Sis-in-law’s Panties


My sister-in-law, Kimmie, is four years younger than my wife and almost ten years younger than me. I first met her when her sister and I started dating and Kimmie was still in high school. My wife is a slim brunette with perky tits and a nice tight ass and, while hot and a lot of fun in bed, has always been the good girl and therefore a bit reserved. For example, blowjobs are infrequent and anal is off the table after a not so successful attempt early in our marriage.

Kimmie, on the other hand, is a curvy dirty blond usually kept on the bleached, platinum blond side. And when I say “dirty blond”, that’s only partially to describe her hair color. Naturally shy and introverted, Kim tries her hardest to make up for that by being a complete slut, especially after a few drinks.

I only saw her sporadically for the first dozen or so years I was married to her sister. But when her dirtbag husband who had knocked Kimmie up when she was twenty-one decided to leave her for another 19 y/o slut, her and her two young daughters came to live with my wife and I to get a fresh start.

While devastated at first, Kimmie quickly got ankara escort back on the horse – so to speak – and signed up on some online dating sites, probably to score hookups with the same kind of losers she’s always gravitated toward. Her excuse is she feels too shy and intimidated around decent, successful men and feels more at home with the douchebags of the world.

The kind of guys who she’d send nude selfies to, which I discovered one day when I got onto the home computer to find she had left herself logged on and the picture browser open. There were only a couple of relatively tame pics, her standing in front of the full length mirror in her room, tits partially exposed by the gaping front of her pink robe. She wasn’t fully exposed, only showing a deep valley of cleavage and the inner curves of her large but slightly saggy breasts, but hey they still looked great even having had two kids. Even though her nipples were hidden and her pussy was too shadowed to make out I was incredibly turned on, getting rock hard inside my sweat pants. I squeezed my cock through my sweats as I saved her pics to my hard drive to enjoy at escort ankara my leisure later.

No sooner than I left the computer when Kimmie came bursting into the house, shouting a quick hello and, “I’m late for a date!” as she ran upstairs into her room and then quickly into her bathroom. Since her bathroom isn’t attached to her bedroom, I was able to catch a quick glimpse of her darting across the hall in her pink robe. When I heard the water come on and the shower curtain drawn closed I ducked into her room and spotted her red satin panties laying balled up inside her jeans laying on the floor. I picked them up, still warm from her body, and brought the crotch up to my nose. I inhaled deeply, savoring the musky scent of her pussy mingling with the sweet fragrance of her perfume. Did I mention Kimmie is kinda slutty? That extends to how she smells, her perfume was a dirty, erotic mix of a drug store knock off version of Victoria’s Secret mixed with body lotion – it reminded me of how strippers smell and instantly got me rock hard again. Pulling my sweats down, I stood in the middle of her room stroking my cock – precum dribbling ankara escort bayan out and coating my head and shaft as I furiously jerked myself off – as I mashed the moist crotch of her panties against my nose and mouth. I felt my balls tighten and was about to blow my load when I heard the water turn off and Kimmie getting out of the shower. Knowing she would be back any second and not wanting to get caught perving on dirty underwear and jerking off in my sister-in-law’s room, I jerked my sweats back up and crammed her panties in my pocket, leaving her room and making it to my bedroom door just as she exited the bathroom. She saw me and was startled, giving me a nervous smile and “hey there” before disappearing into her room.

I closed my bedroom door behind me and rolled onto my bed where I yanked down my sweats and grabbed my cock, resuming the vigorous masturbating I had just been interrupted at. With my other hand I pulled her panties out of my pocket and stuffed the crotch into my mouth, as I tasted the sharp, pungent flavor of her pussy my cock exploded. Being in my early 40’s my ejaculations usually dribble out but I was so worked up streams of cum spurted out of my cock, landing on my chest with a couple of drops hitting me in the face and lips. The rest covered my hand as I continued to spew the biggest load I’d had in a long time.

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