legs raised her knees in the air.

I now had unfettered access to her creamy cunt. My first taste of pussy, it was warm to my lips and had a wonderful flavor and aroma. I licked and swirled my tongue consuming her juices. I felt Mary’s hands grab my head and pull me closer. Not being experienced I wasn’t sure what to do but let my instincts react. I slid one then another finger into her tight, hot hole continuing to lick and suck. Finding, what I later learned was, her clit I kissed and sucked it like a nipple. Suddenly her body began to convulse and shake. Her hands tighten on my head as she pressed her thighs against my face crying,

“OooHhhhh… myyy… goood..oHhhh goooog…… yeeees… Ohhhyesssss……. OhmMmmmmm… Ohhhhhh mmmyyy…. goooaaad…..”

I wasn’t sure what had happened. She began stroking my head and public agent porno pulling me up. As our bodies slid against each other I cupped her full breast in my hands and pressing them together, my tongue tracing around the halos which framed her hard nipples. Sucking her nipples was so erotic as her hand reached down and stroked my cock still encased in my jockeys.

Mary playfully pushed me off her and on to my back. She knelt next to me and pulled the waistband of my underwear down over my pulsating prick which sprang up like a rocket. Tossing my shorts, her head dropped to my rod and she began to lick the underside from the hairy base to my crimson cap. Her tongue swirled around the knob and she began her descend. Engulfing my meat with her lips she squeezed my balls as her mouth slid up and down my shaft.

Now I had beat off plenty times.. But it was nothing like this. It was spectacular! I knew I was about to shoot my load…. But before I could say anything I exploded. Looking down I saw sis gulp, swallow and then open her mouth letting the balance of my cum dribble on my cock and stomach. With a smile she raised her cum dripping lips to mine and we kissed tasting our commingled juices. The next thing I knew she was up. Wiping my cream from her mouth she began putting on her clothes. I began to speak but she put her finger to my lips and with a smile shook her head sideways.

We never did anything like that again and have not spoken of it to this day. That wonderful experience happened long ago but I continue to have the strongest desire to fuck my sister.

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