Sister Comes to Visit


It had been about a year since Jenn had seen her sister and brother-in-law, Jill and Ron. The sisters lived in different states, so Jenn decided to go and stay for a week and catch up on the latest. They had been very close growing up.

Jenn arrived early on a Friday afternoon, which was nice because it would give the two of them a chance to have some girl time before Ron got home from work. Jill showed Jenn to her room, which is right beside hers and Ron’s. She sat on the bed so they could talk while Jenn unpacked.

Jill said, “You’re still beautiful as ever, you and your perfect little body.”

Jenn laughed and replied, “Thanks, you’re pretty hot stuff, yourself. I see married life is still agreeing with you. How’s Ron doing? You got yourself a hunk of man there.” She could see Jill grinning with appreciation of that fact, and that Jenn showed admiration for her husband.

“He’s doing fine; he’ll be home in a few hours.”

“He always did get my juices flowing.” Jenn confessed.

They both laughed when Jill said, “Jenn, you can stop drooling when you’re thinking of my husband.”

“I can’t help it, especially right now; I’m so horny, and I really have the taste for a nice big cock.”

Jill picked up a little overnight bag Jenn had brought, and being nosy like sisters are, she opened it up to find a couple of dildos and some personal lubricant. “Oh-ho, Jenn! What do we have here, young lady?” She grinned at her younger sister as she held up one of the vibrators.

Jenn looked around at her to see what she was talking about, but didn’t even look rattled when she saw her sister waving around one of her toys.

Jenn grabbed it out of Jill’s hand and said rather facetiously, “Don’t leave home with out it,” as she put it back in her bag.

Jill said, “Wow, you’re awful calm about it; I’d be embarrassed if anyone found something like that on me.”

“Why? It’s part of life; I think every woman has at least one.”

“I don’t!” Jill exclaimed.

“What, you mean to tell me you don’t have a dildo or vibrator?” Jenn asked.

“No, I don’t.” Jill explained as she rubbed her hands on her lap as if trying to wipe off a bad taboo. Still looking down she went on to say, “I sometimes think I would like to try it, but I’m too embarrassed to go into one of those shops to buy one.”

Jenn sat down and hugged her precious, naive sister. “Oh, come on, Jill! Welcome to the 21st century! You can go online and shop in the privacy of your home and buy anything you want. I’ll show you some good websites.”

Jill still looked a little reluctant, but also a little excited when she agreed. “Ok, that’ll be fun.”

Jenn had a brilliant thought, and said, “I know! I’ll loan you one of my sex toys if you loan me yours.”

Jill was confused, and said “I told you I don’t have one.” Then she looked at Jenn who was smiling at her mischievously, and was shocked. “You don’t mean Ron, do you?”

Jenn said, “Well, yeah, why not? I’m not going to take him from you; we’ll just look at it as swapping partners, for a little fun.”

Jill reached back in Jenn’s bag and pulled out the toy that looked like a real cock and told her, “Here girl, I think you need this.”

Jenn, feeling she had a chance at this, took the hand that Jill was holding the toy in, and pushed it into her lap and said, “No, I’m serious. I need a man so bad. Think about this, you have him come in here tonight and give me what I need and you can be in your bed having the time of your life with my genuine life-like vibrating cock.”

Jill scoffed, “I can’t believe I’m even considering this, but I’m getting wet just thinking about using your toy. I always wanted to try one.”

“Oh, you’ll love it; some of the best orgasms I ever had… I gave myself with that.” Jenn was excited that her sister was even considering her proposal. “Do you think Ron will go along with it?”

“Are you kidding? I think its funny how he’s always looking at your ass when he thinks I’m not looking. He would jump at the chance to get in bed with you. I can’t wait to see his reaction when I tell him you want him. You know its weird, I didn’t know I’d feel this way, but I’m getting aroused thinking about you two together.”

Jenn thrilled at the thought of her proposal being accepted asks, “It sounds like you’re giving your permission! So, it’s a deal?”

“Alright, but don’t you say anything to him about it. I’ll be the one to tell him. We’ll wait until we go to bed, then I’ll ask him.”

Jenn hummed with excitement. “I’m so happy you’re doing this for me! I can’t wait until tonight. Now let me tell you the best way to masturbate with this. Take this gel and put some on your finger first and swirl it around your clit and play with it for awhile; then put some on the toy then turn it on and have some fun.”

“Ok, we have a tricky masseur porno plan so now lets go downstairs and fix some supper and try to act normal when Ron gets home.”

Ron came home from work and he was happy to see Jenn there; they gave each other a polite hug and peck on the cheek. The two of them sat around and talked while Jill finished supper and got it on the table. Jenn made sure she didn’t tell him anything of the delicious plan they had for a night of pleasure. Ron did notice that she seemed a little more flirty than usual and that she was looking at his crotch a lot, which aroused him and gave her more to look at.

Jill called them to the table to eat. They sat at their regular spots at each end of the table, while Jenn sat on the side. While sitting there talking and eating Jenn couldn’t help her self and started rubbing her bare foot on his leg, to his surprise. Eventually her foot made it up to his crotch and he could feel her toes rubbing the head of his dick, which was quickly getting bigger. Afraid his wife would see what was going on, he scooted his chair back a little and put a stop to her exploring.

After they ate they all went in the living room and talked for awhile; sooner than he normally would, he said he was going to take a shower and get ready for bed. Jenn had him so worked up he couldn’t wait to get his wife in bed and take his lustful urges out on her.

After he left the room Jenn said, “Man, I’m getting so wet! I need to suck his cock so bad. I’m gonna get in bed and finger myself and wait for him to come in to me. Now, you’re still going through with this, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m still going to. I’m looking forward to playing with your toy. I’ll go get in bed and tell him soon as I get the nerve.”

Ron finished his shower and went into his bedroom. He was aroused even more to see his wife lying in bed naked. He took his robe off revealing his semi-hard cock. He lay down and they started kissing; she took hold of his cock and began stroking it. She couldn’t resist the urge and bent down and started sucking it, to his delight. Then she thought, ‘Poor Jenn’s over there horny and waiting to be ravaged by this big cock.’ She didn’t mind sharing him with her sister; in fact the thought of him screwing her sister was getting her more aroused.

So she crawled back up to her husband’s embrace; he was ready to roll her on her back and screw the hell out of her while thinking about her sister. She stopped him and said, “I have something to ask you.” Her heart pounded with anticipation.

“What?” He was concerned about what could be so important that she had to ask now.

She said, “Jenn and I were talking today, and she said how she really needed a man to take care of her, you know, sexually; she asked if I could send you over to do the job.” She waited to hear his response.

“What? What did you tell her?”

“I told her ok,” she admitted sheepishly.

“I’m amazed that you two contrived this scheme and that you’re ok with it.” He told her.

She explained, “I love you and I love Jenn, and I know both of you love me so I don’t see anything wrong with this; we’re consenting adults. You can go over there now, she’s waiting.”

After giving his wife a long passionate kiss he said, “I love you honey, and I know what your saying, and trust me, I’ll never let this affect our relationship.” He stood up with a slight grin on his face and said, “Well if I have to, I guess I’ll go do it.”

She laughed while trying to swat his bare ass, but he dodged her swing, and she said, “Oh get out of here, I know you’ll enjoy it.”

He leaned down and kissed her, and told her “Nobody can be as good as you,” as he left the room.

Jill slid her hand down and started rubbing her waiting mound; it felt so good. She had looked forward to this moment all day, eager to pleasure herself, so she reached over to her nightstand drawer and got out the gel. She put some on her finger and started swirling it around her clit like her sister said and it felt so damn good. Her heart was beating hard with excitement and in anticipation of using a vibrator on herself for the first time. She picked it up and put some gel on the tip then turned it on; she could hear the quiet hum as she put it against her eager pussy.

At first it felt cold, not at all like her husband’s warm dick, but the vibration felt so different and overwhelmingly good. She rubbed it on her clit and once in awhile would push it way inside herself. Her body quaked with pleasure and she thought, ‘this feels so good, I’m gonna get me one of these and use it everyday.’

Meanwhile, Ron entered Jenn’s room to find her lying on her bed on top of the covers with just her panties on.

She smiled, “Hi. I see Jill told you our plan.”

“Yeah,” he said. “I couldn’t türbanlı porno believe it! I’ve fantasized about you for a long time.” He lay down alongside her, planning on kissing for awhile, but she immediately went down and started sucking his cock like she was starving for it. She could taste the musk of man that she had been longing for. He was surprised at her roughness and the eagerness with which she was devouring him. He enjoyed the feeling of getting sucked by someone other than his wife.

She stopped long enough to say, “I’ve wanted to do this to you for a long time. I want you to cum in my mouth so I can swallow it.” He easily pulled her small body around to the 69 position and began kissing her panty covered pussy, and she moaned at the sensation as she continued sucking the hell out of his very hard cock.

She was a little shocked, but turned on at his animalism when he ripped her little skimpy panties off and discarded them to the floor like trash, which they now were, and parted the lips of her pussy with his tongue. As he licked the length of her crack, she squealed with delight. He relished the splendid sweet taste of a woman as he licked and sucked her clit.

She felt him getting bigger and harder, as she felt her own fabulous feeling of an orgasm coming on. She was thinking, ‘Yeah, come on and shoot your delicious cum in my mouth.’

Suddenly, as if he’d heard her, she felt the wonderful feeling of warm cream shooting in her mouth and running down her throat as she climaxed to his magical mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking, enjoying the taste she had been wanting for so long. They pleasured each other with their mouths until they felt each others bodies stop quaking.

She lay back up beside him and melted into his strong embrace, both recovering from a stupendous orgasm, and then they heard a faint but passionate moan.

She just smiled but he raised his head up and said, “What the hell was that?”

She laughed and told him “That is your wife; she just discovered the wondrous feeling of giving herself an orgasm while masturbating with a vibrating dildo.”

“Oh, so that’s what she’s doing while I’m over here with you.”

She moved her hand down across his muscular chest to his stomach and asked, “Do you mind?”

“No, I’ll cherish this moment forever.” He pulled her naked body to his and kissed her while feeling her firm well shaped ass. She liked the feel of being held by a man.

He sighed and put some space between them. “I guess I better go back to my bed.”

She said, “Oh, no you don’t, buster! I’m not finished with you yet. I’m gonna get you hard again and ride you like the pony I had when I was young.”

She reached down and took a hold of his soft cock and started squeezing and stroking it. She could feel it starting to grow, so she pushed him to his back and went down on him again; she sucked it and could feel it getting bigger in her mouth.

When he was stiff again, she crawled onto his lap, and sat on him. She centered her pussy on top of his cock and began rubbing back and forth on it. He reached up to play with her beautiful tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples. He got harder as he felt her warm juicy cunt lips sliding up and down the length of his cock.

She moaned and said, “This feels so good, it really does remind me of the first time I had an orgasm. I was twelve and it happened while I was riding my pony. My dad was leading the pony around the yard and I was riding it bareback. Its backbone felt good rubbing against me, though I didn’t know why it felt so good; then all of a sudden my body was riddled with waves of sensation. I leaned forward and must have made a sound because Dad stopped the pony and asked if I’d enjoyed that. He then kissed me on the lips, at first I thought he was talking about the pony ride but later I realized he knew what was happening to me.”

She rose up and slid his giant hard cock inside her; she rode it back down until she was sitting back on him, making a loud moaning sound as he fully entered her, filling her cunt completely. She had her eyes closed while she rode him up and down, back and forth. She began going faster and faster getting louder, then she laid down on him and cried out, “Oh daddy, oh daddy!” as she had a spectacular orgasm.

Ron hugged her and rubbed her back thinking, ‘what’s with the “oh daddy” remark? Either she has a daddy thing going or I just acquired a new nick name.’ Curiously he asks, “So you liked riding your pony?”

“Yeah, after that day I rode it a lot.”

“Did your Dad ever… you know try anything with you?”

She quickly replied, “Oh no, I just remember looking at him, watching me while I was getting off and it still excites me. I did notice that after my pony ride the bulge in his pants was bigger and he would always go to his bedroom türk porno for awhile afterwards. I think I know what he was doing now.”

They lay like that for a while as she enjoyed the moment; then he rolled her over and speared her with his cock. To her enjoyment, he started fucking her hard and almost violently. He went long and deep; so long that her pussy was getting a little dryer which made it feel tighter to him. This, in turn, made him get harder with excitement. He pushed her knees up towards her chest to have full access to her womanhood. The sensation of his big cock, stretching her pussy and his sack slapping against her ass, made him explode inside her, pushing Jenn into another orgasm.

Jill became aroused again listening to her husband obviously screwing the hell out of her little sister, and thought of how she would like to watch him do it. With these salacious thoughts in mind, she gave her self another orgasm with her new found friend.

Ron went to his bedroom planning on taking another shower before returning to bed with his generous wife.

She said, “Come here, honey. Did you have fun?”

“Yeah, and I want to thank you for letting me do that, and for being so open about this.”

She took his hand and pulled him into the bed. She pushed her naked body against his, feeling his still wet semi hard cock against her pussy. She hungered to suck him, curious about tasting another woman on his cock. She slid down his body, and could smell Jenn’s pussy on it. She then licked it, imagining she was licking her sister’s pussy.

Ron was extremely turned on by Jill licking her sister’s pussy juice off of his cock. She then sucked it into her mouth to get all of fading musky-sweet taste off of it. Returning back up to his mouth she kissed him and said, “Go see if Jenn wants to sleep in here with us tonight.”

Ron liked where this was headed, so he scrambled out of bed to retrieve Jenn. He soon returned leading her naked bewildered looking little sister by the hand and had her lay down in bed between them.

He started kissing her while his wife watched, then she gently started caressing her little sisters belly, not knowing for sure how Jenn would feel about her advances. Jenn didn’t seem to mind, so Jill leaned down and sucked one of her nipples in to her hot mouth. Jenn liked her big sister’s soft touch.

Then Jill reached her hand down and rubbed her fingers inside her sister’s pussy, quickly finding her clit and gently playing with it. Jenn was stimulated by the softness of a woman’s touch; it was so different from the roughness of a man’s strong hands. Jill’s mouth and skin were so soft, not like the bristly feel of whiskers and coarse weathered skin of most men.

Jenn loved the feel of a man but this was a wonderful new experience and she wanted more of it. Jenn grabbed onto Ron’s hard cock to jack him off as he still kissed her. Jill began kissing her way down to her little sister’s juicy pussy. Jenn was reeling with the thought of getting licked by a woman, let alone her sister. She had only been with men before.

Jill lay between Jenn’s legs and began kissing around her nicely trimmed pussy. Jenn discovered new heightened senses as she felt her sister’s soft face and mouth kissing her there and Jill’s hands warm on her breasts. Jenn loved feeling Jill’s hard nipples on her thighs.

Jenn turned her head to stop kissing Ron so that she could gasp in some air as she felt her sister’s tongue enter her. Jill was discovering new pleasure herself; the smell, the taste, the silky feel of eating a nice young pussy. She liked the combined taste of her sister and her husbands cum.

Then Jill felt her husband pulling her hips up with rough hands as he got on his knees behind her. She was overwhelmed as he thrust his hard cock in her pussy. She liked the feel of her husband in her; especially knowing she’s licking the pussy he just came in. He pumped it hard and fast.

Jenn was even more turned on watching her sister getting fucked from behind, watching the muscles in Ron’s broad shoulders and strong arms flexing as he pulled on his wife’s hips. Ron was in heaven feeling her impressive pussy wrapped around his hefty dick, watching her eat her cute little sister. Jenn look so good laying there naked clutching and pulling at the sheet in reaction to the tongue lapping she was getting. He slid his long shaft out of its juicy hole to voyage into another; Jill could feel his warm large head pushing on her asshole.

She felt a little pain as he first entered her, but it soon turned to pure pleasure as he pushed it fully in and pulled back with long strokes, letting her feel every ridge and bump on his massive cock. She felt his hot semen pump into her ass about the same time her sister was climaxing to the feel of her tongue. She loved the thought of satisfying two people at the same time.

Jill’s little sister said, “I want to lick you now; I want to experience what you just did, to know what it’s like. You’re turning me into a bad girl.”

Then she laughed. “Just think: this is my first night here – we have all week to have lots of fun!”

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