Sister in Law Ch. 05



As per our plan, we were on the road by noon and arrived at our destination by three. At check-in I noticed our rooms were adjacent and as I unpacked minutes later realized that they were adjoining.

I rapped on the door between our rooms. She opened it with a smile and a slight blush at her bold move in making our reservations. I backed her into the room with our lips locked and ours hands gripping one another’s asses.

Minutes later, we were stripped and laying on her bed. I shifted my body till my penis nudged apart her labia. With our eyes on one another I slowly entered her to half my length and then as slowly withdrew. We fell into a slow rhythm of lovemaking. From above her, my eyes held hers as I finally penetrated to my full length.

Her hips rotated and pressed up causing a wonderful friction between our bodies. My lips found her breasts, lapping each nipple in turn. Her eyes closed now as our pace quickened her head was thrown back and her eyes closed. I moved up and over her taking my weight off her body resting on my hands.

I raised her ass in my hands and simply fell forward. I was buried deep within her when she started to shake. She thrashed her head back and forth bucking her hips to meet my thrusting.

Deep within her, I released torrents of sperm. Her almost convulsive thrusting slowed and then stopped. Her eyes popped open.

Perspiration coated our bodies mixing with the copious amount of fluids leaking from our bodies. Flopping onto our backs, we both exclaimed, “My god!” at the same time. A moment of silence was broken by our howls of laughter.

We lay comfortably relaxed, bodies entwined and content. Some time later, we forced ourselves to prepare for the evening’s activity. Dinner was at 7:30 which meant that we had an hour to get ready – and fortunately the restaurant was in the hotel. She warned me she hadn’t seen most of the guests we would meet for years and because of that we had to be discreet. “We have to be friends and family. We have to leave the lover side back here in the room.” I agreed.

Reluctantly, I re-entered, my room to get ready for the dinner.

Thursday — night

I answered the knock at the door. An older couple looked surprised and apologized realizing they had the wrong room. Adelaide’s door opened to the hallway. It took an awkward moment after they greeted her warmly to call them by name as she introduced me. “Nancy, Bob — it’s so great to see you!” She stepped to them and they hugged. Gesturing toward me she said, “This is Rick. He’s my brother-in-law.”

I shook hands with her friends. Bob looked noticeably older than Nancy and far less fit. Adelaide explained that Dan was away on business and that I had gallantly agreed to be her date for the wedding.

Declining the offer to visit in her room, the four of us made our way down to the dinner party. I managed to piece together a narrative that Adelaide had babysat their two boys when she was a teen before coming to Canada with her parents. The boys were now in their late twenties. I imagined that she had to be in her late forties. I guessed that Bob must be at least ten years older.

Entering the lobby by the restaurant, Adelaide was soon meeting old acquaintances. I was introduced but as I had little to contribute was otherwise was free to observe the group. The hosts were in their late seventies as were about half of the other guests. The wedding party looked to be in their twenties and consisted of the bride, groom and four friends. Adelaide and I were in a middle group between the two. Bob seemed more at ease with the older group of people while Nancy was a bit of a puzzle still.

Adelaide was beautiful in a simple patterned dress and heels. She was radiant as usual flashing a warm smile to each new acquaintance, while trying valiantly to make me feel a part of the evening. As we marshalled to enter the dining room, I stood beside Adelaide and casually let my arm go round her waist somewhat possessively. Careful to shield a quick ass grab, I turned sideways to her as we reached the doorway blocking the direct view of others.

I held the door politely for the next guest and caught a questioning look from Nancy and felt my face redden. Pursing her lips and playfully wagging a finger in my direction, it seemed clear that amatör porno she had observed the touch. I froze momentarily as she stepped closer whispering, “No worries. Who am I to judge?”

With that she marched past me into the room and fell into step beside Adelaide. We sat at a round table with eight place settings. Nancy sat beside Adelaide, then me and Bob surprisingly ended up beside me.

While the women talked animatedly about past experiences, Bob and I talked about the trip to get here. They had flown in from New York. Over the next painfully slow hour, I learned that Bob was fifteen years older than his wife who was fifty two!

He was nearly bald with a stomach that strained the belt he wore. His tie was askew and sweat dampened his forehead. When he did speak about his wife it reminded me of Dan’s attitude toward Adelaide. He was condescending and quick to criticize her. For her part, Nancy was an attractive fit blonde. She wore a loose fitting jacket over a white blouse and black skirt that reached to her knees. It seemed clear that she was nobody’s fool and did not tolerate Bob’s jibes without responding in kind.

What they did have in common was drinking. Before the first course was served the wine decanter on our side of the table was empty. The second was drained during the serving of the entrée. After dessert, Nancy excused herself and when she returned carried two martinis with her and set both down in front of her. Bob rose noticeably angry and headed to the bar.

Whatever Nancy was saying to Adelaide caused her to look nervous. I made an effort not to jump to conclusions about their conversation telling myself that even if she let Adelaide know that she saw the touch that it was relatively innocent.

During the speeches which went on too long, Nancy undid the buttons to her jacket. I lost the battle to not stare, especially when she arched her back to free her arms from the garment. Her blouse though tasteful was straining against what must have been 40 DD breasts. Her cleavage was impossible to ignore. I saw Adelaide’s eyes widen as she too stared and then turned to glance in my direction with an accusing look. It was the same one my wife reserved for me when a beautiful woman passed us by — ‘I dare you to look’ it said. I managed to be more discreet by sneaking glances rather than gawking.

I started wondering if Adelaide and I would spend the night together once this part of the evening ended when I felt breath on my ear murmuring, “Anxious to leave?”

Smiling and turning, I expected to find Adelaide, but instead stared into Nancy eyes, inches from my face.

I forced myself not to move. Far from being uncomfortable with our closeness, she brushed her lips against mine. “I envy you two.”

When I protested that she had leapt to a false assumption, she touched her finger tip to my lips saying, “It’s okay. No one knows. Later, you two will be together and I’ll be slipping back to the bar once Bob passes out.”

As she turned to walk away, I saw Bob was leaning heavily on one elbow with empty martini glasses in front of him and a fresh one in his hand. His eyes were unfocused, when I said goodnight. He glanced up confused and then slurred a response waving in my direction.

Adelaide stood talking to people on the far side of the room by the door and signalled with a glance toward the door that it was time to go. Finally! A few more minutes and we detached from the group and we were walking quickly toward our rooms.

Cautious now, we glanced down the empty hallway and then for appearances exchanged a quick hug goodnight before entering our separate rooms. As I turned to my doorway, I caught movement by the plant near the elevator and saw Nancy turn down our corridor. She stepped to a door about four down from my room, waved and disappeared inside.

Peering into Adelaide’s room, I saw her moving the covers aside bent over the side adjusting the pillows. I quickly covered the distance to her bed and grabbed her to me from behind. She let out a muted shriek and laughed.

“I’m pretty worn out but we need to talk. Nancy knows. She told me that she could see that we were more than in-laws. She saw when you grabbed my butt.” She sounded more sad than angry.

“She let me know too,” I replied. “She also said that she anal porno had no intention of telling anyone. She actually seemed okay with it and sort of envious.”

We sat in silence. When I hugged her to me, she felt stiff and resistant. “I’m sorry but I need to think about this. Don’t be mad…..”

I hugged her, kissed her forehead and reassured her that I understood. I stood and walked back into my room saying, “Good night. Try to get some rest. Everything is going to work out.”

After flipping through the channels a couple of times, opening and closing my book, I gave up on relaxing and falling asleep anytime soon. I replayed the evening seeing in my mind’s eye how careless I had been. I admit I also replayed that image of Nancy removing her jacket at dinner. She was definitely one sexy woman.

I heard her saying how Bob would be passed out and she would be at the bar. I refused to accept that that was why I was putting on my jacket again and quietly leaving my room.

The bar was surprisingly full. I recognized several people from the dinner party. I nodded politely without pausing to talk. I made my way to the far end of the bar and sat on a stool ordering a rum and coke. For all my self-talk, I was looking for Nancy. She was not there. I finished my drink and went to the washroom before heading back to my room. As I was paying the tab, I caught a glimpse of a familiar looking jacket leaving the bar. My path was blocked by our hosts for the dinner. We chatted about Adelaide and how much they enjoyed seeing her again. They thanked me for bringing her to the wedding. I was polite but curt and left as soon as I could.

The hallway was deserted. I back-tracked peeking into the bar and even checked the lobby. If it was her, I had missed her.

As I moved down the hallway, I heard a door open. A hand reached out with a glass of what appeared to be a rum and coke. I stopped and looked as Nancy’s head emerged from around the door.

“Now you have to admit, I am observant”, she whispered. “I just assumed you were avoiding me in the bar. Then I thought no, he’s probably just drained of bodily fluids.” It was obvious she was drunk.

I took the drink from her. The door opened wider in invitation though she remained hidden behind it. As entered, I heard the sound of snoring coming from their bed.

“He’s out, just like I said”, she slurred close to my ear behind me and pulled the door closed.

The bathroom light illuminated her sufficiently to show her legs beneath what appeared to be a diaphanous nightgown. As I stared at her body, she turned in profile giving me a breathtaking view of her breasts rising majestically clearly visible through her transparent gown. The dark nipples jutted out from her body. She shuffled somewhat unsteadily confirming my earlier impression that it was not just Bob who had continued to drink.

Her hands tugged my jacket down my arms and then she turned to hang it on the doorknob behind her. I was treated to a view of her behind as she shimmied to adjust the jacket. She turned back toward me and removed the glass from my hand. Taking a sip, she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue as she returned it. She was now closer to me and the light.

She was clearly in charge. Following the path of my eyes with her own, she commented looking down at her chest, “Oh, I should cover up — I look cold.” Shifting her eyes from her body to mine she added, “But you look hot and…tense.”

If tense meant that I had a world class hard on then I was definitely tense. She held her arms out as she moved forward. It’s not that I didn’t want to hold her. I wanted to take her out of her dominant position.

“No thanks,” I said taking a step to the side to retrieve my glass from the desk behind her. Intentionally my arm grazed her chest as I slowly brought the drink to my mouth.

As I took a drink, she looked confused. I trapped an ice cube between my teeth looked from her eyes to her chest. She looked down as well. I bent forward and pressed the ice against her tit causing the nipple to engorge on contact. The second was standing erect before I got to it. “Now you look cold.”

Next, I had dribbled a stream down her cleavage and drank the liquid as I sucked each nipple. Her hands crushed my head against her chest as she gasped. anal breakers porno

Her glass rested on the credenza beside her. I exchanged the glasses pressing hers into her hands as I stepped back. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my throbbing penis. She could not take her eyes off it. Reaching for her glass, I splashed some its liquid over its head.


As she bent to take me into her mouth, she moaned. I moved the slender straps of the nightgown off her shoulders. Moving each hand momentarily off my erection, I was able to secure the neckline under her tits. She was forcing as much of me into her mouth as she could take.

“Open wide!” I commanded tweaking her distended nipples. She looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth as I poured the cold liquid over the shaft. She sucked again cupping my balls in her hands. The lady has some skills, I thought. I felt about ready to come so I moved back. She whimpered like a kid who just had a toy taken away.

How far could this go with her husband sleeping ten feet away? I didn’t know but I was more than willing to find out. I gently pulled the chair away from the credenza so that it faced the door light.

She stood unsure what was expected of her. She was a vision standing in the dim light, her breasts held out and up by the gown tucked under her and with her nipples protruding out from each breast by a full half inch. The creamy smoothness of her skin invited touching.

She was still staring at my rigid member as I took her hands and sat her on the chair. Switching drinks again, I signalled that it was my turn. I took the hem of her gown and moved it up to her thighs. I bent taking one foot and placing it over the arm of the chair and repeated the movement with the other. She was reaching for my prick which was now at her eye level.

I backed away wanting to keep control. Snorting from the area of the bed nearly gave me pause. Quickly the loud but even snoring resumed. She had not reacted. It was as though she was in a trance as she continued to stroke my cock.

I bent now, wedging my hands under her ass and urging her to move down to the edge of the chair. On my knees now I was able to see that unlike Adelaide she was shaven with a faint v of down pointing at her slit. I set the drink on the floor beside me and moved my hands so that each thumb pried apart her lips. She had thick pouting labia that had a dewy film along each side. Drops of moisture collected at the bottom of her slit and slowly spilled onto her spread thighs.

I pressed my thumbs opening to reveal a gaping wet hole in the middle as her clit peeked out from the top. I sat up straight with my prick over her slit and scooped out another ice cube from the glass. Being careful not to penetrate her opening, I rasped the cube over her nipples as I squeezed each breast firmly. Her head moved from side to side but her eyes remained open.

I alternated the cold from the ice with the heat from my mouth until the cube had disappeared. Her moaning was steady now punctuated by sharp gasps as my teeth pulled at her sensitive nipples.

Moving lower I held my prick firmly rubbing up and down her cleft as it leaked fluid onto the chair and carpet. I shifted back, lowering my head and took a tentative swipe with my tongue up and down the slit. Raising the glass I started to pour a small amount of cold liquid over her vagina. I lapped up the coolness of the drink with the heat from her discharge. I gave her a firm slap over her opening with my cupped palm.

She stiffened as her first orgasm took control of her body. I plunged my tongue into her opening and grabbed the globes of her ass to force her firmly against my face. As the after shocks made her continue to spasm, I took the rest of the drink and holding her ass tilted her vagina pouring directly into her opening.

She had not stopped quaking as I sucked the fluid from her body. She was making mewing noises now when suddenly I realized that the snoring had stopped.

“Come to bed, Nan!” came the drunken voice.

“In a minute, I’m putting out the do not disturb sign.”

Taking this as my cue, I straightened my clothes, grabbed the sign and scrambled into the hallway praying that no one would be there. I place the sign outside their room and sprinted to my door, scrambling for the key in my pants pocket noticing that my cock still stuck obscenely out of the fly. As my door opened, I glanced back. There she was stepping into the hallway completely nude. She did a slow turn, looked back and blew me a kiss.

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