Sister Loves Marine Brother, A Lot


“James, take out the trash!” Mom yelled from downstairs.

“Yes ma’am, give me just a second.” I yelled back.

“No, right now, I’ve got to leave for the air port in twenty minutes. I don’t want you and your sister to end up throwing trash on the floor for me to pick up when I get home!” She yelled again.

“Ugh, it’s not like the trash is going to run away, Jesus.” I whispered as I pressed pause my video game.

My name is James; my mother is leaving for New York on some sort of business trip for the book she is wrote. She called me home from my two week leave break from the Marines, parties, and naked chicks to watch my eighteen year old sister, whom I haven’t even seen in six years. I got home yesterday and hooked up the Xbox, she hasn’t been home at all. I got up from the couch in my old room and checked the now lacking Marine standard of a high-and-tight; I threw on a pair of jeans and a pair of boots.

I grabbed the trash bag and walked out into the -19 degree Michigan weather without a shirt on; I don’t really care, I never get cold and I never get hot, I’m good that way. My six pack and tight chest muscles tightened from the abrupt cold. I walked approximately twenty meters to the trash can and dumped the trash bag into it. Halfway back I heard loud music and my sister’s piece of shit car pulled into the driveway. I whirled around just in time to see the sexiest legs I have ever seen step out of the car.

My sister stepped out of the car and adjusted her extremely short skirt. ‘Apparently she doesn’t get cold either…’ I thought. I quickly regained my thoughts and turned back towards the house and walked inside.

“Jesus, you’re a Sergeant in the Marines and they didn’t teach you any manners?” My sister said through chattering teeth as she set several bags of books and clothes down next to the door.

“I’m actually a Staff Sergeant, but thanks for keeping track of me.” I said back.

“Regardless, you could’ve at least said hello, or helped me with my bags. Gosh.” She said to my back as I was making myself a sandwich at the counter. When I was finished I turned around and saw all of her for the first time in six years.

My sister was 5’4″ and had the biggest and most perky tits I had seen in years. She moved her dark black hair out of the way of her eyes as she sat down and bent over to take off her shoes. ‘Jesus… she’s not the same 13-year-old gawky kid I remember when I enlisted.’ I thought as I stared at what I could see from shirt lifting up over her back as she leaned forward.

“Alright kids, my flight leaves soon, I love you, don’t kill each other, don’t burn the house down, and be sure to feed yourselves! Bye!” Mom said as she rushed out the door.

“Bye mom,” My sister and I both said.

“So how’ve you been James? We haven’t even talked in years.” Jennifer said as she stood up and looked at me with her hands on her hips.

“Uhh-duhh…. Fine… I guess…” I managed to stutter out as I looked over her gorgeous body. I was never really one for conversation.

“Really, that’s all you can say? A tour in the Marine Corps, which I’m sure was filled with so many exciting stories, and all you can say is fine.” Jennifer said.

“Uhh… Yeah,” I said.

“Wow, look at you,” she said as she was now staring at me,” The Marines did you good. What are you, 6’4″ now?”

“Umm… 6’5″ actually…” I managed to reply back as I noticed my own hard on.

“Jesus, are they giving you steroids, or what?” she said, “I remember when you left, you were 6’1″ and you didn’t have a muscle in your entire body, now look at you; I almost wouldn’t be ashamed to call you my brother.”

“Ha, thanks sis. You always were the one for compliments.” I said back.

“How about you get some clothes on and throw that sandwich away? Let’s go get some lunch at a restaurant.” Jennifer said.

“Alright, let’s take my car though. Yours sucks.” I joked with her.

I ran straight up to my room and threw on a tight black muscle tee. I grabbed my deodorant and put it on while I was brushing my teeth. I was down at the bottom of the stairs just in time to wait for my sister for twenty minutes while she got changed. I plopped down on one of the chairs nearby and waited.

Jen walked down the stairs, now in a pair of tighter than tight blue jeans and an even tighter shirt, I could see her nipples poking through her shirt, even through her bra.

“God damn…” I uttered, too quiet for her to hear.

“You ready to go?” She said.

“Yeah… I’m ready.” I said ogling her again.

“Well, come on, you’re driving.” She said while grabbing her purse. I withdrew my keys from my pocket and made sure I had my wallet; then stepped inside my 1967 Black Camaro Coupe. This was the first time I had been in it in six years, my six-pack of condoms was missing from the glove compartment, interesting… I flipped on the radio and waited for the inevitable blast of rock music that I last had it on, but was met with quiet oldies.

“Okay, bangbross porno what the fuck?” I said, “Have you been driving my car?” I asked staring at her angrily.

“No, mom used it a while ago, why would I listen to this shitty music? I’d prefer the punk crap that you listen too.” Jen said just as angrily as I had.

“So, mom stole my condoms then?” I said accusing her even further.

“I guess so; I’m still a virgin, stupid!” Jen yelled at me.

“We- Wait, what? Seriously,” I said, suddenly surprised.

“Well, yeah… I just haven’t found the right guy yet…” She said really shyly.

“Oh, well sorry for accusing you then; where do you want to go for lunch?” I said after a few moments of silence.

With sudden renewed confidence, “I kind of want to try this new place out. It’s an Italian place down by the old Mall.” Jen said, now smiling at me.

“Well alright.” I said, confused.

We drove for about twenty minutes, now listening to heavy rock music and the occasional girly song for her. When we got to the restaurant, me being the gentleman that I am, I hurried out of my seat and around the side of the car to open her door. I put one hand behind my back and held out the other while putting on a snooty butler face.

“Your hand, madam,” I said in a fake British accent.

“Of course, my good sir,” She said in an equally fake accent.

We walked hand in hand into the restaurant. It was packed, like twenty people were waiting in line ahead of us. We took a seat on the bench pressed up against the wall after we told the Hostess that we wanted a table for two. Apparently it’d be a long wait.

After around twenty-five minutes, Jennifer’s head was on my shoulder and one of her hands was on my right leg and the other was firmly grasping one of my hands. Then this group of preppy teen girls walked into the room.

“Oh shit…” I heard Jen whisper.

“Well hello, ‘Little Miss Leslie,” the leader of the blonde brigade said to Jennifer,” Who is this fine young man you’re with?”

“Hi, I’m her bro-“I began to say, but was cut off by Jennifer.

“He’s my boyfriend, he’s in the Marines, and he’s here on leave time.” Jennifer said quickly.

“Oh really, well, if you ever want a real woman, call me, honey.” This blonde chick said to me.

“Jennifer Patterson, table of two, Jennifer Patterson, table of two.” The intercom rang through the seating room.

“That’s us, “Jennifer said quickly and pulled me away from the five girls.

“What the hell was that about,” I said as we sat down and ordered our drinks.

“That was Brittany Hill and her team of Blonde Bimbos, they are bullies at my school,” she said.

“Okay… Why did you say I was your boyfriend? And why did the call you Leslie?” I asked.

“Ugh, they’ve called me that for years because… Well, because I made out with a chick in the girls’ bathroom my junior year.” Jennifer said, moving her hair out of the way of her beautiful face. I could see her bright blue eyes, “I said you were my boyfriend because I haven’t had one all throughout school… and well, I wanted to impress them.”

“Alright, so you think I’ll impress them, do you want me to tear off my shirt? Or rescue a cat from a tree or something? That’ll do it for’em.” I said jokingly.

“Oh, shut up. You don’t have to do anything like that, just; will you pretend that we’re dating, or even better, madly in love?” She pleaded.

“Uhh… Sure?” I said. ‘That isn’t going to be hard at all,’ I thought to myself.

The rest of dinner went fantastically, the blonde chicks sat at the table across from us and were staring at me the entire time, Jennifer moved to my side of the table and snuggled up to me in the booth, she even started rubbing my thigh. Dinner tasted fine, but I spent most of the time talking and looking at her intensely to make sure the other girls saw so they’d be jealous.

“Excuse me, honey,” Jennifer said, removing her hand from my thigh and backing away from me slightly, “I’ve got to use the restroom.” Jennifer got up and walked away, I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect ass move as she walked towards the bathroom until I heard a noise in the booth.

“Okay, what’s she paying you? I’ll double it, hell triple it for you. There’s no way Leslie can get a perfect guy like you.” Brittany said as she sat down.

“What are you talking about? Jen and I have been happily in love for a long time, there’s something special between us that no amount of money can measure up to.” I said, being as cheesey as I could.

“Bullshit, all you guys have done is sit here and talk, there hasn’t been a single kiss or anything! What are you with her for? Sex? I can give you sex, honey, believe me, I can.” Brittany said.

“No, I’m sorry. And I don’t know where you come from, where it’s okay to interrupt a couple’s nice evening and try to take one of them home with you, if you would, please leave me alone.” I said.

“Ugh, but… Grr!” She Got bangbus porno up and moved back to her table where her friends saw her and did their best to comfort her. Jen then moved in and sat next to me, her hand went back to my thigh and he head snuggled up against my shoulder.

I paid the bill, stood up, and pulled my sister out of the booth. She got close to me and whispered, “I heard what you said to Brittany,” the immediately backed up, gasped and covered her mouth. “Oh, James! Of course! Of course I will marry you!” She then jumped into me and pushed our lips together, her taste was so sweet. Her tongue maneuvered its way through her lips and passed my own lips and found my tongue. We stood there in the middle of the restaurant, kissing passionately in a room filled with a bunch of clapping people and one group of extremely angry girls.

I pulled my laughing sister into the car and started the engine.

“That was awesome! Did you see their faces? They were so jealous, they were about to explode!” Jennifer said between gasps of laughter.

“Yeah, it was pretty funny, I think the making out part was a little over the top,” I lied.

“Oh whatever and you’re pretty good kissers, big brother.” She said, winking at me.

I helped my sister out of the car and walked up to the door. I closed the door behind me. She immediately walked up to her room and I stood there confused of why she just left so abruptly. I walked solemnly up to my room and plopped down on my bed, I could not ignore the fact that I had a raging hard on and I started stroking the bulge that was going down my pant leg.

“Hey James, can you come in here and help me with something?” Jennifer yelled from down the hall.

I stopped stroking myself and got up. I moved to Jennifer’s door, I knocked on the door.

“Go ahead and come in,” Jen yelled.

I walked into the room and saw my sister lying on the bed wearing nothing but a bright red thong and a bright red bra that’s two sizes too small for her large chest. My cock sprang to full attention as she rose from her bed and walked towards me. She got to me and put her arms around me.

“Thank you very much for pretending to be my boyfriend for the evening and even my fiancé for the end of dinner.” She chuckled.

“Uhh… Duhh… You’re welcome,” I stuttered out, trying to suppress my cock from jabbing into her stomach.

“Well, you didn’t think I wasn’t going to reward you, did you?” She said seductively, her hand moving up and down my back.

“Uhh… You’re welcome…” I said awkwardly, I felt my dick rub against her as she pulled herself closer.

“Ooh, am I making you hard, big brother,” Her hand moved up to my pants and started feeling around the length of my cock, “Oh my god, my very big brother.”

“Wow, okay, Jennifer, I don’t think we should be doing this.” I said.

“Your cock is telling me otherwise, I could be misreading it, though; maybe I should ask him face to face.” She said as she moved her hand to my zipper and pulled out my eight inch cock.

“Yeah, I think your cock wants you to stay here,” She said, staring at my cock as the veins throbbed.

“Would you like it if I rewarded you, big brother?” She said, her hands slowly stroking it.

“Y-Yes,” I said, gasping as her other hand moved up to cup my ball sack.

“Good, you and I both are going to love this.” Jennifer said.

She pulled me over to her bed and laid me down and got in between my legs, which were hanging off of the edge of the bed. She took a deep breath and moved her mouth to the base of my cock and stuck out her tongue. She ran her tongue up the shaft and around the head and back down. I felt a tingle run up my spine. She did this several times and then she readied herself and brought my dick head up to her lips and put my dick head into her mouth her tongue danced around and licked every inch of my member as she shoved more and more of me into her warm, wet mouth.

She sped up the pace again and again until I was near the limit of blowing my load in my sister’s mouth.

“Jesus, stop, I don’t want to go yet,” She kept going. I got up and picked her up and threw her on the bed.

“Ooh, come on, I was almost done with you, let me finish. This is supposed to be your reward.” She said, smiling at me as I tossed my pants off to the side.

“I don’t need one, I enjoyed myself just as much as you; now lie down, I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I saw you.” I said.

I moved my hands to her waist and kissed a trail up her legs to her tight red thong where I could almost feel the wetness in the air around her beautiful snatch. I moved my hands down to her hips and pulled her underwear down below her ankles and tossed them next to my jeans. I saw her beautiful shaved pussy for the first time; I moved closer and ran my tongue up and down her labia. I moved her pussy lips apart and buried my tongue deep into her delicious cunt wiggling it as much as possible, she grabbed my head and the pillow beurette tour porno to her left in pleasure. I pulled my tongue out and circled it around her clit and made her moan loudly. Moved my fingers up to her pussy and shoved two of them inside of her while I licked her soaking wet clitoris dry.

After two and a half minutes of this, she couldn’t take it; she came her delicious juices all over my hand and tongue in one violent screaming orgasm.

“Oh… My… God, did they teach you that in the Marines? Because that was amazing,” She said between gasps as she was coming down from her orgasm, “So how does it feel, knowing that you gave your baby sister her first orgasm?”

“Completely and totally amazing; but nowhere near as good as when I pop my baby sister’s cherry. Would you like that, little sister?” I asked as I felt her chest as much as I could through her bra.

“Oh wow, you just gave me chills, here, let me help you.” She sat up slightly and removed her bra, showing the best tits I’d ever seen. I couldn’t help but move forward and suck on her precious globes and feel them with both hands.

“Come on, I want to feel your cock inside me,” She said as I was kissing her tits and collar bone.

“Alright, I’m just warning you, this is going to hurt pretty badly, squeeze me tight if you need to deal with the pain. But don’t worry, it’ll feel really good after that.” I whispered in her ear as I pulled her close to me.

“Alright, *gulp,* go ahead.” She said shakily.

I grabbed my dick and moved it towards my little sister’s virgin pussy; all rational thoughts gone from my mind. I touched the head of my dick with the lips of her pussy and she shuddered in ecstasy. I moved her lips apart and immediately felt resistance. ‘Here goes nothing,’ I thought. And I pushed my dick passed her cherry; I could feel the warm rush of blood around my dick. My sister whimpered slightly beneath me and grabbed my shoulder blades in pain.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” I asked her quietly.

“Hell no, I didn’t feel that for you just to back out.” She said, opening her eyes and letting the tears fall out while she forced a smile.

I moved my dick into her tight pussy, spreading her insides for the first time, she moaned from this. I got my dick all the way in and I said, “Honey it’s all the way in, you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, this actually feels pretty good, go ahead. But be gentle first.” She said nervously.

I moved my dick out and pushed it back in, not wanting to make her uncomfortable, I did it very slowly at first and then started to pick up the pace. After several minutes, I was up to a furious beat, pounding my meat deeper into my sister’s cunt. She was moaning every time I pushed my throbbing cock into her again and again; I could tell she was nearing her orgasm, as was I.

I leaned forward and sucked on her bouncing tits as I fucked her steaming hot pussy. They looked so hot that I had to pick her up and pull her close to me; we were both sitting on the bed, her tits bouncing in my face. She started to shake as her orgasm started taking her over, she let out a huge moan and pulled my face into her mounds. That did it for me, and I came, I came hard and fast. It filled up my sister’s pussy and gushed out the entrance and back onto my dick. We both collapsed on the bed and I fell asleep, my dick still inside her.

I woke up the next morning to her rocking herself on my eight inch cock to make herself cum again, she was in a cowgirl position and she was feeling her own tits. I woke up with a smile on my face and I started to feel her tits as she rocked back and forth, moaning as she moved. Several minutes later, she came. I still had much more time to go before I would. She knew this and got out and started to suck my cock.

“How does it taste? Your own pussy juices in your mouth? You love it don’t you, little sis?” I asked her, moving her black hair out of her eyes. She was looking up at me. She responded with a sexy grunt and a nod, without removing my cock from her mouth.

Several minutes later I was just moments away from cumming. “Oh god, baby, this feels so good. I’m going to cum soon.” She got up and got down on her knees on the floor pulled me towards her. I stood up and shoved my dick in her mouth. I grabbed her face and pushed it down to my pubic bone and back out again, forcing her to deepthroat, I did this for a few moments and I was seconds away from cumming again. I stopped for a second and just put one hand on the top of her head and pushed that down to my pubic bone, my spine shuttered as I came a gob of gooey cum down my sister’s throat, then pulled out and proceeded to jerk the rest of it onto her beautiful face.

We at least once every day the two weeks I was home on leave, she made sure I was going back to the Marine Corps really tired.

Two months later, I was calling home.

“Hey mom, how’re you and Jen?” I asked.

“Oh good, your sister caught some sort of bug or something, she’s been throwing up a lot.”

“That really sucks, what about you, are you okay?” I asked

“Oh, I’m fine dear. Listen, Jen says she wants to talk to you.”

“James, you there?” Jen’s voice came through the receiver.

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