Sister Gets Caught


Sister is Caught Let me start off by saying that what I did might be considered wrong by some people, but we didn’t care at all and we still don’t. If you do, you probably shouldn’t be reading this.

I had just graduated college, and being an English major, I didn’t have many options in the job market. So, naturally, I became a “boomerang child” and moved back home. Being unemployed gave me plenty of time and I ended up working out in the garage more often than not. After a few months, I was developing a fit, muscular physique that went well with my six-foot frame. These traits, combined with the coppery red hair that occasionally pops up in our family and my bright green eyes, had let me enjoy a few flings since I’d been home with women who shared my aversion to relationships. Naturally this led to some good-natured ribbing from my mother and the one sister who was still living at home. Of course, I ribbed right back because my mother is a fine figure of a woman at forty and my sister Marley…well, what can I say about my sister? She was 18 at the time, a senior in high school, and while she wasn’t precisely a model, she had boys hanging by her fingertips (at least until I let them know what a hazardous place that was to hang from). Now, when I say “not a model”, don’t misunderstand. She was and is very attractive, about five feet five inches, with gray-blue eyes, honey blond hair, luscious hips, small well-formed B-cups and an extremely firm, sizable ass. As a matter of fact, it was that very ass that was to be my downfall. That same attractive, sizable ass would eventually turn me into the delightfully twisted person I am today. But at the time, I was still living a fairly normal life as an unemployed writer-slash-fitness nut in my parents’ house.

I had just walked into the house after a workout and I naturally headed straight to the fridge to mix up a protein shake, when I heard a small, thin sob from the next room. I headed into the living room of our house and discovered my sister sitting on the couch, quietly sobbing. As the big brother/protector figure, I figured it was my duty to console her or at least talk to her about it.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, sitting down beside her and placing a comforting hand on her back.

She sniffled as she replied “Nothing…it’s just that my boyfriend just left me. It’s not like we were happy or that I didn’t see it coming, he was getting all cold and distant and a little mean, hadn’t so much as touched me in months, but I just hate being alone. And then I started thinking about senior prom, how I was going to have to go all alone and then I started dwelling on how my prom night was ru…ru…ruined.”

Cue the floodgates as she flopped on to my shoulder and sobbed for a moment before recoiling from my sweat-covered t-shirt. I didn’t really know what to say because the truth was I’d always thought her boyfriend was a shit. So, I volunteered to take her to prom.

Her joy was overwhelming and instantly as she leapt into my arms, crying “Thank you, thank you Sam! You’re the sweetest brother in history! I’ll go tell Mom and Dad!”

Well, fuck, I thought. I hated prom, even when it was mine and this was probably going to be a shit-for-all.

I was right; prom was an exasperating mix of pictures, awkward high school children, more pictures, a stultifying dinner, shitty music and awkward dancing. Finally, it was over. We were in the car on the way back to the house from after-prom (an idiotic concept clearly meant to prevent the merry high-schoolers from merrily drinking and fucking the night away), and Morgan was reminiscing about the high points of the night to herself while I listened patiently with half an ear.

Then she said “You know, I really miss Aaron” and fell into a dejected silence, clearly expecting comfort of some sort from me.

The best I could come up with was a lame “He wasn’t good enough for you anyway”, a little note from the Big Book of Clichés for my little sister.

She sighed in a strange, exultant fashion and said “Yeah, maybe not, but I’m not really missing the emotional aspect of our relationship right now.” This took me quite off guard, as Marley was usually türkçe altyazı porno quite reticent about her love life, especially to me.

I caught myself asking her “What do you mean? Did you and Aaron fool around?”

“Well, that’s not what I meant exactly. He just had nice hands, that’s all. He talked me into going, well, you know, all the way a couple of times. It didn’t feel very nice and I didn’t let him do it often at all.”

Poor kid, I thought. What I said was “Well, you were too young for hooking up anyway. But I’m sorry you miss him. Don’t really want you to be sad, short stuff.”

She nodded to herself absently and gazed out the window into the night as the car rolled on. We didn’t speak again the entire ride home.

It was about two hours after we had returned from prom, about five a.m. and I had to piss. I levered myself up out of bed and padded to the shared bathroom on the “kids” side of the house.

After I finished in the john, I was trudging my way back to bed when I heard a whispered “Work, you stupid computer!” from the computer room adjacent to my bedroom. Curious, I stepped through the door to find a screen full of text flickering on, and my sister’s lovely bare ass spread for me to stare at in all its glory. She was fingering herself, bare-ass naked on all fours in front of a laptop with a “Literotica” banner across the screen. I watched in fascination as she frantically jammed two fingers into a sopping wet, delicately shaven pussy with a lovely arrow of golden fur pointing right to her engorged clit. This alone would have been enough to floor me, but what I saw next sent me over the edge. She laid her head down on the floor, eyes closed, and reached her other hand around to the swollen pink cuntal folds, caressing them and transferring the juices to her puckered little anus. Her first finger, lubricated by the glistening juices of her hot young snatch, slipped effortlessly into her ass and I gasped aloud.

My gasp was echoed by hers as she ripped her fingers out of her pussy and asshole, spun and sat on her heels.

Her cry of “Fuck! Oh God, oh no!” fell on deaf ears. Her nipples seemed on the point of bursting through the thin t-shirt she wore, and the small hand which covered her crotch only tantalized me with what it concealed.

I was left standing with a steel-hard boner (in paper thin boxers) and nothing to say to my little sister except “Shit!…uh…fuck…sorry!” followed immediately by a quick exit on my part. She simply sat in stunned silence after her initial outburst.

Now, before I go on, a quick word about my boner. I’m not one to brag or bullshit, so I’m not going to try and tell you I’m packing eleven inches of rock-hard man-meat so thick a woman’s hand won’t go around it. My dick is a respectable six and a half, and about an inch and a half in diameter, which I’ve been told is pleasantly thick and long enough to feel deep without hurting a girl. Enough said.

I ran immediately to my room and shut the door. I could hear Marley shutting down the laptop and sneaking back into her room, but that was of no concern to me. Little Sam was calling for attention and calling loud enough so that I couldn’t ignore him. It didn’t much matter to my cock that it was my sister’s pussy it wanted so badly, only that it needed satisfaction and needed it right the fuck now. I whipped down my boxers and started stroking myself furiously without bothering to lube. It wasn’t long before I could feel a truly massive cum building in my balls. I frantically aimed my dick at a towel on the floor and shot spurt after spurt of hot white jizz onto the towel. Exhausted, I fell into bed.

From then on, I couldn’t get the image of her gorgeous ass out of my head. In the shower, in my room, at dinner, I found myself sporting a massive erection wherever I went. It became a problem. More of a problem was the fact that Marley would no longer meet my eyes at the table and avoided conversation or even being in the same room with me. Our parents had spoken to her about it, but she simply dodged their well-intentioned but bumbling attempts to resolve the situation. I had tried to talk to vivid porno her about what happened several times, but she kept avoiding me. I finally just accepted that I had to let her work out what she was feeling on her own time. Three weeks went by without so much as a spare word between her and me. Little did I know, things were about to come to swift and pleasant resolution for all concerned and a few who weren’t…yet.

After three weeks of relative silence between my sister and me, the air was pretty thick around our house. My parents had planned to go on a second honeymoon of sorts for a few years, and it was almost time for them to leave. They were hesitant about leaving Marley with me during their two-week trip, but she convinced them to go without her anyway. This meant that we would be alone in the house for fourteen days, during which I was nominally in charge. I was expected to make sure she got to school on time, ate properly and generally maintain the house. “This is gonna suck” I thought to myself, not relishing the anticipated awkward silences and housework I would have to do alone. Regardless, I grit my teeth and got up early that Saturday to drive the family to the airport and see my parents off. On the car ride back to the house, Marley once again refused to acknowledge my attempts at starting a conversation, staring out the car window the entire trip in silence. I sighed softly in sadness and exasperation as we pulled into the driveway.

I made lunch for the two of us, which we ate in silence. We did the dishes in silence, watched the TV in silence, ordered and ate a pizza without a spare word to each other, and prepared to go to bed, all with a mutual feeling of tension and fear. I was reading in bed when a soft knock on my door surprised me.

“Come in” I said, feeling my heart leap for joy but keeping any sign of it out of my voice.

Marley opened the door, and walked through in a slow and timid fashion. She was dressed in a way that showed absolutely nothing: a baggy pair of sweats and a stained but loose shirt, with her hair in a ponytail.

In the quietest possible voice, she asked “Can I talk to you about something…well, a couple of somethings?”

I immediately put down the book I was reading, sat up and faced her. After so much silence, I was hesitant to say anything for fear it might cause her to withdraw again.

She sat on the floor, staring at my bookshelf and started to speak. “Sam, first I just want to say that I’m so sorry I’ve been avoiding you and not talking for so long. It’s just…I’ve been upset and embarrassed and ashamed about what happened…that night. Please, please, don’t think I’m a pervert or anything! It’s just that all that dancing and music at prom reminded of times when Aaron and I would go out and I got lonely. Then, I started to think about when we used to…make out and stuff and I got all warm and tingly and got carried away. I started playing with the computer, but all the movies and pictures I found were all nasty or cheesy or both. Then I found this site, Literotica, and it had stories with all kinds of stuff in them. I found a few I liked and I just got…carried away, that’s all. Is that really slutty of me?”

“Oh, no, of course not little bit! Everybody gets a little carried away now and then. But how come you didn’t talk to me for so long?”

“That’s part of the second thing I wanted to talk to you about. When you walked in, I got scared and upset of course, but something else happened. When I saw you there, just staring at my boobies and my little vajay-jay, you were all…hard. I’m not stupid, I know what that means. You liked watching me play with myself. But Sam, the thing is, it got me excited even more that you liked what you saw. That’s what really made me embarrassed and ashamed of myself. It’s really been bothering me this whole time and that’s why I haven’t said anything to you. I know you think that’s perverted and wrong, but I also know that you were hard too. Are we perverts?”

“No sis, I don’t think so. I think that we’re just two decently attractive people who saw each other in a very erotic situation.”

“Really? Cause there’s something woodman casting porno else I wanted to ask you.”

“Ask away, little bit. I’d do just about anything to make things good between us again.”

“Ok. Here comes the craziest, maybe most wrong thing I’ve said so far. When I was with Aaron, I didn’t like it very much and neither did he. I think it was because neither of us knew what we were doing, really. What I’ve wanted since he left was something like… I don’t know… a friend with benefits, an older guy who could make me feel good and teach me the ropes without the pressure of a committed relationship. Too bad we’re related, huh. Otherwise, you’d be perfect.”

“What do you mean, I’d be perfect?”

“Well, my type has always been green-eyed redheads who keep in shape, usually a few inches taller than me. You’re twenty-two, and I know you’ve been with some girls because they call for you sometimes. Oh no!”

“What is it? Are you ok?”

“I might have just started to fantasize a little in my head, but I stopped. I’ll stop. I just won’t think about that again from now on.”

“That’s not going to work and you know it. It’s like if someone tells you not to think about elephants for five minutes. All you can do is think about elephants.”

“I know! What should we do?” She looked crestfallen and a little disturbed.

“Well, you know your fantasy?”


“It doesn’t have to be.”

Her jaw dropped, her eyes glazed, and she said”What?”

“It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. I can teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about man-pleasing and how to treat a cock, plus what you should expect from a guy. And, we can’t be committed because we’re brother and sister.”

“I don’t know…”

“Tell you what. First lesson, I don’t touch you, you stay fully clothed. You want to go on, we can, if not, stop at any time.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad. What do I do?”

“Just what I tell you. Sit on the floor in front of me.”

Marley appeared to hesitate, and then sat down. I stood, revealing that I (as usual) was wearing only a thin pair of boxers to bed. I looked at her and said in a calm, reassuring tone “We’ll start with the basics. Hand me that towel over there, will you?”

She passed it to me with a questioning look. I put it on the floor and sat on it, with my legs spread. I looked her in the eye and remembered the image that might as well have been etched onto my eyelids: her fingers sawing away in both her holes, ass cheeks spread wide. As I felt my erection begin to rise, I began her first lesson. “OK Marley, I want you to look at my crotch. What you’ll see is a boner, or a hard-on, or a stiffy. Aka, erection. You know what that means?”

She nodded, blushing slightly and restraining a giggle.

“Good. Do you know what caused this erection?”

She shook her head, waiting for me to instruct her.

“I thought of what I saw you doing on prom night. A man can get an erection from anything that stimulates his mind sufficiently in a sexual way, from a memory to a blow job.”

Marley’s blush was now at supernova levels, but her gaze was bold, so I went on.

“When a man gets aroused or horny, he wants to get off. This means he wants to touch his cock or have it touched until he orgasms, or cums. If you do something arousing, expect your partner to try something with you if possible and sometimes even when it’s obviously impossible. Now I’m going to show you the most basic way to get a man to cum.” I proceeded to pull off my boxers and let my erect cock spring out. I wrapped my hand around it and fondled my balls with my other hand.

As I started to stroke my dick, I said “This is called wanking, beating off, jacking off, beating your meat, jerking off, and many other things. It’s masturbation, what you were doing that night. Notice how I’m going faster and faster, letting this clear stuff lubricate my skin and keeping friction on the bottom of the head of my dick with a firm grip? That’s what gets a man off and it’s the key to a good hand job. Oh, oh, I’m about to come! Get ready!”

I began to spasm, shooting thick gouts of semen onto the waiting towel. Marley was watching with glazed, but fascinated eyes and a hand down her sweats, flushed and exhilarated.

“So, do you want to have lesson two or do we stop now and never mention this again?” I asked.

She looked at me with shock and lust on her face and panted “Two please!”

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