Sister Is Fucked By Drunk Bro Ch. 01


I was now 22 and had just finished college. My sister was 24 and had been living in New York for the three years since she graduated from college. I decided to move to New York to take a well paying job and my sister offered to show me the city and help me get moved in and settled. She suggested I stay at her apartment until I found one for myself. I quickly accepted because this would give me the opportunity to live with her once again and get a chance at being close to her.

My sister is about 5’4″ with a very sexy body that has had me dreaming about fucking her ever since I can remember getting a hard on. She knows she is sexy and knows how to dress to accentuate he curves, ass, and breast. When she picked me up from the airport I immediately got hard just thinking about fucking her and making her my cum slut. Alas, I knew that the chances of that happening were slim but I knew that while I was living with her I would at least get to get to see some skin.

The first night we were there she offered to take me into town and show me some of the hottest spots since I was always the party type. I suggested we get some drinks before going out clubbing because I always felt happier going clubbing with a couple of drinks under my belt. My sister was one to never say no to a couple of beers. We began to drink at about 9 in hopes of leaving at around 10 to make it to a club before 11. She was all dressed up for clubbing by nine. She was wearing a beautiful black skirt that came down to slightly above her knees, not very short, but very sexy. She anime porno was wearing clack heels and a sexy spaghetti strap top. It was very upscale club attire that showed she was sophisticated but young, sexy, and ready to party.

We decided to catch up while we drank and just talked away. The beers kept coming and after I had about six I realized that she had had about five already (in less that 40 minutes). For me that rate of drinking was not big deal, being a frat guy and all, but I knew that my sister could not drink like that and she was probably already getting drunk. Looking at her across the couch with her legs crossed and some thigh showing had kept me hard all night long. I decided I was going to do all I could to have her tonight.

We kept drinking and by the time it was time to leave we decided to stay home and keep drinking since we were having such a great time chatting. We slowed our drinking a bit but by eleven my sister was pretty drunk and could no longer walk. I went to use the restroom and when I came out I saw her passed out in the couch. I tired to wake her up but she would not even twitch. As I saw her in passed out in the couch I felt an unexplainable desire creep up my body and immediately turn my dick rock hard. I realized that she was knocked out and that I could probably caress touch her as I pleased without waking her.

My first thought was to move her to her bed so that I could be more comfortable. In moving her she did not even make a noise – I knew she would not wake. I laid her in her bed asyalı porno and made myself comfortable next to her. I took her shoes off and slowly caressed her legs and made my way up to her thighs. This was just killing me. I slowly hiked her skirt up and got my hands even closer to her cunt. I wanted to expose her pussy but I was a bit afraid of her waking up. I kept trying to wake her but she was still unresponsive. I hiked her entire skirt and revealed a black, sexy thong she was wearing.

I moved her thong to the side to expose her pussy and saw that it was freshly shaven. By this time I wanted to fuck her so bad that my hands were trembling. I decide to remover her top and her bra. I meant that I had to move her a lot but I felt that she was passed out enough to not notice. Her breasts were as beautiful as I had imagined. I licked her nipples for a minute. At that point I knew that I had already gone too far and that I might as well go all the way. If she woke up I would play it off as if I was super drunk and had no idea what I was doing.

I removed her thong and left her skirt on. There’s something about fucking a girl while she has her skirt on that’s always made it a favorite of mine. I caressed her pussy for a bit and licked her pussy. I could smell and taste her juices so I knew that, at least subconsciously, she was getting aroused. I took my clothes off and put one of her hands on my cock. Her hand was so soft that I could have just jacked myself off with her hands and I still would have been a great time. At the same backroom casting porno time I began to play with her pussy and suck her tits. I could feel moisture building up in her pussy and I could not wait anymore.

I positioned myself on top of her and slowly began to put my dick in her pussy. As I began to penetrate her, she began to moan quietly. I took my time in putting my dick in her pussy because I did not want it to be too dry or else she would get hurt and it would me much easier for her to know what happened when she wakes. Once I felt my dick was slick enough I began to increase my pace. Soon I was fucking her without a worry and what made it even more fun was that she was moaning. She probably though she was fucking a boyfriend. She had one of the tightest pussies I had ever had and I could not wait to cum. After a few unforgettable minutes I finally unloaded insider he pussy and fell on top of her. BEST FUCK EVER!

I rolled off her and lay next to her for a while. I was going to get up, get dressed, get her dressed and go drink some more, but apparently traveling and the time zone change got to me and I passed out next to her. The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning and having my boxers on still on her bed. She came and says, “Good morning bro. How’s the hangover? We drank sooo much last night?” I was frozen with fear that she was going to kill me cause she obviously knew what happened last night since I was laying with her in bed, both of us naked. I was not hangover at all because I didn’t even get that drunk, but I told her that my head hurt and that I couldn’t even remember falling asleep. She told me that she had fun, but she gave me a look of “I want to eat you” and then licked her lips. She said, “Let’s drink again tonight. We have lots more to catch up on…”

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